Win A Networking Plus Pass To Affiliate Summit West

The Affiliate Summit West (ASW) happens January 13-15, 2013 in Las Vegas, and I got $5,490 worth of Networking Plus Passes to give away! That sounds like a lot of passes, but it works out to only ten (ASW is not a cheap show). Winning a pass means you save yourself $549!

The Networking Plus Pass (used to be called the Gold Pass) gives you admission to Affiliate Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynotes, Sunday educational sessions; access to all recorded session videos; and PowerPoint presentations.

How To Enter To Win An ASW Networking Plus Pass

To enter, all you have to do is explain in the comments why you should be awarded a Networking Plus Pass to the Affiliate Summit West. The better your comment, the higher your chances of being a winner.

Please only enter if you actually plan on going. If you are selected, you must attend. The pass is not transferable and cannot be resold because it will have your name on it. I am only giving away the passes. I am not paying for your travel or hotel. However, the winners will get a T-shirt that says, “I’m with John Chow, Bitch!” It’s guarantee to get you into all the parties. 😛

IMPORTANT – please note the following:
You must notify the recipients that they cannot be transferred, and the pass codes become invalid in the event the conference sells out.
Also, anybody registering for a complimentary pass who neither checks in at the conference or cancels will be ineligible for future complimentary passes.

If you are new to Internet marketing, attending the Affiliate Summit can be a life-changing event. Many of the biggest names in the industry got their start at this show. If you’re serious about making money online, you can not afford to miss this show. Watch the video below to see the impact the Affiliate Summit has made on past attendees.

The winners of the passes will be announced this Saturday, October 13 during Dot Com Pho OC. This should give you enough time to book your air and hotel if you need it. Good luck and enter now!

64 thoughts on “Win A Networking Plus Pass To Affiliate Summit West”

  1. John Lynn says:

    I love John Chow! That should be reason enough. (sounds like a new t-shirt design)

  2. Paul Klein says:

    Hi John,
    I would love the opportunity to hang out with you and ramp up my affiliate opportunities and learning. Plus the networking alone is golden!

    I have followed you for awhile now, and some of the others either presenting or attending ASW that I have heard from will make this an event not to be missed!

    Thank you for the offer!

  3. Keith says:

    We should win because we’re always “with John Chow, Bitch!” 🙂 Our agency started affiliate/internet marketing heavily this year and I would be honored to attend with you, John! If you select me, I’ll wear the t-shirt for an entire week following the Summit, everywhere I go (except my kids’ school – that may be problematic)…. 🙂

  4. I moved to US by myself without any education, money. I searched “how to make money” and found your site back few years ago. I wasn’t sure if I can start my own site. Finally I started my own blog and want to bring my blog to the next level. I would love to meet John Chow and go to Affiliate Summit ! :))

  5. Tom Lua says:

    I should be awarded in the Pass because I want to meet up all the top affiliates and make friends with them! I also would like to gain more tips and advice to take my online business to the next level =)

    Tom Lua

  6. James Holmes says:

    Hello John –

    First, I want to thank you for making this opportunity available to 10 fortunate recipients of the Affiliate Summit Networking Plus passes.

    I have been involved in affiliate marketing online since 2009 and I have set as amy clear objective to attend at least one live event each quarter throughout 2013. I believe that this is the next critical step in the evolution of my Internet marketing career. I have obtained valuable knowledge over the past few years from you and several other professional affiliate marketers… I am grateful for that. I have always taken massive action on what I have learned and attribute this to being able to work online full-time.

    However, I recognize there is a higher level to achieve in affiliate marketing and one of the essential elements must be developing real relationships with industry leaders. Having the opportunity to look into the eyes and shake the hands of other like-minded professionals would certainly open the floodgate to new and bigger opportunities.

    If I were to be selected to participate as one of your guest, I would commit to be attentive at all sessions, to bring value in every interaction I have, to pay forward to others what I learn, to being a student, and an action taker on the knowledge I gain and the opportunities that are presented.

