Why I Don’t Run Google AdSense On My Blog

I’m often asked why I no longer run Google AdSense on my blog. While my blog started with Google AdSense, and I have an entire chapter dedicated to it in my free eBook, you won’t find any AdSense on this blog anymore, unless you’re doing a search. In no particular order, here are the reasons I removed Google AdSense and why you might want to do the same.

I Make More Money Selling My Own Advertising

The CPC rate for AdSense ads has been slipping ever since Google released the ad service. Most readers have gotten used to it and no longer click the ads. I make far more money selling the ad space myself than by having Google sell it for me. Moreover, by doing my own ad sales, I get to keep all the money instead of having to split it with Google.

Normally, selling your own advertising means more work and less time to blog. To help fix that problem, I automate as much of my ad sales system as possible using OIOPublisher Direct.

OIOpublisher Direct is a WordPress Plugin that automates the ad buying process so you can concentrate on blogging instead of selling. With OIOpublisher direct, advertisers can order, pay for and upload their ads directly to your blog. The only thing you have to do is approve the ad. The script can be installed on an unlimited number of domains and also works with PayPal subscription.

You want to blog, you don’t want to sell ads. Let OIOpubliser Direct do the selling for you. The plugin cost $47 and it’s worth every penny. You should make it all back and more with your first sale.

Very Little Editorial Control

Google has over 100,000 advertisers and you have almost no control over which one can and can not advertise on your blog. You are allowed to upload an exclude list of 200 URLs that you don’t want to show up but that’s about it in terms of editorial control.

Targeting Can Be Way Off

The algorithm that matches the ads to your blog content doesn’t alway work. Most of the time, it does a fair job but when it messes up, it can be very embarrassing. How do you think Iomega felt after seeing their ad on this story?

You think Folgers got their money’s worth by having their ad next to this news story?

As long as Google relies on an algorithm to match ads with content, glitches like the above are bound to happen. They’re embarrassing to the advertiser and to you as a blogger.

You Allow SiteMatch Advertisers a Cheap Way To Advertise

When I find a blog that offers private advertising, the first thing I do is check to see if they’re also running Google Ads. If they are, then I would use Google SiteMatch as a backdoor way to get my ads onto their blogs.

SiteMatch allows you to target a single site instead of using keywords to determine where your ad shows up. SiteMatch rates are generally always cheaper than buying direct from the site. Google sets the SiteMatch price based on the eCPM of the CPC ads. Most of the time, I never have to bid more than $1 CPM to take over the entire inventory of the site I’m targeting.

I was able to use this trick to buy tons of ad space on Problogger.net before Darren Rowse wised up and removed AdSense from his blog. You can see the ad I ran on Problogger above. Pretty creative, huh?

If you’re offering direct advertising, do not run Google AdSense!

Google AdSense Make Readers Leave Your Site

This is the number one reason for removing Google AdSense. When readers click on the ad, they leave your blog (ads do not open in a new browser window). While Google does have some CPM ads, the majority of them are CPC based. That means in order to make money with AdSense, a reader must leave your site. When your blog is new and you’re trying to build a readership, the last thing you want is for a reader to leave.

Because AdSense ads are based on clicks, everyone tries to optimize them to increase the click rate and therefore, increase the number of people leaving. And for what? So you can make 25 cents? For a new blog, this is very short sighted thinking. You want to build a relationship with your readers by getting them to opt into your mailing list. You don’t want to send them away by clicking on a Google Ad.

Maximizing blog income is all about maximizing the lifetime revenue per reader. By building a relationship with a new reader instead of trying to get him to click on a Google Ad (and never seeing him again), you’ll grow your blog readership and will make far more money than a Google Ad can ever pay you.

194 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Run Google AdSense On My Blog”

  1. Dino Vedo says:

    Adsense has been great for monetizing my sites. Simple, quick and effective. Also i’ve been getting clicks that pay up to 7 dollars per one single click. Most cpa offers don’t even pay that much, and thats in the internet marketing niche!

    1. Hello john thanks for this great debate.I had experience to run adsense,recently my new blog is not approved by them.You are right for those who doesn’t care for Google PR,ranking etc,who only cares about readership and visitor(traffic mainly which are coming to read your content).But my dear its not possible for every blogger.I know John chow can do this,darren can do this but we can’t.

      1. Deepak Yadav says:

        Man John and Darren are also humans like us, so its not that he can do it and not we….its just about working hard they worked hard and they are getting what they did in past days…..

        1. They are working hard and I know they will do in future too as they love to do but bro if we all starting to be John then it will be wasting time rather doing hard work.I can say I will go through OIO publisher when i will be able to make such standard content like John/Darren and can bring some 1K traffic/hour or can able to earn some $70,000 per month.I always follow what John are saying,but we too have some limitations,then why to say big sentence rather doing some work.Hope you will not mind anymore.have a nice day.

          1. I always believe that adsense is the first stage of every bloggers.

            After that they move to selling own advertisement place or get into affiliate business.

            [b]@ Blogging Park[/b]

            Daniel (owner of dailyblogtips.com) still runs adsense on his blog. So this is mere choice and revenue generation which can help you to take decision whether you want to keep going with adsense or move to other monetization options.

