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The Affiliate Summit West 2010 happens January 17-19 in Las Vegas and I have TEN Gold Passes, worth $549 each, to give away to ten lucky John Chow dot Com readers. The Gold Pass gives you admission to Affiliate Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynotes, Sunday educational sessions; access to all recorded session videos; PowerPoint presentations; and Affiliate Summit Social Network.

To enter, all you have to do is explain in the comments why you should be awarded a Gold Pass to the Affiliate Summit. The better your comment, the higher your chances of being a winner. Please only enter if you actually plan on going. If you are selected, you must attend. The pass is not transferable and cannot be resold because it will have your name on it. I am only giving away the passes. I am not paying for your travel or hotel. I might be doing some kind of Dot Com Pho event which all winners can attend.

The winners will be announce this Saturday, Decemeber 12 during Dot Com Pho. This should give you enough time to book your air and hotel if you need it. I know I have lots of readers in Las Vegas that want to go to the Affiliate Summit but can’t afford the cost of the pass. This is your chance to go! Good luck and enter now!

59 thoughts on “Win A Gold Pass To Affiliate Summit West 2010”

  1. Tad Wolfe says:

    The top Five reasons I should win a pass. 1. I posted first 2. I have a ton to learn 3. I have a burning desire to better myself. 4. I am a HUGE John Chow fan. 5. It will be my fist summit and if anything like blogworld it will rock

  2. Kirk Taylor says:

    Top reasons you should select me for this: 1) You make money from my efforts 2) I am the second post 3) I am a serial entrepreneur with a lot of experience that loves to learn more and network 4) This will be my first industry event with many more to come. 5) I will show up, even early. Enjoy Las Vegas. 6) Improve your return on your investment to educate me! πŸ™‚ By choosing me, your affiliate commissions will increase from the knowledge that I gain by attending.

  3. Harry says:

    1. Because I’m a dick
    2. Because I never want to go anywhere near Las Vegas
    3. It will make a good story in 100 years time when I’m in a home
    4. Because I’ve only ever won games by cheating
    5. See 1

  4. Hey John,
    This is a great offer. Well hopefully after this comment, you’ll only be giving away 9 more because the other one is mine.

    1. I deserve one ticket because I live in Vancouver just like you, well not really, I think you live in Richmond or something. But I should get one because there should be more people in BC attending these events, we can then bring it back home and share our experience with others here locally.

    2. Well, the next reason why should it give me the other ticket is because, clearly I’m your biggest fan and I pretty learned affiliate/internet marketing from you. Really, you’re the reason why I’m in the industry and now I do this for a living.

    3. I rarely leave comments to any blog and because I took the time to write this long ass comment, this gives you another reason why you should give me one ticket.

    Now, hand me my ticket. LOL :p Good luck to you all!

  5. Hardeep says:

    Hey John,

    I should be given a pass to Affiliate Summit West for the following reasons:

    1. The cost of the trip would be too much if I had to pay for the hotel, flight and conference pass. The flight and hotel will be affordable, especially if I jump on some hotel deals that I’ve seen.

    2. I lost my job last month, and am looking to do affiliate marketing full-time. The networking that can happen at an event like Affiliate Summit would be awesome in my pursuit for full-time affiliate income.

    3. I’m a nice guy, I work hard and I will be a good choice.

    Thanks for your consideration!


  6. That’s really a good chance for somebody. I wonder who will be the lucky ones, πŸ™‚

  7. Jimmy Tang says:

    1. I want to network with more affiliattes.
    2. Never experienced Affiliate Summit before so this would be a great experience.
    3. Learn more strategies and techniques
    4. Keep my motivation going by being around afliates
    5. Partying in Vegas πŸ™‚

  8. Martin says:

    Thanks for an incredible opportunity John. We’ve met at Blog World a couple of times and as I mentioned to you there, your advice has been invaluable. (I’m the Homeland Security guy with a small daughter that wears the Shoemoney shirt)

    With what I’ve learned over the past couple of years from your site and others, I’ve managed to carve out a very nice niche, build a site that is now a PR8, with 20k RSS subscribers and in Alexa’s top 100,000.

