Win A Networking Plus Pass To Affiliate Summit East 2016

The Affiliate Summit East (ASE) happens July 31 – August 2, 2016 at the New York Marriott Marquis, and I got $5,490 worth of Networking Plus Passes to give away! That sounds like a lot of passes, but it works out to only ten (Affiliate Summit is not a cheap show). Winning a pass means you save yourself $549!

The Networking Plus Pass gives you admission to Affiliate Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynotes, Sunday educational sessions; access to all recorded session videos; and PowerPoint presentations. You can also upgrade to a VIP Pass by paying the difference in price.

How To Enter To Win An ASE Networking Plus Pass

[youtube id=”AbtNFe1SnEg” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

To enter, all you have to do is explain in the comments why you should be awarded a Networking Plus Pass to the Affiliate Summit. The better your comment, the higher your chances of winning.

Please only enter if you actually plan on going. You also need to be 21 or older. If you are selected, you must attend. The pass is not transferable and cannot be resold because it will have your name on it. I am only giving away the passes. I am not paying for your travel or hotel. However, the winners will get a limited edition John Chow dot Com T-shirt It’s guarantee to get you into all the parties.

IMPORTANT – please note the following:
You must notify the recipients that they cannot be transferred, and the pass codes become invalid in the event the conference sells out. Also, anybody registering for a complimentary pass who neither checks in at the conference or cancels will be ineligible for future complimentary passes.

If you are new to Internet marketing, attending the Affiliate Summit can be a life-changing event. Many of the biggest names in the industry got their start at this show. If you’re serious about making money online, you can not afford to miss this show. Watch the video below to see the impact the Affiliate Summit has made on past attendees.

[youtube id=”ZTaCDMjfsMs” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

The winners of the passes will be announced on Monday, April 4. This should give you enough time to book your air and hotel if you need it. Good luck and enter now!

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59 thoughts on “Win A Networking Plus Pass To Affiliate Summit East 2016”

  1. Carolina says:

    PICK ME! I’ve always wanted to go to ASE and meet all the successful and inspiring entrepreneurs that attend this event. I’m willing to fly all the way from Chile for this and make this one of the best experiences of my life. Plus I need to see and meet Scott Stratten aka Unmarketing he’s one of my idols!!

  2. Wayne Gosse says:

    NO…PICK ME! You have no choice! You’re my sponsor, I’m Canadian, my GF is Asian, and I can drive there from TO :). I’ve been in MOBE for a few years now and kinda went on the shiny market route for awhile but, now I’ve just gotten back into the game again and ready to rock it. This could just be the event that turns me around.

    Plus, I’ve never been to NYC! I’m a veteran whose been all over the world and, back in my drinking days :), I used to tell stories about the time I sailed into New York harbour. Unfortunately that was a white lie. It was actually Boston Harbour…lol…

    So, John…now you have no choice now that I opened up and spilled the



  3. John Raspa says:

    You can pick Carolina, as long as you save a Networking Plus Pass for me too. – I have never met Carolina in person and would enjoy hanging out with the both of you in NYC.

    ASE is a great event and its only a short train ride or drive for me. Not to mention they have some of the best speakers, like John Chow… We had a lot of fun last summer hanging out at the Black Event party during ASE 15. I’m sure ASE 16 will be even more fun! Looking forward to getting a Tshirt (med). We have known each other for a good number of years now, as far back as when I advertised on before we even met Matt.

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  4. Hi John

    What a great timing for this giveaway. I have already planned to visit New York in July to meet few clients and then found this giveaway of awesome Affiliate Summit. Count me in for that and looking forward to meet you and other great affiliates there.


  5. Billy Vance says:

    Pick me!!! I live in California! I can meet you at the airport and we can be travel buddies!! And it would be my first conference!! I just learned how important they are to attend, if you are looking to change your mindset. So, please pick me!!!

  6. Dilanka Wettwa says:

    John —

    Ah yes, frolicking with a bunch of marketing nerds in the middle of New York, getting drunk and eating cheese puffs over adult beverages — who doesn’t like doing that? (Well, Sally might be too young for that :P)

    In any case, I have never been to one of these grand gatherings…EVER, but willing to break up with my girlfriend, quit my job and sell my car if necessary to attend.

    So, John Chow, the gods would appreciate it if you save one of those passes for good old Dilanka.

