Why It’s a Good Idea to Quit College and Start a Business

The value of a college degree is decreasing every year, but the head master of the university won’t tell you that. And my complaints is if the value kept on dropping and jobs that requires a bachelor degree is getting scarcer and scarcer every year, why are the tuition fee going up every year?

University’s Outrageous Cost

The average tuition fee for most universities is approximately $30,000 to $50,000 for four years for instate students. If you choose to go to private or elite universities, it can easily cost you $30,000 to $50,000 per year. Did I mention this is the cost before buying books and food?

These universities need to base their tuition fee on the earning potential of the students once he/she graduate. If the earning potential of an average student with a bachelor degree is weakening, should these universities’ lower their fees?

I mean, universities’ graduates with a bachelor degree today are being laid off in more parts of the United States than ever before. And with new students graduating every year, can you really compete?

3 Reasons to Quit College

Unless, you’re getting a 3.5 to 4.0 at elite universities such as Harvard or Yale, it’s a good idea to quit college and start a business. It’s not hard to figure out why college is a waste of your time even if all your tuition fees are paid for:

#1) Are You Learning About Something That You’re Passionate About?

Most college students are not passionate about what they’re learning about. If you’re going to college, you know this. In most case, you’ll have to take general class that you don’t necessary need for your major. It seems to me that college has become nothing but a business that overcharges you for little value of education.

If you’re passion is to become a doctor, I’m not saying that you’re going the wrong path. The mistake that many people make is to go to college, study a certain subject and then graduate just to work in a Wal-Mart. Nearly all the managers of Wal-Mart doesn’t have a college degree, so what’s the point of going to college in the first place.

#2) Will You Make More Money With Less Stress After Graduation?

College for me is just training you to be someone else’s employee; this is true even for business school. And the big question is what will happen after graduation?

Even if you land a job, you’re probably working hard to make more money for someone without a college degree. That’s if you can find a job.

But the real depression will hit you once you find out that you have to pay off those loans that you took out to pay for your tuition fees, books, and food during the four years. And all you got for those hardships is a degree and knowledge that you won’t be able to use for a long time. Did you know that most college graduates work in a field unrelated to their degree?

#3) Will You Get Your Time Back?

If you’ve been to college, you know that it’s not easy. Professors will give you a boat load of homework that needs to be done within a short amount of time, plus a test. Students are always thinking of ways to get away and actually drop out.

In my opinion, a motivated person who wants to succeed will succeed no matter what. There’s always a better path that the ones that our teachers and parent gave us. And only the true leaders will sought that path.

Most college students don’t have a life because they’re taking too many classes hoping to graduate soon and start their life. But trying to hard will make people tired and stressed out. But the real question is you using your time wisely and making every minute worth something? Make sure you are, for those times are gone forever.

Mindsets Are Difficult to Change

Since a child our mind were conditioned by our teachers and parents that a college degree is necessary to succeed. When you’re thinking a certain way for too long it’s hard to change that mindset.

But understand that the majority of the men/women who can afford to live during the past few decades don’t have a college degree.

More often than not, with a college degree you can afford to survive and out food on the table, but you can’t afford to live.

Deep down inside, you know this is true, but your teachers and parents have conditioned your mind, that if you don’t have a college degree, you’ll be flipping burger at McDonald the rest of your life. But I’m happy to let you know that a lot of people working at McDonald are making more than a college graduate because they actually have income and less debt.

3 Reasons to Start a Business in 2010

#1) We’re Living in America

The United States of America is viewed by most country across the globe as “The Beautiful Country” or The Land of Opportunity”. It wouldn’t have been viewed this way by so many countries and people in the world if it didn’t deserve it.

In fact, if you can’t get rich in America, you can’t get rich anywhere in the world.

#2) Procrastination Leads to Failure

If you want to do something you have to do it now and not some other day. This is because some other day never comes. If you decided not to do it now, chances are you’ll never do it.

2010 is a good year to start a business because the economy is still recovering, which is creating opportunities. Did you know that more people get rich during an economic depression than any other time?

#3) You’re Already Failing

Everybody’s afraid to fail, but you shouldn’t be afraid to fail because you’re already failing. You won’t understand this until you really think of your current situation.

If you’re going to a non-elite university majoring in something that won’t land you a job with the government, you’re failing. On second thought, if you can manage to graduate in the top 10 rank of your class, you’ll have a chance. This means studying from dawn to dust and not having a life for at least four years.

Lucky for you, there’s no dead end (not if you’re living in America). Whenever I think I’m at a dead end, there’s always that light that shows me a path to leave that dead end behind.

Final Words

I understand that this is a daring topic and will get me some negative comments, but I have to let the truth be told.

And I’m not encouraging anyone to start a business without doing any research (that’s stupid), but I do encourage people going to college to consider a different path. There’s nothing you can do with a degree in biology or history besides teaching at a school. 2 to 3 months of summer vacation, I would go for it.

If you’re a student majoring in literature, make sure you start writing your own books to sale. Being an author and selling your own creation is a good business you can start. But if you just want to go online and ramble like me, you don’t need a college degree. On second thought, you don’t need a degree in literature to become a bestselling author.

No matter what you do, make sure your passion comes first. You can make money anywhere, so why waste your precious time working towards a job that you have no passion for.

About Nathan Lee: Nathan Lee is a 21 years old entrepreneur who enjoys blogging about making money online and women. Visit his websites http://networkmarketinglearningtools.com and http://modernseduction.com to learn more and download his eBooks completely free.

155 thoughts on “Why It’s a Good Idea to Quit College and Start a Business”

  1. BStearns says:

    Interesting take. I think that if you want to go to school you should. But, have a business on the side. I do agree that starting a business is the way to go, but if you use that business to pay for school, and learn what you want to learn, then I think you’re doing pretty frickin good. That what I’m doing and I am loving it! But, great post, I do think you made a lot of great points. Thanks!


    1. I would defintely agree with you. It’s very possible when starting to complete school if that’s your short term goal, but also get your feet wet in the online world. After you establish yourself, you can make that choice later…

      1. This post created a lot of controversy. I think most people agree that having a degree has its (many) advantages, even if you want to start your own business.

        1. The advantage of going to college is that you learn a skill that would generate a higher income than high school graduates on average. In other words the chance of getting a decent paying job with a college degree are much higher than the chances of someone without a college degree.
          While everyone cites that Bill Gates dropped out of college to start a business, in my experience people that dropped ouf of college ( or never went there) end up in low paying and menial jobs.

          My advice – go to college and get a degree in something you find interesting. Do not forget that you as an individual are your own business, so you should educate yourself as much as possible.

    2. d3so says:

      That’s true, it’s also good to be educated.
      No one wants to do business with people who lack proper education.

