Why Working Online Beats The Hell Out Of Having a Job

JOB = Just Over Broke

Given my current situation now – having a full time job and part time working on making money online – I feel I am in need of expressing the benefits of working online as compared to having a full time job. Note that I am having such comparison based on actual incidences and every point that I am going through is indefinitely backed up by real occurrence and facts. I am thankful that I personally get to live the ‘best’ of both worlds. Why? Because I get to see both sides of the story personally and decide for myself which way I ought to take.

Yes, we are constantly told about the ‘benefits’ and ‘privileges’ of working online as compared to being employed. In a way it does, but how many of us actually get to personally experience it? Take note that what I am about to write is just not some typical ‘yeah’ of having an online job. It is also not to scare the hell out of you about the ‘devil’ that lurks within being employed. I believe each of us has a tale to tell and this is my part of the story.

Let me just start by telling you a bit about my background and how I got about being employed.

Considering my age at current, 22, I have never been ‘officially’ employed. Not until a year ago. It was year 2009 -June- I just got back from a 3 months tormenting experience of studying abroad. I came to know about making money online but figures out I would still need a ‘proper’ job to sustain myself until I am capable of turning full time online. Not because I was from a poor family background or some sort, but I was at an age where I should seek independence financially and mentally. Instead of going about preparing a resume and seeking for a job, I went about working under my father’s wing. I wasn’t the typical ‘little boss’ you think I would be, instead, I see myself like any other employees around. Having a very strict father and ‘boss’, I was burdened with much more pressure, more gossips and am constantly being treated from colleagues behind a mask.

I feel like I needed to really share this out. I didn’t decide to go about posting up onto my blog instead because it hasn’t reach towards an amount of decent traffic just yet. I needed people to read this not because it is something to brag about. Because I am determined to let the world know that success is in your own hands and responsibility to decide. If you think having a full time offline job sucks, taking orders from somebody else sucks, making others rich where else you are even barely able to sustain yourself financially sucks, where having to deal with ‘office politically’ issues that drains off your mind and body gradually sucks, then I urge you to take a stand, for yourself and your future.

Why I said that working online beats the total crap out of having a full time job a.k.a. ‘office servants’.

You Are Totally Tied Down and I Meant Completely

What if I say that you are no difference from a mindless zombie? What can we say about a zombie? Zombies are infested being that reacts on how a virus has ultimately ‘programmed’ it to be. You go about doing what typical zombie does. You feed, you kill and you spread your deadly virus all over the place. Nothing else! When you are being employed full time offline, you are being ruled by somewhat a higher ‘power’ a.k.a. the company’s policies, rules and regulations and ultimately your superior or boss. You do exactly what it says and you spread this ‘custom’ too. How? By believing in working under somebody, you will eventually be passing down or influencing this negative trait to your kids, your closest friends or family and people around you. You are tied down financially and basically your daily ‘activities’ too. You’ve develop a rigid routine that is in favour of others. Each month, you only receive what you have been told to. Never more but there’s a high chance of getting less.

Have you constantly been asking yourself just how great it would be if you could just decide on how much you make, how early you wake, how you don’t have to take orders and how you don’t have to work as thou you are being ruled by a superior force of which when neglected would see that you will be forcefully ‘judged’? Learning the ways of making money online will see that all this are fulfilled. Ask any of the successful blogger or internet marketers around and I can guarantee you that they would never for once ever think of going back to the sort of ‘zombie-like-life’ they used to.

Do You Like ‘Political’ Issues? I Certainly Don’t

Let me just quote an excerpt that my friend once said to me.

“Where there are people, there ought to be gossips”

Where there are gossips, there tend to form little ‘tribes’ of their own. Each having their own distinctive ‘beliefs’. I don’t know much about the current state of your company (if you are still holding onto a full time day job) but the one that I am working in certainly has many tribes of their own. Certainly, whether you like it or not, people tend to hold grudge. Some would be able to handle their personal emotions well but for those that don’t; they will eventually go about spreading a ‘jeopardizing’ illness. It is very sickening to even just witness it. Everyone wears a ‘mask’, hiding away their ‘true’ intention. In the end, there is eventually no one you could trust. Professionalism is no longer cultivated. Everyone just wants a piece of the ‘action’. I have seen many capable individuals call it quit because they succumb to such ‘activities’. It saddens me greatly.

