Why Video Is The Future of Blogging

In my post on adding video to boost your blog traffic and income, I said that video is the future of blogging. I was asked by a reader to explain why I felt this way. I can pin it down to the following six reasons.

Video Is More Interactive

Video is more interactive and can hold a person’s attention better than written words. Some things are very hard to describe without the aid of videos. Imagine trying to teach someone how to build a computer using words only. It’s pretty hard. However, it’s pretty simple to show how a computer is put together using a video.

Video allows the blogger to let his readers know him better. The written word cannot express what the blogger’s voice sounds like. It can’t show facial expressions. Most importantly, it cannot show the same level of passion the way a video can. Video help create a better bond between a blogger and his readers.

Mass High Speed Internet Usage

Most people have high speed Internet access. I personally don’t know anyone who is still on dial-up. High speed Internet has made it possible for large video files to be streamed onto the computer screen. Unless you’re behind China’s great firewall, you should be able to view most any video without any hiccups.

The Internet getting faster will mean ever improving video quality. Right now, the quality of YouTube videos are pretty bad. However, as the Internet speeds up and better compression systems are developed, we’ll be able to stream Hi-Def video content in the near future.

Rise of Mobile Devices

Does anyone actually read blogs from their iPhone? I’m sure it can be done but it’s not a fun experience. However, watching a video on an iPhone, or another mobile device, provides a much better user experience. With 3G just around the corner, you can expect video viewing on mobile devices to continue to rise.

As a money making blogger, you have to keep an eye on the market to see where it’s headed. The next Internet isn’t on the desktop. If you stay there, you’ll be left behind.

Low Cost of Entry

I already touched on this is my original post. It cost next to nothing to add videos to your blog. If you have a digital camera (and who doesn’t?), chances are you can add videos right now. You don’t need Adobe Premier or a Canon XL Hi-Def digital camcorder to produce great video content. Some of the best videos I’ve seen were produced using the inexpensive Flip Video camera.

Having said that, keep in mind that the future of video on the Net is Hi-Def. If you’re in the market for a new digital camcorder and have some money to spend, you should consider getting the HD model.

More and More Search Results Include Videos

Search engines like Google now have the power to spider video content and include them in the search engine results page. You’re going to be seeing more and more video results when you do searches. If you’re not doing videos, you could be losing out on a large number of searches.

People Are Lazy

People in general are lazy. They want everything done for them and don’t want to put forth any effort to do things themselves. If this was not the case, most of America would be bloody rich instead of barely scraping by.

It takes more effort to read than it does to watch a video. This is why TV news is bigger than the newspaper. Most people would rather sit on the lazyboy and watch the news instead of read about it. You want your blog to target a big a market as possible and the market for lazy people is huge! :mrgreen:

The Internet favors the early adopters and people who get in first. Video blogging on the Internet is still pretty much in its infancy. Technorati says there’s over 120,000 new blogs started every day. Most won’t have videos. Adding video to your blog is a great way to stand out from a very crowded blogsphere.

58 thoughts on “Why Video Is The Future of Blogging”

  1. Exactly. I enjoy watching videos on the web more than I enjoy reading articles. Plus, videos paint a better picture when trying to figure out how to do this or how to build that.

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      I actually prefer reading text over watching videos. I’m not really sure why I have this preference, but I do.

  2. 120,000 new blogs everyday??!!!! Well mine was just one of them, and I can see how it’s hard to get lost in the masses. My blog is focused on online marketing for musicians, so adding videos would make pretty good sense.

    Personally I prefer posts that have a little bit of reading to go along with a video, that’s just me, because I feel like I take things in better when I read them.

  3. Tom says:

    What’s up John??

    I took your advice and made my own page with video blogging as the prominent media! Maybe you could give me a shout out? It’s all because of you that I started the site! Thanks so much man!

  4. chessmaster says:

    Some good points,
    Thanks for the information supplied. I’ll observe and analyze how you make your video’s and might try it myself soon but it’s to much for me yet . 😀

  5. i was a little late in entering the blogging game, so i sorta missed the bus on that one, but i will surely adpot video blogging early to beat the rush!…videos are nice supplements to reinforce the ideas behind a good post, but i don’t think they should not be the meat and potatoes of a blog.