      1. Having credentials can help…but not always required…but i am an advocate of education.

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          yeah, I’m an advocate of education to. I never stop learning and since you’re here reading this post and other posts from John Chow, you’re learning great things to. To bad John won’t provide us with a certificate that proves we actually learn something of value.

          1. haha…well, john could def give out certificates, but not sure how much clout a potential employer would give that paper…that is of courses, if john turns himself into an edu, then it may have a bit more validity…

            I can see John be pretty lenient in handing them out…might be the next newsletter 🙂

        2. PPC Ian says:

          You better be! Your name is “Online College Courses”! 🙂

          1. lol…this post was all about my topic 🙂 I should def write something for John soon…

      2. Nathan Lee says:

        First, thank you John for posting my Guest Post so fast.

        I’m not telling anyone to start a business without continuing their education. Education is great and I love to be educated, but the question is do you need to go to a college to be educated?

        You can learn along the way and meet new people along the way.

        I’ve been at college and everything is paid for me, but it’s hard to find like minded people at college. I go to Metro in Denver, CO. Some people might seem to like my idea when I ask them to be my partner, but they’d never would take action with me. Only talk. I’ve gave up on them because I’m not going to do all the work and let them take a part of the pie. I’ll just do it myself and work twice as hard.

        I’ve meet more like minded people online, probably because it’s world wide.

        You mentioned proper education, but what’s that? Going to college, save money, and live a normal live like everyone else and than just die like everyone else?

        I wrote that post after listening to this guy and reading his great books: http://starlightcards.blogspot.com/2010/07/robert-kiyosaki-network-marketing.html

        Do take a look and you’ll learn something. He’s my idol.

    3. Yup I agree too. A degree wont do any harm, actually it will benefit you in the long run.

      1. Exactly, I got a Master’s in 2007 and I’ve been able to access a lot more online because of it…i.e. online newspapers, interviews, expert witness type of thing…

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          And I believe you’re making a good amount of money for being able to do those things?

          Because it’s all about making money here. What good an education if you can’t make money of off it.

          Well, at least you can become a better person. I hope.

          1. A link on a PR8+ newspapers can definitely be pretty valuable to people seo’ing their sites 😉

      2. Nathan Lee says:

        I agree a degree won’t do any harm and it will definitely benefit you in the long run, only if all your fees are paid for by scholarships. Mine is. I have a Pharmacist friend who graduated half a year ago and still looking for a job with over $100,000 in debt.

        I hope you feel rich now because you probably are compared to him.

        Unless you’re planning on getting a master degree, I wouldn’t do it. Of course, now I’m going to college because it’s paid for me, but I only take the class I like and subjects I’m passionate for.

        My adviser kept telling me to take general classes. I said no way.

    4. I completely agree with this comment. Maybe your degree itself will be useless to you (maybe not), but the process of learning, meeting others, etc. is not something you will always get just by starting your own business.

    5. Nathan Lee says:

      Dear BStearns,

      100 years ago, before the internet, I have to go to school to learn what I want to learn.

      But now. I learn 10 times more from the internet than school. College is a thing of the past when it comes to education. Most professors are ready to retire. You think they know what’s going on now a days?

      What college can offer that the online world can’t offer is a certificate called a degree that proves you’ve learned something.

      An entrepreneur learning as he/she go might be more knowledgeable than a college graduate with a master degree. The different is he/she doesn’t have anything to prove it.

      But unless you’re planning on laboring for someone else for the rest of your life and trade time for money, you don’t have to prove anything to any employer.

    6. Nathan Lee says:

      That’s way too much work. Spreading yourself too thin will make you fail at both.

      IMHO, a college degree is Plan A. But now the value have drop so much that it’s worthless, so you need plan B.

      If you still think that you’ll go to college and graduate with a good job waiting for you, get a life.

      You will need that Plan B more than you think. Always have backup.

      It can be anything from getting ready to get another job that is unrelated to your degree, start a business , etc.

      The last thing you want to do is rely heavily on your college degree.

      Everyone can get a college degree now as long as they complete their classes. That’s so valuable, huh?

      And it depends on where you want to live. If you want to get a college degree and move to Vietnam, good idea. Because a degree is valuable there.

      In developed countries? Not so much.

    7. Nathan Lee says:

      I want everyone to watch this video:


      I think most of you guys are rather too old, going to college right now, or just stupid.

      This is the truth. I hope you send your kid to college so they can come out with debt for the rest of their life.

      That’s what my parents and teachers try to do it for me.

      I feel sorry for this guy. I rather pay 75% tax to have college free.

      “Some time you don’t learn thing until you go through things”. Good point.

  2. Great post, I’m currently at Univeristy and run a few Blogs and websites. Trust me I have contemplated dropping out to run my Internet Empire, but I can’t yet begin to take action on it. I have started my degree and may as well finish it even if I come out of University to run my business full time from home.
    It is something to fall back on, boast about and prove credibility saying you have a degree as well.

    If you are able to juggle both why not do that instead of dropping out, would be a waste of time and money in my opinion to drop your degree or course half way through…


    1. Hi Stuart,

      I think that your view and approach is great. If you can manage to stay at the university and run your blogs and websites it would be foolish to drop out as Nathan suggests.

      Formal education still has a great value in the eyes of society if not a great practical one.

      On the other hand if someone is struggling at their university studies and absolutely hates it there wondering if starting a business wouldn’t be a better way to go, for them what Nathan says could be a good path.


      1. I agree…and depending on what field you go into…having a computer science degree to go a long with the experience you get from working online combine for a great resume!!!

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          You missed my point. A resume is used mainly when you want to apply for a job.

          So, it look like you wants to trade time for money.

          If trading time for money is all you want to do, than a college degree (it have to have be a master degree unless you’re coming out of Harvard or Yale) is a must if you want to be paid for your job.

          1. I’m sorry, but i have no clue what you just said…LOL…I guess I missed that point too :-/

      2. d3so says:

        What about you Vance, are you a college graduate?

        1. Stuart I agree. A college degree will benefit you even if you want to start your own business.

          I think education is necessary even if you want to have your own business. You will find many examples of this.

      3. Bidet says:

        I agree, it all depends on the situation, you should never just drop out of college unless you have a plan.

    2. d3so says:

      Yup, this is exactly what I’m doing.
      Also, you don’t have to go to a UNIVERSITY. you can always go to Community colleges and state.

      1. Exactly. I can’t tell you how many students I’ve worked with at the community college and have been very successful afterwards!

        What school you go to d3so?

        1. d3so says:

          I actually left community college and went on to nursing school which I finished this May.

          1. Nathan Lee says:

            Good for you d3so. But what if you can’t get a job at nursing or just hate your job. You have a Plan B if your college degree fail?

            Many people don’t. They think college as the only option to make a living and survive in this world.

            I’m surprise at how many people just want to take the safe path and gave up on any other opportunities and just watch them fly by. Sad.