When I work online, I do not have to deal with this sort of nonsense anymore. I get to practically work on what I like to do without being judged. I will be able to surround myself with similar individuals that have the same likes as me. This is sad to say but somehow, users online tend to be much more sincere in what they do and deliver as compared to real life individuals.

You Lose The Ability To Decide On What Works Best

As I have mentioned, you are constantly being overpowered by the ‘greater being’ in your company. You certainly would not have the freedom or luxury to make decisions. There is a force of which you must always obey. Even if it proofs that you are right or that your proposal seems much more fruitful for the company, if the upper heads don’t see it that way, if they think it sucks, then it certainly is ‘sucky’. And if they think its brilliant, you rejoiced and praised yourself, thinking just how dazzling you have been in pleasing your bosses. In the end, you lose the ability to decide despite what works best or not. All you are thinking about is finding ways to satisfy the upper head of the company. Somewhat like ‘worshipping’, I must say.

When you work online however, every action that you take will eventually decides on how much you will progress and prospect. You have certainly no one to please but yourself and you decide on what works best towards your beset intention. Not only will you be able to enhance your analytical skill to harness your own credibility, you even get put it to far greater use than to just impress your boss and gain nothing out from it. Of course your superior would be ever so please to see that you are working in favour of the company but what makes you think they would appreciate what you are doing? Instead, they believe it is ultimately your responsibility to do so. If you don’t, you are terminated. Never a lose to them, but there goes your morale and confidence.

Climbing The Step To Success The ‘Dire’ Way

Now, now I believe many would have cultivated the beliefs of climbing the cooperate steps take ‘real’ effort and determination. Is it effort and determination in the sense of working ability or pleasing the right person? What seems more realistic?

In my context, I have witness many employee working under my father climbing the cooperate steps the ‘easy’ way. As long as you are able to please the right person and work in their favour regardless of the consequences, I assure you that you will make it big in no time. It works but it sickens me. Where else the really hardworking and determined one continue staying bottom and working their a** off.

Somehow, I believe as the higher you get, the more blinded you become. Instead of understanding what is exactly going in the company, superiors tend to gather information through the mouth of their employees. What happen if they have heard it from the ‘wrong’ type of people? Yes, innocent people are penalized and the bad guys win.

There are no steps to climb when you work online. There is no such thing as admin internet marketer, a manager internet marketer, a supervisor internet marketer and other non-sensible status implemented in the process of making money online. You decide where you stand. The more you equip yourself with knowledge, the more you work and strive, the higher will your profits online. Climbing the steps of cooperate is no ‘easy’ task and I must say in one way or another, I am impress by how there ought to be people who care less about their own pride and dignity just so they could hide under the formidable cover of their superiors.

Where Do You See Yourself In Future To Come?

In another 10 years or so, where do you see yourself at? Do you have dreams? Do you have your own goals to achieve? Or would you rather continue spending the rest of your life working beneath someone?

In another 10 years to come, would you rather have the utmost income ability to do whatever you want and whenever you want? To lavish yourself with practically anything you desire? Do you not want to b e successful yourself? Do you not want to be ‘somebody’ too yourself? I know I want and I want it not in another 10 years to come, but 5. I know it will be possible because I know making money online will see that I get it. If you think that you would rather work till the age of 50, retire and enjoy life then, I must say you are no difference from any typical individual in majority the world has. No more than outstanding. No more than being just another person.

Live life to the fullest and make every moment counts whether if it is for a second. Be that person you have always dreamed to be and take life seriously. =)

What Do You Have To Say For Yourself Now?