  6. AtlasRider says:

    I’m banking on this very idea. I document motorcycle trips and originally had done so through writing and photos alone. I’ve started to document them through videos while on the road and on the bike. It has generate more interest in my site, and hope it continues to do so.

  7. Yeah I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. Personally I’m not a fan of video on blogs because I prefer skimming and reading at my own pace, and videos take so much longer.

  8. buzzbishop says:

    Bang on John. I wrote about this in yesterday’s 24hrs newspaper.


    Next week I’ll be on Urban Rush showing off the new Creative Vado and The Flip, which will be launching in Canada in June.

  9. kellex says:

    Completely disagree. The future of blogging won’t change except the demand for new information which this blog is sorely lacking. Using video to spam about your children and boring trips on speedy trains is not the future.

  10. netforays says:

    I’m sorry, but I HATE video on blogs. 😈 Why?

    1) I read most everything using a feedreader. Video doesn’t work.
    2) As SL said, I prefer to skim quickly, slowing down only for what interests me. I can’t do this with video.
    3) Pretty much everyone talks too long with video and they take way to long to read.

  11. Noobpreneur says:


    Videos are great, but not a good way to solely go if you want to reach visitors from developing countries – those that Internet access costs are as expensive as gold – well, not really, but you catch my drift.


  12. VeRonda says:

    I think with everything there’s a balance. I think that’s what John was getting at in his previous blog. Multiple streams is always the way to go…

    1. NewSexy says:

      Yes, i agree with you… 😉

  13. Ronald Su says:

    I always wanted to try video. But can’t get a Flip here in Canada. Any other alternatives that are similar to the Flip?

    1. Doug says:

      Ron. I have an aiptek A-HD 720P High Definition Camcorder. It is $129 at most places maybe less. It is h264. Just type in aiptek.com and you can see their whole line up. They even have a cheap 1080p model now. The Flip gets pretty good reviews, but if you use a mac, the aiptek is a better way to go because the h264. The Flip is also not HD. The only downside I can report from the aiptek is the sound quality, but for the money it is hard to beat. I have a Sony HC1 HDV cam which is amazing, but I tend to gravitate to the aiptek. It is just handy for the everyday.

  14. Terry Tay says:

    You know John…A video would have been perfect for this post instead of making me read the whole thing 😈 😆
    I can’t wait until they make the YouTube videos better quality though instead of compressing it.

  15. There’s a niche for everything, lazy people included.

  16. I just won a Flip camera so the low cost of entry for me works out to exactly…zero.

  17. prophotolife says:

    Video has worked great for my blog, I post a new instructional photography video every Monday. Since they are all loaded on YouTube people also see them there and then refer to my website (I make sure the videos always refer back to my site). Videos can travel around the net pretty darn quickly, too, by being embedded in other sites. Most of them are just me demonstrating in front of a camera and have been simple to put together. It’s been a great addition but not a replacement for written posts, more a compliment.

  18. ElectroGeek says:

    I agree with the video tactic. It works well. I haven’t posted a video in a while but it does help create a personal touch and helps your readers get to know you which in turn creates loyalty. (If they like what they see)

  19. Gamer12 says:

    Yes! That is why YouTube is so successful. People like to see pics and video. Thus, only having text will be too boring for a blog

  20. Thiago Prado says:

    I wish I had the ability to produce good videos to publish on my blog. For sure video is the future of blogs because of the laziness of the humans. lol

  21. Vanessa says:

    Video is a nice addition to blogging. They’ll never take the place of words or text, but some of the examples in your article such as explaining “how to” with videos will be big. Also, Independent journalism and missions work are good examples. But truly I do not look forward to an onslaught of more of what is seen on You Tube. An enormous amount of it is retarded and offensive. But I agree visual/talk media via blogs is one of the next huge waves and opportunities with endless possibilities.

  22. A Dawn says:

    John said,”Another thing I recommend to maximize your video traffic is to always embed your blog URL into your videos. If the viewer likes the video, chances are he’ll want to know who made it and see any other videos you may have made. Putting your URL at the beginning or end is also good for branding purposes.”
    I just started adding video clips to my site. I want to add blog URL but I searched Google for one week and could not find anything regarding adding URL. Can anyone help me with this? How do I embed URL into my YouTube videos? Thanks. http://www.adawnjournal.com

  23. Bibokz says:

    Hmm… maybe. But, how could Search Engine knows the content of the video? I think you still need quality contents…

  24. I agree its the future but video has some problems. Most people can only down load 1 minute video due to lack of internet speed.