          2. d3so,

            College yes, university no.

            I went to technical schools and community college.

            Education should only start with formal education at a college or university.. Then it should continue for life.

            Some people think that getting a degree is the end of education.

            This is why people without formal education tend to achieve a higher real life success. They keep on learning even if it’s mostly the practical side of things.

            So Nathan is partially right that university can be useless but I think that it depends on the person. Just getting through the courses is going to get you a degree if you do it well enough.

            Without taking more interest in it then that even getting a job may be a struggle.

            By the way I don’t get how the comments are published here. My comment was #4 and now it’s way down.

            Yet when I try to reply to your comment it doesn’t allow me to do it right under it but at the bottom.

            If it worked consistently that way I’d still be at #4.

          3. d3so says:

            lol yeah the comment system is weird.

            In terms of college/university, it does depend on the person and what type of education their pursuing.

            I see education as a lifelong venture. Everyday we learn something new even though we don’t realize it.

          4. I don’t understand this “Education should only start with formal education at a college or university.. Then it should continue for life.”

            Education starts with life – how did you learn to speak, read, write, draw? You were being educated from the moment you were born…..

          5. Bidet says:

            Good job, nursing school is a great idea to do especially if you like helping people.

    3. Nathan Lee says:

      You’re right. I wouldn’t drop out if I’m half way. It’s too far to turn around. But can you really juggle both way?

      You can’t do both. At least I can’t.

      Imagine if Bill Gates juggle both way. He wouldn’t be able to become the top richest man in the world.

      He saw an opportunity and jump at it without regrets. A true leader.

      Imagine if Lady Gaga didn’t drop out of college to go perform. She’d be like the rest of her classmates learning music theory and paying tuition fees. And when she graduate, her time is over.

      I hope you can understand what I’m talking about. But please, if you’re half way and the degree is within reach, don’t drop out.

  3. Germany Drop says:

    Interesting article. But I don’t really agree that one should quit college or uni if they are not in the good uni. For me education is compulsory to build a solid foundation for whatever you want to do in the future. Dont forget your uni mates may end up being your biz partner one day.

    1. its more if they don’t have a secure and long term set up online that is making them enough money to live and invest off of, then college should still be considered if that is the place they are curretly in…

    2. d3so says:

      University end up being the Big business owners while the drop outs run donut shops.

      1. Nigel Chua says:

        Actually, not entirely true – most of my grad friends are very well trained to be employees, not entrepreneurs. Most hold jobs, complain about pay but don’t wish to upgrade.

      2. Nathan Lee says:

        Say that to Bill Gates and the Google Boys. And that FaceBook guy too.

        When you see a good opportunity, you need to get there fast because your friend might think of the same thing in a few minutes.

        1. d3so says:

          They’re only a few people. I’m speaking in General.

          1. Best not to offer opinions in general. You do not have to be a university graduate to succeed but what does “succeed” mean? Is it only about making heaps of money or does it include other things like being a good parent or even an employer?

      3. Bidet says:

        I agree its always good to have a good background in order to succeed in the business, most people who dropped out, dropped out of grad school but still had an undergraduate degree.

    3. Hi Germany,

      I agree with you. You can have many ‘social’ benefits by having a degree. I think it builds a solid foundation for your future. This foundation is not just in monetary terms, but in many spheres of life.

      Ask John, I think he will agree with us on this. John himself said he moved to Vancouver because of the great schools there (I know the matter is about colleges here, but school will suffice here). You can bet John would want to have his daughters go to the finest university/college for their further education, even if they start their own businesses.

      1. Nathan Lee says:

        I would definitely send my kids to college so they can experience it first hand, but if all else fail with college and a college degree there needs to be a Plan B.

        Believe it or not. Many people go to college and doesn’t have a Plan B. When they graduated and can’t get a job, they get depressed at home and take drug.

        College is your Plan A. So, what’s your Plan B. You have one?

    4. Nathan Lee says:

      I also go to college because it’s all paid for, but I only take the classes that I’m interested in. General classes. Let the people who wants to labor all their life at a 9 to 5 job take it.

  4. Really great post Nathan,

    Yo0u are absolutely right.

    Starting a business is a good idea and if you start now you get a competitive edge because the earlier you start, the better.

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

    1. d3so says:

      He’s not absolutely right. He’s 50% @ best.

      1. I’m with you on this. Just because people like Bill Gates and few others achieved an outstanding success without staying at a university it doesn’t mean that is the right path for everybody.

        If anything, Bill and the other drop outs still needed people who have finished their studies to work on the projects that made the tycoons money.

        Just imagine everybody in the world dropping out and starting to sell ebooks online.

        Nobody even those with menial jobs should be put down. All professions are needed.

          1. That’s great Nathan,

            I realize that a post can’t include all your thoughts on the subject.

            But it can seem that you are strongly advising that people act according to your views expressed there.

            While it is the way you want to go it’s good to try to see things through the eyes of others too.

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          The title say why it’s a good idea to drop out of college. It didn’t say everyone should drop out of college and start a business.

          I wanted to tell people that they have an option to achieve a better education and have a better life without college.

          So they won’t end up like this guy:

  5. Although I agree with most of your points, having a college degree does provide you with some options that you would not otherwise have depending on your field.

  6. d3so says:

    I wouldn’t advise anyone to drop out of college to run a business. Fact is that most people don’t have the proper mindset of an entrepreneur. Most people have the mentality to get a good education and work hard.
    They don’t know how to work smart.
    Not everyone will be successful in running a business, I can guarantee more than half will crash and burn due to the economy here in America.
    It’s advisable to stay in college even if you’re an entrepreneur because you need a Plan B.

    Basically, it’s up to the person on what their goals in life are. You can’t afford to be reckless and give up your education on a venture that isn’t sure success. Otherwise, you’ll end up working in McDonald’s instead of Wal-Mart 😉

    1. Nigel Chua says:

      Can’t agree with you more. You are so right – it’s a mindset matter more than anything, as well as determination and drive, which many people lack. Working smart is a good word – in business, we have to collaborate and work in teams: it’s a team event.

      And a person who is entrepreneurial, can run businesses no matter where they are: in school or out of school – they’ll capitalise no matter where they are.

      1. Nathan Lee says:

        You have further explained my point. Thank you. And geographically, I’m talking about the United States only. I know nothing about other countries and dare not judge.

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      “You can’t afford to be reckless and give up your education on a venture that isn’t sure success.”

      And this is why rich people should respect and not hate. They took a chance that’s not guarantee, but nothing in life is guarantee.

      “Fact is that most people don’t have the proper mindset of an entrepreneur.”

      Yes, but since a college degree is not guarantee, maybe you can apply for a job at the bank.

      Plan B is not the college degree. The college degree is plan A. But from the look of it, plan A have failed more than 90% of all college graduates in recent years. You’ll need that plan B. Plan B can be your own business, getting ready to get a job at the bank or Costco (I heard Costco have great benefits).