It is my greatest wish for this article to serve as a LOUD ‘WAKE UP’ call for you. By no means am I trying to offend anyone with my personal definition of such subject. All I am saying is that:

You Are Responsible For Your Own Success – Not Anyone Else

I don’t mean to be harsh but this is the real world. If you still don’t take responsibility for your own success into your own hands, then the end results will not be what you are looking for.

Do you have a story to share or that you see things the other way around? I welcome every point of opinions and certainly am not afraid of contradicting ideas. As mentioned, we have out part of the story to share. I would really love to hear about what others have to say. =)

About the author: Febap Liew is the author and owner of Blogxic where she shares her ever igniting passion on everything she ought to know about the best ways to make money online today. Follow her on her blog, adding her on the RSS Feed or add her directly on twitter at @FebapLiew.

139 thoughts on “Why Working Online Beats The Hell Out Of Having a Job”

  1. Dino Vedo says:

    Hhahah. just over broke. Totally true, but someone has to work those jobs so I dont blame the ones that do, as long as its not me… 😉

    1. @Dino
      yes you are right, someone has to work those jobs eventually.. and if people tend to not, i bet there will be some sort of revolution coming…


      1. d3so says:

        That’s true people do need to work those jobs. Everyone has the potential to be successful but very few have the right mindset.

        1. Agreed. I think a lot of people can be successful online while holding a day job. It’s when that transition happens that you take your business to a new level.

        2. I definitely agree with you on this. All of us can be successful in whatever aspect, but we do have a different mindset and not all of us are action takers.

          Kind regards,


          1. Yin and Yang I presume. When there are people who love leading, they will be people who enjoys being led…

            I can’t agree more. I remember posting a question as such to a friend of mine. I asked:
            “what sort of future do you see yourself living in? Do you think it would be possible for you to be rich?”

            she answered “everyone dreams of becoming rich. Who doesn’t? but I couldn’t cos I am not meant to be.”

            However disappointed I am in hearing it, it is entirely up to her to judge for herself.
            As you mentioned Gary, people have different mindset and majority are indeed not action takers.

    2. I wouldn’t say my job has me at just over broke, but the potential of making what i can online is by far more advantageous…

        1. Lol indeed it truly is! 😀

      1. d3so says:

        I have a day job as well. I’m trying to break free from it by being successful online. I know I can do it because I believe I can 😉

        1. The power of believing is essentially very important .I know because I was able to achieve so by believing i could.

          keep up the effort d3so

        2. At some point, you’ll have to make a decision…

          but you have the right attitude to be successful.

      2. Lakhyajyoti says:

        I am planning to leave my job.

        1. Good one! If you have a plan that is 🙂

      3. Bidet says:

        Yes its much better and you are your own boss.

    3. Yeah I agree with Dino. I do not have anything against the ones doing these jobs, but I personally would prefer making a career online.

      The points you make are real and appealing.


      1. d3so says:

        Yup. Plus, some people don’t mind working for others. What matters is doing what you love.

        1. This is true…work for the man, or work for yourself…just love what you do.

    4. Hey I hear you..but the best thing is when you go through the hard times of being at a job you hate, you will learn to appreciate the finer things in life such as being independent marketer.

      Thanks Dino Vedo

      TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

      1. you are absolutely right on that trafficcoleman,
        just as how my post mentioned, if it weren’t for the fact that i was able to experience such ‘torment’ working offline with a full time job, i would not appreciate the opportunities I literally would get making money online.

        So to speak, i would not even be posting this guest post up. 😛

      2. This is true…you have to know what you hate to figure out what you love…

        1. Yeah that is absolutely true. It’s essential to know what you hate 🙂

    5. I agree that somebody has to do any job under the sun. It’s perfectly OK for anyone to have a job if they like it. And many people do.

      It should be avoided knocking anybody who does any job. I personally am grateful to anyone who helps to make the world run smoothly.

      Not everybody can be online. That said, for those who prefer to be entrepreneurs online or offline they should do it .

