Why Top Bloggers Use Macs

While the below video may not fully explain why the world’s top bloggers all use Mac, it does a very good job at showing what would happen had the Matrix been powered by Windows.

That does bring up a very interesting question. Why does the world’s top bloggers all use Macs? I’m not making this up either. While you can find many differences among A-List bloggers, one thing you’ll find in common is we are all Mac users.

I became a Mac user when I first got a Macbook Pro. My intention was to replace the Mac OS with Windows and being a thorn on the side of all the Mac fan boys. Instead, I decided to run OSX for a week to see what all the fuss was about. That was a big mistake. Instead of being a thorn to the fan boys, I became a fan boy. Who would have thought that possible?

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    1. Sohail says:

      MAC is hard to use for me. PC with a window is fine 🙂

      1. Macs FTW is more like it. 🙂

      2. Ryan McLean says:

        Mac is not actually that hard to use. It took me about a week to get used to mine and now I will never go back

        1. Kok Choon says:

          I agree, just another kind of system, get used to it then all fine…!

          I love this video, John, very funny…haha..

        2. I love my MacBook Air that I won, but I have a PC also and I only need to reboot it once a week and everything is fine.

          1. Why you need to reboot once a week?

      3. I don’t really find MACs hard to use.

    2. We lost another one to the dark side!

      I fear that once I finally get my hands on my own mac… I’ll be forced to convert as well.

      1. Mike Henry says:

        You might just be forced to wash your hands. Use antibacterial soap. 🙂

    3. I am a top blogger, but I dont use MAC :p

  1. eric tan says:

    That was a fun 5 minutes!!!

  2. BloggerTests says:

    Good video
    I’m planning the big switch in the next 3 months, but I’m having problem deciding b/t Mac Air and Mac Pro… I’m leaning toward the Pro

  3. Aldhis says:

    I always love your videos, John! And this Matrix thing… hahhaha…
    I’ve been a Mac fan since I able to buy one of their product (well, everybody know they charged higher price).
    And what I like most with Mac is all about design, it’s so human and elegant.

  4. MoneyBlog says:

    Im a PC. Windows fan for Life…. What would you do without the right click button ?

    1. Mike Henry says:

      Triple click while holding the apply key. muhaha.

    2. Joe says:

      Um…, hold the ctrl button and click.

  5. Tyler Ingram says:

    I have a few reasons why I am not on a mac: Cost, Gaming, Cost

    Though I don’t game as much as I used to so I guess it’s really just cost. Can’t afford the $1300+ for a Macbook.

    lol If I was given a Mac like you John I would use it. The Macbook is a good size and has a decent battery life. I also think it looks good. It would also let me do everything I want to do too: blogging, photoshop, illustrator (so web design/development) social network what else? lol

    Yes I know a PC can do all that too and at a cheaper price too.

    1. John Chow says:

      Why would a mac be bad for gaming? The Macbook Pro has a 256/512MB GeForce video card that can run virtually any games. If the game is Windows only, then boot into Windows and play it. 😛

      1. Albert says:

        The mac is just not a gaming machine

        1. Chad says:

          I agree, you can’t be a serious gamer and play on a mac. You need a fully pimped out PC.

          256/512MB GeForce video card? LOL. I’m guessing you don’t play much John.

          1. If you buy educational software for your kids, many of them require high end gaming systems to run. The problem with Macs are the lack of software available for them. Macs can dual boot into Windows (if you buy Windows) but if you spend all of your productive and leisure time running Windows apps, why not just use a Windows machine to begin with? You can buy more computer with less money.

          2. John Chow says:

            Not as much as I used to. I used to set up weekly LAN party games and haul our big ass desktop and game all night. Now a day, I find it more fun to network and create businesses.

          3. If I still played computer games, I’d need a PC just for that. Way too much memory is used.

    2. You can’t do ASP.NET web development on a Mac. It just wouldn’t make sense doing that through an emulator either on it.

      The great thing about Windows is that it runs on everything up to Cray supercomputers. If you want to see what OS X runs on, go to Best Buy.

      If your a software developer, you can create apps for 650 million PC’s or 22 million Macs. Which group would you like a 1% market share for your $40 app?

  6. Diana Rupert says:

    Mac are very good for people who want to have the best. But I like Windows too because of so many compatible applications.

  7. Alex Fraiser says:

    I’ve been a Mac user since September, and I have to say that was my best technology related decision ever. I enjoyed the video, it was pretty funny with the paper clip thing flying around.

  8. Kat Argonza says:

    Seriously, I did get a mac just in case I ever decide to save humanity from a virtual computer program that’s taken over our brains to harvest our bodies for electricity. No joke!

  9. Tris Hussey says:

    I made the switch yesterday. I bought a MacBookPro to replace my under-powered Vista laptop. It hasn’t been even 24 hrs and I’m very happy so far.