      My question is, if you are going to work at Costco and get pay the same price with or without a college degree, why get a college degree?

      Unless you for sure know you can get a job with your degree. Nurses and Doctor will always find job. But do you have the passion.

      Like I said, it’s just money and we’re living in the United States. You can make money anywhere.

      I make nearly $500 two weeks ago because my friends brother restaurant have a party and got no one else to work. He asked my friend and I to work.

      That’s why I believe you can make money anywhere as long as you know people. Connect is important in life.

      And the best connects might not be from college. How do you think those 18-19 years old is going to help you succeed.

      1. d3so says:

        “Basically, it’s up to the person on what their goals in life are.”


        I don’t feel like ranting anymore.

      1. You’ve mentioned above that not all businesses succeed.

        That was put very mildly. The fact is that only 5 per cent of them survive long term.

  7. Hi,

    I would agree and disagree at the same time.

    Everyone on society expects you to have decent education but I think education serves the purpose of self-development, and is not just so that you can get a job and fulfill people’s expectations.

    Believe me, I too did not understand the concept of a ‘degree’. To me, it seemed useless and I wanted to start a business.

    But I got my college degree and started a business, I think this is better than having no degree.

    Like everything, there are also exceptions in this whole debate.


    1. d3so says:

      True, there’s no point in starting a business you don’t know how to run one.

      1. Nathan Lee says:

        Good point, and of course you’re right. If you start a business without doing any research or talking to people who have done the same, you’re just being stupid.

        A Pho restaurant for example, might employ a manager who have been trained how to run a business and manage.

        This is called using leverage (or people) like John Chow and many others have mentioned.

        If Bill Gates decided to go to business school before starting Microsoft, we’re probably toasted because technology will suck.

        The only real question is, how do you leverage all those people? It depends on the situation, but I believe anyone can figure it out without college.

        The greatest education is from:
        -The internet (or Books, but the internet is more up to date.)
        -People (Talk to people that have been there and done that, they’ll love to help)
        -Personal Experience (Going out of college you’re just Book smart. A street smart guy will knock you in the head.)

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      yes, but what’s your major. Business?

  8. Sean Supplee says:

    A degree is never going to hurt you to have. It gives people a better impression of you as well. If your doing this Internet Marketing thing right then you should have plenty of time to go back to school and get a degree along with spending plenty of time with your family. 2-4 hours a day working online is my max and some days ill double it up or just skip one with very little negative effect.

    Get a degree if its something you want to do you have time and theres nothing wrong with it.

  9. Bwello says:

    I have a few online businesses including this one (Bwello) but as much as I love what I do, I’m still going to go to college, why? Because it’s a backup.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      You’re wrong, Bwello. You should go to college, but your college education is not a backup. Instead, your business is a backup of your college degree.

      If you can’t find a job in your profession or don’t make a lot, it’s something to fall back on.

      Two totally different way of thinking.

  10. Casey says:

    You’re preaching for people to drop out of college and start a business, yet you don’t even have the experience of doing that?
    I’m going to write a guest post, “Why It’s a Good Idea to Stay in College and Start a Successful Business”.
    College isn’t just about the education, it’s about the experience, the people you meet could really help you in the long run too.

    Oh, and if your business fails (which could put you in more debt than a college tuition), good luck trying to find a real job without any college education.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      I actually make $21.75 as a Pharmacy technicians at Kaiser (secure job, better than a lot of people with a degree). I usually just write in the Pharmacy when it’s not busy.

      I’m running 4 online retail websites:
      stylizedwatches dot com/
      elegancecharm dot com/
      rc-access dot com/
      authenticgadgets dot com/

      I have two blogs that I’m passionate about. I recommend affiliated products and only make a piece of dust compare to John, but mines up less than half a year (before I know how to create a website I used EzineArticles and others to help promote affiliated products including Google Adsense):
      networkmarketinglearningtools dot com
      modernseduction dot com

      I make nearly $5,000 per months from all my websites and affiliated links plus together. I’m 21 years old now and started doing this since I was 19.

      I wish someone would have told me this kind of opportunity sooner because I was really depressed during the first year at college. Most of my friends were too and some started smoking.

      That’s just me though, maybe I have a bad experience. And I would like to read your article. But before you write your article please watch this video:

      He’s the real guy who got be thinking of a better path 2 years ago before I even heard of John Chow.

      If you have children, make sure you tell them that there are other ways or more than one ways. It’s just money, there’s lots of way to get it. And it’s all about money here. If the education you have can’t make you good money than let it go.

      1. Adam says:

        Haha. $21.75. That is probably the most anyone without years of experience can make w/o a college degree at a normal job. That being said, I make $34/hr 1 year out of college in a bad economy.

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          Really? For how long and what’s your profession? And what year was that? Also, what class rank did you graduate at?

          I’m assuming it’s a government job?

        2. Nathan Lee says:

          That being said, my ex-girlfriend, a few years older than me, graduated as a nurse.

          She was making over $30/h, but quit the first years because it was too stressful and unfulfilled. I mean, helping sick people in the hospital, I can understand.

          She later took a job at a hotel, I think she got promoted now, but the pay should be lower than being a nurse at the hospital.

          Just because you’re making a lot of money and is rich, doesn’t mean you’re happy. Rich people cries too.

          I’m all about money and time freedom. Hopefully in a few years I can have location freedom too.

          I believe only investing and online ventures can give you time, money, and location freedom. If you can think of another one, please let me know.

      2. I agree I made $20 an hour as an intern last summer and I was 18. To brag about $22 an hour is nothing special, college degree will get you much farther in life and a website is something easily doable in college as I am running both a profitable online business while still getting my degree. College is the key and I hope no one takes this literally and decides to drop out.

      3. Nigel Chua says:

        Yah Nathan, I’m very influenced by Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki, and it is because of him that I’ve ventured out from not only being an employee, but now to start my own businesses. I’m in healthcare too (I’m a therapist by training).

        You are right, there is not only one way to make money. There is many ways, and the more I learn, the more I truly earn.

        Good job on hitting 5K per month online! I’m trying to build up more online too, but I seem to be more offline than online. =p

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          Thank you for the kind comment. I guess with me, it’s get rich or die trying. -Rapper 50 Cents.

          A job can’t make you rich, no matter how high you go. Bill Gates get pay $500,000 per year as CEO of Microsoft, but his 8% holding earn him 150mil per year.

          Rich Dad Poor Dad state that you can’t get rich by working for someone else. You need your own business.

          I guess most people here are the poor dad type. They want to play it safe. And they’ll regret it later.

          And it really depends on who you are. Some people are just followers and nothing but. You offer them to be a leader, they’ll freak.