    6. Another view on the Just Over Broke acronym is…Jackass Of Boss. Of course that’s if you’re working for a real jerk as I’ve had the displeasure of doing over the years.

  2. Thank you John for posting up my guest post. Since I am the first commentator, I hope everyone would enjoy reading this..


    1. PPC Ian says:

      Looks like you were close but Dino Vedo beat you to first commentor. 🙂

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I really enjoyed reading your post! I think I’m one of the rare people who really enjoys working in the corporate world. My secret: I have pursued the corporate search engine marketing career path, a career path that has propelled me from entry level to Director at a large publicly traded company in just 5 short years. The real beauty in this career path: You get to do what you love (online marketing) while building equity in private companies that could go public or get bought out!
        All the best,

        1. @Ian
          yeah.. unfortunately, i didn’t know Dino topped me until comments are approved. o well 🙂

          thank you for your comments, Ian. I am glad that you have enjoyed reading.
          You get to integrate what you like doing with your career choice…

          I too am interested in taking a job as such within the search engines marketing line. Even thou I am highly interested in turning my current online job full time, i believe i will be able to improve at a greater pace if i were to involve myself when I work for it.

          No i am not up for the money or salary. I am more interested in learning every possibly way I can about internet marketing.

          I have come across many internet marketing consultant but unfortunately, they know really nothing instead of ‘selling’ their service. Too bad that came across me and I was expecting they would know better than just basic ads marketing, ppc, seo and such. =\

          cheers Ian,
          keep up the good work,aye

          1. PPC Ian says:

            You bring up awesome points! I completely agree with you. You are right that many small agencies out there are a lot of talk and hype. For those that are driven and really want to learn, I have found the mid to large sized direct advertiser to be the best type of company. Even better, a mid to large sized company with a large SEM team. I also know of folks who have done really well on the agency world at some of the larger names such as iProspect and LeadQual.

            That said, while I learned most of my PPC skills on the job, all of my SEO, blogging, and social media has been self taught via my side business. Even in the corporate world, a small side business is key for learning and extra cash flow!

            Once again, awesome post!
            All the best,

        2. d3so says:

          That’s nice Ian. Just as long as you have a job that you love to do. That’s what success is.

          1. Success is relative…you can be in a job you dislike, but you might have a fantastic family, hobbies, and personal life where blogging might be your definition of success.

          2. That is absolutely true 🙂

      2. Haha always a battle to be the first

        1. Yeah that seems to be common among commentators 😀

    2. Wow! How come Dino was the first commentator and not you?lol! Anyway, thanks for guest posting here, I really appreciate the story that you’ve just shared. Hope to hear more from you.

      Kind regards,


      1. Dropping the ball, that’s why 😀 lol!

    3. Lakhyajyoti says:

      This is the second post I read here written by you.I enjoyed both posts.Thanks for guest posting.

      1. I enjoyed it throughly as well. I hope he posts more often 🙂

        1. thanks guys =) i will do my best. I just started an internet business out from scratching to showcase my design and artwork.. and of course selling it in forms of postcard..

          so much juggling here and there to do right now

    4. Dino Vedo says:

      hehehhehee…. i sure am sneaky eh? gotta get that first spot you know!

      1. Haha Dino you always get the first spot 😛

  3. Rick Krenz says:

    This is one of the few post that I didn’t feel like finishing in a long time. I felt that it was something that is being preached over and over again. Quite frankly it is getting boring.

    1. @Rick,
      I appreciate your comment here. and quite true, i believe what I have written is inevitably not the first and subsequently will not be the last.

      However, I wrote this based on personal experience and if you would have noticed, i have put my emotions and stressed in every that are made unlike others that are just rambling on from just points taken directly from the internet.

      Nevertheless, there are many post out there I believe are always constantly repeating themselves but how many of them are truly ‘worth’ a read. and when I meant worth, i really meant based on real experiences? =/

      anyway,i thank you for your comments thou. =)
      I wished you could have just read it through thou. LOL

      have a nice day.