    If not, it’s cool. I’ll still be more than happy to give a thumbs up to your “Driving with John Chow” videos and meet you at one of your Dot Com Lunches!

    See ya later my friend!
    Dilanka ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Rafael says:

    Hi, John my name is Rafael Mendoza I’m 21 college student and I live 10 mins just outside of NYC. It would be a great opportunity for me to win because I am an up and coming internet marketer. Attending this event would allow me to explore the industry and be able to ask you questions. I read your blog and videos everyday and your an inspiration to young people like me. Hope your enjoying Fiji and I hope I get the chance to meet you!

  8. kim says:

    Pick me because I am John Chow’s Bitch [and your MOBE downline]

  9. You should pick me John because I’ve never been to NYC and I’m willing to fly all the way over there from Vancouver BC! I’ve met you before at the Supercharge Summit 2015 in vegas briefly and I’d love to shake your hand again. I want to try and go to as many live events as I can, since I always seem to pick up valuable tidbits here and there and get to be surrounded by many like-minded people and its just a fantastic atmosphere!

  10. MoT says:

    PICK ME! I live in California! I can meet you at the airport.

  11. Pick Me, I am an Entrepreneur whos passion is to see people everywhere stop living beneath their potential and start living a more fulfilling life. I’ve dedicated my life to becoming successful and helping others achieve the same. The great thing is I live in NJ I’m literally 20 minutes from New York City. This event is exactly what I’m looking for. And of course the pleasure of meeting John Chow. Imagine Marcus Mr. Fantastic himself together With The Incredible John Chow in NYC! This could be the beginning of what legends are made of.
    Pick me!

  12. Pick them all! Passes for everyone. And, me too, of course. Although I would love a free pass to attend, I’m not going to beg or plead. There are more deserving people. I have amazing friends and connections in the business world, all made from attending these types of events and, get this, networking. Whomever is attending make the most of it!

  13. My name is Brian Gonzalez and John chow you should pick me because of many reasons. The reason you should pick me is because I am a young entrepreneur 21 years old with a vision and dream to impact many in my market place. I currently am living in New York so I definelty will be going. I will be honored to be at the event and learn so much so I can give back to the market place and inspire many people my age that anything is possible when you put in the hard work and dedication. You should also pick me because I am serious about my successful if you check out my website I have over 50 episodes of interviews with products creators and it only shows you that I am hungry to make a change in people’s lives and truly help many make money on the Internet and have financial success. Pick me John chow and I will see you at the event.

  14. Milton says:

    Hello John,

    It would be a blessing for you to pick me, I have been following you for a while, I read your book and now I do internet marketing fulltime. I have an e-commerce store and its growing in revenue every month. I getting more and more into affiliate marketing and I think this event will help me go in the right direction. I am getting married August 5th and I am paying for the wedding cash from the money I have been making. I live in DC and I can drive to new york. I am a go getter I make it happen and I listen and apply what you teach on your videos. I’m young motivated, hungry and I know I wont take this opportunity for granted. Investing in myself has been the best decision of my life.

  15. Jerry says:

    Hello Mr. John Chow,

    I been following your blog since Fall of 2012 and your blog never seems to get boring. The information that you provide can’t be measured. Your ability to make money and give people hope all over the world speaks major volume. With that being said, I would love to attend Affiliate Summit East 2016 to further my education into this internet world and someday live the dot com lifestyle. Again, thanks for all that you do for the internet world. Please keep your blog running !!!!


    Jerry Marcellus

  16. MotorBeam says:

    It’s that time of the year, AGAIN

  17. Fred Chevry says:

    My first summit!

    My name is Fred Chevry and I firmly believe that I will not only learn from the summit, but also give back! As a professional and international drug free bodybuilder, I spend my days helping out other people and I took my business online last year to get more reach. It’s been quite a challenge and I feel the need to network with other people just like you to step my game up to the pro level in blogging and affiliate marketing as well! I gave a passion for sharing my knowledge of fitness, just like you have a passion for sharing your online money making skills! Talk to you soon and have a great day!!

  18. Will says:

    I watch every episode and because I want to LIVE THE LIFESTYLE YOU DO!!

