Why Do You Comment On A Blog?

I want to thank everyone who helped me in coming up with a new poll question. I’ve received a ton of recommendations but the one that stood out came from Nate of 207prospectus.com. Nate will be receiving an “I’m Blogging This” T-Shirt from Market Leverage for his submission.

Why Do You Comment On a Blog?

While I’ve always believe that commenting on a blog is a good way to build a relationship and provide feedback with the blog owner, many do it for other reasons. I’ve been very interested in knowing how many people comment just to get traffic to their blogs. I would love to hear your reasons for commenting on a blog. I’ll be posting the results in a week.

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78 thoughts on “Why Do You Comment On A Blog?”

  1. SlamBlogger says:

    A) Get traffic

    B) Put someone in check

    1. SlamBlogger says:

      …and of course, the amount of people doing it for traffic will always be highest in the “make money online” or “internet marketing” niche

      or in general, people who read within that niche, because that’s how commenting is promoted.

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        d) its also a great way to meet new people. I’ve had some great relationships start because I talked to them using someones comment section. Its also a good way to get to know peoples opinions on different subjectsl

        1. No one seems to have congratulated the winner

      2. Well, most of the reason’s I comment on a blog has to do with providing insight on a blog post. I also like to comment on other peoples blog along with social networking. Also, I like to try to get traffic to my own blog. A lot of people like to say that people just comment on blogs for traffic, but that is not true because I have seen many blogs that have a page rank of 6 or 7 with like 1 comment on each blog post. It’s mostly about connecting with others.

    2. Traffic, community, to disagree with others.

      1. Traffic, blaze fire in the comments!

    3. jesse grant says:

      I comment on posts I can relate to or like the subject or content within , not to mention sites like johnchow and shoemoney are great for traffic πŸ˜› , but I wouldnt waste my time posting a comment on a useless blog

    4. I gotta agree with slamblogger – he kept it short and to the point -and that is pretty much why i comment.

    5. agree with slam blogger

  2. Jamie Harrop says:

    I do it for multiple reasons, John. Maybe it would be best to make this a multi-choice poll. πŸ™‚


    1. John Chow says:

      OK, I’ve changed the poll to allow multi-answers.

      1. Hi John,

        Although it is displaying check boxes it will still only accept one answer when you click submit.


  3. Lawrence says:


    what else….

    This is affiliate marketing, duh – it’s a whole pyramid/referral scheme

    1. Not sure how it fits as a pyramid scheme. ?!?!

    2. BusinessX says:

      Pyramid scheme? If that were true, that would mean none of us could ever rise higher than John Chow (if he were our leader, top of pyramid). And it also would mean John receives $$$ everytime I do. Neither of which is true, unless I were a Market Leverage referral from John.

    3. Pyramid scheme? What the hell?

  4. Danny Cooper says:

    There are many reasons that could attribute to me making a comment:

    Top Commentators Plug-in – Gets me a sitewide link, atleast for a while.

    Commentluv – Increases the chance of someone reading my latest article

    Dofollow on comment – Free backlink

    Great Post – Everyone enjoys making a comment on a truly great post.

    1. Adam says:

      Don’t forget Danny that you comment to do case studies and write e-books about commenting as well.

      1. Danny Cooper says:

        Oh yea, nearly forgot that, and also networking too!

  5. bonoriau says:

    I comment to join the community and hope to the get traffic and build network.

  6. Patel says:

    Commenting on blogs doesn’t drive traffic….like 2 visits a day if that… I comment if I see something relevant to add to the post.

    1. I’m going to have to disagree with you there. If you post a relevant and informative comment people will check your blog out. If you post lame and boring comments then don’t expect traffic. Go comment on techcrunch with some good comments and tell me you don’t get a bunch of visitors.

    2. It drives traffic if you leave comments worth reading.

  7. To voice my opinion.

  8. Brandon says:

    I agree with Jamie, I wanted to check off 3 of the choices. I think it’s okay to have multiple motives – to give props, advice, etc. and to hope for traffic too. But it’s always more blessed to give than to receive… of course.

  9. Dwayne says:

    That is a good question, because you do not get much traffic, and you certainly do not get rich by leaving comments. I guess it is just because I can.

  10. Vik Dulat says:

    I guess I do it for more than one reasons and I tried entering more than one choice but it doesn’t work even though John has said he has changed it.

  11. Clog Money says:

    Grrr so annoying. Why have the Poll as a check box instead of radio buttons if you can only pick one result!!!!