  10. video and art stuff is phenominal on a mac

  11. James Wilcox says:

    haha hilarious video. John you know of course that OSX is just a fancy schmancy GUI running on Linux right?

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s why I like it so much. 😀

    2. graftedlife says:

      Actually it is not running on Linux… it is running on Darwin which has more to do with UNIX, not Linux.

  12. Arfan says:

    hahaha damnn i cant stop laughing this was a good video

  13. Darryl says:

    LMAO! My wife and I thought the video was hilarious. As for Macs… My brother is a huge Mac fan especially since he is a graphic designer and uses it daily for work. I on the other hand prefer Linux, while my wife uses Windows.

    Ubuntu…I’m going to learn Ubuntu?

    What a great line.

  14. Mac are very smooth to run and they not hangs like windows

  15. Milo says:

    MACs are used by top bloggers because it has limited capacity, thus less distraction and more productive work. MAC is the most expensive typewriter in the world. err. most expensive paperweight.

    Softwares that rule and dominate the 1.1 billion computers in the world are programmed in PCs and thus more distraction for bloggers.

  16. I don’t see the huge point in the Mac verses PC debate.
    You make a huge amount with ridiculously bad coding that causes pages to load slowly and crappily with ads. There’s a good reason why you can afford a computer that cost 2x what a basic one costs.
    Personally, I like my PC tower and laptop. I have no problems with Vista and/or XP. I prefer the ease of upgrading as I get with Windows computers. I like the fact that I can spend a lot less for a simple program, simply because I have Windows, and get the same exact thing.

    1. Mike Henry says:

      I’ve had no problems with Vista. I upgraded from Home Premium to Ultimate and not a single issue.

    2. Wow. Can you feel the rage in the first paragraph? Dang.

  17. graftedlife says:

    Such a stupid video. Cannot imagine someone wasting so much time making one…

  18. Robert says:

    “Instead of being a throne to the fan boys”
    A throne? You wanted some Mac fanboy ass on your face?!? : )

  19. Whateverebay says:

    This is what I wanted to know. I actually asked this on another bloggers site. I have noticed my Pro Bloggers to use Mac’s. This makes sense. I need to make the time to get out and buy one!!

  20. graftedlife says:

    I can justify bloggers using Mac but one one phrase “Macs just work”. I am thinking of switching for a long time, but since the offline blogging software choice is very limited on Mac, I hesitate.

    1. graftedlife says:

      Sorry, I wanted to say:
      I can justify bloggers using Mac by one phrase “Macs just work”.

      1. Mike Henry says:

        If “Macs just work” there would be no need for the MaxFixIt Forums.

  21. well the reason they use Mac is due to the fact that is suppose to be better than any other kind of computer, but its your choice there.

  22. joe gelb says:

    stop making me laugh!…how does john chow come up with this stuff?…crazy

  23. Mega Champ says:

    I am PC Fanboy for Life, not that i think Mac are not worth it switching, but just seperate from XP 🙂

    1. my thoughts exactly ,,, PC’s rule!

  24. I switched to a Mac because it’s the only way to run Final Cut Pro but now I would never switch back. Windows is just so bulky and unwieldy. I even get annoyed now at my Winmobile based phone with it’s windows “quirks”.

  25. Mike Huang says:

    HAH! This is hilarious. I do remember when you first mentioned that you would format your Mac, but it’s cool that you didn’t. I know they’re extremely fast, but their price tag is high.


  26. Macs are the next stage in home computer evolution, you can already see the numbers of people that are using them increase at a rapid rate. The one good thing is that you buy the OS and all the hardware that had been developed by one company, that way you get no incompatibilities like you do with a Windows PC that could have been cobbled together with parts from as many as 30 different sources.

    I hope to be able to earn enough from blogging to eventually buy myself a MacBook.

  27. It’s cos bloggers are generally techy retards that are just interested in publishing text 😉 If there was an even simpler to use kiddy computer most top bloggers would probably use that instead.

  28. Ubuntu here. Open source all the way.

    1. BusinessX says:

      I had not heard of Ubuntu until this video. Looked it up, saw it was Linux based. I am a fan of UNIX from way back, the SCO days.

      Are the fan’s of Linux that few in the blogosphere?

      1. Nope, I go back to SCO-Unix (and quite a bit before that as well 🙂 ) and have very fond memories.

        For certain things it’s brilliant but for day to day use I just prefer Windows.

      2. Mike Henry says:

        Most bloggers aren’t tech people. Hence the Mac use. Macs have been and will always be geared toward the low-tech commons.

  29. LayupDrill says:

    I had this conversation with a friend of mine this past weekend. I’ve been on PC’s forever, and am in the market to buy a new laptop this holiday season. Some friends(Mac Users) have told me to take the jump and get a Mac, while my PC people are all pro the regular brands(HP/Dell/etc)

    Decisions, Decisions…

  30. blogytech says:

    Is there a Mac equivalent of Live Writer?