    It’s been a lot of work and I’ve managed to meet most of the challenges, with one exception… Affiliate Marketing. As much as I’ve read and attempted to try, it’s the one thing I still just haven’t been able to nail down. I feel like I’ve been close a couple of times, only to have the success of a nice payday elude me.

    We live close to Las Vegas, however with the holidays just around the corner and having recently attended both Blog World and Pubcon I’ve pretty much hit the limit of our ‘web conference budget’. Winning a free pass could not come at a better time.

    Win or lose, thank you for the opportunity John. Hopefully I’ll see you in Vegas.

    All the best and continued success,


  9. If you give me the pass you also have to pay my flight from Prague (Czech Republic) to Las Vegas (USA) and the hotel for me and hubby, pretty please! Just kidding πŸ˜‰ May the five most worth and deserving win! SY

    1. Oops, meant to say, may the TEN best and most deserving readers win πŸ˜‰ SY

  10. Eric says:

    Ok, I’ll bite…

    45) Because I need an excuse to stop looking at my tracking202 spy view for a whole weekend.
    46) Because there’s a stripper in vegas that stole my shoe and I want it back
    47) Because the bouncer stole the other one and I want it back too
    48) Because the affiliate meetups in Vancouver kinda suck
    49)I’d like to spend a Sunday night doing something besides launching campaigns on Yahoo! for once.

    *FTC Disclaimer: This post has been made with the explicit intent of personal gain and anything said herein cannot be taken as the truth as of Dec 1st 2009

    1. Socialcouch says:

      Nice motivation dude!

      If i were John i would totally give you a pass πŸ™‚

  11. Well, I am already in Vegas and would love the info and a chance to meet you…Thanks

  12. Dennis K says:

    I need a job! This is a great event to network.

  13. Dean Saliiba says:

    It is a shame I am in the UK or I’d enter this contest. Been wanting to go to a convention like this for years.

  14. David says:

    Wowza….i wouldl ove to go John!!!! This is a great contest!

  15. Dan says:

    I should get picked because

    It would be an opportunity for me to goto vegas and meet networks/affiliates and attend seminars to strength my understanding of ppc and affiliate marketing in general.

    1) I’m hoping to network and meet other affiliates to perhaps discover new verticals.
    2) Looking to see whos exhibiting and discover new opportunities
    3) Hopefully pickup tips at some of the seminars
    4) I’ve never been to a mainstream affiliate conference
    5) so I can buy you a drink

  16. videostar says:

    I would like to go to Vegas somewhere.I’ll be dreaming about it.

  17. Jacky Luo says:

    I have been doing Affliate Marketing for almost 5 months now with minimum success. I would love to take be apart of ASW. Would much appreciate the pass.

  18. Reyes says:

    Still looking for solid affiliate marketeers from the adult industry side of things. Mainstream affiliate marketeers just poo poos on adult sites (yet, I have registered users from people of those affiliate companies). I guess I want to go to this convention to really drill down as to why the duplicity and Victorian attitude.

  19. Hmm, I’m probably the one with one of the strangest main motives for wanting to win this..
    Well, besides being interested in Affiliate Marketing (starter as I am however), and taking a different approach on things (Original from Denmark, now lived in Peru), my story is this..

    My girlfriend moves to California near Las Vegas in just about a week, to stay there for 3 months for some exchange study. I was planning on going there in january, but I’m not really sure I can cover it economicly, and I can really write it off in my company – as its not company related expenses..