    1. You can pick more than one…

  12. David says:

    I think the most important reason is forming part of a community thats related to ones interests, and why not add some traffic while youre at it but thats just an added bonus

  13. I comment if I have something I want to contribute, or just to let the person know I stopped by.

    I purposely refrain from commenting unless I feel I have reason to, for fear of it appearing as if I am only doing it for the link (traffic) purpose.

    I think a good follow up question to this would be what makes you NOT comment on a blog. I think there are a lot of times I want to comment on certain topics on blogs but find that I do not for a number of valid reasons. I would be interested in opinions on that.

  14. Jordan says:

    For back links.

    To argue.

    To praise.

    Blogger comradity. (Usually IM, Twitter, phone/Skype w/others.)

    Honest answers in order of importance for me anyway.

  15. Josten says:

    congrats to him

  16. Darren says:

    Sometimes for feedback, sometimes for traffic. Sometimes for the community.

    One thing I do bet, is this post gets a large number of comments…

  17. Linkbacks. That’s why everyone really does it. Most of the people that comment on this blog are in the same business as John is. Almost no one has a casual interest in making money online. There just isn’t a great deal of casual entertainment value in the subject. So, people like me comment here, people that aren’t as established as John Chow click on my blog (which is found by clicking on my name), leave comments, and I linkback to them by commenting on their blogs. It all helps to drive traffic.

  18. Mike Huang says:

    This is a good poll question and very related to blogging. I guess I shouldn’t have had that rambling question πŸ˜› I just wanted to base it on your ramblings, John πŸ˜€


  19. Hoto says:

    wtf is a comment ? lol i just love to be a part of a community. i love to comment funny stuff with funny comments. where ever itΒ΄s possible.

  20. Alex says:

    Commenting on blogs has been and still is a true addiction, there`s no one single day I don`t comment on at least 10 of my favorite blogs.

  21. SEO UK says:

    This will be very interesting πŸ˜€

  22. Sanjo-chan says:

    I used to think that just leaving comments would get me traffic…but I don’t care about that anymore. I just comment if the topic is interesting or if it’s something I can relate to…to be a part of the community. πŸ˜€

  23. Sherri says:

    I like to comment where no one has commented before- I love to give words of encouragement to those whom just posted their first couple of articles, and are wondering when the visitors will come. I like to comment on things that move me (piss me off or make me cry). I noticed after looking around your site here and there for the last couple of days- I think you have comment stalkers (lol). I can just visualize them sitting around tapping their fingers on their desk, hitting the refresh button and waiting for you to write something so they could be the first to comment. Maybe they are even in your backyard behind a palm tree with a laptop in one hand and binoculars in another. Congratulations on your terrific success. You are like the Paris Hilton of the blog world.

    P.S. I would love to see a question answer section in your blog. I am sure it would be overwhelming though.

  24. Rich says:

    I like being part of the discussion and try to give advise when I can.
    The traffic thing is secondary, if it happens good if not, no big deal that’s not why i commented any way

  25. andy says:

    Usually I will do it for a few reasons. First, is to build relationships with the site owner. Second, is to be a part of the discussion with other people that comment and third is to build traffic to my site.

  26. BusinessX says:

    I leave comments for the link love, but when it comes to MMO blogs it is also an outlet. I considered starting a MMO blog too, figuring I could chronicle my raise to power. However, with the other projects and the number of MMO blogs already, I am finding that by commenting I can say what I feel needs saying while not repeating what others have already said. If there is an issue I want to speak on, I just wait and someone will blog something that will allow me to vent.

  27. VeRonda says:

    This is a good question and I can say that I wanted to choose 4 out of the 5 choices. My primary reason is to be part of a community or, in my case, develop a community as there aren’t many blogs with my exact niche. Anyway, I feel this way b/c I think once you become part of different communities, the other stuff will come…

  28. Traffic is good, but I also like to comment if I feel like the post is worth commenting on, whether I agree with it or not.

  29. Gem says:

    Interesting stats that came up after the poll. I don’t find comments as a way for me to drive traffic to my blog. I find it more as a means to connect to the blogger – if I get that blogger interested then that could turn out to be a potential loyal reader.

  30. vutha says:

    I leave comments for getting traffic and promoting my blog. the other is to give some advice as well.

  31. Keral Patel says:

    I comment on blog to win tshirts from John chow πŸ˜€


    I comment on blogs to interact with like minded people and also I usually read some blogs so I like to comment on them.

  32. kenny says:

    When I’m not busy posting my ads selling various “enhancement” pills, herbs, etc. in blog comments I’m usually trying to add some value to the post that I am commenting on. Any traffic I get is a nice bonus.