      1. No offense, but I agree with Rick. You might work on making your posts more organized, so that it doesn’t sound like you’re saying the same thing over and over again. You also might want to get a native English speaker to review your posts before you put them up. You use a lot of strange wording and phrasing. To be taken seriously in internet marketing its usually a good idea to be able to write an article which reads well.

        1. @Insurance Izzy
          i will that this advice into serious consideration.

          thank you

      2. Hey! I enjoyed your post. It’s a subject that I can’t get enough of. Everybody has their own take on this subject and I love reading every one. Profits beat wages and being self employed online beats working a 9-5

  4. Baker says:

    Good post. There are benefits to working online if indeed that fits the persons talents and lifestyle choice. I personally enjoy it because it give me more time freedom to do more of what I want to do, and less of what I don’t want to do. Good stuff here, keep up the good work!

    1. @Baker
      as human , it is only natural that we are more determined to do what we enjoy and ‘hate’ what we don’t. But how many of us actually had the courage of taking the leap and as mentioned, take action for your own success?

      freedom comes with a price and not many are willing to ‘sacrifice’ for. the ones that do ( that is why we don’t see many of them as compared to the majority wise ) succeed because they dare to jump out of their ‘comfort zone’.

      thank you for your comment,mate.

    2. Not everyone is made for online work…but if people are willing to stick with it…there definitely is money to be made…

      1. not everyone is made to dance and not everyone is cut out to sing .. =\
        but everyone has the opportunity to try and learn and believe if you can possibly do it, you surely will.. as how you speak, if people are willing to stick with it, there definitely is money to be made., =)

        no one is born a failure and no one is born knowing anything .we learn and progress as we move along.

        1. Right…people have the right to succeed as they do to fail…the difference is choice.

  5. I do agree with Rick that this topic has been preached a lot. Nonetheless worthy of repeating.

    1. @ wisdom teeth removal
      As human, we constantly needs to be ‘reminded’. motivation tends to rise and fall and these sort of ‘repetitive’ subject may be able to ‘remind’ you of the sort of success you personally ought to fight for yourself.

      thank you for commenting.

  6. Well, this summer I have off from work while we are on summer break and I can honestly say the amount I’ve been able to do online is astonishing…just not quite making what I make at my day job yet…

    1. @Online College Courses
      enjoy your summer break and keep up with the online effort ,aye.. =)


      1. Thanks Febap! I’m trying…I only have 1 more month before returning to the rat race…well, I actually enjoy what i do as I am a counselor at a college…

        But I also enjoy my online efforts 🙂

  7. Chris says:

    Thanks Febap,

    Great post.
    I love working online because you do get the opportunity to create your own destiny with the freedom to do it. After working in a corporate office like a hen in a chicken coop, the long hours lack of appreciation and carrying someone else’s stress to put money in their pocket made me decide to work online. My ‘office’ now for the past 3 years has been my outdoor entertaining area overlooking the swimming pool, where if I want a break at anytime I can take a walk to the river 5 mins away. I am healthier, happier and doing something I love. That in itself is the greatest reward that money can’t buy (but I do make a nice income as well!) My future goals are also much clearer now!

    1. @chris
      you are most certainly welcome 🙂 and i am glad that you have enjoyed reading.

      very very inspiring and motivating to hear about ,chris. This proofs essentially that having the courage to step forth to significantly mold your own destiny and future is important.

      True many may have doubts when they first start out finding ways of making money online but with the will to be persistence and not give up, literally anyone’s future goals are within a very reachable stretch.

  8. Successful “working online” requires a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Not all people have that. Those that do are blessed.

    Also, the freedom that has been mentioned by Baker above beats all other reasons.

    1. d3so says:

      You don’t need to be blessed with it. You just need to develop the right mind set and have the initiative and determination to reach goals.

      1. Lakhyajyoti says:

        Agreed.Absolutely right.