    My tip is make a video short and to the point and smile more.

    Regards, Greg

  25. Doug says:

    John I think you are both right and wrong. I think video is definitely the future and counter to the person that trashed some of your travel videos above, actually a blog is a great place for that type of video. You took me to the tallest hotel in the world for free. Thanks! It is hard to take someone to a place like that in a text blog post.

    With that said, I disagree in that some people enjoy reading and there are some bloggers that border on the profound when they are writing, but are horrible on video. There can be a performance handicap that can hinder people on camera. Also, despite the great technology, sometimes producing decent video is difficult and compelling video impossible. I think to be a great blog in the future, a blogger will need to be able to produce good video, text and photos, though if someone is great in one of those categories, they will of course do very well. Bottom line, video is important, but it will not take over completely.

  26. Another advantage of video is that it adds colour to your site in a similar but much more exciting way than a photograph or picture.

  27. mister muggles says:

    Video are good but …
    Can’t be search
    Can’t skip parts that you don’t like easily and just check rapidly if it’s interesting or not… you don’t have control over a video as much as text written on the screen.
    If English is not your first language, like me, you’ll have more difficulties with videos.
    If there is content on the video it’s ok, but just watching a head talk is not really interesting.

  28. I think after this popular post people will start moving towards Video Blogging , which will become common AGAIN!! 😀

  29. This money making blogger, you have to keep an eye on the market to see where it’s headed. The next Internet isn’t on the desktop. If you stay there. I think after this popular post people will start moving towards Video Blogging.

  30. Avi says:

    Why did you not just explain all of this in a video while wearing a clown outfit so we would focus more. COME ON MAN! You just said video was el future.

    Hey I am behind the great wall of North Korea right now… but I can still email. Cheers.

  31. Pradeep says:

    yes videos are really good to keep your reader sticked to your blog but dont know why some how i dont like the concept of video blogging

  32. As they say a picture is worth a million words…A video i even a greater enhancement of the picture with audio..

  33. sven says:

    personally I think this is utter BS. Videos will be part of the web, for sure, but most videos from bloggers are just plain annoying due to being able to just watch one at once, and it does not even save you time. It’s like you quit tv for some other crap on the internet. Videos add to diversity, but wont take over.

  34. Niklas says:

    Not so sure due to cost/performance.

    Are your extra efforts of making the clip reflected in the created value?

    And for the viewer – how does the viewer “fast forward” through the material? It’s not like scrolling down a page to get the “big picture” in a matter of seconds.

    Internet is also about speedy interaction – it’s harder for your readers to interact and give feedback on a video than a written post.

    Video has it’s place – when you want to see a performance, a place – but for plain news coverage – or blogging – it’s just dull.

    There is a reason why you wrote this post and didn’t make a video – use the very same reason in the future. Use video and moving graphics where it adds value.

  35. Apoorv says:

    Ya John, I completely agree with you, Video is really the next stage, Already we know biggies like youtube 😳

    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      But youtube isnt a blog? 😕

  36. make150aday says:

    I wouldn’t say that video is the future—
    It is actually happening at the present.
    So act fast–don’t wait longer.

  37. I’m not a fan of videos unless it is very high quality. Most videos have a lot of outside “noise” and are very amateurish. Also, you need to take download speed into consideration and as well as bandwidth. It is hard to skim a video and even harder to get Google to crawl it. The reason you see youtube videos starting to hit #1 on some terms is because youtube is owned by google and are just experimenting with it for now.

  38. Sha says:

    I bet 10+ years ago, many people didn’t think it would be at all possible to make a living online. Who knows what will happen with video blogging.

  39. arnimation says:

    100% behind you on this one. video blogging bandwagon is a stone throw away. i remember designing websites a while back – adding something that moves increases the appeal of a page especially if its human and if there’s some interaction. its the next step – video diaries. plus, technology is making it easier, faster and better.