  33. Hussein says:

    To provide feedback and to drive traffic for my blog πŸ™‚

  34. NMNoob says:

    I comment to drive traffic to my site, and it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one.

  35. I comment when I feel that I have something of value to add to the discussion. Of course, when you check out a site like johnchow.com, someone has likely beat you to your comment unless you live on the internet all day. I mostly abstain from commenting for that reason. However, I can turn a phrase fairly well and I enjoy writing, so I will occasionally comment despite the presence of similar comments, hoping that a well constructed thought receives more attention than a poorly constructed one.

    Oh, and it helps to drive the tiniest bit of traffic to my blog. If I participated in more discussions, I suppose new eyes would follow (or “no follow”) the links to my blog, resulting in better rankings and revenue. I’m not a full time blogger, so I’m happy when anyone happens to stumble on over to thepoorteacher.com and reads an entry.

  36. Nate says:

    Thanks so much for choosing my suggestion, John! I’m honored, as there were a bunch of other good suggestions.

    It’s been interesting to read all the comments here and the different reasons people leave comments. I like to comment mostly to get involved in the community and make a contribution, but also to provide feedback for the blogger as well since that is a good way for people to improve and learn.

    As thepoorteacher said, I’m just happy when people check out my content so I’m not in it for the traffic really. Occasionally commenting wins you a free shirt too!

  37. goalcentre says:

    Get traffic. We can get some traffic here and there by commenting on people’s blog. That’s what John told us in his early days if i am not mistaken! πŸ™‚

  38. Γ–nder says:

    to be in the game…

  39. To be part of the community and to drive a wee bit of traffic. I mean jeeze, you don’t get that much traffic for the work you put into commenting. There are better ways to get traffic.

  40. Caleb says:

    I usually comment on posts that either contains something I’m trying to learn, something I have real knowledge on, or something that makes me smile…

    Of course,it doesn’t hurt if someone just happens to click on my link bringing traffic to one of my sites πŸ™‚

  41. CoolProducts says:

    To add something new and insightful to an ongoing discussion or topic, and uh, traffic.

    Edit: reading these comments made me realize that I didn’t add anything new or insightful to this topic, oh well, traffic.

  42. eGruve.com says:

    I do it for many reasons and I think each one has their own agenda ….

  43. DTanner says:

    To be part of online community. To air my feelings…

  44. RantBlogger says:

    LMAO. The number one reason is to drive traffic to our own blogs. Congrats John you’ve attracted a great deal of lampreys to suckle on your juicy shark teats.

    *gnaw gnaw suckle suckle*

  45. Hoho. I was comment on it. Sure, for drive traffic. Hahaha.

    Btw, have you try WordPress 2.7 john? on my blog, this is free at wp.blogywalkie.com. Use “test” for password nor user. Free!

    This is the example one for drive traffic… Hoho.

    But it is sure, test WP 2.7 Prototype Version here!

  46. Larry says:

    I visit sites to get Information to make my blogging better, I try to stay long enough as to not drive up anyone’s bounce rate. I leave comments for two reasons, Being part of the community and to get traffic to my blog.

  47. Congrats to the winner

  48. To learn from other blog, search for idea……….become a part of community and gain more traffic ……all mix become one to have long term mutual relationship.

  49. i do comments on blogs to give suggestions to the blogger as well as to improve my knowledge by getting replies to my comments.

  50. i am commenting this to check my gravatar

  51. Eric says:

    I am glad to see most people are being honest. In hopes of drawing more traffic, writing useful comments is hopefully doing more good than harm for all blogs.

  52. I comment on blogs to extend my blogging community, make new friends and of course increase my inbound links.The world of Internet Marketing is pretty impersonal and blog commenting offers an interaction with other bloggers a step closer to human face to face communication.

    Peter Lee

  53. Danny Cooper says:

    I comment on blogs usually because I have something to say. Of course, there are times I comment just to gain backlinks but I hardly do that.

  54. Arfan says:

    The reason I do it is to get feedback and to drive traffic to my website. I remember reading somewhere best way to drive traffic to your website is commenting on others blog. It might have been your EBOOK dont remember lol.

  55. Andrei Buiu says:

    To drive traffic, get backlinks, hopefully reach the Top Commentator Spot and drive more traffic. And the share my opinions (the no. 1 reason we have a comment box IMO)

  56. charles says:

    Get traffic and provide feedback.

  57. That is a good question, cause I’m sure you don’t get much traffic, and you certainly do not get rich by leaving comments.

  58. Dfunda says:

    for knowing about people’s opinion and getting traffic

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