  31. BusinessX says:

    I like the Indian tech support from Connecticut. I agree with the idea of Mac’s and top bloggers, but it may be a status thing. PC laptops low-end are what $300-500 and refurbished MacBooks are $1,0000. Having a Mac Pro or Air is saying look, I have a couple G’s to carry around.

    Then again, these are our tools of the trade, at some point we all should want to upgrade to the best. Is Mac really the best? The only case for Windows is cost and compatibility, Mac has performance. Is it that much of a difference to justify a price difference over $500-$1500?

  32. Dax Desai says:

    I thought it was because you didn’t have to pay the “Apple Premium” like the rest of us since you get them free!

    I love Mac, but hardware to hardware it is much more expensive. For example if your budget is low like $500 you can get a decent PC laptop, but SOL when it comes to Mac.

  33. Petr S. says:

    I will stay with my PC 😉

  34. Sirko says:

    Very nice Video! Thats why I use Ubuntu. 🙂

  35. I am still getting used to working on a Mac 🙂

  36. Maybe I deserve a late pass on this, but I had never seen that video you posted until now and I thought that it was hilarious. Thanks for posting this, and I’ll definitely be sending the video link to my friends.

    About the topic though, I would really like to know WHY the top bloggers use Mac’s? Is it the ease-of-use of the interface, ease of creating graphics, and/or all around computing? I’m thinking about switching over, but I would really like to figure out where that extra money is going.

  37. fromtheold says:

    I think you have a point here. I only gone full time when i got my mac.

  38. John very interesting post btw i love this video 😀 . The best part is “you can send error report or not to send, but is there a difference?” .

    Best Regards

  39. Tom Howell says:

    John, I have switched a few years ago from a decade lineage of AMD PC’s with Windows, and was convinced by my Now cousin in law to get into Apple.

    I went to a user group, and saw how similar Apple was to Windows on the user interface end, and also saw how more efficient and stress free an Apple was. Three days later, my brother/business partner found me a returned mini 1.2Ghz for a steal, and called me. I told him to not come back without the mini.

    A few years later, I have given that old mini to my mother, who just threw out her piece of **** Dell computer. I currently have an iBook G4 and an iMac 24″ with 4gb of ram! Blows the doors off of any windows machine I have ever had.

    The workflow is easier, and with an additional monitor creating a dual monitor workstation, I have absolutely increased productivity.


  40. I have used PC’s for years and all sorts of Mac’s daily for the last two years. I still like the PC the best. I used software and really like freeware. There is just isn’t that many choices for a Mac. Of course, then everyone tells me I can use Parallels. I did and it sucks. Still a PC user.

  41. Önder says:

    mac mac mac. what is the magic of it?

  42. HAH! I just bought a macbook pro. Blogging is SO much more convenient now. I love it. I am truly a convert now. FANBOIZ FOR LIFE!!!

    1. LayupDrill says:

      what makes it more convenient?

      1. In which you feel comfortable that is more convenient

  43. Right, gotta love Windows and all the quirks that go with it.

  44. Coolbuster says:

    hi john.

    imah fan boy of both pc & mac. the pc in my home, the mac in my office, both used for blogging. i got the best of both worlds.

  45. Jovan says:

    lol nice video…..you going to ces 2009? I’m about to check it out this year

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, I will be there.

  46. per halsli says:

    People; the PC vs MAC is over!!! Mac won ’cause they can take every os there is. With spaces we have one desktop for each os. Simple!!!

    Greetings from Norway

  47. mac doesnt annoy with error messages like windows and never asks shall I debug this problem.

  48. wonder how long b4 the hackers start focusing on mac attacks

  49. I want to get a Macbook Air, but if I remember correctly, you said that the new one wasn’t worth buying?

  50. Interesting to know bloggers use Mac, i think maybethe features and looks are attractive

  51. donsanchez says:

    Macs are not hard to use, but my Windows laptop is also good

  52. shreedhara says:

    Still I’m not finding easy to use mac after an year.

  53. Mac is better in the long run, I recommend. You have less viruses and bugs attacking the system.

  54. Li Weng says:

    Is it not inconvenient to use Mac? A lot of applications and software are only compatible with windows. But I guess if you only use it for blogging then that’s fine.

  55. EnnisP says:

    It can’t be any more difficult to learn to use a Mac than it is to learn new versions of Windows. I am seriously considering moving to Mac.

  56. Casey Parker says:

    If any major technological advancements were being coded and processed on a Mac’s OS, then hackers would be writing attacks on the system. Mac has been spared due to lack of capacity and users. If there was a computer beauty contest, then Mac would win most certainly. Beauty only gets you so far though.

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