Why Don’t We Get Commercials Like These Here?

A lovely leather-clad lady hustles down an alley only to be stopped in her tracks by the sight of a parked Porsche. The 911 Cab catches her fancy, and in a fit of exuberant affection, she returns the favor and gives the silver Carrera a quick glimpse of the goods. Without resorting to some juvenile horn honking or light-flashing display, the car somehow manages to express its appreciation.

Source: Autoblog

61 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Get Commercials Like These Here?”

  1. We should though!

    1. I love the spoiler! I didn’t know Porsche were easily excited!

  2. Jack says:

    First a post about wings, now another involving hotties and hot cars. John, you are on a roll today.

  3. Sean says:

    I like it. In the words of Borat, “Very nice!”

    We do need more commercials like that up here.

    The other question… where was she before and why wasn’t she wearing clothes? Someting to think about 😉

    1. derrich says:

      “King of the Castle…” (sorry. had to.)

    2. No kidding!! Maybe all hot women in trench coats walk around the city wearing now cloths…

  4. And the Lord says you got too RISE UP!!!
    Im not mad at the Porsche at all! 😀

  5. Jane May says:

    I wonder what the raised tail flat signifies???

      1. Jane May says:

        …just wondering 😛

        1. derrich says:

          *tent* 😯

        2. Ah Jane! Surely you know that it symbolises the road holding of the Porsche and how much restraint that it had under pressure. 😆

          1. It means that Porsche’s never get to see hot women because the Ferrari’s get them all!

    1. HMTKSteve says:

      Well, if you need to wonder… 🙄

  6. HMTKSteve says:

    If you want to see a real funny comercial check this one out from the Super Bowl Bud Lite Axe

    1. Jane May says:

      I just saw the bud lite commercial. I missed that one during the Super Bowl.

    2. Haha – that’s a good one. So the moral is – drinking affects your judgment?

      1. HMTKSteve says:

        No, I think the moral is that even axe murderers are scared of somebody!

        1. Or that this guy is willing to risk his life – and his girls – for beer…

  7. Dave says:

    I missed that axe one, during the superbowl too. It’s great

    1. derrich says:

      I was so disappointed in this year’s Super Bowl commercials. I had such high expectations. John posted about how he got a high listing for “Making Money Online”. For about 12 hours, I had the #1, #2, and #5 spots for Super Bowl Commercials. Timing, and luck…and luck.

  8. Xof says:

    Awesome!! Gotta love European commercials 🙂

    1. Marc says:

      They do tend to be far more relaxed then we are on this side of the pond.

      1. No kidding, why are we so uptight here?! Actually, we’re hypocrites: It’s ok to show Brittney and Christina almost nude, but something like this is a no-no…

  9. Well, we don’t usually get such classy cars commercials here though. What we have are the usual boring stuff as well.

    1. derrich says:

      Maybe we could get a commercial of some chick flashing the Ford Edge. *shrug* Heck, down here (in Texas) all the commercials are of trucks with cows and dirt and the Hill Country. Although I must say I dig Cowgirls.

      1. In case anyone was wondering, that girl is Jenn Sterger

  10. I don’t know why but the video isn’t working. I’m using firefox.

    1. Marc says:

      You need Firefox 2.x, that’ll solve your problem.

  11. George C. says:

    I’m using firefox too, and is working just fine. Good work

  12. derrich says:

    I’ve got a great vid of a 3-year-old cursing over at my blog. 😈 Spawn of John Chow.

  13. Nathan Drach says:

    what can I say, sex sells!

  14. Rob says:

    Porsche knows their market and how to get their message across. Buy a Porsche and get chicks!


    1. derrich says:

      So that’s the answer. I was wondering why my Maxima wasn’t working. 😛

    2. What does one get for a Toyota then? 🙂

        1. I love the commercial!

  15. Harry L says:

    Well it seems like most products pitched to men are
    based on sex appeal, but at least this commercial has some style and humor. The problem is how do you
    make a GM sedan appear sexy?

  16. G says:

    Women don’t know cars but they do know Porsches. I’ve owned a Camaro, RX7, Supra, BMW3, and now a Porsche. Owning a P-car is different. At the gas station women are flirty, at the car wash women chat you up, and several strange women have even just walked up and asked for a ride. Porsche: there is no substitute 😀

    1. derrich says:

      Now all you need is a flash to add to your P-experience. 😉

    2. I expect that owning a Porsche will bring you to the gas station quite a lot. Perhaps the women there just think they recognise you as a regular customer rather than being flirty? 😀 BMW Z3 forever! It’s not a Porsche but it’s just as thirsty. 🙂

  17. Tyler Ingram says:

    Stupid censorship here in north america sucks and the EU and such get to have more interesting commercials 🙁

  18. jem5 says:

    This commercial looks it was taken out of the evil 😈 playbook….

  19. Stephanie says:

    I love it! I’m sending it to my boyfriend :mrgreen:

  20. Got a laugh from the ad but still not too sure why anyone would flash a car? 😕

    1. Marc says:

      The same reason the car reacted on its own… It’s made up. 😛 A friend was poking holes in the SuperBowl commercial with the lions until I pointed out that once the lions start talking, I pretty much toss out any expectation of factual accuracy. Same deal here 🙂

  21. I liked that. A good ad in deed. 😛

  22. Live TV Free says:

    his tail went up..sick

  23. Sonia says:

    Dogs wag their tail when they are happy – this is the reason. Porsche was waiting for her to come out as a dog waits for his master. She flashed, dog wagged. Why did she leave – I have no idea 🙂 May be to look for a damn key 🙂

  24. Dave says:

    Don’t you ever feel like the media is trying to brainwash you?

    Buy this product, and all the girls will like you. Buy this and you’ll have lots of friends.


    It can be sickening sometimes.

    1. Sonia says:


      Good point. Brainwashing – this is what media do the best. I think brainwashing may be good sometimes, since it reduces fear in an age of uncertainty. Although I like term “shaping” much better. I agree though, media must leave you feeling good at the end. Commercials may be an exception – these are only required to be witty.

  25. flipo says:

    😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳

  26. flipo says:

    :mrgreen: 😐 😈 ➡ 😯 🙂 😕 😎 👿 😀 😳 😛 🙄 😉 😥 😮 😆 😡 🙁 ❗ ❓

  27. Jurgen says:

    Why you don’t see those commercials overthere??
    Because you live in the United Stupidity of America.


  28. 💡 That gives me an idea. Porshe !!!

  29. amALLin says:


    The 911 Porsche is in my top 3 for most beautiful designed cars.

    THAT girl… I want to know who she is! b/c I would have to add her to my top ten.

    btw: I got my first car before I ever had a steady girlfriend. 😆

  30. This commercial is great, because it is classy and funny. If they showed this in America, kids wouldn’t even understand it. I don’t see why we don’t get more commercials like this.

  31. She flashed the car because she wanted to check her whole reflection. 😎 Great ad — it should be televised everywhere! 😆

    1. Jonix says:

      I agree :mrgreen: That’s a hell of an ad!
      I think almost every guy would like to be thr CAR 😛

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