    2. Bidet says:

      I agree the best part of working online is that you are your own boss and you have so much freedom. You are not constrained to an office and can work from anywhere.

      1. I agreed with d3so.. its not about being blessed.. . its about taking responsibility and success matters into your own hands 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing here Febap. I definitely agree with you on this, working for ourselves is really the greatest feeling that we could feel, waking up whatever time that we want, and taking vacations whenever we want.

    That is the kind of life for having a successful business can give us.

    Kind regards,


    1. @Gary
      i am glad that you have enjoyed reading 🙂

      Ultimately, its about the freedom of having to be in total control of your every results.


  10. Noypi201 says:

    Is there someone here who already watched the “BEe Movie”? This movie is very related on this post. If all people will work online, how about the off line jobs? Who will work for these positions?

    1. @Noypi201
      that won’t happen because eventually not everyone will have the determination of working online.
      the one who does are exceptional and that always don’t comes as majority. 🙂

  11. The best thing for me is that when you leave your job / stop working, you don’t make any money. When you work online, you put a lot of initial effort into this and after a while your websites will provide true passive income, without you having to do any work. SY

    1. @Irish Garden Home
      🙂 it sounded like you have been through, done that and experienced it.. i am sure you are doing pretty well there yourself,aye.

      keep up the good work

      1. I am getting there, I am getting there! But I really look forward to the moment when most of my sites run on autopilot! SY

  12. Bidet says:

    The good thing about a job is that it provides stability and benefits. Its a secure place and you are guaranteed income from your job. Its good if you have a family. If you see that you are succeeding online you can then quit your day job but you should not do it too soon.

    1. @Bidet
      well yes indeed, unless you have commitments to make.. you shouldn’t just quit your job and only think of what to do next.

      plan wisely even if you are looking forward to making money online full time..


  13. I waiting desperately for the day that I can quit my job work fulltime online. I know it’s coming soon =)

  14. Hey John …

    I am missing one post in your blog “10 reasons why you are not making any money online”

  15. Boy this one is really long post, let me bookmark it for weekend.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing..LOL…it’s almost an ebook 🙂

      1. @Online College Courses
        ebook? o_O
        maybe i ought to start doing so.. 🙂

      2. Haha indeed it’s almost an ebook!

  16. Ok Febap

    We all as marketers have experience that thing in life that ran us into online marketers. The thing about it most of us have been fired or laid off from a job and hated it so much that we had to come to the conclusion that working isn’t for me.

    By saying that..my goal as a marketer is to not look in my rear view mirror, but just to focus on the road ahead of me.

    TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

    1. @TrafficColeman
      well i believe that would be the typical agenda but either way, situation as so may tend to steer up the mind’s of one individual..they will be more excited about what sort of future they seriously wanted to be in..

      even if isn’t for the fact they ought to take steps in trying to pursue a ‘career’ online, they may figure out other ways of making money instead of having to work as an employee…

      its all in life’s experience i presume.. 🙂 no matter how ‘similar’ life can possibly get for everyone, the road and decision taken will not be…

      🙂 cheers

  17. Dean Saliba says:

    I love working for myself because I can work when I want and I have nobody to answer to.

    1. @ Dean
      that is one advantages of having to work for yourself. 😉

    2. Yeah that is one of the best parts about working for yourself 🙂

    3. Kimberly says:

      Right, and plus if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life 🙂

  18. Kamal says:

    Online marketing is better than day job in many respects. The growth potential is almost exponential which is never a reality when you work under some one. Though it could take time, it is worth the effort.

    1. @kamal
      you are absolutely right..i have a friend.. she owns a physical boutique but business was terrible..
      you tried market them online .. some what like e-commerce..
      and now, she’s making a very very profitable living out from it..her potential clients are countless..

      you guessed it, she closed down her shop and enjoy her time working online 🙂

  19. I really want to work for myself, I am currently at University but not looking to get a job sitting beind a desk in an office. I want to create my own money and my own little internet empire, starting off with theBloggersway.