  40. I couldn’t disagree more.. Video is just the fad of the moment, but it’s really not practical. A large majority of blog readers tune in from work.. While it’s easy to hide a browser in the background, it’s much harder to watch video without getting noticed.

    E-mail digests like Feedburner show text and pictures, but just leave a blank placeholder where the video is supposed to go. If I want to watch a blogger’s video, I have to click through to their website – Something I RARELY do.

    As for mobile browsing, it’s definitely not easy to read blogs on the go, but it’ll take FOREVER to stream a video.. Apple might delude themselves, believing that the millions of non-3G iPhone users will upgrade to the new 3G phones when they’re released, but that’s just not going to happen (especially if 3G service ends up costing more than the current data plan).. Sure, the early adopters will get one, but the vast majority of users won’t be able to justify the added costs for something that they’ve lived without for the past year.

  41. Jay says:

    Great points John. — the market for lazy people is huge!— 😆

  42. prophotolife says:

    As a professional photographer I can tell you this: fewer and fewer newspaper photographers are carrying still cameras. They’re all beginning to carry video cameras and any still images are plucked from the video. The printed page and still images are rapidly becoming a secondary use because everyone is clamoring for video for the websites. How they’re going to monetize it, they’re not sure, but video is what all of the major news media companies are investing in.

  43. Apoorv says:


    We are all lazy here 😎

    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      I am lazy too but I do read newspapers :mrgreen:

  44. I think that if you’re going to post a video, you should at least write a brief summary of what it’s about below it.
    I have seen some website that have been using only video for there posting, which has gained them lots of readers and popularity.

  45. Mayank Rocks says:

    I totally agree with you. Newspapers are neglected. Many of them say, I dont read newspapers, I just watch news on TV. PEople are getting lazy and lazy.

  46. Totally agree. Reader or visitor need more information, not only information but easily, modern and creative information format is very interesting.

  47. Eric Go says:

    Great point. But I had thought that being lazy is not me 😯

  48. Geiger says:

    I definitely think that it is the future, but until Search Engines can index the audio, it won’t be all that it could be.

  49. AJ says:

    the main reason is because people are lazy, and thats it. People would stare at a video than to think and read

  50. Vanessa says:

    Besides laziness, most people are followers not innovators. They’ll read John Chow and go do it. No plan, no thought–just follow. Load time alone could kill your traffic on a blog or website. No one wants to wait for a video to load. If they do, it better be worth it. If its not you’re in trouble.

    The anticipation to watch a video on a site has more to do with who the site owner is and the trust they have gained in their readership which takes time and work.

    What about bandwith cost to the owner of the site? If a video becomes really popular the cost could go through the roof couldn’t it?
    Maybe John could answer that question. Is bandwith something to be considered if you own your own site? On a hosted blog it may be advantageous but what is the cost for website owners who don’t have Google to pick up the cost?

  51. SiteBetter says:


    I will have to disagree with you to a point:

    Video is not necessarily more interactive. There are many other interactive devices (media) out there, such Flash and Web 2.0 applications. Video is hardly interactive. In your sense of the term, yes you can explain things on video better, better for the person doing the video.

    Video also takes a lot of time to edit out the bad parts. Have you seen some of these demonstrations on You Tube? They are long and boring. I still think text is still here to stay for blogging. It is so easy and primitive. You do not need any devices. You can print out text and you are ready to go.

    You are right about the high speed of internet connections, but technology really doesn’t change things. Out in Hollywood there are better and faster ways of making movies, yet there are less and less of them being made year after year.

    Video takes a long time to edit.

    You are also forgetting that a lot of people have “radio faces” and do not want to make a video of themselves. These people will still stick to blogging with text.

    You are right about Mobile devices, but do not forget about the advances in portable readers like Kindle and Sony’s thing (whatever that is called). This will play big role in how view communication on portable devices. It is much easier to scan.

    It’s true that more and more search results show videos but when it turns out that most of these videos are nonsense and of no use to anyone, less and less of them will be shown.

    All in all, technology is great and you have made excellent points, but I see text and the written message still dominating because it is our most basic form of communication on the air waves.

    Thanks for the great post!

    SiteBetter’s last blog post: Writing Articles

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