    If I win a Gold Pass, I will:
    1) Go get some great info and networking on Affiliate Marketing
    2) Be able to write this and the travel off as expense in my company account (ie. cheaper and affordable)
    3) Visit my girlfriend in January πŸ˜‰

    Oh yea, and 4) Visit the states for the first time. πŸ˜›

  20. moneca says:

    rats, no chance in hell now…i snoozed…actually i was a working.

  21. CredFollow says:

    Luck to those who will be selected.

    1. You forgot to state your five reasons WHY you should win πŸ˜‰ SY

  22. Well, deserve? Haha, don’t know if I deserve it but would love to find out what is with all the affiliates that seem to love to follow me on twitter. Some of the things they have to say honestly seem too goof to be true, and would love to have this proven. Never been to Vegas, this would give me a reason to go. Always meant to go to Defcon, but just never got her together. Thanks for the offer, and good luck to all!

  23. BenSpark says:

    I would like a pass for my wife. I have been to Las Vegas four times now and she has never been. I am speaking at this Summit and am taking her along with me. I get a pass for attending however I don’t have a pass for her. I’m still in the doghouse for my last trip to Vegas without her and I need a way to get out of the doghouse, for free. So if I won this for her I could take her somewhere nice while we are out in Vegas. And if you pick me Allison will knit you some socks. She is a fantastic knitter.

    1. If I would be John, I would give you the price! SY

  24. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Definitely I couldn’t be able to attend and not going to participate the contest too. But, I would like to wish all the Top 10 winners good luck and have fun!

  25. I need an Affiliate summit pass because I feel that I have a great future in affiliate marketing. I want to create solid business partnerships with like minded people which can be found only at affiliate summit. Therefore, I need this pass if you can give me John.

  26. Alex says:

    I need one of those ten passes because:
    1. it’s an awesome event
    2. all the cool kids will be there (including you – and I haven’t met you yet)
    3. PurposeInc is planning a poker tournament and other fun events
    4. I want to play BlackJack with Neil Patel
    5. I already booked my room at the Rio

  27. Noah says:

    I would love to go to this! I have friends that have gone only to come back making more money and having more free time to enjoy life! I have a small consultancy and would love to diversify business revenue with afilliate revenue to have more time and money to enjoy life! Going to this event would definately help me do that!

  28. Ben says:

    1. I’ve NEVER been to Vegas
    2. I LOVE Pho
    3. I had planned on going to ASE. I bought my own ticked, but unfortunately because of a untimely campaign launch with my former employer I could not go. He ended up going, and I missed out.
    4. I would LOVE to go.
    5. I feel going to ASW would really help me gain insights, strategies, and contacts that would help me build my business and affiliate marketing career.

  29. poorblogger says:

    Too far to go.. The prize is worthy to win..

  30. Diabetis says:

    That would be great if I can go to that place.

    1. Would help if you give John 5 reasons to choose you πŸ˜‰ SY

  31. ryan says:

    I want to go so I can party like Tiger Woods in Vegas !!! and of course network with fellow affiliates πŸ™‚

  32. Well…mainly because I love, and when I make it big someday I will remember who helped me get there!

  33. Man, there must be a million of these meetings a year. How does anyone ever get anything done in this business having so much fun all the time.

    1. Like me, don’t go because you live in a “summit abandoned” neck of the wood, no temptation here! SY

  34. videostar says:

    It is my dream! Everyday I am dreaming of it to go to Vegas as soon as possible!

  35. Mark S says:

    Thanks for the oppportunity to win a pass John.

    I’m really excited about going to this affiliate summit. I’ve never been before but I know it’s going to provide some much needed accountability and insight that I’m missing right now.

    I’m looking forward to meeting some of my affiliate managers and long-distance affiliate friends in person for the first time as well as building some new relationships.

    I started in affiliate marketing a couple of years ago after my real estate business (predictably!) took a massive nose dive. It was freakin’ tough at first and I burned through a lot of my savings and even racked up some serious debt before I leveled off and now make a full-time income from it. (I’ve even paid off my debt and I’m rebuilding my lost retirement funds)

    However, the next step for me is to really accelerate my earnings. I believe a big key to this is networking with other successful internet marketers and continuing to learn from successful affiliates.

