Why Your Blog Needs a Weekly Event Post

One of the hardest problems new bloggers face is thinking up content to write about. I would say more time is wasted thinking about what to write than the actual writing. This is where a weekly event post can come in handy. Examples of this type of post include Shoemoney’s Free Shirt Friday, Michael Kwan’s What’s Up Wednesday and my Dot Com Pho. Having a post that recurs every week (or whatever set date) offers many advantages. In no particular order, here are some reasons why you should create a weekly event post. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Fairly Easy To Produce Content

Creating a weekly event post doesn’t need a lot of work. Sure, the production time to produce an episode of Dot Com Pho is more involved than the average weekly event post. However, a free shirt Friday or what’s up Wednesday shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to write, especially when most of the contents (shirts and what’s up) are provided for you.

There’s no need to get fancy. Just decide on a recurring theme and post about it every week. If you can’t think up something as unique as a Dot Com Pho, then do what Jonathan Volk did and create a “Week In Review” post to list your best articles of the week. It’s easy to produce and adds more content to your blog.

It Gives Your Readers Something To Look Forward To Or Avoid

Having a weekly event post is like having a TV show. Your readers know when it’s going to happen and will either look forward to it or avoid it like the plague. Either way is good because it puts your blog in your reader’s mind and associates it with a particular event.

You should pick a day of the week for your event post and stick to it. Moving it around will create reader confusion. I know Shoe will show off a new T-shirt every Friday and I always look forward to seeing it. Because weekly event posts are easy to produce and mostly light reading, they’re generally posted on the weekends or start of the weekend. You want your best content on the heavy traffic days (during the week) and the recurring stuff during the week when traffic is low (weekend).

It Makes You a More Consistent Blogger

One of the biggest reasons for my blog’s success is my consistency. My blog has averaged two posts per day since it started and there has never been a single day in the blog’s life where there wasn’t at least one new post for readers to read. This level of consistency is very hard to keep up.

Having a weekly event post can help reduce the stress of producing a lot of content. It is hard to think up new things to blog about. However, I don’t have to worry about that on Saturday. I just need to bring my Panasonic GF2 digital camera and film what I’m having for lunch.

A weekly event post forces you to be a more consistent blogger. It’s very easy to delay that post “until tomorrow” and then delay it again. Pretty soon, you’ll go for weeks without a new post and then your blog will die. Even if you write no other articles, a weekly event posts will mean you will have at least one new piece of content every week, unless your Jonathan Volk. Then your week in review will be last week’s week in review post.

47 thoughts on “Why Your Blog Needs a Weekly Event Post”

  1. Mate Hegedus says:

    Plus it gives you a good opportunity to give away a weWOOD 😀

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Haha! I hope I win that wood watch. 🙂

      1. d3so says:

        Me too! I really really want to win it!

    2. So you are keeping an eye on them … lollzz

    3. Joel says:

      Great idea John. Thanks for the advise. I will definitely consider doing a weekly event post. I just need to come up with one first. But thanks for the post anyways.

    4. d3so says:

      Very good points you bring up. For me, it would be more like a monthly event post 😉

  2. Kristi Hines says:

    I do that with my Fetching Friday posts. Since I give out a lot of link love to other site’s and their best posts of the week, I end up with a lot of readers who appreciate the roundup of posts they might have missed and new visitors simply because I linked back to them. It’s a win-win series!

    1. Kristi,
      Good idea, I may have to borrow that one from you.

      1. guru says:

        Good points, I think I will do something on Thursdays…its hard to do for 52 weeks, but you are right when you say it will force me to be consistent.

    2. Patrick says:

      A good idea, but I’m guessing once started it’s important to keep it going. Otherwise folks may become disappointed.

    3. Mathew Day says:

      You’re fetching friday posts are always good and actually one of the few I even like checking out consistently.

      1. Kristi … that is a great idea and believe me we would love to see blogs through your eyes.

        This also give us a hint that what are you reading lately.

    4. Hey Kristi,

      I love to read your Fetching Friday posts ….they are well categoried and are high quality posts ..I am hoping to get featured soon 🙂

  3. Rohit says:

    weekly event post is something a dream for me… i should rather write a monthly event post….

    1. And on your blog … what you are planning to do ?

      Would love to read your plans.

    2. Mathew Day says:

      That’s pretty original and maybe not a bad idea. 😉

      1. Sometimes, a off topic post work for me too. Just something casual. But very rarely.

  4. Edgar says:

    weekly post dont work well with breaking news. ;o( but for anything else it works like magic.

    thanks john for reminding us.

    1. I’m sure you could do a breaking news post on a multitude of specific niches.

      1. Well you can arrange a small meet up of your local boxers and discuss the latest happening in your niche.

        Just like dot com pho … your pho can be like KNOCK OUT PHO

        What do you say ?