          I don’t want to work from 9 to 5 for 5 days per week. I rather have less money (even if I just make $1,000 per month) but more time freedom.

          Time is the most valuable asset and people are just so willing to trade it as if they have no other choice, but they do. We’re living in America, the land of opportunity.

          1. $1,000 a month will make it near impossible for you to continue to live in the U.S.

            Also “you can’t get rich by working for someone else. You need your own business.

            Ignorant statement, bet the many millionaires working for other people around the world are laughing right now.

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      “College isn’t just about the education, it’s about the experience, the people you meet could really help you in the long run too.”

      What experience? Buying expensive textbooks that you barely use in class? Taking general classes on subjects that isn’t needed for your major.

      I wanted to learn about music, but the adviser told me to take writing and math. I told her no. I wanted to say Hell No! It seems like they want you to take these class for your money. Don’t you think so?

      And I think I’m an alright writer, tell me the truth of what you think.

      Meet people?: I’m telling you from my experience that people in college are not ready. I met much better people at small business meet-up.

      I thought I’d make a lot of friends in college, but it turns out I always just hang out with my friends from high school or earlier.

      again this is my experience, hope to see your amazing article soon.

      And by all mean, I’m not telling anyone to drop out of college who doesn’t have anything better to do. Drop Out and sitting at home? No, don’t do that.

      1. You obviously didn’t venture out in college if you were still hanging out with the same friends.

        I have had the best time in my life in college, met the most amazing people, and building myself for successful career.

        Don’t try to grow up too fast, start-ups fail and a pharmacy job gets boring especially for only $20 an hour.

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          Yes, an entrepreneur will usually fail about 2 to 3 times before he can succeed.

          I think $20.75/h is a lot for a 21 years old. I’d keep the job and work full time if I’m not doing business. I was lucky to get this job and hope to stay for a few more years as long as they let me work part time.

          A cop only make about $25/h I think.

          I’m sure you make a lot of money and still are. Can you tell everyone what’s your job. I’m just curious to know.

          And I’m still in college because everything is paid for, but I’m not planning on getting a degree. I’m just taking the classes I want. I’m very happy doing that.

          People have told me the friends you met during high school are your friends for life. They’re right. At college you’re too business learning to make friends. I usually just sit in the class listen than go home.

          I can’t imagine making friends in college easy unless you’re majoring in films. I took a class and have to make a film with a group. It was fun, but we don’t talk much now.

          1. I’ve heard the friends you make in college are your friends for life. Why wouldn’t you get a degree, plenty of classes offered in college surprised you can’t find a major???

          2. Nathan Lee says:

            I found a major I like, I just won’t go all the way to get a degree because some of the class required for that degree are just rubbish. A college way of scamming for your money.

            I learned a lot about music theory. All I want to do is compose music. I’ve composed some song and now starting my own record label.

            I’m recording my vocal now, but I’m singing in Vietnamese and Chinese. The USA market is too though for an Asian guy like me.

            I don’t need a degree for that.

            And I admit that college have helped me a lot because without those professor I wouldn’t have composed those songs and know so much about theory.

            I know that I will be more successful in music than most of my classmates, because all they do is learn about music and gear towards a degree.

            Example, lady Gaga left college after she obtain the necessary knowledge and perform public and gain connections.

            Those connections from major label were not obtained from college.

            The truth is, many people just learn and not take action.

            To answer your question, I’ve found a major and I’ve learn all I need from it and now I’m putting the knowledge I learn into good use, which is to make money.

            Adviser wants me to take writing and math. I can write, right? Not the best but got people to understand me.

            Math? I don’t need think I’ll use more than addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

            You can’t learn everything, so just learn what you need to succeed.

    3. Shaun Carter says:

      You’re right on about the experience. My first year in college is something I couldn’t put a price tag on. I grew so much as a person, I wouldn’t give it back for anything.

      1. Great development process for many kids.

  11. Doug says:

    How DARE you let this ‘guest post’ be put on this website. You will ruin hundreds of lives with this bullshit post and sadly they will think you are doing them a favor.

    While everyone in the Internet world might not need a college degree, that doesn’t mean everyone can make it in the Internet world.

    Bad form John. . .bad form.

    1. Adam says:

      Agree. This is pretty ignorant from a young kid with little life experience. His opinion is far too radical and it shows that he lacks life experience.
      For the most part, this is a terrible article, because it offers no evidence other than a 21 year old who doesn’t like college who likes to believe that his $60,000 per year earnings from websites is amazing.

      1. Nathan Lee says:

        Other than websites I also invest using Scott Trade.

        If your college education is paid for and you think you can get a job after graduation and compete with everyone else, go ahead. I can’t do that because it’s too hard to compete for the same position and many people probably need it more than me.

        At least I have a secure job at Kaiser that I hope to quit soon.

        And I make less than the $60,000 per year now, but thanks anyway.

        And a college is not the backup. You need to have other plans, investing, business, finding another job unrelated to your college degree if you can’t find a job based on your education after graduation.

        College have been the future for too long and it’s hard to change your mindset about it. I understand.

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      Making a living on the internet? Where did I tell people to make a living online. I simply said to start a business and when I said that everyone say start a business online.

      It’s fine to go to college, but remember to backup your college degree with something else.

      Some people just go to college and that’s it. They graduate, bought a car, can’t find a job for their profession, and so on.

      A college degree is not guarantee anymore and you’ll need backup, lots of it. Anyone disagree and want to tell me just go to college and you’ll have a better life?

      100 years ago, I’d agree with you. Now everyone can have a college degree.

      Doug, maybe you can be good and start a business of your own and hire these poor kid after they graduate. It’s all in a good heart.

  12. Shaun Carter says:

    This is a very interesting post. I actually left the workforce at 23 with only one year of college under my belt to go back and finish my degree. The cost is irrelevant to me as my primary reason for going back is because of my very strong interest in the fields of Economics and Finance. I will be launching a career in a field that I know I will enjoy. I don’t plan to retire as I’ll be doing what I love… economic and financial analysis.

    My internet businesses are very passive in nature and I can operate them in conjunction with a career using my college degree.

    The bottom line is you only get one life to live… do what you love and make the most of it whether that leads to college, self employment or something entirely different!

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      Good one, thank you for the reply.

  13. I think it’s a good idea to go to college, as long as you’re learning something you wouldn’t mind working at. It’s good to get the basics and at least a little education. Some people make tons of cash online but most people don’t. Anyways, you still have time to work on your blogs when you’re at school.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      It doesn’t have to be an online business. You can learn more about investing and anything else you can think of.

      I’m just telling people to have backup plans if their college degree fail.

      People kept on saying that they’ll get a college degree as a backup, but they’re wrong.

      A college degree is not the backup, your other ideas of making money is.

      If you’re in college now, think of another way to make money if you can’t find a job for your major after graduation.