          2. Main reason because of which adsense is quite popular is blogspot.com

            People easily set up their account at their and after that they apply for the adsense. This is so easy process no hosting, no domain buying and all.

            Once they start earning through adsense their mind open for more and from here buying domains, hosting and affiliate business starts.

          3. I think that adsense is a great way to make money. When you have other ads on your site, the visitors also leave.

            In addition, by bombarding your visitors with information about products they don’t want to receive, you will likely piss them off and they will never come to your site again, while also unsubscribing to your mailing list as well.

            You talk against Adsense, which is a great timesaving tool for small bloggers that automate ad selling process. Yet you push OIOPublisher, which is a competing program to adsense. I am sure you are earning an affiliate cut off of that. You have lost a lot of credibility John Chow. By constantly selling something to your visitors, you are losing credibility. Also, I am pretty sure you need to disclose if you are making money by refering us to OIOPublisher.

          4. Hi @ Dobromir Stoyanov
            The question is not John selling his affiliate link to us or not.He has suggested a very good tips to monetize your ads through OIO publisher.Now the fact is are you capable of running OIO publisher or you still want to stick with adsense.Both has earning perspective and now to what you are go with,by a third-party adsense or your own monetization.

    2. There are all kinds of reasons to run Adsense. You can make a ton of money with them.

      1. Mathew Day says:

        It takes quite a bit of targeted traffic to make any decent money from them though.

      2. raincoaster says:

        “Ton”. I do not think this word means what you think it means.

        1. Yes tones of money from adsense is now bit tough task.

          But however I would love to know the numbers of ZEROs in that TON.

      3. Simply search for Indian base female celebrity and you will thousands of blogspot and almost all are having adsense.

        1. Indian celebrity are from cine world which is called Bollywood.Indian actress Katrina kaif is most hot search from India,it is over 3 million in a day.Could you imagine how much traffic comes to this website daily,then why not monetize adsense.

    3. Depends largely on keywords. Not everyone is patient enough to do that particular research. You’re lucky you found the right words…

      1. Yes most of people failed in the first stage … they do not invest their time in niche research and keywords research.

        They simply want to dive in and want to have gold.

    4. There is one negative if we sell own adsense in our blog. Your site is big, you get advertisers easily. But, what about site, which has very low readers?

      The Advertisers cannot even buy ad space, if there is very low space. Morever, this plugin is only supported in wordpress?

      What if a blog is joomla cms? or html? These are just some backdoors to a plugin, of why these type of plugins get low sales.

      1. I agree with you bro.For small site it will be a high risk.First grow your community,readership and traffic and then monetize your ads.

    5. PPC Ian says:

      I agree with Dino! I love AdSense. Its my primary source of online income. πŸ™‚ I disagree with a lot of points in this post. The first one about CPCs going down is incorrect from most of the verticals I have seen. Google has kept the rev share at 68% (I believe) since the launch of AdSense, to the best of my knowledge. As more and more advertising dollars come online, CPCs on Google have been steadily climbing since the start of AdWords and AdSense. The trends are in your favor. Also, Google is an innovation powerhouse. The new ad formats such as the leader board changes from about six months ago essentially doubled my earnings. Now, you may wonder why I don’t have AdSense on my blog and have chosen to go with direct banner ads? It was really to keep my blog and web publishing businesses separate. Most of my online income comes from my web properties other than my blog.

      1. That’s great Ian … You are keeping clear format of your earning.

      2. I guess it all boils down to what niche you are on. But adsense offers a fire and forget monetizing system.

    6. I have read Darren’s books and his blog. He states that Adsense is his main source of advertising income. I am not sure where John gets his info.

    7. Nasif says:

      Google adsense ads on technology niche have very very low CPA

  2. Kristi Hines says:

    Those two example Adsense “matches” are terrible! I took Adsense off of my main site months ago.

    1. Yes, those are some pretty bad examples, but overall Adsense works pretty well.

      1. I agree, works well and is VERY easy

        1. PPC Ian says:

          That is another great point. I love AdSense because it’s a plug and play solution that allows me to focus on content creation.

          1. That was the case of earlier days.

            Now a days I think they provide quite good advertisers unless and until your have very less popular niche.

  3. Abhik says:

    Well, I have compared both adsense and CPA ads in one of my forums. Adsense beat CPA Ads by a mile.

    1. CPA ads are way different than Adsense. You have to take an action with a CPA ad to get paid whereas all you need with Adsense is a click.

      1. Abhik … what was the niche of that forum ?

  4. Jack says:

    I agree with you, but for most bloggers, they have to monetize by adsense.

    1. Techabouts says:

      Adsense for newbies
      CPA for experienced people who know how to do it

      1. I think different people different strategy.

        1. Techabouts says:

          Ya it depends the way people like it easy

          1. Yes I think adsense is first stage.

            But if you have blogs or forums which provide contents for general people (like who do not know even adsense exist) than your clicking will be quite high.

