Win a MacBook Pro from

Do you want a new Apple iPod touch, but you don’t exactly have a couple hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket? How about a new MacBook Pro to keep up with your dot com lifestyle? While you could certainly head out to the local Apple Store and buy either one of these products, it may be a little more appealing to get them for free.

In preparation of their upcoming launch, the team behind ordered up this review. The site isn’t quite ready to go just yet, but there is a terrific contest to attract your interest. You can’t beat the price of free, right?

Introducing a Social Shopping Portal

Before we get to the idooble contest, perhaps it would be valuable to take a look at what the actual site will offer when it launches a little later this month. In short, idooble is a social shopping portal that is meant to combine the social networking aspects of services like Facebook and Twitter with the shopping comparison services of and

Win a MacBook Pro from

If you go to right now, you’ll see that they have a few screenshots set up on the main page for you to peruse. From what I can gather, idooble will give you the opportunity to look at reviews, wish lists, and price comparisons for a wide variety of products. Categories include everything from appliances and books to computers and video games.

Navigating through, you’ll have the opportunity to search for specific products, see what the going price is for that product in a number of different stores, and look at the overall ratings that idooble members have given that product thus far.

Each member will be given a “shopper’s profile” for showing their top-rated products, recent Twitter updates, friend lists, blog posts, and more. That’s where the “social” aspect of shopping through idooble comes into play.

Gain Access to the Public Beta

Win a MacBook Pro from

It’s unclear when idooble will launch officially, but you can get in early via the public beta test. From the main page, you’ll see a simple e-mail submission form.

By providing your e-mail address, you will receive an invitation to the public beta some time in October 2009. You can choose to keep up with idooble via Facebook or Twitter as well.

Want to Get a Free MacBook Pro?

We all want free stuff, right? In an effort to build up its user base as quickly as possible, idooble is hosting a contest where the top prize is an Apple MacBook Pro. The version being given away has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB RAM, and a 250GB hard drive.

Win a MacBook Pro from

There will be a total of 100 prizes being given away. The first place winner gets the MacBook Pro as mention, but other winners will be given an 8GB iPod touch, 8GB iPod nano, $15 iTunes gift card, or an idooble t-shirt.

Create an Account and Win

So, how can you win?

First, you’ll need to register for an account with You’ll need to enter your name, email address, and zip code, as well as fill out a short survey about your online buying habits. From there, you’ll need to refer your friends to idooble.

Win a MacBook Pro from

First-tier referrals give you ten points, second-tier referrals give you three points, and third-tier referrals give you one point. I couldn’t find the contest deadline on the site, so you’ll want to sign up and start referring as soon as possible. Last I checked, the current leader has over 5000 points already!

Thankfully, there are going to be 100 winners in all, so even if you can’t land the MacBook, you still have a solid shot at the iPod touch, iPod nano, iTunes gift card, or idooble t-shirt. Can you tell that they’re big fans of Apple?


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  1. clemenceko says:

    Wow … this is very interesting. They do have an unique business model. Thanks for sharing John.

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      It was Michael Kwan who wrote this post instead of John. 🙂

      1. Sahil Kotak says:

        Yeah, Michael Kwan, and he has written a very well explained post.

        1. I’m pretty sure Michael Kwan writes all of John’s paid reviews. At least, since I’ve been reading he has always written them.

      2. Kevin Pasco says:

        Who the hell cars who wrote it? It’s the info that matters, really.

        1. Ya! Who CARS, I mean anyone who CARS about that should go drive their CARE of a bridge.

      3. gaban says:

        yeah he did it

    2. I wonder if they will have an affiliate program?

  2. Idooble surely know how to get attention from online community. This contest surely will boost idooble visibility in net.

    And i will. join it for sure!

    1. They are still in beta stage, they have a contest right now, and the more referalls you have the better prize you can win.

      1. Still in beta stage, and already do this big move. Awesome.

        1. yes its amazing.its get good stand.

    2. It’s definitely a great way to get a bunch of customers.

      1. Even if they will not able to get the customers than certainly this way they will recognise themselves to world at large.

        1. Exactly! Even if people don’t start using them right away, the will inevitability start to gain some popularity. Then the people who read about them or visited their site during this contest will remember them and already have some degree of trust.

          1. And that is the first stage of getting more and more conversion …

            They know it perfectly and working according to that …

  3. Young says:

    I had thought this post might have been written by John, but it is a good contest with challenge.

    1. Hey Young …

      Not only you many people think in this manner. So next time whenever you come to JohnChow … just look at the author name below the title of post.