  19. Estee says:

    Because you’re my absolute hero! I have been following you for sometime now and taking diligent notes. They say if you want to be succesful you need to align yourself with other succesful people. It would be an homor to meet you in person and watch you in action.
    I live in New York and this would be a dream come true!. Oh..and of course I promise to Pay It Forward 😉

    1. estee says:

      Whoops… sorry for the typo… It would be an ho”n”or to meet with you. Not a ho”m”or… 🙂
      Looking forward to the drawing.. Hope to meet with you soon!

  20. Art Haas says:

    Hey John, looking so forward to meeting you at the Affiliate Summit. I am a brand new Mobe Member and I went all in . I’m also Platinum !!! I live in New York so it’s no big deal for me to attend. Looking forward to picking your brain. Thanks Alot !!

  21. “AUGUST 2, 1987”, was the day that I was born. I’m from Columbia, Mississippi so I have never been to an event like this we only have Agriculture Conventions and Rodeos “LOL”. I’ve been a web designer for about 9 years. I recently just started researching affiliate marketing after a back surgery that left me with a lot of down time. I been researching some of your articles about affiliate marketing and they inspire me to go further and further. This would make an awesome birthday gift and I could definitely use the knowledge. By the way I just recently made my first affiliate site check it out and feel free to let me know what I did wrong or should have did differently. (I can show proof of my DOB if needed)

  22. Manuel Tamay says:

    Hi John Chow . For a while I want to meet you , if I win the ticket you don’t have to pay the hotel , plane ticket nothing . I love to learn from the best in the arena . Thank you , cheers.

  23. shimeles says:

    The reason must be selected because I am a young and visionary entrepreneur. I dream to have an impact much to my online market. Currently, I live in Ethiopia. I am honored to be at the event and learn a lot so that you can return to the market and inspire many people my age that anything is possible when you put in the hard work and dedication. I am hungry to make a change in the lives of people and they really help a lot to make money online and succeed financially. Thank you John Chow for this Opportunities you created and I’ll see you at the event.

  24. Hello John,
    My name is Brenda Tokarz and I would love the opportunity to attend an event like the Affiliate Summit East. I am brand new to affiliate marketing !! It all happened because of your generosity in giving away your free E-Book that I was open to the idea at all. I know attending an event like this would be life changing for myself and my family. Like you my big Why? is to leave a legacy of a totally different lifestyle for my family for generations to come! Getting to meet you at this Summit would be amazing… but if that doesn’t happen at this event, just know that one day we will meet so I can personally thank you for giving me a new dream!

  25. kathryn mcmillan says:

    Dearest John,

    I would love to be chosen as I would love to have an opportunity to hang out with you again as I have a huge respect for you and the way that you run your business and your life. I have had in my mind, since I met you, the resolve that I would like to work with you at some point, as I believe that there would be a rare synergy and we would have a lot of fun and come up with gold, but right now I understand that I am but a mere beginner in the online world and I know that it is through attending kick bottom events like these that shifts occur!!!! I want to know HOW to quit the rat race and be there for my babies whilst dominating the online arena. I want to become a known entity in the arena for helping people succeed. I want to CHANGE THE WORLD and let people know that there is another way and teach them how to believe that – in my OWN way……. but first I need to have the knowledge to progress me first! 🙂
    Me and my other half have been ferretting away into the early hours for the last couple of years and can smell success but need that last push .

    Thanks and kind,kind wishes.

    P. S. What ever happens though, do look me up next time you are in London for a beer!!
    I am applying for this event because it is an ideal opportunity to catch up with you in a positive environment!!!! NYC!!!

  26. Duane says:

    Hi John,
    I’d like to meet you at that summit and hear the probable workshop you’ll be giving….(you being one of the superstars in this industry….)…..
    Why pick me? I reside in nearby Brooklyn and I’ll easily be able to attend and not waste the great gift you’re giving….
    Hope to meet you there John!!!!

  27. abdallah elsaid says:

    Hi, John my name is Abdallah Elsaid I’m 26y . It would be a great opportunity for me to win because I am an up and coming internet marketer. Attending this event would allow me to explore the industry. I hope I get the chance to meet you!

  28. Eric Huntley says:

    Hello Mr Chow

    I would like you to pick me because being a fellow blogger I would love learn how to make a living from it.

    As your down line and a MOBE MLR I’ve seen all testimonials and videos and wish to experience the joy of making money online.

