Why Not Take Your Blog To The Top? It’s A Choice!

When I started blogging, I had a feeling that some people were just destined to be pro bloggers and make $10k monthly.

As a result of this mindset that I had, I stopped writing for my blog.

I even stopped guest blogging because it’s a waste of time. I thought I’d never make it to the top.

But as time goes by, new insights began to envelope my mind again. Now I know that growing a blog is a choice, not a predestined affair.

As they say, when life hands you a lemon, turn it into millions. The responsibility to grow your blog is YOURS, not your readers. Of course, you can’t succeed all by yourself, but you’ll need to set the pace and LEAD by example.

Decide today

In August 2012, I made a decision to grow my blog’s audience. I challenged myself to increase my daily visitors to 1000+ and I started working towards it.

No one is destined to succeed as a blogger or fail per se, but when you decide to proffer a specific solution to those who needs it, life itself would reward you abundantly.

There is a force that’s being released each time you decide to do something remarkable.

Remarkable might mean going to a live conference offline, where you can meet face-to-face with industry experts and build rapports quickly. This can be priceless. If you doubt it, attend one yourself.

I made a decision to write at least 1000+ words article every single day. No, I don’t have to publish or proofread every day, but to get the first draft out of my head. What decisions have you made this year?

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Everyone actually makes a decision

Wow, this is incredible but it’s true.

Don’t be ignorant of the fact that everyone is actually making a decision, whether it’s right or wrong direction. In reality, when you keep silence and refuse to do nothing, you’ve succeeded in taking a step.

If your blog design is ugly, it’s the decision you made. Yes, you made it wholeheartedly and to change that, all you’ve to do is take another decision. Period!

No, you don’t need to pray or ask someone to think for you – it’s your responsibility as a blogger.

You don’t lack ideas at all

You don't need ideas

Listen to me; you don’t need another magic pill to build a successful blog.

Yes, new products and services are going to be packaged by experts, which I recommend you try if you’ve the time and money. But at your disposal right now, you already have what it takes to succeed online.

How many blog posts did you read last month?

How many free e-books and special reports did you download? What about searches you made in Google recently and the results you got? Did you ever implement the knowledge you got to grow your blog?

Take baby steps today

Here’s the caveat, if you’re the type that read and read, without taking action, you’ve already signed the document of failure. Avoid that, learn how to succeed online, get an education about online marketing.

Information overload is one of the reasons why beginners, intermediates and even experts struggle to earn a living online. Don’t be like those people who get distracted online by fancy banners and links.

Make a decision to grow your blog and start working on it. To get you started, it’s vital that you start collecting email leads legitimately. Don’t start tomorrow, but now.

In other words, give your prospect VALUE (e-book, video, e-course et al) in exchange for his or her email address. Get serious with email marketing and you’ll never regret this SINGLE decision in the future.

I ask you again; why not take your blog to the top? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment below. Thanks for reading!

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27 thoughts on “Why Not Take Your Blog To The Top? It’s A Choice!”

  1. A great inspirational article, definitely moving forward can sometimes be laborious and time consuming and then those little voices of self doubt try to discourage you even more but the difference between success and failure is when you persevere through these hurdles and take action. Its not about how many times you fall down its how many times you get up!

    1. Aha, it’s how many times you get up that truly counts. Awesome contribution and I’m grateful to you.

  2. Troy Vayanos says:

    I’m committed to taking my blog to the top in my niche. It’s a day to day commitment and requires me to stay focused on my goals.

    Information overload can be killer but I try to ignore and stay on my own path and where I want to go.

    1. Growing a blogs to a point where it supports you both socially and financially is a decision We all must make. It’s not going to be easy or smooth. But like you rightly said, staying on the path and having a vision of where you want to go WILL surely help.

      Thank you for making out time to read and comment. You’re Awesome Troy!

  3. Kingged says:

    As usual… very good piece, Michael. I agree with all the points raised, especially this “Make a decision to grow your blog and start working on it”. Many people don’t make that decision, even though that’s what they want. They say it everyday, but they don’t do anything about it. They keep putting it off and working on dozens of other projects.

    Since you asked for my thoughts on this, I have a few things to add, 🙂 :

    I have to say one of the reasons why MOST of us can’t take our blogs to the next level is because we have too many things on our plate. Most Internet marketers are doing just too many things at the same time. If it’s not too many niches, it’s too many blogs in different niches, or even too many other online money making opportunities… all at the same time.

    Focusing on just one or a few blogs in just one or a few niches, in my candid opinion, is one of the best ways to succeed. Take John Chow himself as an example, his major focus is this JohnChow.com blog. We all know him because of this blog. He has been focusing all or most of his time and focus and, of course, resources on this blog for MANY years now. It’s no wonder it makes him so much money every month.

    Remember the YEARS that Google blacklisted this JohnChow.com blog? Did he fail? Did he quit? Did he go all over the Internet screaming “the sky is falling” because of that? Of course not. Because this was his major project, he kept at it and got even MORE traffic from outside sources beyond Google, and continued making his huge monthly earnings. All because of his focus on just this blog.

    So, again, focus on just one blog in just one niche or just few blogs in similar niches, and working it every day until it succeeds (it MUST succeed, eventually), will take ANY blog to the top, 🙂

    As usual, this awesome post has been shared and kingged on the Internet Marketing social networking and voting site – Kingged.com with similar comment:


    1. I’m grateful to you for this valuable comment. Thanks for sharing and supporting us.

  4. Jethro Sas says:

    Actually, I am thinking of starting a list and I faithfully reading almost all your posts. I wonder if I should start transferring to wordpress and begin investing in my own web hosting and domain name. I enjoy reading your blog, Mr. John Chow. Keep it up!