    I’ve been pretty isolated as an affiliate. There aren’t many successful affiliates (that I know of) in my area. I’m really hoping that the Affiliate Summit will create some cool new connections for me.

    I believe I’m a good candidate for one of your passes because I’m in the right place as an IM – I’m not a newb but I’m not wildly successful. Also, I already have my room at the RIO reserved and my airfare paid for. So no risk of me not using the ticket!

    I’m also someone who will make great use of the pass – I’m not going to skip out on the sessions and important aspects of the conference.

    I’d also like to meet you if there’s a chance. It’d be a good opportunity to thank you for the pass;)

    Thanks for the great content!

  36. I seem to be in the reverse situation. Should’ve moved to Vegas when I had the chance πŸ™ Would love to goto this, however, I can’t afford either airfare or hotel… πŸ™ Maybe one of my friends can help me out, I don’t know. Sounds like an event well worth attending….

  37. John Chow,

    I’ve bin in the affiliate world for almost four years now.

    If you give me one Gold pass, I’ll give you one Golden Ticket that you can have me do one dare wish.

    If you recall, I was pretty close to falling into the Hudson river during the Market Leverage ASE 09 boat party. So that you could video tape it for a post. Well now I’m ready for your one wish dare!

    So what will be your Vegas dare? I’m game!

    – Brian Hawkins
    Affiliate Marketing Manager

    P.S. Dare Wish Disclaimer: I’m happily married and NO I don’t want to steal Mike Tyson’s tiger to bring to Affiliate Summit.

  38. Dan B says:

    Thanks for offering these passes for ASW. Iv’e heard amazing things about the Affiliate Summit’s and have been hoping to attend for about six months.

    I debated going a couple routes with my comments. Do I make it extremely funny, or do I make it heart wrenching? In the end I decided I would just be honest.

    I’ve heard some of the success stories from these conferences and I would love to have one of my own. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for about a year and a half and have had decent success. Now it’s time for me to take it to the next level. My goal for 2010 is to reach a full time income from aff marketing. The gold pass you are offering would help me build new contacts and grow my knowledge to help me reach my goal.

  39. Seaward says:

    Emergency summit? With all that has been going on what took them so long? Oh right, the shrub. Well, better late than never I guess. Let’s just hope it isn’t too late.

  40. videostar says:

    I hope my dream will come true soon.I feel it with all my heart.

  41. Michael H. says:

    Hi John,

    I would really appreciate a Gold Pass for ASW.

    1. After being out of a job for more than a year, I feel I’ve finally found a niche (Affiliate Marketing) that suits my abilities and interest.
    2. I have never attended an Affiliate Summit before. I just recently found out about it and looking at the agenda, it appears to be the best place to gain the knowledge and contacts needed to succeed.
    3. Being relatively new to this field, I currently don’t have the budget to purchase a gold pass on my own. However, I believe attending the Sunday Educational Sessions would be a great benefit in learning how to best utilize SEO, Social Media, and Affiliate Marketing opportunities in my business. Being awarded a Gold Pass would be an incredible asset and greatly appreciated.
    4. I of course look forward to meeting you and gaining as much information as possible from your experiences becoming a success in this field. The Dot Com Lifestyle is definitely for me!
    5. Hotel accommodations will not be a problem as I already have the ability to book a room during the conference dates. If I can get a pass, I’m good to go!

    Thank you. Hope to see you there!