      2. There are a lot of very experienced marketers making bank with Adsense.

        1. Yep that’s right. Another income stream

  5. James says:

    That’s easy to say something like this because you’re John Chow. When you’re already famous and your blog gets huge number of traffic, you’ll have a lot of alternatives than AdSense and could easily switch between them. But i don’t think the same case with average blogs..

    1. That couldn’t be truer. For the average blog, Adsense makes a lot of sense.

      1. Mathew Day says:

        I make a lot more from CPA offers than from Adsense.

        1. Experience my dear friend … experience …

          But here is also an exception and i.e., Daniel

  6. Dev says:

    I haven’t tried Adsense on my blog since i started blogging and even don’t have an account on it. I think Adsense works great in niches other then blogging & mmo.. !!


    1. Yes quite agree with you.

      Adsense works great on those niche where general visitors come for the entertainment or mobile or laptop or travel or health.

      People here already knows what is adsense and how it works, so clicking on ads will be very less.

    2. You should try it and see your results!

  7. Meanesthing says:

    I agree with you John, Google Adsense make our reader leave our blog.

  8. Roby says:

    I just realize it ? but what the best way do you think or I mean the substitution of adsense ? of course it would raise the blog revenue ?. Thank you.

    1. There is no substitute for adsense.

      You can go for affiliate marketing. If you will success at there than you won’t think about adsense again.

  9. Adsense has been a terrible monetizing tool for my blog. The best I’ve had historically is $1 a click. And it cost me far more than that to get the readers to my blog. So I said bye-bye to Adsense, at least for now…

    1. Probably not a lot of advertisers are spending money to advertise in Nigeria.

      1. Lol, that’s true. I bet he could get his clicks down to $.05 driving them to his site and sell them for $1. Not to shabby!

        1. Yeah your location or your niche or your keywords will be the main reason.

          Though internet world is open but however few countries got themselves into black list.

  10. Ginger says:

    Google hung me out to dry and closed my Adsense account about 2 years ago. Someone was clicking on my adsense links excessively and it wasn’t me. They told me it was abuse. Well, maybe it is but I wasn’t doing it. When I asked for the IP address, they just ceased to answer my emails. They didn’t stop there. They closed my GAN account and pulled the plug on Google search engine. I essentially was being killed by Google.

    I’ve fought back and done my own thing. I am still hanging around, still making a few bucks but Google isn’t my friend and I KNOW they don’t like me. They have far too much power to do damage to the little guy than I had ever imagined. It isn’t like I can move, change my name and get a new social security number.

    I’m surviving without Google and likely will until my dying day. BTW, they still owe me about $800.


    1. GLW says:

      I had a very similar situation, where I was running about 150 Google adsense ads, approved and running. When I was within a few dollars of the payout threshold they cancelled my entire account, requiring me to change the landing page for an affiliate site I didn’t even own.

      I know of other people with the same experience. While their lawyers can write in anything they want in their silly “terms and condictions”, it doesnt take Donald Trump to see this is outright unethical. As far as Google products, I’m outta here. Too unstable, they ruin your business and can’t recommend them to anyone else either, especially my customers.

      1. Ginger says:

        I feel your pain. It’s like a toothache that never goes away.

    2. You can always install OIO publisher and sell you own ads like John suggested.

      1. Ginger says:

        There is still the problem that when you are black listed by Google you have to about sell your soul to the devil to get traffic going. So if I sold ads, who will see them? I have had my latest blog up for 6 mo. I have 200 new subscribers. Sounds like I don’t know what I am doing I’m sure. First blog grew 200 per week before Google blocked me from the search engine. I need traffic first. I love the OIO Publisher though. Looks to be a tremendous opportunity to those that have traffic. I’ll get there. Just not sure when. Doesn’t help that Google does NOT have ANY customer service. I’ve never seen a monster company with ZERO customer service.

  11. Albert says:

    Well. This is great reason for a popular blog. But you say the reason as “Privacy problems”. You can run your own adsense niche website without raveling anything to your readers. Anyway all the best for continued success without Adsense. πŸ™‚

  12. Ijam says:

    Well, for me adsense is a good medium for a new website to grow up and get more visitors. By installing adsense plugin in your web page, google will rank your site better. πŸ˜‰

    1. Do they? I didn’t know this.

    2. Karen says:

      that’s very funny, but wrong. Quality backlinks becuase you provide quality content is what gets you better rankings

      1. @ Ijam

        To clear your mind about adsense and ranking … Well I think you should watch this video …


        1. Ijam says:

          @ ZK, thanks for the video link. The video uploaded by GoogleWebmasterHelp. πŸ˜€ If im a car maker, i will tell everybody that my car is safe. Anyway, your glasses looks cool!

      2. Ijam says:

        @ Karen,

        Yeah that’s true, very simple business… Google own the search engine and Google own Adsense… does it make sense? Good quality content with adsense VS Good quality content witout adsense. Which one will google (search engine) give a priority?

        1. @ Ijam

          I have done many research on that … and I found that this is not right.

          Remember ehow, hubpages and all are using adsense heavily and google is penalising them. So if your assumption was right than they will always get support instead of penalising.

          Google is thinking quite ahead and they want to keep their search engine as leading name and they are not going to compromise for that.