    My wife gave me the money from her 401K to become a MLR my job doesn’t provide it. I want to be able to fulfill the trust she has placed in me and prove to her that this is real.

    I’m hungry and so much want to go all the way to Diamond in MOBE and I will get there one way or another.

  29. Elsie Dolly Lim says:

    Hi, John
    Pick me as I will travel from Singapore to New York!
    Not only we are affiliates in Mobe business and you are my mentor, I can network and get motivated by all inspiring speakers.
    Plus August is my birth month – going to New York will be my birthday gift as well as my first visit to NYC.

    Thank you for choosing me to go to New York!
    Elsie Lim

  30. Sunny says:

    I am all in. I just got selected no doubt 🙂

  31. Temidayo says:

    i know the show is great and important to me,because i really want to change my life with online marketing business but am poor and hopeless but one day i know i will be great online business owner like mark zuckerberg my dream can neva go away from me because i am determined and focus to be a great man like john chow. one day it will comes to real, a great show love that john thanks

  32. Thank you for offering up the opportunity to win a pass to the ASE. I chose affiliate marketing and joined MOBE because of you John….your video explaining the differences in the online business arena and why affiliate marketing is the way to go in creating an online business. I have since created several funnels, have been driving traffic and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in moving forward with my online business. I see this event as a means to further heighten by skills, knowledge and ultimately pass forward my learning for others. I look forward to meeting you at this event.

  33. Hi, John! If you pick me, I will be more than happy to help you get non-English trafic by translating your posts into Spanish, French and German. I can also tutor Sally or you in any of these languages. 😉
    BTW I am Asian descent, and speak some Mandarin!

    1. Also, if you pick me you will change my life as I am a first timer summit visito… All the way from Panama. As you would change my life, I would be a great testimonial for in the long run… In multiple languages!

  34. Hello John,

    I really want to go to this Affiliate Summit East. I remember how inspired MeiDee Lim was after she went last year and I definitely need to be around like minded positive people and especially to be able to spend time with you.
    I have many mttb sales but no conversions. I know that I will learn a lot that I will immediately put to good use! More importantly, it is because of you and your videos that I made the decision to join MOBE. You are my hero and Sally is an amazing young girl ☺

  35. Nerko says:

    Hi All,
    John, you will do exactly as tell you because you have no choice but do as I tell you!
    You will NOT pick me for the free pass to the summit. You hear me?
    Don’t you dare!

  36. Oni says:

    Hi John ,
    May be If you pick me and I come am going to introduce a type of idea in which men are to make a palm scanner…….this scanner will be meant to scan the thin and bold lines in men palm so for men to understand there stand before God [666] DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU , its in the bible….

  37. Julio Santos says:

    Hello John!
    One of those tickets should have my name on it.
    I’ve worked that 40 year plan and it lead me nowhere. I’m 59 years young now and in three more years social security won’t cut it for me. I’ve been researching internet marketing for the past three years and I believe this is my second chance. I would like ASE to be my career launching pad. I’m ready, John!
    As soon as you chose me, I will book my flight and hotel ASAP!

    1. Julio Santos says:

      P.S. I am also a MLR, thanks to you. I also got the book: Limitless, thanks again. With notebook in hand, I’ll go through this book as a textbook from a university. I’m that serious. I started working when I was 17 years old and my work experience as of today is huge. I can apply them all to my new career in internet marketing. My website is being designed to generate multiple income streams and to help others argument their linear income with an online business.
      Talk to the owners of ASE and tell them to give you 59 more passes because each one that writes to you on this blog deserves to be with you in New York City.

  38. Jordan Martens says:

    Hello John,

    Here is a list of relevant skills and assets I will bring to the Affiliate Summit East:
    – great likability
    – a man bun
    – a strong English accent
    – a strong french accent (I can be whatever you want me to be at the Summit, it’s one of my perks)
    – a strong sense of authenticity

    I’m not going to just sit here and tell you that I’m the best fit, because nobodies asking, because there’s no question I’m the best fit. But wait, there’s more to me than just fitting, I’m all about commitment, efficiency and honesty. When it comes to commitment I’m committed to being number 1. I don’t stop when everyone else does, I stop when everyone else has stopped for good and there’s nothing left to compete with. Okay, maybe that’s a little bit dramatic. But perhaps if more people were half as enthusiastic as I am than there would be more success on the Internet!