    Although I have never attended an Affiliate Summit East or West event, I have heard testimonials about the value the event provides and have been blessed to review a few videos from past events. This is an amazing and phenomenal opportunity.

    Regardless if you select me or another commenter, I want you to feel free to call upon me if I can help you spread your message and training to others. My personal mission statement is: To sow increase into the lives of others by co-creating wealth and abundance.

    Thank you for the value you provide and have a blessed day!

    James Holmes
    The Cubicle Escape Artist

  7. Irwin says:

    I should be awarded a Networking Plus Pass to the Affiliate Summit West because it’s my destiny to go. I have worked in accounting and finance for the past 7 years and on December 21, 2012 I am walking away from my career to pursue my dream of being an internet entrepreneur. Being an employee sucks and I’m going to do whatever I can to make it on my own.

    On December 25th, my wife and I were supposed to go on a 3 week vacation, but something was telling me to cut the trip short because 3 weeks didn’t feel right… we cut the trip down to less than 2 weeks and we’re scheduled to come back to California on Saturday, January 12th (we already bought the tickets) – just in time to make it to Las Vegas for ASW.

    The stars are aligned for me to win a ticket from you, John. . I make no money on-line right now but I know I will. Reading your blog for some time now and seeing all those go-getters out there making a living online doing something they love motivates me so much that I can’t explain how much in words. I love the internet, affiliate marketing is amazing, and it’s a matter of time before I’ll see my day. If simply reading your blog gave me the courage to quit my career practically cold turkey to pursue my dream, I wonder what going to Affiliate Summit West and sporting your t-shirt will do for me…

  8. Guillermo says:

    quiero un pase. gracias por las ideas innovadoras amigo John Chow
    los articulos que estoy leyendo es muy bueno gracias por compartir tus conocimientos

  9. Onuora Amobi says:

    Hi John,

    I should get a pass because I actually:

    A) Want one
    B) Got off my ass and responded in a timely manner
    C) Own websites and make money from them
    D) Have been a long time fan of yours
    E) Love affiliate marketing


    F) Have the politeness to stop the list here.

    Thanks for the opportunity.



  10. Danny says:

    Hello John

    I’ve been a avid fan and a voracious reader of your informative materials you’ve generously shared with the community.

    With the knowledge I accumulate with every post I read, I feel if I attend the Affiliate Summit West conference, it will benefit my thirst for continuing education in the industry and to network with the proper like minded group, is an invaluable opportunity.

    This is an opportunity to finally thrust myself into the next phase of development and hopefully catch a break, but only if I could possibly by selected as a candidate for the conference.

    I’m not a lazy person by a long shot; I work extremely hard at what I do and I try to take care of my family. But living in the rat race isn’t cutting it and I fully understand and realize the power of making an income via blogging and affiliate income. Because I value and appreciate the ability to make money online, I would not take it for granted.

    If i were selected to be one of the attendees at the conference, like a kid visiting the FLIGHT MUSEUM, I would be attentive to everything that goes on at the conference and try to apply everything I’m learning from you and what I’ll learn at the conference to earning a living online.

    I thank you for your time to read my story.

    (Orange County Native)

    1. Danny says:

      Also, forgot to mention.

      I’ll buy you several rounds of you favorite (insert choice of drink)!!

      NOTE: I’m checking your site on a daily basis, wondering if i should up the ante because my other competitors seem to have pretty reasons too!

  11. Domonique Robinson says:

    As a single mother who has been trying to succeed online while raising seven children, I believe that this would be a once in a life time opportunity for me to learn more about being a successful affiliate marketer, while also building life long relationships at the same time.This opportunity would also allow me to hang out with you which is totally cool.
    It would also allow me to network with some of the greatest, baddest affiliate rock stars.I would definately love the opportunity to meet you and learn from the greatest around.