          Adsense is their main income but however they got the recognition because of their search engine.

  13. guru says:

    Excellent points you have made, I have always disliked Adsense for the fact that it sends people away from my site. I am still torn between trying to find advertisers or going the adsense way.

    1. Affiliate links also send your visitors away from your blog …

      What is your thought on that ?

  14. sciencefair says:

    i am sorry.. i dont know it.

    1. Don’t be sorry … πŸ™‚

  15. Pawel Reszka says:

    I really like the ad you ran on Problogger.net lol I agree with you on Adsense not being very profitable for internet marketing sites, but not for other niches. In gaming niche Adsense kicks butt. I am getting ready to remove their code from my blog as well because the ctr is very very low plus I got my own offers I can put on it anyway.

    By the way, John I know you used Doubleclick for publishers before OIOpublisher. How did that work out? I am using them now and it’s a nightmare lol

    1. John Chow says:

      The Doubleclick interface has a high learning curve and there’s no self serve ordering system. I like OIO much better.

      1. Pawel Reszka says:

        Yeah looks like I am going to give OIO a try.

      2. Pawel Reszka says:

        I just set it up as a test and I am loving it lol bye bye Doubleclick Publisher

  16. Arkad says:

    Well, I have two websites with Adsense one has an average of 380 pageviews per day and the other has 1400 pageviews per day. Both sites same niche but different topics.
    Can I sell my own advertising with this type of figure?

  17. Max says:

    I’m newbie, so as for me I think it worth to try Google Adsence to make some experience.

    1. Yes go for it … read their conditions … and don’t be evil … πŸ™‚

  18. Helen Miller says:

    I’ve thought Google Adsence is the best ways to get profit till I read your blog post. A new opinion that change my mind. Thank you for your sharing this.

  19. John says:

    Poor editorial ad control options is the main reason why I do not use Adsense anywhere near as much as I used to. Having a way for publishers to pre-approve adsense ads probably would be quite useful.

    1. You got nice forum my friend … and good alexa too.

  20. Tech Buzz says:

    I’m little disagree with your point “Google AdSense Make Readers Leave Your Site”.
    If you are running any kind of advertisement you are making your readers go away from your site. May be it’s private ad sell or Adsense. You are running bunch of private ads in sidebar. What happen when any user click on that ad. You simply lose that user. And same is applicable for any kind of advertisement.

    I agree that for established blogs running Adsense is not that worth. But again it depends on split testing. If you are earning more money from a single link unit comapred to same size ad banner from private ad sell then I would prefer Adsense over it. RIght?

    Once you build trust with your readers you can easily promote CPA offers to make more money than Asense and removing Adsense in that case make sense to me.

    Finally I’m in favor of Adsense as I make tons of money using it without to worry about selling ads and all other related stuff πŸ™‚

    1. Maximilian says:

      No, because this ads open in a new window. Click on ads of Adsense and you will targeted in a new site in the same window.

    2. John Chow says:

      All my ads open in a new window. My blog is still in the reader’s browser after they click. Google doesn’t allo this for their ads.

      1. PJ Rosenberg says:

        Be careful with the ads you are running.. the new Google Panda update does not like too many ads on a website!! I just wish Google would be clear about how many ads are too many!!

        1. If you will look at this question with the visitor’s eyes than you will get the answer.

          Google left it on you and they do not want to bound themselves by mentioning numbers and all.

  21. ElvinGoh says:

    But my site’s traffic is too low to have own advertising. Will revisit this after getting more traffic. Thanks for the opening idea.

  22. HT Lee says:

    Beside traffic, I guess it also depends what kind of blog you’re running. I agree on your last point that if you don’t want readers to leave, Adsense makes no sense. But for average bloggers like us….we have to start somewhere and Adsense makes sense, at least in the beginning. Thanks for the post, John.

  23. I still use adsense but I am slowly working my ways on other ways of making money online. Next target is to build a mailing list. πŸ˜€

    1. Nice to see that you are going with your plan.

      This is the main mantra of any success.

  24. Mahesh says:

    Nice article. Direct advertising is much more effective than Google Adsense.. But, I think Adsense is the main source for most of the newbie bloggers, it is very difficult to get direct advertisers for your site..

    BTW, I love the ad that you put up on Darren’s site.. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes that what I believe as well.

      Adsense is for new bloggers and more experienced blogger will move to affiliate marketing.or building own product.

  25. John, thanks for showing an alternative to Adsense. And as many of the recent comments mention, not all blogs can expect any income without it, but it’s sure worth looking at alternatives at a certain stage.

  26. Jay says:

    I’m just wondering why you run infolinks in favor of adsense.

    As you mentioned above with this statement “You don’t want to send them away by clicking on a Google Ad.” Isn’t it infolinks will take your readers away from your site?

    1. John Chow says:

      Unlike Google AdSense, Infolinks ads open in a new window. My blog is still on the reader’s browser after they click. That is true of all the ads on my blog.

      1. Dino Vedo says:

        Just clicked on a infolinks ad on your blog, guess what, it opened in the SAME WINDOW.. lol better rethink your strategy :p

        1. John Chow says:

          It opens in a new one for me. Then again, that maybe because I have Google Chrome set to do that. However, it doens’t matter what setting you have with a Google ad. It doesn’t open in a new window.