      Have a backup plan because from the look of it your college degree will fail. Think about it, if people with a college degree and years of experience is being laid off, why would any company hire a new graduates like yourself.

  14. Shaun Carter says:

    I’m going to assume that Nathan has never been a manager at Wal-Mart… well I have been a salaried manager there and the experience left much to be desired. The money was great, but the life and stress wasn’t worth it. A college degree can and will open many more avenues for careers, networking and life experiences that those without a degree will never experience.

    1. I’m sure Nate hasn’t worked much himself.

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      I’m sure you’re above 50 years old and have worked a low end job most of your life. Do you have a college degree. And after you got that college degree what job are you working at now? Just curious.

      1. Actually I am 19 right now just run my website for good side money and its what interest me. Pursuing my college degree to work on Wall Street one day.

        So no not 50 complete opposite from what you thought.

        1. LOL…i’m busting up at the 50 years old comment…

          1. Haha me too, someone is getting angry above.

        2. Nathan Lee says:

          Great, I checked your blog and you got some really good stuff. I subscribed because I want to learn more about investing.

          I guess with what you’re doing you do need a degree. Working on Wall Street requires one.

          And it really depends on what you want to do to.

          And investing is good. I use Scott Trade to. Rich Dad Poor Dad suggest the “Investor and Business Owner” quadrants are the ones to concentrate on.

          Most people just wants to concentrate on the “Employee” quadrants.

          1. Great thanks for signing up, sorry for some of harsh criticism earlier. Hope you the best just for many American’s I don’t feel this is the best route as many don’t have the drive or capabilities to be successful as entrepreneur. Good luck though.

      2. Shaun Carter says:

        I am 25 and also pursuing a Wall Street career by finishing my Bachelors degree in Econ and Finance. However, I also have 7 years of retail and restaurant management experience, some with a Fortune 500 company.

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          I wish you the best, but do you have a backup plan if you can’t get on Wall Street. Always have at least two to 3 possible backup plans behind your goal.

          1. Interned there past two summers so sure I will make it on Wall Street.

  15. Adam says:

    This article is full of ignorance. Getting a degree has a lot more to it then just getting a paycheck. When you force yourself to be in an intellectual environment it tends to enhance the imagination and basic skills related to success in life.
    It is very hard to be a good writer or a good problem solver without some forced education in english and mathematics.
    It is possible to be successful without formal education, but the numbers don’t lie. The far majority of successful people in the world have a bachelors degree or higher.
    To say that taking 4-5 years and $50,000 is a waste, you are in the far minority. Ask every college graduate at the age of 65 and ask them if college was a good investment for them personally. I think you would find that you are completely wrong.

    1. Completely agree, this writer is giving some very bad advice. Hope no one takes him seriously.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I agree that this is poor advice. It’s really not an “either or” situation. Why not get a degree AND go the entrepreneurial route at the same time. It’s all about time leverage, something you learn in college.

        1. d3so says:

          True, here in America most teens don’t take high school seriously, I didn’t 😉
          you think I’d be able to run a successful business without further educating myself????
          I DONT THINK SO!

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      “Ask every college graduate at the age of 65 and ask them if college was a good investment for them personally.”

      Yes, 65 years old. If this was 40 years ago I would kill to go to college. But now a days I would consider a different route.

      I mean, if you have nothing better going on for you than please go to college if you have the money and think you’ll get a job after graduation.

      Do understand that after the first year not finding a job, probably no one else will hire you again. Why?

      Because next year more students will graduate. Also, you’ll forget a lot of stuff after the first year of not using the knowledge. I believe an employer would think this way.

      I’m not telling everyone without a goal to just drop out right now and get the heck out of college. I meant this to be something to think about.

      Usually at unpopular college you’ll need to be in the top 10 class rank to finds a job. My cousin graduated 10 years ago and got a job paying him $150,000 per year in California, but he hardly have time to visit families and friends.

      Dropping out of college with a scholarship and hang around at home doing nothing is stupid.

      Like I said, motivated people will succeed no matter what. The not so motivated one, I have nothing to say.

      I make good amount at Kaiser in my opinion and probably will never get a raise, but I only do that part time. That’s why I have the time to go on here and ramble with you guys and hang out with friends.

      John is right about time and money, not time or money. I’m trying to balance both. There’s not many ways to obtain financial freedom:
      -internet ventures (once set up everything is on autopilot).

      Can you think of anything else.

      If it’s an offline business I’d go to college first in most cases.

  16. Do both at the same time, worst decision ever would be to leave college imo. Too many people fail in starting a business and with no degree as a backup whats the other alternative. College is more than just learning its a maturing process where you network and realize what you want to do.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      The other alternative is getting a job and work from 9 to 5 and than take action again. Still better than not having a job after graduation.

      Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uML1VtY-jWI


    2. Nathan Lee says:


      I always read stories like this.

      Somehow when someone get a degree they rather be homeless than work at McDonald or a restaurant.

      They are weak. If I’m close to homeless I’ll run to an Asian market and ask for a job months before my money run out. I’ll beg for a job if I have to.

      This is true for my friends as well. He is an economic and finance major. Got both degree, but can’t find job.

      I got him a job at my other friend’s brother restaurant, but he said no. That job can make you $1000 to $2,000 per month easily working just the weekends and parties.

      I asked him, “why not, because you got a college degree?”


      Some people think to highly of themselves because they have a degree, but they’re just weak.

      10% to 20% of homeless in America have a degree. Some even master degree. Where’s the friend and where’s the connection from college.

      Just my opinion.

  17. Great advice. Drop out of college and peddle colon cleanser or how to make money blogging to financially challenged people.

    Tell that to people who made millions from Microsoft and Google or other companies or from Wall Street.

    Education is a guaranteed income, provided it is in a field that will remain demanding.

    I wonder which doctor the author will visit when he is sick. A business person or somebody who has a medical degree.

    This kind of generalized article does not make any sense and I know I am even wasting my time commenting here.

    1. Haha great point, John you need to have better control over what gets posted on your website.

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      “I wonder which doctor the author will visit when he is sick. A business person or somebody who has a medical degree.”

      This is just stupid. Why would you go to a business person if you’re sick? LMAO.

      I didn’t tell you to drop out of college if you’re going to want to become a doctor. Doctor never get laid off. They just have no life.

  18. SnowBall says:

    I love this post. It’s all so true, and although I am a college student, I completely agree. But the question is, does every person who drops out of college to pursue their own business a good business owner? Most people out there, have no chance in succeeding at being their own boss, let alone managing and running a business. Loads of them fail, that’s why it’s good to have a back up. I think a bachelors means nothing these days, that’s why you need to go for a masters to make up for it.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      I agree that not most people will succeed and business is definitely not for everyone.

      That’s why our teachers always condition us to get a job. The world have way more followers than leader.

      Back up with a college master degree is a good idea, but understand that is 6-7 years of school and grad school is hard to get in.