    I just started doing internet marketing when I was inspired from reading your eBook I received last week on your ultimate online profit model. I figure it only makes sense for you to continue investing into my future considering it already won’t be the same again!

    I don’t live that far from New York living here in Waterloo, ON Canada. So you can be sure I won’t miss it for the world!


    Jordan Martens

  39. nicholas cubito says:

    I’m tired of working 2 jobs to support my family and to work from home to also see my kids grow up and spend time with them is my dream. Hope to hear from you.

  40. Marie says:

    John, this would really changed the life of this single mother. I currently live in New York and have been unemployed for sometime. I was working for myself and got really sick. That meant I had to take time off to get better.

    I’ve been watching from the sidelines and I want to get in the game. I’m ready to improve our fortunes and create a legacy that I can pass onto my children. Showing them how to succeed and win is the best inheritance to give.

    If I’m selected, I will use the tools that I learn to create a new business of my own with at least 4 figures of profit per month. The goal is to hit the ground running. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

  41. Brian Roeder says:

    I was able to meet with you in Puerto Vallarta for the TM. I am sure after meeting all the people there it would be hard to remember me but, It would be a humbling honor to be invited by you and to be able to tap into your knowledge about marketing, blogging and just being a entrepreneur.
    Like many I have a struggling story but I have never given up on what I believe to be true……and that is myself! I have been fighting and exploring every avenue to come up with money to stay alive and keep my business a float. Having this opportunity to witness success will be a cherished experience to implement into my business. I live in Philadelphia, PA so a short 2 hr. drive. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Very Respectfully,
    Brian Roeder

  42. John P says:

    I have been blogging for about a decade. Started with a celebrity gossip blog and went from there. I have two small children and dreams of providing more for my family. I feel they way to do that is to build a list and start to promote high end affiliate offers. I need to take the next step. I want to be able to send my kids to college, get a house, take a vacation, and enjoy our time together without stressing over money. A strong online business, a solid list, and knowledge are the keys! ASE would be a critical stepping stone for me and my family. (if you want a cute answer I really have a thing for name tags attached to a shoelace!)

  43. Marilou says:

    My name is marilou. I’ve been trying to make money online since 2009 but no luck. I need directions. I’m tired of jumping from one product to another promising me on how to make money. I need real people who can show me exactly what to do to be successful. Only you John Chow can help me. I want to learn and to be successful like you. I have coding experience and I can use it for my internet business.

  44. John Dillman says:

    Hi John,
    I have been working many years for Bill Walsh and the Powerteam helping others to get richer and would like to partake in that myself. I heard you speak in Los Angeles and have followed your blog for a while. It would be a very valuable experience to attend Affiliate East and I know I could help many others by sharing what you have taught for several years.

  45. I think I am an excellent candidate for a ticket to the summit. I am passionate about internet marketing, blogging, and affiliate marketing,. I’ve been working at it for the past two years and am starting to make a break through, and I am very dedicated. I want to be a part of the internet marketing community and I want to be a positive addition and influence in the industry and represent it well. I would love the opportunity to meet people who are industry leaders and learn from them. I would take what I’ve learned and add it to my business and share it with people in my community of Internet marketers. So, I would not only benefit but I would make sure that all those around me and that I come in contact with benefit also from any knowledge and education that I would gain. I would see it as an opportunity not to just attend an event but to be a real opportunity of growth in my life and business.

  46. Lenore White says:

    No you should pick me because with your brains and my looks we can make a lot of money together. I just need the right teacher. Talk soon. Kiss kiss

  47. Jeff C says:

    John! Please pick me! Here are the reasons why you should pick me:
    -I have been a long time fan of yours!!
    -My wife and I are having our first baby and I really want to give my family a better future than the 9-5 grind and be able to spend time with my family!!
    -I entered last year and didn’t win.
    -I live near NYC and will definitely go!!
    -My wife won’t let me buy a ticket!

    Thank You! I look forward to finally meeting you John!

    Warmest Regards,

  48. Rashmi R says:

    Hello John,

    I would like to attend affiliate summit as I have one online stream of income and I am trying to diversify my sources of income, It would be nice to know the latest in affiliate business model as things changes constantly. I will surely attend as I am driving distance from NYC. I have heard great things about the summit and have always been interested in attending, hope to be selected—Regards!

