Win a 300×250 Ad on John Chow dot Com

The contests just keep on coming! iBussiness Talk has a 300×250 ad running on John Chow dot Com to give away a 300×250 ad on John Chow dot Com. It works like this. iBusiness Talk purchased the ad and will be using it to promote their contest for the first half of the month. The next half will be given to a winner of the contest. The winner can use the ad to advertiser whatever they want (as long as it doesn’t violate my advertising terms).

How To Enter

To enter the contest, you just have to sign up for the iBussiness Talk RSS by Email. All confirmed subscriptions will be loaded into the list randomizer and a random winner will be chosen. I guess iBussiness Talk saw the success Perfect Blogging had with his RSS contest (he is at 525 RSS subscribers now) and decided to go one better. It’s a really good promotion when you think about. His ad will be on this blog for the next 15 days promoting the contest and he got a free post out of it as well. Not a bad deal!

Anyway, head over to iBusiness Talk and sign up for his RSS by Email if you want a shot at winning a 300×250 ad on this blog.

In other contest news, I’ll be announcing the winners of the Affiliate Summit contest later today.

44 thoughts on “Win a 300×250 Ad on John Chow dot Com”

  1. John,
    What program/plugin are you using to serve up those 300X250 ads that show up in the posts?

    1. John Chow says:

      I use the AdSense Deluxe plugin.

      1. I haven’t used that plugin for a good amount of time now. Does it rotate ads? The one I am using and that rotates ads is WPAds and it works just well.

        And now back to the contest, even tho 15 days might not seem too long, it is definitively worth entering, 15 days on John Chow can create that buzz that you needed (and most likely you’ll blog about this).

      2. Thanks John I was thinking to ask the samething will try to implement it on my sites.

    2. It seems like John using his TTZmedia to create the links and using AdSense deluxe plug-in to insert ad code in post.

      1. Thats true that’s exactly what he’s doing

  2. KiwiPulse says:

    Nice easy contest. Im In! 😎

    1. Steven says:

      LOL I just wanna know who the winner is for the affiliate summit is =]

    2. Check out for more blog contest info. :mrgreen:

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      1. in your description on myblogcontest you said ” price : month ad ” yet if I read correctly its only 1/2 month. 1/2 is for him, and the winner gets the other 15 or so days.

    3. ViralKing says:

      Yep, seems to be easy enough to enter. I will give it a go too and see if his posts are good quality then i’ll stay.

  3. Joe says:

    Sounds great, count me in!

  4. Another contest, especially to run an ad on your blog here John, count me in.

  5. This will get him at least 1500 subscribers 🙂

    Good luck to all participants.

  6. Ecko says:

    What a contest! I’m in challenging my luck. 😛

  7. Sweet contest, and will definitely boost his readership. Those ad spots are expensive!

  8. great contest! Lets win it for my forum

  9. Great!
    I will post it at

    Submit and find blog contests, sweepstakes, giveaways and free stuff at

  10. Seopher says:

    Nice competition but what everyone has overlooked is the ROI this will give iBusiness Talk. The ad spot is what, $500? Their site is loosely monetised but factor in that the extra exposure will mean those ad spots sell quite quickly.

    That would be if the author had any pricing information available… Then consider the extra RSS subscribers, the people talking about it, the people linking to it… It looks to be $500 well invested.

    So $500 invested. Say they get 5,000 users sent their way that’s $0.10 per visitor. Then say they sell $100 in advertising, that takes it down to $0.08 per visitor (that’s a low CPC already).

    Then take into consideration that they should get 300-400 people enter the competition at minimum, that’s 400 new subscribers.

    $400 for 5,000 visitors and 400 new subscribers is a pretty good deal if you ask me (as far as conventional marketing budgets are concerned).


    1. RacerX says:

      Great point! Show that if you invest a little, about what you’ld do over x period in adWords you could get more names for less.

      I wonder how sticky the names from here are…guess it depends on the site

  11. Wow. It’s like someone read my mind. I was thinking about doing a contest offering advertising on a popular blog, after I saw Gyutae’s review contest a while back.

    I check out this conest. Good luck to everyone who entered!

  12. Nice competition, I have subscribed, I am also holding a contest where you have the chance to Win Entrecard Credits. 🙂

  13. Neil Duckett says:

    Great …. i think he should get his header fixed to spell his site correctly though … 1 too many “S” in business.

    1. lol that’s awesome! Good catch Neil.

  14. Lernen says:

    Cool, so let me also take my chance 🙂

    If I will win here, i will start play a lottery, i promisse

  15. I could use an ad on your site, John… LOL! 🙄

  16. Am in. John! interesting..How i wish i can win and boom my traffic oh please..let me win..

  17. Am in… gosh this is interesting really really interesting i love it!!

  18. Great contest to be in. Hopng to get in on the John Chow effect

  19. I’m totally game. 🙂

  20. Eva White says:

    My luck is pretty bad with contests, but I am not going to stop trying. I have subscribed. Count me in.

  21. Mike says:

    Love these promos!

    Internet Industry Professional

    “ is conversation about domain names, hosting, blogs, making money, and more topics that are of interest to the Internet entrepreneur.

    To top it all off we also feature exclusive interviews with people in the industry!”

  22. David Chew says:

    Giving away free ad, sounds interesting. 😀

  23. Yes John I have joined the competition. Great idea of advertising.

  24. Chip says:

    I’ve just joined the competition. A banner on your site would be a perfect opportunity for my blog to grow a little more.

  25. Duckeldanny says:

    this ad place would be great for my site

  26. moon says:

    sounds great. I’ll participate this contest. haha
    The Spring Festival is coming! Happy New Year , John ^.^

  27. moon says:

    Sounds great. I’ll participate in this contest. haha
    The Spring Festival is coming! Happy New Year , John ^.^

  28. Eva White says:

    By when are the results expected iBussiness Talk contest ?

  29. Feed Flare says:

    Ya I am in too, I would love some free advertising here for my new site.

  30. Jim Karter says:

    Thanks John and iBusinessTalk,
    John, I have won this contest. Have sent you image and link details in the email. I hope I see them online soom.:)

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