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The Affiliate Summit East 2010 happens August 15 to 17 in New York city and I have TEN Gold Passes, worth $549 each, to give away to ten lucky John Chow dot Com readers. The Gold Pass gives you admission to Affiliate Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynotes, Sunday educational sessions; access to all recorded session videos; PowerPoint presentations; and Affiliate Summit Social Network.

To enter, all you have to do is explain in the comments why you should be awarded a Gold Pass to the Affiliate Summit East. The better your comment, the higher your chances of being a winner. Please only enter if you actually plan on going. If you are selected, you must attend. The pass is not transferable and cannot be resold because it will have your name on it. I am only giving away the passes. I am not paying for your travel or hotel. I might be doing some kind of Dot Com Pho event which all winners can attend.

IMPORTANT – please note the following:
You must notify the recipients that they cannot be transferred, and the pass codes become invalid in the event the conference sells out.
Also, anybody registering for a complimentary pass who neither checks in at the conference or cancels will be ineligible for future complimentary passes.

The winners will be announce this Saturday, June 19 during Dot Com Pho. This should give you enough time to book your air and hotel if you need it. I know I have lots of readers in the big apple that want to go to the Affiliate Summit but can’t afford the cost of the pass. This is your chance to go! Good luck and enter now!

58 thoughts on “Win A Gold Pass To Affiliate Summit East 2010”

  1. Harshad says:

    I think I should win these passes because such events do not happen here in India. Always wanted to attend events like Affiliate Summit. Buying a pass and going all the way to NY can be too expensive so a bit of discount by getting the pass free sounds nice & affordable πŸ™‚

    1. Harshad says:

      Why I should win?

      1. I was the first to comment here πŸ˜€

      2. I want to meet & click pictures with people like John Chow & Shoemoney.

      3. I have a close friend in New York and I was planning to meet him this year (If you are thinking of me getting a free accommodation, you are right!) πŸ˜€

      4. Want to attend sessions conducted by other knowledgeable people in this field. This will help me with my career in Internet Marketing.

      5. Overall, I feel such an event can help me & my business to move in a much positive direction.

      1. Dennis says:

        lol, yes you were the first comment. πŸ™ haha. You must have typed a little quick than me because you didn’t show up for a while.

        1. Harshad says:

          Yes, maybe your comment was approved before mine. :)…but trust me I never thought my comment would be first…it just happened.

          1. Salesfist says:

            The quality of the comment should matter morethan being the first to comment.

  2. Dennis says:

    Why should I go? Hmm, just because I commented first (this should show you how much I read your blog). I am also currently building and designing 5 websites that are going to change the online world for the better, Meeting new people at the affiliate summit will only improve my chances for success! I love the online world and going to the affiliate summit will only help me better my goals of gaining much success in my NEAR future. Just turning 21 is also a good reason, since I can FINALLY (legally) attend AFFILIATE SUMMIT! πŸ™‚


  3. PPC Ian says:

    Hey John,
    This is great! I would love to attend Affiliate Summit East 2010 with a free Gold Pass! πŸ™‚ Following are just a few reasons you should select me:
    1. I bring a very unique perspective to the table. I’m a corporate search engine marketer who has managed some of the largest search marketing campaigns in the world. I know few individuals who have managed as much Google spend as me. I feel that I have a lot to offer to the affiliate marketing community and will be an asset to the event.
    2. I have a lot to learn! Because I come from the corporate side, I have a ton to learn when it comes to tactical affiliate marketing. I do believe this conference will be a game changer for me, both in terms of my career and also personal affiliate endeavors.
    3. I’m a top commentor on
    3. I reviewed your book Make Money Online on my blog I promise to continue to review and promote your offers on my blog because I truly believe in them and find them incredibly valuable. I plan to promote your new eBook shortly but have been a bit backlogged.
    4. I will do a post on my blog after the event and make sure my corporate SEM audience knows all about
    Thanks John so much for considering me! I truly appreciate it!

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Shoot! Hey John,
      I need to remove my submission. I just realized this overlaps 1 day with SES San Francisco. I already have my full pass to that one so I’m going to need to miss Affiliate Summit East this time around. However, hopefully I’ll make Las Vegas next year. Good luck to everyone who enters. Sounds like an amazing event!
      All the best,

      1. When is SES coming up…i forgot about that one…

        1. PPC Ian says:

          It’s August 17-19 in San Francisco.