  49. Helena says:

    Hi John,

    I know many want to be chosen, with all my humility believe it’s not my turn.
    And with all my sincerity would just like to know you personally, you John was and is my best friend virtual, sincere and honest, and in a month will be just a year that I met and even without knowing me personally gave me your vote of confidence and put me as affiliate and so I always thanked God because it was you who broadened my horizons and my dreams in which to realize them.
    My goal you always rises which is – Bring MOBE to Brazil, announces it and promotes it here in this territory so that they can also meet them in this land, but I believe that to do so, I need to go first deeply know the product ., kind face to face meeting you, meet Matt and Shaqir and say at the end: These three guys have helped me achieve my dreams with all insistence on every email sent, and what else makes me happy to know that even It has a lot of good people on this planet. Thank you John once again to have that opportunity.

    May God bless you greatly,
    From his Brazilian friend Helena

  50. Chig says:

    Hello John,

    I need this. This will change my life. I am ready to learn and life a debt free life. This will be a great opportunity for me and my large family. I need to help my family and people back home. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this. Thank you!

  51. Hey John
    I would love to hang out with you and MeiDee in the Big Apple. Like you, I want to learn from the pros that helped you get started. I want to learn how you constantly create great stories with great photos for your blog post and email follow up. Networking with your fellow affiliate marketers and other Mobe affiliates would be great fun and the possibilities are endless. And I have your co-authored book. The video we did together in Punta Cana has noise on the sound track and would love to re-shoot it if possible.

  52. Romel Barua says:

    Hey John,

    Pick me. I want to learn from you. I want to be part of this great opportunity.

  53. Oluwajana Adewale Johnson says:

    Hi John,

    Oluwajana Adewale here from Nigeria.l have been one of your list members for the past five years.l would be esteemed to be at that great event where different internet marketers would be networking and sharing top notch strategies anybody can use to take their internet business to the next level and how i would be able to learn from you and others top internet marketer, the secret of living dot com lifestyle you have been living for the past five years

    Am thirst and hunger,to reveal this amazing event to Nigerians, if you can pick how they can easily be earning six figure online monthly like you without any ado.

    l would be sharing all what i learn there to 100 people in order for them to be living dot com lifestyle like you.

    l would be more than happy if i can be PICKED by you to attend this historic event that will change the life’s of thousands of internet marketers in the world.

  54. Ralph Morgan says:

    Hi John,
    My name is Ralph Morgan and I would like to be considered for the free pass at the New York Summit. I have been trying to build an online business for about 5 years. After signing up for many programs that promised great success and spending a lot of money as of yet, I haven’t made any money. On June 15, 2015, I signed up for M.O.B.E. and completed the 21 step program. After completion of the program and a max out credit card, I was only able to scrape up enough to sign up for the Affiliate Partner Program (July 1, 2015). When I wasn’t able to sign up for a higher start such as Titanium, my help disappeared. Now on my own, I started studying the Traffic Masters Academy material. They suggested that I concentration one marketing strategy. I chose Module 5: Banner Ad Marketing and I used the following sites to advertise on: Buysell and Blog and using the banners that MOBE offered. I ended up spending over $2500.00 on ads using a new credit card and got a lot of clicks but not one sale. When I contacted the support team, they recommended that I become a part of MOBE’s facebook group. I talked to Olufemi Small-Casey and she said the best way to promote M.O.B.E is by having my own website. I believe she is a Diamond Mastermind. She offered to set up everything for me but I needed to sign up for a few things such as Bluehost, Leadpages, and Get response. Once everything was build, I was on my own. I did create a few blogs, using your Module Training Program on blogging. So, here I am on April 8, 2016 and still not one sell of even $49.00. I am not giving up on building a online business and I believe M.O.B.E. is the way to do it. But I really need some serious help!! And this New York Summit just may be the start that I need!!!!

    1. Duane says:

      Ralph, it seems you have taken a serious shot a MOBE with no success…
      “I am not giving up on building a online business and I believe M.O.B.E. is the way to do it”

      Ralph, I have found that if something is going to work it usually gets SOME promising profitable results IMMEDIATELY….
      Has anyone found something that will give good indications of long term success immediately?

  55. Would love to win the tickets, although I might not be able to pay the airfare 🙁

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