  5. Mathew Day says:

    They seem to be getting really popular lately. Many of the A-list bloggers are even doing it. Hmmm…. after reading this post now even I’m thinking about doing it. Thanks for covering this topic, John.

  6. Allen Walker says:

    That’s good advice. 🙂

    Let me think what type of weekly event post I can come up with…

  7. Kirk Taylor says:

    Shark Tank has become my weekly event post.

    Last Friday night was my best night ever. OK, Last Friday night was my best month ever, other than this month!

    I did previews on what would happen during the show and the traffic poured in. I’ve connected with most of the entrepreneurs that have appeared on the show. I even had contact with one of the sharks through Twitter.

    The more I think about it, we should just have event posts everyday! 🙂

  8. Events are something that blog readers look forward to. It makes us want to see up for the coming week or so. 🙂

  9. Hasan says:

    I like the idea of a weekly post! Great article john, super work once again!

  10. I agree, at some point your blog gets boring and you have to give your readers something special like an event or something

  11. PPC Ian says:

    John, I really enjoyed this post and found it quite valuable. Thanks for sharing, I may put something like this into action to make me a more regular blogger! 🙂 I need to pick up my pace a bit!

    1. I agree with you, sometime it’s difficult to find a new blog post, but John give me an idea.

  12. chozhan says:

    When we update our blog then it will be growing up. So I accept your point john. Thanks

  13. by updating regular posts on your site, there is a chance to reduce the alexa rank of the website.

  14. Michael Kwan says:

    I do find that having a recurring event post helps with content. In addition to What’s Up Wednesdays (follow me on Twitter and submit your links each Tuesday), I also do a Sunday Snippet each week where I highlight a quote of some kind. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s profound, but it gives me an automatic launching point for that day’s post.

  15. This is Good idea. Also, it helps the readers to think, that the blog is still alive. And it helps in serps as well. Google gives importance to websites, which update regularly.

    So, it can help increase in the serps and connect with readers well. We can also get good alexa rank, as traffic will increase.

  16. Work online says:

    That is awesome idea john,I really feel different. Thanks for providing the information.

  17. Funny Chix says:

    Here’s an idea for a weekly event post. Friday Zoo, with pictures of funny animals you’ve run across during the week. Or how about a Friday joke fest? Or maybe a Wednesday Wrap Up of what happened in sports events during the weekend. Or, instead of T-shirt Friday, what about Monday Logo Mania, with company logos? Or use ongoing coverage of your favorite TV show, if you have one. I vividly remember Shoemoney’s frequent coverage of the TV series Lost. Celebrity pictures are always a big draw, so you could run a celebrity photo series. Who wouldn’t line up to see another photo of Lindsay Lohan? Do you have a cute kid like Sally Chow you can feature in videos around town? If you don’t have a daughter, do you have a pet? How about photos of your pet playing, wearing cute clothes, and visiting around town. I’m partial to funny pictures of animals myself, and when you see my website, you’ll know that.

  18. Hotdogman says:

    This is a great way to reduce the stress of writing “original” content every day. BTW the email that had “I want to give you wood!” in the subject line was somewhat disturbing.

  19. Lulu says:

    My weekly event post is a breakdown of my spending and income for the week (hey I write a personal finance blog!!!) and people love to see how much I spend….who would have thought.

  20. Daily WTF says:

    thanks for the post John, has given me a new idea for my site 🙂

  21. GuysGab says:

    Absolutely agree. We do a weekly “Hottie of the Week” column, and it brings in a TON of recurring traffic. Same goes for our weekly “Thong Battles”, for obvious reasons. 🙂

    Olivia Munn is our latest Hottie, and we’ve got 22 smoking hot pictures of her!

  22. Hi John you give me a great Idea!! thanks for your tips and Jonathan link. Many thanks. I’ll try it.

  23. It does give you something specific to write about each week. Great idea.

  24. fas says:

    Sometimes it also depends on your mood. You might be thinking of a topic on some day at some time which you would like to put down.

  25. Yes,it’s true. Visitors can easily get the recent update and decide what to read.

    Thanks John, I will started to write the weekly event from now.


  26. What I do if don’f find something to post, I just go throught some of my old posts and rewrite them adding some new points. This saves me a lot of time.

    1. I like this idea. sometimes I do this as well.

  27. Ravi Chopra says:

    Agreed. Round-up posts are like a compiled eBook of what you have written over a period of time. It increases repeated visits as well as engagement of readers.

  28. Where is a good place to get some cool unique ideas for a weekly event. Can anyone refer me to some good sites or articles?

  29. Thanks for sharing an interesting topic about blog post

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