      2. Haha, these conference scheduling people should really plan the timing of their events a little better, don’t you think? Doesn’t make any sense for them to have conferences on overlapping days like that.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          Very much agreed! Moreover, would be really happy if they spaced them out a bit too. I took some time off from work in January to attend TRAFFIC Las Vegas conference. I wanted to attend Affiliate Summit too but couldn’t take so many days in a row off. However, if the conferences were spread out a little more, I might have been able to go to both!

      3. Ian Fernando says:

        SES isnt worth it I been there, twice. ASE is far much better for affiliates and advertisers.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          Ian, I knew you were going to say that! πŸ˜‰ And, based on what I’ve heard from you and other smart folks out there, I’d have to agree with you (even though I’ve never been to Affiliate Summit!). I’ll tell you, though, SES is much better than ad:tech in my opinion. Out of the “corporate” search conferences, I’d rank them (best to worst): SMX, SES, ad:tech. I do really want to attend Affiliate Summit in 2011! It will be on my 2011 goals for sure. πŸ™‚

    2. John Chow says:

      It’s too bad you won’t be able to make it. You had a really good entry!

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Thanks John, I appreciate that! πŸ™‚ Definitely going to shoot for it next time. I’ve never been to affiliate summit before and know the conference has a lot to offer!

  4. I should be awarded a Gold Pass to the Affiliate Summit East because last year on ASE I was the only one who grabbed John Chow from boring conference room where he was sitting alone with his mac, brought to Tech Karaoke, bought him a beer and sang with him “Never Gonna Give You Up”:

    (I’m that guy in black t-shirt)

    I hope this year we do the same and improve our singing skills!

    1. bg says:

      You should be awarded 2 Gold Passes if you keep John Chow away from the karaoke microphone πŸ™‚

      1. Boy you got great sense of humour.

        You should add your website.

  5. Faith Dow says:

    I’m interested in focusing on generating multiple streams of passive income and discussing this with readers at my blog. I find it best when I’ve actually worked through these steps myself. I write about technology & social media as well and would obviously love to attend. I’ve been unemployed since 2008 mind you but have used my wits and drive to move cross country and hopefully will have the job I’ve recently interviewed for. I want to keep the momentum going.

    1. You should take blogging as your profession for full time.

  6. I’m not going so I won’t bother explaining why I should get it…Just want to through a plug in there to everyone who hasn’t attended one of these (ASE’s or ASW’s)…it’s a great way to network, get new ideas, and build relationships with other people in the industry. The experience you get is worth well more than the ticket prices…

  7. Brett says:

    I work in Higher Education and help student find schools and scholarship opportunities. The knowledge that I would gain by going to the Affiliate Summit would help me and 1,000’s of other students gain an education. So honestly, send me so I can help others.


  8. Christy says:

    I would like the Golden Ticket for my husband who works his butt off to put a roof over our heads and has been working hard at his online business for many years now and just has not gotten over the hump. I am just getting started myself, so I would rather he gets the TICKET πŸ™‚

  9. I should get a free pass because I want to expose the secrets of big affiliates and how they make their money (for the benefit of humanity).

    Of course, I can pay for it but I would rather spend that money (including hotel. I’ve enough AA mileage for 3 round trips to NY but I’m saving those mileage for my 3-month Asia trip) on buying more traffic and making more money.

    Never been to these conferences and a free pass will definitely motivate me to use my free mileage for a trip to the Big Apple and learn from the masters.

    Of course, if I don’t get it, it is not the end of the world. Life goes on. I can still make money, may be not as much as the big guys.

  10. jtGraphic says:

    You should hook me up with a pass because I’ve been a faithful reader and commenter for almost four years. I have your book too. I’ll be going with some real New Yorkers too, so if you really want to know what the city is like, you can hang with us. Either way, if you do a Pho, I’ll be there.

  11. John,

    So Why Me? 4 reasons

    1. Loyal Reader

    no really, I’ve soaked in your post and ready to be quizzed with john chow trivia to prove it.