          1. Dino Vedo says:

            Don’t you use OpenX anyways though? Theres a setting in there to force the target frame to open in a new window. πŸ˜€

          2. John Chow says:

            You do that and Google will ban your ass. πŸ˜›

          3. What a best way to end any conversation … lollzz

        2. Jay says:

          I think infolinks.com pays john chow to serve infolinks ads. πŸ™‚

  27. Hugh Kimura says:

    Great tip on targeting other sites. Hmmm…

    I stopped using Adsense about two years ago because of the bad targeting, high bounce rates and general tackiness. With my mailing list setup and some article marketing, I’ve been making way more money than I ever did with Adsense and I don’t have that much traffic yet.

    I recently installed OIO Publisher on my other blog and got a paying advertiser the following week! In-text marketing has been working decent for me also. Infolinks does make more than Kontera, in my experience.

  28. Techabouts says:

    You can make it big with CPA and Affiliate offers

    1. Just one small thing you need for that and i.e., experience.

  29. Julio says:

    I remember reading something about adsense at shoemoney and after reading it I removed my adsense ads. It was a good move I did with my old site. Now that my site is a blog I put the adsense back but reading this blog post I was reminded about removing adsense from the blog to sell ads directly.

  30. Keith Ong says:

    Hi John, after reading your article I would think I agree with you 50/50.

    I have been playing with adsense for the past 2 years and I MUST agree that earnings with adsense usually grow very slow. This is the pitfall.

    However, if we faithfully continue with the program, continue to build unique and quality contents, the earnings will increase over time.

    The best part is, if we happen to fall sick during any of the month and not able to work on building contents, we still get passive income during this time.

    I think for people who are looking to make BIG BUCKS, do not consider adsense!

  31. aditia says:

    yeah the adsense text ads a bit ugly I’m just using the adsense banner format

  32. Chandan says:

    As long as exit route of visitors is concerned, affiliate links or banner ads are as bad as Adsense ads. I believe you do not get good CTR as because most of your visitors avoid adsense ads. This is the very reason you removed Adsense ads & not merely because you want your visitors stay longer.

  33. Santi says:

    Great info john, Thanks

  34. achong says:

    Maybe true. I just not more than $120 a month.

  35. It was the right time to remove Google Ads out from your blog, but for the starting blogs that just have a few hundred visitors from search engine, direct Ads are the thing in ‘Wish List’. I guess it will be OKAY till they sufficiently build up to expect direct Ads.

  36. Bob Roberto says:

    Hello people in this comment section on john’s post. Well, I can say any comparison between Adsense and CPA ads because based on my experience as a new blogger (only for almost 1 year) Adsense and CPA both work well in my site. Maybe I could give clearer comparison in the later time. As of now, John’s point of view is still convincing that when you there is adsense in your site, you just lead your readers away from your site.

    Thank you.

  37. Warnnie says:

    I’ve been thinking the same too..but maybe it’s not the right time for me to remove Google Adsense from my site. Maybe when my blog already established, then I will think about this. Thank you for this great post. Most of the time I was just a silent reader here.. hehe.. πŸ™‚

  38. Alexis says:

    I don’t run adsense in my blog because I’m more interested now to have people read my content . When the blog grows I’ll follow John path.

  39. i need to checkout the with the plugin. for the buying this plugin need some money from adsense then only i can buy it πŸ™‚ and is there any period of it??

  40. Greg says:

    Excelleent post John!
    My google ads are very rarely relevant to my post subject
    May be I give OIOpublisher a try
    The question is where do they position the ads ?
    Can the ads be placed in the sidebar like you have 2 columns X 4
    I am reluctant to pay $47 fpr a cmplicated plugin

    Good food for thought though

  41. I think google adsense is good for blog that has just start up..if you don’t have much traffic, I think its okay to use adsense but if you have a lots of traffic like yours and you are selling your own product….I would say..YES…this article is HIGHLY recommended!!!!!


  42. Graham in UK says:

    Hi John
    I’ve never put Adsense on my website because I’ve written unique, good quality content that I want people to read, and that they will find helpful – so why would I want them to click away from my site?

  43. a5v19 says:

    I think another major problem with AdSense is that you can wake up with the account suspended for reasons more or less well-founded, even when it’s time to get your money!

  44. Mathew Day says:

    Very insightful post, was wondering where the Adsense was. I think Adsense works really well on some sites, while others not so much.

  45. After reaching at this stage, John you are yourself a brand and your brand name itself can make more and more money to you.

    So we can understand this.

  46. hey John,

    Thanks for the article. But , I agree with some of the comments. Like my blog, I put up and used adsense quite extensively and try my best to be in the google adsense TOS to prevent my account being banned.

    I do have affiliate banner ads there though. But, I when my traffic gets high…I will do as what you have suggested. I think that’s a good idea.

  47. I think it might not work in all type of sites

    1. as you said is right, because most of them are earning through google adsense only, so i agree with that, but what john chow says is right, only when we do other things on our site.