  4. I’ll tell you this, if you have a lot of friends who LOVE winning, you’ll become the person who has a higher chance of receiving the better prizes! Of course, I don’t ask you to spam it, but here’s the catch. Just invite people, whether by E-Mail, Twitter, blog (like this), YouTube Video, whatever… if you invite people, it’s 10 points each.good luck

    1. Old but still effective method to bring more and more traffic to site.

      1. Old is alwayz just go head to get more visitors to your site. methodology doesn’t matter.

      2. Nothing like tried and true. No reason to reinvent the wheel if you already have a system that works well. (Although if you do come up with a new idea that brings value to the community, it might take off even more!)

  5. Stany says:

    I love the idea of this contest. Thanks for review!

    1. Yes this one always work and nice to see that people are still trying this one …

      They really hit weak nerve of human being …

      Everyone love Free things

  6. It looks like a pretty cool site. I love the more social shopping sites such as newegg. This will be a good one too hopefully.

  7. Sahil Kotak says:

    The contest is good and I was about to join, but just checked FAQ and got that they are just accepting participants from USA & Canada. So no chance for be.

    BTW: Nice And Explained Post Michael.

    1. Yup, and i can not participate either.

      1. Its pretty much understanding that these people wants to set up themselves in this part of world first and than later on expand their wings.

        I am going to take part on this …

      2. Just find a friend in the US to work with.. It’s not like anyone would think you were trying to do a spam scam or anything 😉

  8. Bait the trap with a MacBook and you’ll catchme every time! I like the concept, and the sweetener is the opportunity to win the MacBook, so I am heading over to sign up for the beta test straight away!

    1. OK, a zip code is required for registration, so for non-US reidents this competition doesn’t seem to work. I’ve emailed them asking about this though…..

      1. Stany says:

        They said this is for USA & Canada only.

        1. So they are targeting only two countries at the moment. May be they have limited infrastructure and will expand more in coming days or months.

          1. That’s a great point ZK. If they don’t already have international shipping arrangements, It could get very expensive for them to ship overseas. Then again, they could be losing a ton of sales by not offering that as an option. Especially if they are promoting on international sites.

  9. Melvin says:

    Just signed in. Btw, does it mean I was referred by John Chow? 😉

    1. EarningStep says:

      yeah you are right.. but i don’t think john post this for referral.. he can buy any type of macbook pro if he want… lol

      1. But he is also businessman and wanted to get more and more bulks …

        Best thing about this is we are getting chances to get macbook.

      2. Just because you can buy anything you want doesn’t mean you don’t want free stuff. He could use it for a giveaway to promote his blog, or he could even give it to charity; I’m sure many of the charities he has been working with could use the computer

  10. G Smith says:

    Will not accept Canadian postal code.

  11. EarningStep says:

    so this is about finding referral.. i don’t think this is easy but nothing to lose…

  12. Brad says:

    I love these types of giveaway events… easy to join, doesn’t cost anything…. who can say no to free stuff!

    Iam in.

    1. Yes that’s why they want to capitalise it … this one is working and believe me this will wok till the end of this world.

      Mac book is the weak nerve of every computer users.

  13. fas says:

    NIce contest there, would love the mac, how many inch is it?

    1. wow … you want to know the inches as well.

      I do not think that everyone would mind even if this is of 9 inch … lolzz

  14. Sounds like a pretty sweet contest. I bet John could easily make a comeback and win if he pushed for it. 😉
    John, if you won, you could do a give away for all the people who signed up from your link! Just an idea.

    1. Great idea, and john can make contest for it. 😀

      1. Hahah … Dana … that was awesome said …

        Contest after contest …

        1. gaban says:

          hope john consider this idea 🙂

          1. And we will double chance to win MacBook Pro …

  15. Paul says:

    I am in the market for a laptop… I don’t know if I could switch from pc to mac. A free mac pro would do the trick.

  16. I already won a MacBook Air I guess I could use a MacBook pro too.

    1. Hey from where you won MacBook Air … tell us we would love to try our luck as well.

  17. Wow Michael!
    It’s awesome business model. I thas an interesting strategy.

    1. Chris … this is the oldest trick of internet world …

  18. Certainly a post at JohnChow.Com will give them more exposure and visitors instantly. But now to keep the visitors keep coming will depend on the quality of their websites and attractive offer.

  19. I wonder if they will have an affiliate program?

    1. I would be all about an affiliate program. More and more CPA seems to be the way to make money online. PPC and PPM just don’t seem to have the return.

      1. Vitaliy says:

        Yes, there is will be affiliate network.

  20. videostar says:

    I wish I would win the MacBook pro too.

  21. Live Fuzhou says:

    Can I get one since I’m in China

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