  12. Orson says:

    I want one because:
    I want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing.
    I have been following you for years now. Am a fan.
    I want to network with the best.

  13. Jane Orlov says:

    Hey John, I deserve to win one of the tickets because I work my butt off, lol to create content and inspire women like myself to create the lifestyle that they never thought would be possible…. Plus I want the T-Shirt…..nice 😉

    I loved your nuggets (authenticity, transparency, not going after money, but passion) in the interview that I grabbed you for at the last event 🙂

    See you in January!

  14. Travis says:


    You should pick me to attend the Affiliate Summit with you because I am already successful and I’m doing things that you would consider valuable to know.

    “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” –Robert Kiyosaki

  15. Dave Seeley says:

    My son and I are about to launch our first affiliate site(Fitness at 50) for the holiday sales rush and would love to be able to attend this amazing event and hang with the equally amazing John Chow. Nothing fires you up like hanging with the big dogs and learning how to DO IT RIGHT.!!!!

  16. Mr. Baim says:

    I am really want to join there and see the top affiliates in the world. I wanna be the famous internet marketer also. And I’m sure i will..

    Baim (Indonesian Internet Marketer and Blogger)

  17. Earl says:

    Hey John,

    Thanks for the opportunity! I don’t believe I “deserve” to win any more than the next guy or gal, but I do believe it will be a great chance for the Lucky 10 to move their lives forward.

    I have been lurking around buying WSOs, following the Gurus and trying to learn as much as possible for the past 2 years. Laid off early 2010, I am fortunate to be employed again, but still I want to break into the affiliate game.

    I was planning on attending anyway, whatever it takes, but going as your guest will certainly be better! Actually, if I am so fortunate as to be chosen, I will pay it forward and pledge to help sponsor someone for your giveaway again next year.


  18. Jonathan Smith says:


    This took me a while to write up as I wanted my entry to be good enough to win this contest. I have actually never really won anything in my life and would be great to win something that could really change my life and benefit me and my affiliate marketing career.

    This is an awesome opportunity for many people and me especially. I have never been to one of these conferences and I would absolutely love to go.

    I make a decent income online but want 2013 to be my record year and I would like to start attending these events. I follow the Affiliate Summit blog, watch videos, and check out the pictures of the events and have been dying to actually get there to make some connections and take my career to the next level.

    Why do I deserve to win the ticket?

    I will actually use it…I will benefit from it…I will never forget who gave me this life changing moment.

    Oh and would be cool to own one of your “I’m with John Chow, Bitch!” shirts. I’ll frame it after the Summit.

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity…If I don’t win the contest I hope that whoever does win really needs it more than myself and actually takes action and makes this a life changing moment for themselves.

    If you are the winner you are crazy not to go!

  19. Bob Watson says:

    Kathy and I would would like two tickets to attend the Affiliate Summit so we can learn how to make money online and maximize earnings, so we can continue to provide networking and learning opportunities to the SMMOC community and fund the space.
    With your leadership and our learning at the Summit, we feel that this is the way to get where we need to be.
    Committed 150%.
    Bob and Kathy

  20. Nick says:

    Hey John,

    I’ve read some interesting comments, however, I believe you will be overwhelmed by my comment and will have to call off the contest and award the pass to me.

    You see, ever since we met a couple weeks ago at the meetup in HB after your iPhone os6 almost took you to seal beach and I made sure the waiter kept your glass full with the free refills of diet Pepsi, I’ve name dropped JC all across the OC. That night when I went home and told my wife about it, she ordered me new business cards that had the tag line, “Nick, the guy who knows the John Chow.” I decided to take it one step further. While everyone else will wear your shirt at ASW13, I’m going to walk around with it tattooed on my chest singing “gangsta party” by Tupac.

    If that’s not reason enough, my son just asked me to get him braces because he keeps biting his cheek. I told him he’ll have to wait until I hear back from you because if you don’t select me, I’m going to have to use that money for the trip and leave him with a packet of food stamps for the 3 days.