    2. what john chow says is right, only when we do some thing on our site, but it is not good for all kind of sites.

  48. John whenever you add post about ADSENSE … you will get good numbers of comments and reply.

  49. I’m 100% agree with what you have to say John. What you say and do, apply to the entire Internet Success Cycle.

    The step that make the LEAST money have to be Adsense.
    And, the step that make the most money have to be selling your own products.

    That’s how the cycle goes.
    People first create a product==> From there, they find affiliate to sell their products ==> They can also buy traffic at their own from Adsense, media buying networks (This step bring out a clear point – Product creator want to make more money by finding low and valuable clicks from Adsense and so they leverage on third party like Adsense, Affiliates etc to achieve their goals)

    So, I do agree with what you have to say.

    But, for most Newbie, I think you need time to go through the process to really experience yourself the entire Internet Marketing Cycle.
    For starting, Adsense would be a good starting point where Newbie don’t need to learn about more than just writing content and placing Adsense spot one time on the site.

    When you get more experience, you would want to learn about all sort of CONVERSION, COPYWRITING, Become an ADVERTISER and some other advanced stuff.

    So at some point, I see JOHN also being a Adsense publisher when he was starting as well as many of us too:-)


  50. Pierre-Yvan says:

    I’m a french reader of your blog and i will definitly remove my adsense thanks to your post. I’m a new blogger and I don’t want my reader to leave my blog. You said “And for what? So you can make 25 cents? For a new blog, this is very short sighted thinking.”
    I never thought about that but thank you!

  51. Sahil says:

    I think that if you have regular blog readers they will become accustomed to the layout of your blog and will phaze out the ads. Thus the only people you’re likely to get clicks from will be new visitors. But it worth if the new visitor reads my stuff, and not for $0.03 click…

  52. Howie says:

    Your ad, on Problogger, was genius, John. I’m ‘assuming’ that resulted in alot of traffic?

    1. John Chow says:

      Ya, the click rate was pretty damn high and it got a lot of other blog wrote about it, so free additional advertising. πŸ™‚

  53. Thomas says:

    You mentioned this before ad I took your advice. I also didn’t like the type of ads that appeared. I wasn’t too keen on some of them. I did find that Amazon has an affiliate page that I really like since I get to pick what appears. Keep up with the great posts!

  54. How about me? my blog still baby.. No direct advertiser interest to advertise on my blog. Can you tell me this case?

  55. Based on my experience, I’ve found that adsense does best on niche sites with SEO traffic. I don’t use adsense on my blogs. You don’t want all that valuable traffic to leave your site in a jiffy and never come back.

  56. J-Man says:

    I’m skeptical that anyone would buy direct ads to a lesser known site, but hey who can question John’s logic here. It’s certainly true that we don’t want people leaving our site for a $.01 click (which has happened to me more than I care to remember). I’ve recently started using Kontera (two weeks); anyone else have better luck with that avenue?

  57. Jordy says:

    I’ve done really well with Adsense. My plan though is to sell ad space once the traffic gets up there really good. Right now I get 1400 visitors per day to the site I will be switching over eventually.

    John, I always enjoy your articles. They provide great value.

  58. I am finding Adsense is doing better on blogs outside internet marketing. I started a dating blog and it is just starting to get traffic and the numbers for Adsense are better than with my IM stuff for the amount of traffic I am getting. Niches matter.

  59. fas says:

    When your new you have no options but when you grow big then you can afford not to run Google AdSense.

  60. Mr.Ven says:

    Sounds good….we should not leave readers for few bucks….

  61. #5 is very important with me, this is reason that maybe I can remove GA from my blog, Thanks for share this John!

  62. Thanks for this post. The reason why a lot of bloggers use adsense its because they dont have the traffic yet to sell private ads. Mind you that in order to be approved by BuySellAds.com, you need 100k pageviews per month and new bloggers have no choice but to use Adsense untill they reach a certain amount of traffic.

  63. Riley Fox says:

    John, I never thought about Google Adsense having that effect on my blog. Your post makes perfect sense to me. I’m going to really think hard about removing it from my blogs.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  64. I never really hear anything good about Google any more. Not there adnetwork, not there search engine and sometimes not there keyword tool either. Every David wants to take down Goliath I guess. Any how informative site and its making think about taking down my google ads too. lol

  65. Brian Fournier says:

    I’d also like to ask, do you also not utilize google adwords is it also because you use MaxCdn content network because the ads have a hard time determining what to post?

    If not how’d you get around this issue of no relevant adds showing up when utilizing MaxCdn…a great service that I use.

    Your thoughts,


  66. mike says:

    i am with adsense as i don’t have the ‘ideal’ traffic for my blog. i am getting more than 100k pageviews a month but still, i will wait till it gets bigger before plunging on my own advertisement. it’s been a long battle driving traffic to the site. i even take John’s ebook as my official guide! πŸ˜€ well worth it. the blog grown but again, not enough for self-ad yet. perhaps, you guys want to be part of the traffic? πŸ˜›

    oh, it’s NOT a internet marketing blog πŸ™‚

  67. Nice one John. Advertisers come out of the woodwork if your site is decent enough. I always felt uncomfortable with the content of Adsense.