    2. I’ll do something worth taping

    Just name it and I’ll take the challenge for you to tape it

    3. Experience

    I’ve bin going to this conference for 4 years and host the Affiliate marketing Meetup202 & SEO networking event in Boston

    4. Mentor

    I’ve bin a mentor 3x already and signed up for ASE10 to help another affiliate get started

    – Brian Hawkins
    Affiliate Manager for

    1. Peter Jay says:

      John, I vote for Brain. πŸ™‚

      P/s And I realize the RSS reader count just reach 100k! There is nothing to celebrate that? Lol..

  12. Brian Sy says:

    I deserve the golden ticket because I aspire to be next John Chow Jr. dot com. In all seriousness, I have been a fan of your site for a long time. As a New Yorker, this is a great opportunity for me to meet other affiliates and gain some new contacts. After all, the dot come moguls have to start somewhere….

  13. psychicjim says:

    I kindly allow others to win because I live in Australia, and I am sure it is a great Affiliate event , just a bit for for travel that is all.

  14. Saiful says:

    I think we should try.
    Thanks chow.

  15. Jia Bin says:

    Hi John!

    I’d love to attend because

    – it’ll be my first time to America
    – I want to “receive” something from the submit – things I can bring home so that I can apply from what I learned.
    – of all these, it’ll be the greatest opportunity for me to mix around so that I can be the same (like-minded people attracts).


  16. ********* *********
    1) To drink beer with John Chow.
    2) To get my Make Money Online Book signed because I bought it on Amazon!
    3) To absorb all things blogging and affiliate related for 3 days…(healthier than a sunburn!)
    4) Because I will happen to be at the Hilton those exact days…hmmm!
    5) To quit my job so I can better myself by marketing online on my own time!
    6) Because I bought the “nose bleed” ticket and want to attend the meat and potatoes of the show!
    7) To blog about my experience at Affiliate Summit in great detail over the course of 30 days with pictures and videos and why anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing should get their butt to the next show and read!!

    I hope I can win the ticket!

  17. I am sure this is going to be very serious competition.

    Lets see who is going to win this.

    Best of luck to all of them who is attending this contest.

  18. Hyun says:

    Hey John, here are a couple of reasons why you should pick me out of the crowd of hungry hyenas.

    1. I love you.
    2. I was probably the first one to tweet to you saying I want one after your announcement on twitter! (check the url!)
    3. I live in NJ, so I can actually make it!
    4. I am leaving the country at the end of the year. It would be a great experience to have before I leave the country.
    5. Did I say I love you?

    P.S. If there’s a spare ticket left over after the contest (if there were 9 winners, lets say), do you think I could call dibs on it? My best friend is also interested!

  19. Dennis says:

    I forgot to add in one major thing… I am super sexy and I can party as hard as John Chow can any day, any time, any where!

  20. Simon Bunker says:

    Here is why I would like to win a gold pass to Affiliate Summit East 2010:
    Firstly I am located in the UK which to be frank does not get these kind of events.
    Secondly I am committed to Affiliate marketing and more than happy to stump up the extortionate travel fees to get to NYC from the UK – A gold pass would just make it all the more worth it.
    Thirdly – It would be awesome to network with not only other affiliates but also to meet with some of the Affiliate networks and managers that so far have just been voices at the end of a phone.
    So thats my reasons why I would very much like to win one of these tickets.
    Thanks for offering this competition and hoping that you dont forget us affiliates in the UK !!! πŸ™‚

  21. Chris says:

    I would love to take one of these passes and attend ASE. I went to AFFCON in Denver (that’s where I live and it was free) last year and it just did not feel right. I had more the impression the local retirement communities had used AFFCON as their next field day and sent buses of old people. Get me outta here to a real convention, please.

  22. Thanks for the offer John!

    I’d love a pass to go to the Affiliate Summit. Writing and blogging is my passion. I am currently building my blog platform to support an upcoming book series on social media that I am authoring. My publisher is in NYC and I’d love to connect in person with them as well as learn how I can improve my blog, reach a wider audience, help my clients/readers and of course, make more money.

    I was at one of your talks at the Vancouver F5Expo and learned a lot of from you there. You have inspired me to take blogging a lot more seriously and if you think this summit is a worthwhile experience, I know I could learn a lot by attending.