  42. I need a job! This is a great event to network.

  43. Chris G. says:

    I deserve the Free Gold Pass to ASW because:
    1. I am EXPERIENCED – I am already planning on attending ASW, and have my hotel booked. I am experienced affiliate marketer, not a lazy noobie that will never do anything in this world. I made $50,000 using Google Adwords from 10/5/2009-11/10/2009, and got banned. I need to find another way to make money fast.
    2. I Will DONATE– I can afford the pass, and will gladly make a $549 donation to your favorite charity for the free pass.
    3. I want to MEET YOU– I would love to personally meet you, and share with you some of the great ideas I have generated. (possible JV)
    4. I have GOALS– I have the goal to generate 2 million dollars in affiliate commissions in 2010. Reading your blog has been a life changing experience for me, and I will be using you as one of my main mentors to attaining that goal.

    Good Luck!

  44. Hey John!!

    I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing now for about 6 months and have experienced some success. I went to the last ASE in NY, when I was just getting started in the industry. At that time, there was so much that was over my head that I didn’t understand, but it helped me learn the basics I needed to know about affiliate marketing.

    Fast forward to the present now, I just launched a blog to share business ideas with subscribers at I credit your blog and free ebook you give away to subscribers as a large part for creating my blog as this was one of the first sites I came across when I was getting involved in the industry.

    Part of being successful in any aspect in life, especially business is creating a master mind group of people who help you achieve the success you want to achieve. I NEED to go to ASW to build my own master mind group of like minded individuals. Now that I have learned more about the industry we are involved in I will take so much more from this conference in Las Vegas.

    Thanks for providing this great opportunity! I see there is much more competition than there was in previous years. I do have a free plane ticket and someone to stay with in Las Vegas, so you can rest assured that I will attend. Look forward to seeing you on this side of the country now and blogging all about the summit.

    Adrian Childers

  45. oes tsetnoc says:

    just 4 days left to announce winner πŸ™‚

  46. Chris Tew says:

    Okay John, I have 3 spectacular choices for you:

    If you give me a Gold Pass I will either:

    1. Buy Stephen ‘tapeworm’ Fung a $100 burger while in Vegas. But if he can’t finish it he has to wear bright red lipstick for 1 day of the summit.


    2. I’ll wear a T-Shirt for the entire event which says:
    ‘I met John Chow & all I got was this lousy T-Shirt’
    ‘Dear FTC, Did You Sponsor John Chow Yet?’
    ‘Dear FTC, I disclose John Chow made me wear this stupid T-Shirt. This is not a typical John Chow experience.’


    3. I’ll take a John Chow action figure on my world trip and take a photo of it in lots of awesome locations in the U.S, Caribbean and South America.
    If there’s no such thing as a John Chow action figure maybe a company will make one for us, failing that I’ll stick your pic on a Ken Doll.



    (P.S – if I’m lucky enough to win there’s a small chance I’d donate the pass to my girlfriend who’s also coming as I’ve entered another competition I probably won’t win – I’d still do one of the above though)

  47. chester says:

    I wish I could go to this. Sounds like it would be worthwhile.

  48. zee says:

    1. I love the blogosphere – I started a simple website in 2004 using Frontpage and moved to a blog 2 years ago nad have built it to an email opt-in list of 2500 subscribers

    2. I want to make this my living – i want to combine my love of writing with this technology. The more I learn the more i dream of the dot-com lifestyle

    3. I am turning 50 next year – i want to prove to me and the rest of the world that though the dot-com world is filled with stories of 20 somethings owning the space it also is accommodating to those who dream of success and are past the age of 40.

    4. I want to meet others who are doing what they love utilizing the dot-com technology. I will meet people who are passionate about their work and usually those people are the most likely to share their success.

    5. I want to make Money…after working for 30 years as a professional accountant i now believe “Do what u love and the money will follow”

    See u in Lost Wages….

  49. Martin says:

    I’ve already left comments above, just wanted to say, I didn’t think Saturday would ever get here. I’m looking forward to the announcement of the winners from Dot Com Pho today. Several good comments to choose from I just hope I’m one of them.

  50. Dan B says:

    Hey, I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear who won the contest. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it in the Dot Com Pho interview. Will the results be released soon?

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