    Cheers, Sam
    The Yakezie Network

  68. John, great post but what are your recommendations on selling ads?

    I like Adsense because it is easy to implement.

  69. Rod says:

    Some good points raised here John. Specially about the viewers leaving the site. A very valid point.

  70. Eber says:

    Google Adsense was launched in 2003, and you are showing a page of 2001, saying that it was Adsense? Very nice research you did before publishing, hΓ£? Then you show a page from Yahoo that according to the day of the week was published in 2000, saying that it was Adsense? Come on….

  71. Ted says:

    I have seen a number of friends get booted out by AdSense for errors in clicks. When that has happened they have all asked for forgiveness for the error but are, it seems, branded as some kind of digital thieves and once blacklisted are deaf to any appeal.

  72. gazzali says:

    Why dont you give me a backlink and get my page popular and then it time for me to discard adsense. But for now what choice have I???

  73. The only reason I personally use AdSense is because of laziness! Sometimes it’s hard finding people that want to advertise on your site…

  74. Dean Saliba says:

    I dropped Adsense last year when they kicked me out of their network for something that I did not do over six years ago.

  75. VTech says:

    Adsense seems to work better for my sites than CPA or affiliate offer. If I take Adsense off it’s like cutting 90% of revenue ;-(

    But I agree Adsense might not be the best way to monetise a *blog* over the long term. List building seems a more lucrative approach but takes longer with more effort.

  76. Really a very valuable information, I personally do the same when I start selling my own ads…

    Thanks for sharing this…

    1. Free Picks says:

      oh man how did you get customer who buy your own adds

  77. Jacob says:

    Everyone keeps saying, “Oh, but for us average bloggers, we have to use Adsense…” Stop whining first off. Everyone started as an average blogger. You don’t HAVE to monetize with Adsense because, let’s be frank, the cost of running a blog for a year is almost nothing, so you don’t HAVE to break even. Therefore, focus on what is actually going to work.

    Instead of putting an Adsense block on your site that will take people away from your site, and thus perpetuating a cycle of you trying to constantly get new people, why not, instead, put Aweber there? Collect people’s e-mails. And remind them that you exist every once in a while so they come back. Suddenly, you’ll start to see your traffic rise because you’ll have return visitors. And then…Yup, you can sell private advertising.

    So, for all those people whining about “us average bloggers HAVE to monetize with Adsense,” just remember that if you want to succeed, stop whining and succeed. Short term quarter clicks is nothing in comparison to $40,000 a month. Just ask John.

  78. Karen says:

    I have nowhere near the traffic or readership that your blog has, John, but I still have a decent passive income from selling my own advertising rather than relying on Google Adsense. I don’t think I could make even a quarter what I make now had I run Google Adsense.

    A perfect example of how it sucks if you don’t know how to block Google ads from displaying on your site is, yesterday I visited a tech blog in Europe. Guess what the Google Ads displayed? Viagra ads or Canadian Pharma ads, the worst spammers ever. How embarassing for that blogger!

    My feeling is this: it’s your blog, your website. You should never relinquish control to a third party. And instead of making pennies or maybe a few dollars from clicks to your Google Adsense, build your site up to an authority site, and get your own advertisers, who will pay you far more.

  79. Ben Alagnam says:

    You’re right John, I have plenty of pageviews on my site everyday…but the clicks are “0”. I need to monetize this on a different way. Any idea on how to monetize my blog about Singapore?

  80. Magia Blanca says:

    You are right John! I really appreciate this amazing info, adsense can be sometimes embarrasing :SS


  81. Magia Blanca says:

    thanks a lot for sharing this John! Adsense can be confuse some times with the ads but itΒ΄s easier πŸ™‚


  82. Hi, what about maintaining two or more blogs? It woult be a good idea, so in one blog you can run adsense and in the other blog you can try diferent ways to make money online.

  83. infinity says:

    thanks a lot for sharing this John!

  84. Free Picks says:

    what ever google adsense is, but i love it.. it gave me lot of money πŸ˜€

  85. Rajamanickam says:

    Your blog posts is interesting to read.
    Based on my understanding, AdSense is the easy way to get earnings from blogs by showing relevant ads.
    If you get traffic from search engines, adsense will be effective. And we need to do proper ad placement by doing trial and error approach. Recently I am testing lot of ad placements and seeing significant improvement in the adSense earnings.

  86. Patti Hemmen says:

    Great post John. I never really thought about it that way. Its like my site. The site is about health extracts, and they put ads on woman’s shavers… WTH?

  87. VikoBG says:

    Very good post. .I’m not using adsense for my personal blog also. In some niches adsense is the best choice, but in most of them the direct selling of advertising or using some affiliate programs is more profitable.

  88. Regardless of which ads someone wants to run – direct, AdSense, affiliate banners/links, etc. – I think OIOPublisher should be used. It’s absolutely fantastic. I bought it back when it was still $37 & I knew he eventually gave it a $10 raise, but it should be more for all that it can do. It’s way better than any other WordPress ad plugin I’ve tried before (& OIOPublisher even has a standalone version for those not using WordPress.)