    Thanks for considering me,

  23. Good luck to everybody! SY

  24. Dan says:

    lol, just realise that there is aff sumit in this world, I’m really noob blogger who getting stuck with sandbox T T. would be great if you can show how to escape

    1. The sandbox? Very easy: Write quality content, build backlinks to your site, be patient, rine and repeat. There is no secret recipe, just good, old-fashioned hard work, SY

  25. d3so says:

    I’m not entering but I would like to know when the next Affiliate Summit West is? I’d probably be able to attend that.

  26. Vincent Woon says:

    Thanks For this great opportunity!

    Going to ASE will be a chance for me to learn from the Top Of The Top guys like you and others. I learned a lot from you the last time you were in NYC.

    If given a chance, it will be a great opportunity for me to advance to the next level.

    Not forgetting you can also get the best noodles in town even @ 3:00AM in NYC πŸ™‚

    Let me know if you need suggestions for the Dot Com Pho event.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  27. Yvon says:

    Here is what I learned from John Chow:
    He is an internet marketer that happens to blog. If you follow Chow and seen his videos this guy is totally transparent. He gave his main formula that drives his business. Chow teaches by example: he gives people who are interested in marketing a free downloadable book, asks them to subscribe, and follows up with them with useful hard hitting actionable steps that help people. When you get his book he lays down the foundation of how to market and recommends useful services that you need to be using to run your business. These services that he recommends he are the very same ones that he uses to run his business. Chow uses cutting edge Tech like, Good Karma Machine software to power his e-book giveaway which is a piece of software designed to help you build a loyal following because your giving away valuable content.
    Chow has guest poster’s on his blog that show you a particular technique or thought which he thinks will be valuable to his readers. One that sticks out in my mind is the short tutorial on LinkedIn Marketing.
    Chow tells you were his major traffic sources are from. I was surprised to hear him say Twitter was his major source.
    Chow remains consistent and it’s apparent that he loves what he is doing which is why he has over 100K RSS Subscribers.
    I like Chow because he shows people how to get things done, he inspires his readers to take action, he rewards his readers and followers with free books and chances to meet with him at conferences like ASE.
    I will be coming to Affiliate Summit East in New York and want to meet Chow to further inspire me to take action and make it happen in Affiliate Marketing.
    Thanks John

  28. John says:

    Why should I receive a Gold Pass:
    1)I currently work in midtown and will have no issue attending the event (covers your main criteria)
    2)I have earned well over 6 figured running entertainment blogs using CPM ad networks
    3)I have been playing with affiliate marketing for several months with some luck, but need some real world advice and guidance to gain traction
    4)I have a new baby at home and would love to be able to be a work from home parent n the next 18 months and believe this summit might be the key that opens the door to that opportunity

  29. Patrick says:

    Last year I had the fortune of winning a Gold Pass to Affiliate Summit thanks to John Chow ( Since I won last year, I sure hope it won’t hurt my chances this year! πŸ™‚

    I also got a chance to meet John at a Pizza Party, although I doubt he remembers me! πŸ™

    As a result of attending Affiliate Summit I signed up with a provider of software products that promised to give me $5K to start promoting their product. I was very skeptical, but within a few weeks, $2.5K was deposited in my account and another $2.5K the following month. I was able to take the campaign from losing money to profitability. Unfortunately, the campaign ended after a few months. So the trip to Affiliate Summit was well worth it. They were happy to give me the money to start off after I told them I ran a similar campaign the year prior that generated $125K in rev.

    So John, this year I hope you pick me, because I’ll definitely be on the hunt to learn new things and find new opportunities. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. Todd says:

    If ROI is important, this could yield a good return:

    1. My uncle owns a five star restaurant in NYC we can go to.

    2. I spend part of my time in Seattle and we can do an after conference “party” in Seattle or Vancouver.

    3. I spend part of my time in Colorado and if you’ve never been, I’d enjoy showing you around.

    4. I’ve been a successful corporate guy and am entering the internet marketing space with a vengeance. I bet I have relationships that could be useful to you.