    Ok, real reason is because I haven’t been, need to go, want to go, got a solid understanding of IM, and will keep name dropping JC around the OC. oh yeah and I typed this on my iPad which took forever.

  21. Joani Ward says:

    Hi John,

    I attended ASE 2012, and heard you speak at “The Power of Blogging and Branding.” Your presentation blew me away! OMG, I’ve been talking about you since I got back to DC. I think you are amazing, and I definitely view you as an expert I need to follow.

    I should win one of your tickets to ASW 2013 for two reasons. First, it would be a great birthday present. My birthday is Jan. 10th. Second, I want to be more successful than you. I want as much knowledge as I can acquire so that I can quit this 9-5 and really focus on blogging. Providing great content to my followers on a consistent basis, while also reaping the benefits from properly monetizing my blogs.

    I have two blogs that I am passionate about. I’m an author and educator, so Eric Nagel suggested I revamp one of my blogs to make it a book review blog. I took Eric’s advice ( and this is my affiliate site. My second blog was created to promote my first book, “You Don’t Have To Be Broke: So Wake Up, Shake It Up, And Make A Change! ( In this blog I talk about entrepreneurship, wealth creation, streams of income, the things I discuss in my book. I enjoy blogging, and the people that make comments on my blogs enjoy my writing.

    I’m just missing that one piece of the puzzle; how to do affiliate marketing correctly and monetize my sites. I’m reading your ebook, “Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com.” Excellent information. I’m going to implement what I’m learning from you. My current goal is to generate $2,000 per week through my affiliate marketing relationships. I’m registered with, ShareASale, Commission Junction, MaxBounty, ClickBank, Hostgator, and GoDaddy. I’m excited about this industry, I just want to make sure I’m doing the business so that I’m rewarded like you, John.

    One of those tickets has my name on it, so I’ll be waiting for the email to confirm it on Oct. 13th. Thanks for great information John.


  22. faisal says:

    wow another cool contest.

  23. Cindy says:

    Hi John
    Started a few websites last year, and it’s often a uphill battle, juggling real work and my website. I really love the online business idea and have tried affliate marketing without success. Joining the likes of Clickbank, etc. I follow your blog to get inspiration, and really like the information in your blog. I definitely feel that I would benefit from attending the seminar since I am always committed to new ideas, and would really appreciate a mentor or mentors to aid me in the process of becoming a successful affiliate.
    Hope to be selected so that I can spread that word that living the lifestyle of an affiliate entrepreneur is possible.
    Best Wishes, Cynthia and Richard

  24. Amber H says:

    10 Reasons Why You Should Send Me To The Affiliate Summit (in random order):

    1. Because more girls at Affiliate Summit conference= more fun ( in theory)

    2. I will fanboy the speakers from afar and digest their fountains of knowledge with pleasure and enlightenment.

    3. I am a networking machine, wall flowers beware!

    4. I will take a plethora of after-party pictures and send them to you to post on your site.Targets will include the drunkeness, nakedness and any other crazyness that I encounter.

    5. It is best to submerge yourself into improving your strengths. This conference will give me the opportunity to multiply my value to the world by increasing my skills and abilities in the area of affiliate networking t threefold maybe fourfold. (Not sure fourfold is a word…I’m leaving it though)

    6. I am John Chow’s bitch

    7. Las Vegas + Me + Affiliate Summit = a magnitude of happiness and gratitude to the human spirit of entrepreneurship that the human mind cannot comprehend without the aid of robots and possibly kittens. (yes, kittens, because kittens help with everything)

    8. Did I mention that I’m John Chow’s bitch?

    9. Just looking at the event website makes me all giddy inside like a little girl who is about to enter Disneyland for the first time, with so many magical people who have made the internets an awesome place to be!