  89. raincoaster says:

    I’ve got Adsense running, but just because it was easier to set up than most other systems. While I’m learning, I can keep it going, but it definitely cheapens the look of the blog, no question. It’s certainly not a millionaire-maker!

  90. Eleazar says:

    For newbies, Adsense is still the best passive income earner especially those who can’t get direct advertisers.

    1. But again the problem for newbies is to get traffic. And unless you get traffic, there’s very less chance that you can make money from Adsense.

  91. Teach says:

    If you have a targeted visitors and a high volume traffic, your site is very attractive for advertisers who want to sponsor an ad in your site, but for those who don’t have that much traffic, adsense is the alternative.

  92. I believe you made the right decision of removing Google Adsense and I think you are better without it. πŸ™‚

  93. I think cpa is better than adsense for blogging niche. Most of the bloggers know the adsense and they never click it.

  94. Work online says:

    Hey John,
    You are right for those who doesn’t care for Google PR,ranking etc,who only cares about readership and visitor(traffic mainly which are coming to read your content).But my dear its not possible for every blogger.

  95. fas says:

    Some Google ads do open up in a new window.

  96. Gama says:

    Putting any codes from Google to your site including Adsense code it means you are authorizing the big G to own huge part of your site. Any activities on your site will be tracked and they will use it information against you.

    When I ditched google Adsense and Google Analytics off my sites, all my sites shoot up in the ranking like crazy even those copy cut autoblogs. What this means is that Google is simply helpless without tracking codes embedded to your sites.

    Scrap Adsense! the author is in a very good position.


  97. Eliot says:

    Google AdSense is becoming obsolete. Here’s why.
    1. Google can terminate your account at any time, for no reason at all. If you can earn revenue from the same or similar advertisers without depending on Google as the middleman, you are better off.
    2. If you get most of your traffic from paid advertising sources, you may get banned from AdSense. If you want high volume of traffic, you need paid advertising. Free Traffic is time consuming works very slow and is unreliable.

  98. Anastasia says:

    Well, that makes sense if your blog gets thousands of visitors a day. Hopefully one day I will get so many ones that won’t need AdSense too! But for now with my 200 daily readers it is my only sourse of income.

  99. This article can be renamed as top reasons why we hate Google Adsense. πŸ™‚

  100. I hope to one day make enough money to have the option to not run Adsense anymore. πŸ™‚

  101. Zach Crawley says:

    Google adsense is no where near as good as it used to be, the rates were a lot higher in the past and now that more people know they are ads, people don’t click them as much.


    1. If you get a lot of traffic, you can still make good money with AdSense through the impressions.

  102. Some very good points (and lots of comments to prove it)!! Selling your own ads will definitely increase your overall revenue, but to get started AdSense is a good option. Typically with niche sites I try AdSense and hopefully then move into selling my own ads if I can find advertisers. As a catchall, AdSense is pretty good though.

  103. way to go Great blog lots of comments to back it up john.

  104. Joel says:

    I’ll read this again when my blog has enough traffic.

  105. John, your right. Adsense has been somewhat of a crap shoot lately especially as ime goes on.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  106. Abbie says:

    I still run adsense on my site, even it’s rotated with the other monetizing methods.
    You’re right at the point that now adsense pays me far less than a link text that gives me 7 dollars / month no matter my visitors click it or not.

  107. Wade Palmer says:

    I’m new to blogging and figured that I’d start my advertising with AdSense. What’s the next best option for someone such as myself?
    Also. I noticed that AdSense Deluxe no longer works for the latest version of WordPress. Do you recommend another plugin (free) to help manage online ads? Thanks.

  108. but is it possible to earn more money by affiliate ads, than google ads.

  109. Wow, I never thought about it that way. By selling your own adspace, you could make far more money than with Google ads – that is, if your blog gets the traffic necessary for people to be willing to pay well for the ads.

    That’s a great ad you put on Darren (Problogger’s) site! Bet that got lots of attention. Thanks for a great post!

  110. I suppose it depends on which niche you are in. I would agree that adsense is probably better in niches that have to do with financial problems. That is a very hungry market and if properly targeted can be beneficial. I suppose for affiliate marketers we are swarmed with offers and t takes more than just text ad to get our attention! But it is true that adsense affiliate sites are off putting.

  111. Its always depends on the niche and traffic of using google adsense

  112. Errol says:

    Excellent blog post and very helpful.

  113. For most of us the issue is that the small amount of traffic we do get doesn’t convert – although I’m still running Adsense on my blog only 1 in 500 readers click through as they’re more interested in the content (which is the whole point of blogging after all!).

    Unfortunately for niche bloggers like myself we don’t have access to the marketplaces where you can easily build direct relationships with advertisers because their rules exclude us (buysellads for example, who will only work with very high traffic, popular sites), so adsense and similar programmes are all we have. It’s quite disheartening to realise that despite all the love and attention that we lavish on our blogs they’re never going to earn us more than an occasional cup of coffee…

  114. iPad Story says:

    If we got perfect niche, I think Google AdSense is nice area

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