    I’ll ad lib a line from the movie Casablanca: “John, I think this is could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

  31. AffiLife says:

    YOU( have become the major part of my Affiliate marketing journey from the last 2 years.You have inspired me to take up Affiliate marketing as my full time job.I think I deserve the Gold Pass because ,

    YOU are my role model and YOU are on my ‘blog Roll’
    I linked YOU;I clicked YOU (..and your aff links !)
    I downloaded YOU;I double Opted YOU
    I ‘followed’ YOU;and I posted YOU
    I ‘digg’ed Your Posts;and I ‘liked’ YOU
    I ‘blogged’ (about)YOU and ‘buzzed’ YOU
    I ‘read’ you and I (rss)feed on YOU (your blog)
    I ‘tweeted’ about YOU and I Re-tweeted your posts
    Please give me a chance to ‘Meet’ You at ASE10 !

    P.S:I don’t need Passport or Visas ,Hotel Room or Flight Tickets ,to make it to the Affiliate

    Summit.Coz.,I live in NYC ! (I just need a Pass!)

  32. John – Why should I win? Because I really, really need to – and it’s been a long, hard road.

    I started my journey (and first website and catalog) in early in 95′ when I was getting flamed by academics telling me that the internet was never intended for commercial purposes. I did pretty well until the dotcom bust – and then all hell broke loose and I got sucked down a very big black hole.

    For the last several years – while every other merchant that had any sense, and that started that early – has become successful, I’ve been stumbling along dazed and confused – until recently.

    By chance, a neighborly affiliate manager took pity on me, shook me awake and yelled “Get up sleepyhead! WTF! You have blogs to read, videos to see and places to go, people to meet! I’m taking you to a place where ideas will come at you fast and furious – where you’ll have to grab hold with both hands and not let go!”

    Well he is right! And I have seen the light! And that light is Affiliate Summit 2010.

    So set me free brother! Put me on the road to the emerald city with a Golden Pass so that I may glimpse my future.

    1. jtGraphic says:

      I think he should get the gold pass instead of me. Let’s help this guy out!

  33. I hope to be deserving because this is my first visit to the site!!. Apparantly I’m not that cool because I’m still blogging at 9:00 pm on a Friday night but kids are my excuse lol. Anyway would love to attend this event. I look forward to keeping up woth you blog now that I found it. Thanks alot.

  34. 1) Cause I’ve been hard headed enough to stick to affiliate marketing for the past year.

    2) I recently moved to NYC to continue to work on my online start up business and will definitely attend.

    3) Cause I bought a signed copy of “Make Money Online” and have implemented many of the techniques on my own blog.

    4) I have bought several products through your affiliate links

    5) Meeting people and sharing ideas in the affiliate marketing industry is invaluable and there is always interesting people at Affiliate Summit.

    6) Finally, the best reason of all, I just wrote a “How To” post which includes 6 ways to attend conferences free which you can read at Hope this helps people who don’t win a pass through this contest.

    Thanks John and Affiliate Summit organizers for continually giving passes away to this popular event. Look forward to seeing everyone in one place at NYC!!

  35. SDM says:

    I should win because….well…..hmmmm…uhhhhh…. I don’t have enough money to buy a ticket. Should be a good enough reason.

  36. Joshua says:

    Top 10 Reasons I should win the ASE ticket(s):

    10. I would like to show off my new iPad at the conference (I’m winning it from you soon).

    9. I will back you up on all stories of what went on during the conference when questioned by your wife.

    8. I have a history of winning things. DO NOT disrupt the universe by stopping this trend.

    7. I will speak highly of you in front of peers, mentors and followers. NOBODY trash talks JC in front of me without getting a good tongue lashing!

    6. I would like to meet good people who also know things about affiliate marketing. I suspect there may be at least 3 good people.

    5. I would like to eat New York Cheesecake, in New York.

    4. I will not do anything crazy or embarrassing that won’t work in your favor. No tequila body shots!

    3. I will TWEET that I won a ticket from you. You should really be paying me to do this, but I’m willing to give it to you FREE if I win.

    2. I just joined Foursquare.

    …and the number 1 reason why I should get the ticket (I made a video):

    Thanks John!

    PS – Not sure I will go (thought it was in October), but figured I’d still submit for the fun of it…

  37. I guess its too late to win the tickets πŸ™

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