Why Your Blog Needs A Social Media Support System

One of the most common mistakes I see new bloggers make is they set up their blog but forget about the social media supporting system. Have you fallen into this trap? Didn’t know your blog has a system media support system? Then read on.

The Social Media Support System

Blogging is about more than just setting up a blog and posting to it on a constant basis. Successful blogs are backed up by a social media support system to help bring in the traffic and reinforce the blog’s brand. For example, John Chow dot Com pretty much owns the John Chow name on the Internet. There’s the John Chow blog of course, but it’s backed up by the John Chow Twitter account, John Chow Facebook page, John Chow LinkedIn page, John Chow Flickr, John Chow Friend Feed, John Chow YouTube, etc. This support base of John Chow social media properties has allowed me to dominate the Internet for my name. Do a search for John Chow on Google and the first 10 pages of results are all about me.

It is not enough to just set up your blog. You need to back it up by taking all the social media accounts for your blog name. Many readers have found my blog though a social media channel. If I didn’t own the name for that channel, the reader wouldn’t have found me.

If someone has already taken your social media name, then there’s not much you can do about it unless your blog name is also a registered trademark. This is why it’s important to get this all done from the start when you know the names are available. If you become successful, others will try to leech off you by setting up a copycat blog or pretending to be you on a social media network. The best time to prevent that is at the beginning by registering all the names.

There are hundreds of social media networks. You don’t need to take your name for all of them but you should make sure you are registered with the main ones. When starting a new blog, register all the social media names at the same time as you domain name. This ensures your blog will have the support it needs to build a brand and lock down your name.

40 thoughts on “Why Your Blog Needs A Social Media Support System”

  1. Branding is deffinetely an essential part of building an online business.

    However, as you said, with all of the social networks out there it can be hard to claim your name on every network, which is why it is important to get your name on a couple of your top SN’s in your niche…

    But, if someone has already claimed it, what do you suggest? Just getting it with a hyphen or other added extension, or ignoring the network all together?

    1. That’s exactly right. I claimed my name on all the main Social Networking sites when I first started out.

      1. I would suggest if you have not started with full flow than you should get such kind of name on which you can have all kind of SB account facility/

  2. chester says:

    Still gotta work on Friendfeed, Youtube and Flickr. Add that to the list of stuff to-do in 2010

  3. Amen to that.

    It was a while before businesses woke up to the whole claiming-your-domain-name thing.

    Nowadays, instead of checking for domain name availability, you have to check for Facebook, Youtube, etc. availability before you invest in promoting a domain.

    If you don’t get your favoured name, though, just add a “com” or “dotcom” to the word and register that username.

    1. The dotcom trick is a clever one, but what else can one do? Unfortunately names are what they are, and if you got a common one, you have to scrap for your life out there!

      1. Or may be add some adjective with that 🙂

  4. Nick says:

    Social media is part and parcel of the independent publisher’s work, and is become crucial for building an online business.

    1. agree with you. Surely, social media will give a great benefit if we can optimize it.

  5. I use social media to share useful stuff and sometimes my own posts.This is a very good idea, but I already have usernames for all accounts.Lucky for me, there are coming new social sites all the time so I will use this strategy on them.

  6. Asim says:

    As a newbie to the weblog, I understand it’s best to use all of the popular social media channels, however since I hardly have any useful content on my blog, no newsletter, no products, no nothing should I still just get accounts with the popular social media support system, or should I wait until I have something valuable to give to my readers such as a ebook, or a free newsletter?

    1. First of all I think you should add some good contents to your blog so that visitors can enjoy their stay on your blog.

      After that you can promote your blog with social media, person who should come to your blog must have something to read which provide well worth of spending time on your blog ?

  7. S Ahsan says:

    I havent used flickr much but getting on it! To be honest, they do help a lot in getting on the search engines.

    1. I am too. I think i should claim my fav name on it first.

  8. Yes its all about how you brand yourself to the internet world.

    1. Not really, what if you don’t want to get branded. What if you just want to be an affiliate that makes millions and doesn’t want to get noticed?

      All this social media stuff for these guys is complete BS!

  9. blinkky says:

    The net is too big…Hard work is needed =)

    1. I feel the same way. If one actually had to spend 5 minutes a day on each social network / bookmark then there will not be time left to do anything else in the day!

      1. Than plan your job to be done on weekly basis. But social media i is must for every bloggere now a days.

        1. You can always outsource the stuff you don’t want to do or have time to do. You can get people to social bookmark your stuff for 1.00 an hour at odesk.

        2. NO, social media is not a much for every blogger these days. There are many instances where you don’t want attention and besides, social media traffic is crap anyway.

  10. Jack says:

    Also, by adding your blog link on these social media sites, it builds trust rank with Google, which in turn will allow you to rank “easier” in the SERPs.

  11. Social bookmarking is really god when it comes to a random indexing for a website, however its doesn’t last long

  12. Yes! A very good thing to do.I have been doing this not knowing why.Now I know.

  13. chester says:

    One of my goals is to really work on Twitter in the New Year. So much potential with making money. Hey, if John Chow can make $1000 a sponsored tweet, it may be worth putting the effort into it!

  14. So, that’s why blogging is a hard work. It is far from finish by just having a blog, there are still lot of works that we must do after having a blog, social media support including.

  15. Personal Branding through Social Networking should be the title of this post. Of course that’s my invention anyway.
    My blog is a part of my social networking system. All my social links are on my blog and my blog url is on all my social networks.
    I’m branding my name: ADAMA J. ADAMA and Genius Planet simultaneously. It’s fun doing it this way. Google has really rewarded my effort.

  16. By the way, don’t forget Technorati and DIgg when signing up for your social networking accounts.

    Also some of the smaller video sites. It can be easier being a big fish in a little pond compared to YouTube.

  17. Great advice. I am working on getting myself set up on as many sites as I can.

  18. fas says:

    Branding goes a long long way in ensuring a good image and name in the online space.

  19. John you have done your home work from the very first day and now you are enjoying the benefit of that.

    Proper planning is the key factor … now people are removing H or doing some other silly acts to sound like your name.

  20. Being that I am just starting out, less than 2 months old, most of my traffic comes from my social network sites. I actually started my social networking first. So I have over 5100 MySpace friends, over 6000 Twitter followers, 1300 Facebook friends on one acount and 800 on the other. Just those few alone have proven to be very successful. they are also great because you can control building backlinks from these sites as well.

  21. Catching on to the next big thing before it happens really helps with social networking. I remember when myspace was ahead of facebook on the “ranking” ladder of social sites. Now it seems twitter is on top.

  22. When I first started out, these sites didn’t even exist. I did create names on the main ones right after they did though.

  23. Thanks John, im glad i stopped by today and read this post because i am just starting out and hoping to be like you someday. So im off to SNs lock down my brand right now!

  24. I think a lot of newbie bloggers should be ready to pay the required dues of building their brand from scratch coz it really pays off later. Instead of having to play second fiddle all their life by copying and existing popular brand. You can only be number trying to be you than be someone else. Its easier to be you than be someone else, if you ask me. Think about it

  25. Robin Ong says:

    Hi John;
    Appreciate your advice but, where to find time?? As a part time blogger who just started off, I have 2 websites to manage. With only 4 hours per day on avg, social media just have to take a back seat…

  26. Custom Essay says:

    Social media is the fastest growing market on internet which is free. Our presence at these website brings more traffic toward our blog.

  27. I only have about 7 out of 10 top results for my name on Google =/

  28. Bidet says:

    Social media a great way to get your brand name out there, I agree its always important to act quick and pick your name right away before it gets taken.

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