    1. Then pursue a job you like that you can do alone and not be tied down for the rest of your life.

    2. Bidet says:

      Thats a great goal, with dedicated work, you can pursue it and make your own empire.

      1. @Stuart
        then pursue it.. don’t just sit and think..
        do something about it and take solid action =)
        do not be afraid of the hardships.. life’s a lesson and you ought to take every one of it seriously..

        1. Nicely said Febap 🙂

  20. Being Self-Employed is a constant challenge if you are not prepared for it. This is why so many people have a full time day job. Many of them dream of the change to earn money online, but never know how to achieve it. While I have had successful online businesses working for myself, I never enjoyed the ups and downs of revenue that would come in. It can be hard if you are trying to support a family.

    1. @iMark Interactive
      it can be quite a challenge i believe when you have commitments ..
      how you ought to go about improving matters?
      as you said, you dislike he ups and downs of revenues but is there any way possible you could improve it?


      1. It’s always a challenge. Working by yourself is never easy 🙂

  21. I agree with 95% of what you say… I do not agree that the internet brings with it untold wealth for everyone who tries, sure most of us make a good living from it, however there are people who are unable to work on a computer all day and as such are forced to work in the J.O.B.

    I am a lucky person in the fact I live my life online, I am just starting out again in affiliate marketing and cpc marketing after a 3 year absense due to life issues – but the fact remains with the correct Positive mental atitude I will make it!



    1. @Learner Online Earner
      having a positive mental attitude is of utmost importance.. if you have sheer determination and believes that you will succeed, you are already a winner of your own.. the next step is to obtain it

  22. fas says:

    Awesome post, very insightful. Goes to show we need to work harder to go online.

    1. @Lante Phillips
      glad you have enjoyed reading it

  23. Julian says:


    do online activities also is a job

    if the job you meant is those like postmen, techicians, porters, etc

    then your success also caused by those people indirectly even if below 10%

    1. @julian..
      well it is a ‘job’.. but a job you will enjoy doing..
      i suppose if you enjoy having a full time 8-5 job, then there is absolutely no reason why you would quit..
      and it comes to the definition of ‘job’..something you love doing and profit from it?
      or something you must do to make money ?


  24. I honestly don’t think every workplace is that way, with gossiping people and grouping. There are definitely workplaces out there with negative traits that I wouldn’t want to work at. But others are much more laid back where people actually get along. While they may be few and far between, that’s one thing you should look for on the job search.

    1. Not every workplace but many of them are.

      1. there will ought to be a dark ‘side’ in every part of the working environment..

        1. Why should there be a dark side to every part of the working environment? You have only ever had one job working for Daddy, so how do you know?

          1. Even if you don’t wanna work online, you could start your own business. Then you’re just working with yourself. You can’t have a bad work environment then can you? 🙂

          2. @Timeshare Reviews
            I believe for every ups, there are downs. nothing is perfect and no one is instead of God himself.
            so i would rather be realistic about this and accept the fact that there is always a way of balance in nature for us.

            where there is good, there will be evil.

  25. TODHD says:

    It is all about having freedom and time to spend on the stuff that you enjoy doing

    1. Bidet says:

      Yes that is the best part of working online, the freedom it comes with.

      1. Indeed! Nothing beats the freedom working online provides you 🙂

  26. Frankly, I am amazed that one so young thinks she knows so much about life and work. The first thing you should do is go and find a job outside your father’s company even though you don’t play the “little boss”. You are taking everything too personally where you are working now and should get out before you become even more bitter.