    10. Because I would love every minute of it, that’s why!!!

  25. Hi John,

    I would love to win a pass to ASW13. I attended ASW12 last year and ran into you at the ShareASale under the stars party and had a blast please pick me!

  26. Hi John,
    I have been following you and learning from your expertise for two years now. I’m always appreciative of your generosity in sharing information.

    I love blogging…but I can’t afford to spend the kind of time with it that I’d like to unless I find a way to monetize it. I have a list of things I would like to do with my blog. I was so excited to read this post, because the FIRST thing (literally) on my list is “LEARN MORE ABOUT & BECOME ACTIVE IN AFFILIATE MARKETING”!

    Under that is a list of companies, brands and products that I would especially like to partner with because I feel that I can promote them well. All the ideas I have for my readers would be enhanced by recommending and promoting applicable products/companies.

    Attending the affiliate summit would be the perfect place for me to jump in feet first, create partnerships and build relationships!!

    I want to be at ASW so much that I’ve already made reservations and plan to be at Caesars Palace Jan 12th, 2013. That’s how much I want to be part of the 10 that represent you. I will make you proud! I’ll be there because I want to be (badly). I’ll attend and be attentive in every session available to me. I can’t think of a better place to get a massive amount of information and experience on a short period of time! I would love this opportunity.

    I would be proud to tell everyone that I am sponsored by John Chow and he is helping yet another new blogger live their dream!

    Thanks for the opportunity, John!!

  27. I would love to take up the opportunity to receive a networking pass for next year’s Affiliate summit west, because….

    I want to network and finally meet everybody I know on facebook in person. To be able to meet up, interact and for some including John Chow, get to personally thank those who have inspired me to say f**k you to the 9-5 lifestyle in lieu of an internetpreneur lifestyle.

    I have actually never flown before and probably scared to death (lol!) to go fly in a plane for the first time. This will be an adventure, lol!

    Cheers to the awesome ones out there! You keep the light shining brightly and either one way or the other, I will see everyone at ASW 2013!

  28. Eileen says:

    I’d love to be awarded a pass!

    I’d go to Vegas and go rock climbing.

    Yep, rock climbing.

    After all, that’s what I’d want to do with money made from affiliate marketing – continue to lead a lifestyle where I punch my own clock, climb and do outdoor sports regularly.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that affiliate marketing is hard work.

    I have been a freelance graphic designer and photographer for years now so know how to be my own boss. I have dabbled in affiliate marketing but have never quite gotten my hooks into it. I know just enough to be frustrated that I am not making more with my websites.

    I know the power of conventions/conferences though, and have even been a guest/panelist on some for other industries. This time it’s me who needs the jump start and to catch up on the latest news and best practices.

    Pick me and I’ll climb to new heights!

    Note: I’d take extra days for my trip and climb before or after the conference. Unless you wanted to come out with me in which case I’d be happy to show you the ropes in Red Rocks.

  29. Donovan Moore says:

    Because I’m Donovan Moore…. bitch.

  30. Here is Why I’m Rolling Into Vegas with John Chow


    Start filming and place your bets on what I’ll do. Cause shooting a rubber rocket or getting a cash machine is not going to cut it this year for video content. Remember I almost jumped into the Hudson River while on a boat party at ASE


    I’m not an affiliate newbie that you’ll need to hand hold. I’ve bin in the affiliate industry for almost 7 years and ready to be your wing man to spice up your trade show content. I’ve bin a mentor for several years at affiliate summit. Nominated for a couple Linkshare awards & organizer of the Boston SEO networking group..


    Now you know what you’ll get out of me… please grant me a ticket to kick of 2013 with a bang!


  31. kavin says:

    ah yo check it, im the baddest bitch and with John Chow we going to Gangnam style this affiliate summit believe that…brraaatttt winner 2012, who? ME!