      I also don’t recommend students to jump into college right away. Most 17 and 18 years old students fail at college. I say go back to college when you’re ready. At the age of 30 or something.

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      Why do so many people think that a college degree is a backup? Think of it this way.

      A college degree is Plan A, but recently Plan A have been failing so you need a Plan B.

      Plan B can be getting ready to get a job unrelated to your major, start a business, etc.

      But you’ll need a Plan B and Plan B shouldn’t be giving up in life and staying at home.

  19. dab says:

    I also don’t recommend students to jump into college right away. Most 17 and 18 years old students fail at college. I say go back to college when you’re ready. At the age of 30 or something.

  20. PPC Ian says:

    I have to disagree with this post. Having graduated Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science, I have gone from marketing associate to Director in only 5 years. My education has been my springboard for acquiring stock in three private companies, two of which have had liquidity events. Without a degree, leading companies will not hire you. Here’s my take: Why not go to college AND build a business at the same time? That way, you have options when you graduate. You can either go the entrepreneurial route or the corporate route (or BOTH like myself).

    1. d3so says:

      Genius Ian, just GENIUS!

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      Not many people are from an elite college like yourself. You’re lucky. Standford is a top school. Of course you can find job. But I bet you got that job many years ago. 10 years ago? Is that a fair estimate?

      But I bet you have sacrifice a lot to get their. Working anywhere from 40 to 60 hours per week.

      1. PPC Ian is right. Nathan is right only as far as he is concerned. He sees things, at least at present, only his way and any other way is patiently stupid to him.

        I think that any opinion should be qualified. Nothing holds true on this subject for everybody.

        People who are happy to work at their profession and who have no desire to have their own business are OK.

        No need to put them down.

        If everybody was an entrepreneur they’d all be a one person operation.

        It is mutually beneficial for there to be both entrepreneurs or businessmen and those who just want a job or a profession.

        Nathan, you keep mentioning a backup. All the while assuming that a college graduate can’t find a job. That is a very negative attitude to start with and would almost guarantee that kind of a result.

        An education is good on it’s own and getting it always worth it.

        1. Nathan Lee says:

          Dear Sir,

          People keep on putting a college degree and education together as if they are one.

          A college degree does not mean education.

          I have learned a lot about how to run and operate a business with correct strategies and found success.

          I’m a music composition major.

          An education can be obtained everywhere. Education is every form of learning and can be done everywhere, even at home on your computer browsing around.

          The only thing college give you is a certificate that prove to people you have learned the subject.

          If you want the certificate you have to go to college.

          1. I agree that education can be obtained outside of the formal channels of college and university. Absolutely.

            And even getting a certificate is only the beginning of a life long education.

        2. Nathan Lee says:

          If everybody was an entrepreneur they’d all be a one person operation.

          Not everybody will be an entrepreneur . You and I both know this. I’m wrote this article hoping that there is at least a couple of people who kind of want to start a business, but is being held back by their childhood conditioned belief to take action.

          If 10% of the people in the US can make a living by create a job for themselves, the US would be a better place.

          But that’s not the case. People just grab and job, get laid of and rely on the government. This is not something I want to do. Not at all.

          I will try not to apply for unemployment even if I get laid of by Kaiser. This is because I got backup.

          To work at Kaiser requires a certificate, so that’s kind of like a college degree I guess.

          I just got the certificate for free because Kaiser sponsored me. Basically, you work there for a year and have to take a test. That’s it. If you fail the test you get fire I think.

          Beat taking class for 4 years or more.

  21. If everyone in the world ditched education we would be in quite an awful state.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      No one is ditching education. Education is in your everyday life.

      Education does not equal college.

      “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”. -Rohn, Jim

    2. Bidet says:

      Yes I agree, the world requires people with degrees to work for all these big companies that only hire people with degrees.

  22. Maureen Vail says:

    I think that it is a horrible idea to quit college and start a business. While it is true that most colleges are very expensive, there are public universities or community colleges that are more affordable. You can take your prerequisites at a local college and then transfer somewhere else once you have decided on a major. An education is not just there for you to find a job, it is to learn how to think, how to expand your horizons, so to speak.

    Going to college will not guarantee that you find a career, but starting a business that will still be open in a year is hardly a guarantee, either.

    1. d3so says:

      I agree.
      Leaving college to start a business is playing roulette with a loaded gun.

      1. Nathan Lee says:

        You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to start a business. I started a music business and after buying all the equipments everything is free. Music comes from my creative mind.

        If you’re business fail, just grab a job at Costco or a restaurant. Relax and rebuilt. You will fail about 3 times before you have enough experience to succeed. This kind of experience is nowhere to be found in college. Only real life education/experience can teach you these loop hole.

        What I can guarantee you is about 90% of the graduates at non-elite college won’t find job. Or they’ll find a job that they don’t like.

        Think about it. If everyone thinks like you, just go to college, get a degree and work for a great company. Than there wouldn’t be any great company to work for.

        FaceBook is a billion dollar company and it only have about 1400 employees.

        I hope some guy majoring in computer at a local non-elite college can land a job there and make over $100,000 per year.

        Costco have 147,000 employees. I heard they are trying to add positions.

        And that’s why business owner, most even without a college degree needs to be respected and loved. They gave us jobs. I work for Kaiser for 2 years now so I know what a job is and what it meant.

        But jobs won’t be there if everyone starts looking for a job. d3so, I truly wish you luck at your nursing job because it’s a though career.

        And if you ever feel like it’s not for you and you want to go another route. There are many other path that are cleared just for you. Or you can clear your own path and give someone a job to support his/her family one day.

        1. That’s some of the worst advice I’ve ever heard.

          First of all, you’re saying that its easy to get a “good job” without a college degree, but then telling people to get a minimum wage job at Costco.
          You can go to college and get a business degree, which teaches you some of the most effective techniques for starting a business, as well as how to do all the paperwork. Then, you’ll have a degree and can get a better paying job if your first business venture doesn’t work. For most risky jobs, experts recommend having a backup plan (i.e. a degree).
          Not everyone can start their own business either, or else they would have no one to work for them.
          “What I can guarantee you is about 90% of the graduates at non-elite college won’t find job. Or they’ll find a job that they don’t like.”
          I completely don’t agree with that. Most colleges offer an employment rate of over 90%. And how do you know they don’t like what they’re doing? Please point me towards some statistics that back up your claims.

    2. Nathan Lee says:

      “An education is not just there for you to find a job, it is to learn how to think, how to expand your horizons, so to speak.”

      People kept on confusing college and education.

      Education does not necessary equal college. College does not own education.

      And I totally agree with you: “An education is not just there for you to find a job, it is to learn how to think, how to expand your horizons, so to speak.”

      An education is a must to be successful, but an education doesn’t mean going to college. That’s formal education.

