Why You Must Absolutely Do Video Marketing

With all the tools and technology available to us, there’s no reason why every business owner shouldn’t be doing video marketing. People have gotten book deals, music deals, traffic, and sales from using a video marketing strategy on YouTube. The objective of this post is to present to you the 5 reasons why you must absolutely do video marketing. What points will I cover?

  • People love videos
  • People spend more time on websites that have video
  • Video marketing is still relatively new
  • Video marketing builds up your brand and credibility
  • The trend of video marketing

1. People love videos

We can’t help it, we have been watching tv and movies since we were tiny children. First with cartoons, then Disney, and then more mature movies. Going to dinner and a movie on Friday nights is part of our culture. What is it about video that we love? We love the entertainment, the excitement, the drama, and the education.

I know personally that whenever I purchase a new tool or want to learn something, I turn straight to YouTube to watch tutorials, reviews and demonstrations. Why do we prefer video over text?  It’s an easier form of learning and doesn’t require as much work. We would rather watch than read.

2. People spend more time on websites that have video

I’m on about 100 people’s email lists and so obviously I get lots of emails. The ones I look forward to reading are ones that use a healthy combination of videos and blogging. They truly keep me on their sites longer. Here’s why: it only takes about 1 or 2 minutes to read a decent blog post and when you watch a 3-5 minute video of theirs, you’re going to stay as long as that video doesn’t blow.

3. Video marketing is still relatively new

I remember back when I was in high school and I enrolled in a multimedia class. During the course of 6 weeks, we become familiar with tools like Photoshop and other video making software. I’ll never forget the day when my teacher said, “All right guys, you need to have at least 3 videos in the videos you’ll be making.” I about died. Where was I going to get videos? YouTube wasn’t around and maybe you recall how hard it was to find videos. YouTube is almost 6 years old, which means that video is still pretty new.

4. Video marketing builds up your brand and credibility

When someone view a video you’ve created, they:

  • Hear your voice, enthusiasm, and passion
  • See your face, grooming, and possibly your surroundings (All of these count for first impressions)
  • See that you’re genuine and a real person

All of these are things that are very hard to communicate through text blogs. And, they happen to be things that build up your brand and credibility. Review a prior post of mine that teaches you how to get set up correctly. Things like custom backgrounds, sound and animations help you stamp credibility into a viewer’s mind.

5. The trend of video marketing

People ask me all the time, “What is the trend of video marketing?’. I respond with the simple fact that over 50% of all online traffic is currently coming from video. Impressive right? Current research and data suggests that the trend could be as high as 90% in the coming years. If that’s the case, then every business owner should start doing video right away to capitalize on this growth trend.

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12 thoughts on “Why You Must Absolutely Do Video Marketing”

  1. Nuno says:

    thats so true. Video is the future. We see everyday companies that are turning their investmente force in advertasing in Youtube!
    They first release an advertising campain in Youtube and only after in TV. The ones who can make a strong presence with videos, are standing in the front road to success!

  2. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    I was sceptical to video marketing but I must say it is essential in any on-line business.
    And this post is the proof.

    Thank you and see you all on my youtube channel “Erwin Mentel”

    All the best

    FREE DVD: http://howtobuildlistfast.info

    See you on top!

  3. I think video marketing is the way forward for the next 5 years now. Before, it was article marketing, but traffic is higher on video marketing for me personally now. I suspect more and more people will turn to video marketing for traffic in the coming months and years. Nice article, keep them coming!

  4. I agree. Video marketing is most definitely the way to go. Takes less time to create than writing an article, they’re more engaging and videos have a higher perceived value than an ebook.

    1. Eric says:

      How do you figure that creating an article takes less time than writing an article?

      I don’t know if I would agree with that, but I guess probably depends on your resources, tools, and knowledge.

  5. Lakhyajyoti says:

    I never do video marketing in my three years blogging career. But after reading your post, learn lot new things about video marketing. Thanks for your superb post.

  6. DealMayhem says:

    One picture is worth a thousand words
    One video is worth a thousands of thousands pictures
    People love videos that is why Youtube is worthless
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Michael Sato says:

    Thanks for this tip John. I wish I can do this on my blog. Because of the slow internet I have, it would be somehow not practical to upload videos to my blog. But for starters I’ll try a 3gpp video from my phone (less memory and easier to upload) and I’m not sure if this will do. So I’ll try this out.

  8. Pawan says:

    The most important thing is that Video’s are easy to remember and grab. I have seen many people who have become celebrity due to there video.

  9. faisal says:

    Videos are the next big thing, or so I am told.

  10. Mohd Aktar says:

    hello john,

    your idea is very effective and i feel that the video marketing is the next generation market its really rock the marketing stage the reason are very well told by u in this article.your article show the importance of video marketing very well

    thanks 4 sharing your idea

  11. Content is cash! Those of us who are willing to use video to showcase our content are the ones who will capitalize on this multi-billion dollar industry. Thanks for confirming what I’ve already been doing. Great tips!

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