  32. David Henzel says:

    I have not seen you in way too long! Good reason to hang out 🙂

    1. So this is my actual answer to why I want this so much and think I’m deserving. I have been in the internet marketing world for 2-3 years now and I started all from scratch knowing nothing and the thing that helped me the most was reading John’s great eBook along with following some of the other top How to make Money Blogs and learning through their advice and my owns mistakes to form my own path in the internet world and creating my own niche. I found it with Stocks on Wall Street, which has been the biggest life changer ever. I always thought I was destined for corporate life and heading through that industry but launching my own website and learning the ways of affiliate marketing and how to make an income through the internet has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I love my job and have been very successful at it. In fact, it does’t even seem like work to me. In the past I’ve held many prestigious internships and jobs and all those seemed like busy work to me, answering to a boss, following in order, coming into work from 8-5. Now I work whenever I feel like, I don’t report to anyone and I make my own schedule. As cliche as it sounds but work is fun to me, I’ll work days straight and it doesn’t even phase me. Everyone always says find something you love and you’ll never work a day and it truly feels like that and I can’t thank anyone more than John and company which is why I so want to go to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. I was planning on going but this would be an amazing opportunity for me to win as this is a great way to network with the best and get my foot in the door to learn how to become a major player in this industry so hopefully one day I can become an inspiration to many young aspiring bloggers and give the same kind of reward and opportunity that you’re offering us right now. I will not let you down and I would love to meet you John as you have been a great inspiration to myself and one of the biggest helpers to getting my website established and my business profitable. Thanks again for this opportunity and I hope you all consider me as I want this more than anything.

  33. Doug Miller says:

    I’ve been an affiliate marketer for 12 years now but have never really taken it to the next level. I’m sure a trip to Affiliate Summit West will launch me there. Thanks in advance if you pick me!

  34. Ben says:


    Dear Sir,

    Having seen your company´s profile at the commercial department of your embassy in Nigeria i wish to write you on the above subject.

    I am the son of Feday Johnson commander of rebel groups in Sierra Leone war zone. My father have instructed me to invest (us$12 million united states dollar) cash in John Chow, Inc. on a partnership basis as well as in any other profitable venture which you might suggest.

    You will be compensated adequately for your participation in this transaction if you are really interested. I would be pleased to provide you with more information as regards to this mutual beneficial business relationship with you on demand.




    May god blessed as you reply me.

    With best regards


  35. Jovan says:

    I believe I should be one to go. I met you, John Chow, in 2011 at the same even in Vegas, you got my friends and myself into two private parties, one at the Tryst and one at the Hard Wood Suite. I networked with many people in same industry at the Tryst and everyone I talked to was immensely interested in my web development idea which to this day has not been topped.

    I believe this would be the perfect opportunity to make things happen and would love to involve my idol, John Chow. I’ve been reading this blog for over 6 years now, yes when there was barely anyone on here.

    We also used twitter to converse @mixmazz

  36. Julie Welles says:

    Hey John Chow!
    You should pick me, because I have invested my life in helping others. My goal in the next part of my life is to encourage, lift up and inspire people. I also want to make lots of money, so that I can GIVE IT AWAY. I went on a mission trip to Africa two years ago, and it changed my life. I want to be able to use my knowledge, skills and influence to change the world, one person at a time. To be able to do that, I need to continue to network with powerhouse business people, make money and develop my marketing abilities to make my dreams come true, so that I can make other’s lives come true!

    Thanks for the invitation to win the conference tickets!

  37. Joe Pfeifer says:

    I’d like to win, because out of all the people I heard speak in New York, I remembered your message more. I especially enjoyed the parts about you daughter, How you named her based on domain availability. I thought it was fun, how you described her “minimizing” you with her fingers. I would like to learn more from you as an individual.

  38. Don says:

    I should be awarded a Networking Plus Pass to the Affiliate Summit West because not only do I want this to be something I do to make a very good living but I also want to help others. Educate other people on how to do this just like you do. By attending Affiliate Summit West I can learn even more and become better and better at what I do to help other people as well. I also love taking money I earn to help other people in general. Not just in affiliate marketing but in life. I believe this is the perfect opportunity in my life to make this happen. To top it off I would get to meet someone like you that has made this his career and life.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this pass. Best of luck to everyone.