      “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” Rohn, Jim

      My teacher in music theory class told me when I came in late one day, “if you keep on coming late like this no one would hire you.”

      I said, “why can’t I be the business owner that give people jobs”.

      He was shocked.

  23. PPC Ian says:

    One thing is for sure! This post created a huge amount of controversy and comments, which is a good thing.

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        And half of them are from the author of the post… lol

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      LOL. I was taught not take middle ground. You rather go extreme one end or another.

      Guess I succeeded. But really, that is how I feel about college and business.

      If everyone keep on looking for a job, than there won’t be any job.

      Before the industrial revolution everyone have a business to provide for his/her family.

      Since the industrial revolution, everyone got a job because of great benefits such as pension (pension is no more) and now not many even know what a business is.

  24. You are right about that Ian. It took an age to get down here to write this comment. Getting educated includes an awful lot, including what we have learned here about people’s opinions and what they have done in their acquisition of an education. It is a terrible cliche (sorry I don’t have an acute accent on this keyboard) but “we learn something new every day” hopefully right to the end.

  25. J says:

    Everyone can not start and/or maintain a business. This is good advice to only a select few. A degree is very valid in this society especially when it takes two or more non degree jobs just to make ends meet.

    1. Nathan Lee says:

      “it takes two or more non degree jobs just to make ends meet.”

      This is only true when you don’t know how to live below your means.

      Many people above what they have, especially those with a college degree. They think they got it good and than one day they got laid of and their house now belong to the bank.

      We make way more than people in China, but worked way less. How come they are able to survive?

      And don’t give me the cost of living here is more bullsh**.

      Like I said, with a college degree you can only afford to survive, but most people here in America want to live it out with every cents they got and a bunch of credit card debt.

  26. John Zehr says:

    If your definition of success is to get a degree, get a job in corporate America, and work 8-5, (or if you’re going into medicine) a degree is obligatory. If you want to be an entrepreneur, college can suck the life out of you. The liberal, humanistic pap that’s espoused in most universities is deadening to the spirit. It is antithetical to self-reliance, resourcefulness, and the system that made America great, capitalism.

  27. Krystle says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I’m also in college right now (and for a health science degree at that), but I started working a month ago because I need the extra money. I found a good job, one that I’m really passionate about, and the payout is good as well. And now I’m slowly starting to realize that I may not need to study anymore. I earn a lot more than what most people with degrees earn, and so what do I need the degree for?

  28. fas says:

    There is no replacement for knowledge.

  29. JulieRoshan says:

    I agree and for that reason I did not waste my time to obtain a degree. I did not want loans sitting on top of my head. And too I am a little inpatient. I didn’t want to take classes that took me further away from what I really wanted to do. Depending on what you want to do in life such as to become a doctor or something else that really requires an education I say to each it’s own and go for it (college). But college is not for everybody. I have been blessed to be able to work in a career that has paid the bills for years (note: pay the bills) also doing what I enjoy and that’s helping people, but I have also been studying on my own time to become an author. To make a long story short. I am now 32 years old and have published my own book under my own Incorporation and I plan to grow my business in time. It is true that people are struggling these days to make ends meet but we have to start learning how to invest in ourselves, but first we have to learn who we are as an individual and explore our passion, so we can turn what we love to do into our lifestyle. It’s never to late to follow our dreams.

  30. ibnujusup says:

    i prefer start your own business…. degree is just an added advantage

  31. While the costs of a degree do get higher, you are giving yourself an advantage in the business field if you have one. Many people disagree with me, but if I was hiring another programmer for my business and both had the exact same knowledge, I would hire the one that go the degree. It shows that the person has initiative and wants to succeed. There are many business owners out there that think if you didn’t finish school, then you were a quitter. I don’t believe this, but many do. I just started a business while in college that ended up paying for all 4 years. You get the the experience and the degree!

  32. Bidet says:

    You don’t have to drop out of college to start your business, you can do both and then if you business succeeds you can drop out. College is a great resource for making connections and getting to know people.

  33. True… college is not for everyone. That’s why not everyone goes. Do some people go that probably shouldn’t? Yes of course. But college is not just about the education and the high price tag. Its a transitional point in your life when you learn how to grow up and fend for yourself. Now, I don’t want to apply my experience to everyone’s lives, as this post does, but college was one of the best experiences of my life. I got a history degree (which you can use for much more than teaching, btw), I met some of the smartest professors who got me great connections in the industry, I developed a marketable skill set, I learned how to create a resume, I had another four years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and I met the people who will be some of my very best friends for the rest of my life. The college I chose, although it was a private school, also offered excellent scholarship opportunities, which was part of the reason I chose it. For me, there were more advantages with going to college.
    As far as a public school or community college, my degree at a private university is much more valuable in the business world. You don’t necessarily have to go to an Ivy League school to get name recognition. Plus, graduates of my school are more likely to hire people like me, and my school has quite a few prestigious graduates.
    So, I definitely do not agree with your opinion as far as it pertains to me.

  34. lawrenceq says:

    I agree with the post to a degree. I’m currently using my GI Bill to complete a bachelor degree. I’m doing it for personal reasons. I have a good job, but would like to do my own thing in the future. I’m down to my last 30 credit hours and hope to finish up within the next year and a half.

    College is not for everyone. I can understand why it is not always wise to complete a degree in a subject you really don’t like, just because you were always told to do so. I also undertand the ROI may not always add up. I see far to many people complete a degree in a major that is completely bullshit, and working in a field unrelated to their degree. The funny thing is a lot of them have a passion towards a certain subject, but major in something totally different because their parents tell them to. “You won’t make any money if you major in that, do this.” I feel like that is the worst thing a parent can tell their child.

  35. Daniel says:

    This is BS and a very short-sided view of a) college and b) the learning process. First off, college is about more than classes. It’s about growing up. Learning to live without parental supervision. Learning to make smart choices. And for lack of a better term “Finding yourself.”

    That leads me to point b. When you’re learning in college, you’re not just learning facts that need to be regurgitated. That’s high school. You’re actually learning how to think methodically. Most people don’t have that type of reasoning skill going into college.

    Also, starting a business is not for everyone. It takes a ridiculous amount of hard work and dedication. Obviously, not everyone has that.

    If you think you’re going to be starting a business in your lifetime, it’s still worthwhile to go to college, if only to help you solidify a network that can help you later on in life/business.

    1. Thanks for being another voice of reason Daniel!

  36. Chris says:

    I never started university, and am starting my own business (hopefully) right from having just left school. Going to make a bit of money online first to cover startup costs hopefully. 🙂

  37. I am very like about your statement, but if we can do a business and than we still continue our study in a university, i think it will be better to face our problem correctly. But your article is very i good,, i like it.

  38. Like this like –

    On second thought, you don’t need a degree in literature to become a best selling author.

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