    1. @Timeshare Reviews
      oh no, i have had not the slightest intention of saying that i know so much about life and work…i believe i have not seen the most of it yet..

      but i know in life what my goals and pursues are…. it doesn’t take one to walk through life of 50 years to finally realize..
      7 years from the age of 15 is enough for me to figure out what exactly i want..

      this is article i have written is not all about me .. i believe it relates to most people around here some way or another…
      as i said,
      “If you still don’t take responsibility for your own success into your own hands, then the end results will not be what you are looking for.”
      therefore, this article could serve as a wake up call or a “okay-and-continue-having-a-full-time-job”..

      maybe at times in life, you do have to take things a bit ‘personal’.. maybe that way, it may allow you to ‘sit down’ and really think of what you really want in life and how can make a change in not allowing so and so from ever happening to you..

      cheers have a nice day.

  27. Couldn’t agree more I hate full time jobs, working online is the way to go.

    1. @Stocks on Wall Street
      good for you!!

  28. Jason says:

    Awesome post Febap Liew! I really enjoyed reading it.

    Another thing I’d like to mention is that it’s also hard to hear people you know like family say that it’s not possible to make an online income.

    They say things like, I have to see it myself before I believe it. What they’re really saying is, they have to know somebody who’s doing it before they’ll believe it.

    Yep, you definitely have to have the right mentality.

    1. @Jason,
      i am glad that you have enjoyed reading ,jason.
      well yes, that can be very discouraging.

      i have a father like that too =(
      it can be very hard at times when your closest ‘relative’ doesn’t support but my life isn’t exactly about them..

      its entirely about myself and I shouldn’t be tarnished by their beliefs and ruin mine..

      having a right mentality. .. and stay strong in times of despair ! =)

    2. and should that mentality include the total contempt that the writer has shown us for everyone at her place of work?

      1. I believe it does include that 🙂

  29. Chris K. says:

    I was one of those persons. Worked my ass off in a cubicle for years without any recognition and could not move up because I was not kissing ass. I quite my job and now I am struggling to make ends meet but I am confident in myself and am putting my effort to online work. This is a great website and surely has inspired me. My own website is coming soon. Thanks John and everyone else to help me see the light!

    1. @chis,
      good for you chris..believing in yourself and confident of what you can do is of the utmost importance..
      i hate’ kissing’ asses too =P
      looking forward to your website and success!

  30. Working online full-time is just a fantasy now, but i’m hoping to make it a reality within the next year or so. Great article.

    1. @thebloggingrobot
      it shouldn’t be a fantasy.. i presume you meant a dream but a possibly realistic one.
      keep up the great work!
      i believe you would be able to do it, just like the rest who had!

  31. Well in a nutshell you summarized the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki point of view.
    It’s an excellent read and everybody should have a copy (I’m not an affiliate by the way :-).
    For me it’s was an eye opener and the catalyst that lead me to start investigating new ways of making money – online included.

    1. Read Kiyosaki properly and you will see that he says if he did it all again he would have a job working for a company first. The other important thing about Kiyosaki is that he does not condider those who do not earn their living online with contempt like the writer of this post.

  32. JOBIU says:

    I hate a job.

  33. I enjoyed reading your story a very good perspective

  34. I couldn’t agree more. This is exactly why I am trying to get out of my current job and start up my Accounting biz so I can work from home 🙂

  35. SnowBall says:

    Love the zombie analogy. People are zombies in a lot more ways than just employment too. Hmmm…

    1. Haha yeah! Putting it in Zombies terms is much better 😛

  36. I’m sorry but best thing about this article was the image..hilarious…

  37. speakers says:

    Did you forget to share a few of the downsides of working online? 🙂 There are a couple! It’s all about the trade-offs.

  38. Apart from the points you’ve made, another problem with working online is that you are constantly gazing at the computer for long stretches of time everyday. This could potentially damage the eyes. Also, any new blogger who wants to be successful has to put in a lot of effort for a sustained period of time ! That just beats the hell out of you. Seriously !

  39. I meant contrary to the points you made …….

  40. Hi John,

    Very inspiring and you’re young by the way. It’s kind a wake up call for me as well.

    Thanks for this motivational and highly charge post.

    God bless you.

  41. I totally agree…its even worse when you’ve been working with the company for a while and giving them all you got and in return…someone else reaps the benefits of all your hard work.

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