  5. Norm says:

    Michael you are so right here, why not.

    I think the key is setting a goal…just as you decided in August of 2012 of what you want to achieve. Committing to yourself and doing it.

    Good read

  6. Hi Micheal,
    You are absolutely right when you write “give your prospect VALUE (e-book, video, e-course, et al) in exchange for his or her email address” people want things for free, it is one of the easiest and best marketing tricks in all industries.

    Example: My friend sells cars and sometimes he offers a free wallet if you come and test drive any car with him. 10-20 cheap purses latter is always 1 or 2 cars sold.

  7. Uche says:

    Information overload…that the major killer there. I am always like “let me just finish this latest course then i will start”…and then after that another course comes out and it all goes round and round.

    Thanks for clarifying that aspect very well

  8. Memento says:

    Good job! And thank you for very inspiring article!

  9. Monty says:

    This blog is truly an inspiration to take action. I’m doing that more now as of today. I thank you for this content & your inspiration.

  10. Caleb says:

    Collecting leads is definitely the best decision anyone trying to make money online could make even if you do not see an immediate return of investment because somewhere down the line those subscribers will begin to trust what you have to say as long as you provide the value you mentioned. Even if they open your emails yet do not buy anything you still have a priceless asset. At the very least you could eventually sell solo ads if nothing else.

    There are many marketers under the radar making far more money than some of the so-called gurus simply because they have a responsive list. Think about it but do not think too long 😉

    1. I’ve to agree with you 100%. If worse comes to worse, you could sell solo ads to your list and still profit from them. I like the idea Caleb.

  11. Keshav Yadav says:

    truly an inspirational article! hats off to you man!

  12. faisal says:

    It’s about taking the first step, then moving ahead.

  13. Louis says:

    If I may add my advice, here’s my suggestion for those who are just started blogging:

    1. Fill up your blog with content. You can compose your own articles or get them from from a guest blogging community like MyBlogGuest.com. It’s free but you better have some good articles on your blog before offering it to host guest articles.
    2. Build links. You can do this using social bookmarking sites or commenting on other blogs. Pick the blogs you want to comment on because your link will be your reference. Which would you prefer, an honest guy, or a con-man referring you? For social bookmarking you can use socialmarker.com (free) or IMAutomator.com (membership @ low price). You can also write a guest article for someone else’s blog.

    Do they work? Yes, they do!

  14. Edson Hale says:

    A brilliant and motivation post that encouraged a lot to those who have yet to taste the flavor of blogging success. Reading 1000-word post daily is really an uphill task especially if you want your each post goes viral or at least you aim to do so.

  15. Never thought about it quite like that, but yes, it is a choice, not a chance of luck or guesswork, but a choice.

    Thanks again for making that clear.

  16. I. C. Daniel says:

    Taking a blog to the TOP is not easy as you speak. Need more than motivation and hard work.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  17. I always enjoy your posts, Mike. I really wish there was a way my budget would stretch to hire you for a post or two as my blog would look great with your signature all over it!
    I find that most people’s worst enemy is worrying about what ‘Joe Bloggs’ is doing (pun intended – it’s a UK thing). If he’s making $2,000 a month on his blog and they’re only making $1,000 on a better looking blog, they become despondent and give up!
    Never worry about what someone else is doing. Let it motivate and inspire you but don’t let it beat you just because they’re doing ‘better’.

  18. Lid Time says:

    Hello Michael, First of all I would like to say Thanks for you tips! I have a blog and writing an articles everyday (over 3 months) but I don have any changes to the top. And I try to use you guide and let you know what’s happened in the month.

  19. Russell says:

    Best read of the day. I love this, I have been running getaguru.com for years but have only just started to realize that I am the only one who decides how much income my site makes. It was a clicks and mortar site for years and very successful but I so much prefer the clicks than the mortar. it took me a long time to find a niche but at last I am rolling along. Best wishes and I look fwd to reading more.

  20. Riza says:

    Very preachy, but a good one, so that’s a compliment, Michael. 🙂

    What stood out the most in this article for me is this part: The responsibility to grow your blog is YOURS, not your readers.

    EXACTLY. You can neither expect things to happen, nor your readers going to take action if you’ve done nothing on your part.
    Nice piece, I must say. Read this first on the IM social networking site, Kingged.com where it has been shared. 🙂


  21. I think that this is a great motivator for would be bloggers. With all the negative information out there on making a blog, it is a nice refreshing standpoint. People say, blogs are too crowded, the internet is dead, etc etc. But like anything else, I believe that if there is a will, there is most certainly a way.

  22. Dimov says:

    What I’ve found is that after the Penguin, Google pay much more attention on user behaviour.No matter how many links you have and what quality are they, your blog will appear if people are typing it into the search bars.Google and also pay attention on the average time people spend on your blog, how many of them visit you again, how many social votes you have and how often you update your blog.That why buying traffic is a good strategy after the Penguin 😉

  23. Great post and you are so right! There comes a time for every hobby blogger when they are ready for to take their blog to the next level, when they want it to be more, to reach more people. When that times, you just have to make the decision to do it and then go for it. Waiting for the right moment, will never come. If your passion is blogging and sharing your message, then make that commitment to yourself to get it done.

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