  39. Judi Moore says:

    I think it would really help with my street cred to wear a shirt that says I’m With John Chow, Bitch!
    Generally I have to depend on my tagline, which is “Not nearly as boring as I appear” and some leftover stories of the early days of Think Tank.
    I already have my airfare and hotel arranged; now I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for better parties and wardrobe!

  40. I should be invited because i am cool to hang out and bring lots of wacky money making ideas.

    Not to mention i would bring some British sophistication to the event and the fact i am willing to travel from England shows my passion and dedication.

  41. Ladies and Gentlemen and the Great Sir John Chow,

    I sincerely hope to win the Networking Plus Pass to the Affiliate Summit West and to win that t shirt! I went twice before and it was fun, informative, and did ultimately put money in my pocket! It is a sensational collection of characters with some powerful information. And what could be better than meeting and listening to John Chow in person! I just gotta have that t shirt!

    As the great Winston Churchchill said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” But as Sir John Chow has demonstrated, year after year, success consists of listening to his wonderful take on blogging, internet and life in general! And there is a great t shirt involved!

    To win would make me envy of all the bloggers everywhere! It would mean to learn the newest info on making money on line on the planet! And it is in Vegas, baby! And did I mention that t shirt?

    Please, please, please pick me!!! I have hit a stalemate with my sites and need some new insights, laughs, and the community of the bloggers to reinvigorate things…and that fabulous t shirt to wear.

    Thanks for all your help over the years, Sir John Chow!


    1. Dan Barczak says:

      Hey Alice…I hope you get to go to the conference…I’m sure you still look good it a T-shirt! Dan

  42. Roy Landers says:

    Hello John,

    Thanks for the opportunity to submit and perhaps be chosen for the Affiliate Summit.I am just getting heavily involved in internet marketing after over 30 years of law practice and sitting as a Pro Tem Judge in the courts of California. Always wanted to be an entrepreneur and now pursuing that full time. My greatest desire is to learn all I can and give back to the community and people who are struggling to make it but need a little help on how to do it. Had a lot of people that helped me along the way and I just want to pass it along.

    Really like the way you handle your business. Thanks for the opportunity to just say hi and appreciate all the things I’ve learned from the free information you generously give.


  43. Lillian says:

    To be honest, I probably do not deserve to go to this Summit…however I want to go. I am hoping that if I attend the Summit, I will renew my interest in making money online as I originally intended. Judging from the comments above, these people understand what they want to do and have a clear path. Unfortunately, I am still trying to figure that out. So that’s honesty for you, however if you really think this Summit can be a life-changing event – I would love to go.

  44. moemoneymoe says:

    The reason you should select me is simple, I will be the best test subject on how affiliate summit change my life! I will be one of the person giving the testimonial in the video next year.

  45. Sinnary Sam says:

    Hi John,
    You should give me the pass because I’d look really good in that t-shirt. All kidding aside, you know me, I’ve built a following but I’ve yet to leverage it. I guess I’m 30% there and could use all the knowledge / help I can get. Thanks for your advice the other day, the world needs more awesome and time generous entrepreneurs like you!

  46. Lorna Mackie says:

    Hi John,

    I should definitely be awarded one of your Networking Plus Pass to the Affiliate Summit West!

    I’m very new to internet marketing and you introduced me to the possibilities of affiliate marketing at Add the Nitrous. Thank you! I know I have a lot more to learn and I’m and eager to do so. I want to be exposed to as much knowledge as I can in this life, and seeing what is possible from what you do impressed upon me that I want to learn more about affiliate marketing and this event would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I am actually one of those people who after they attend an event, take their notes out, review them, and implement some of the things learned during a weekend.

    Another reason is, I’m a fellow Vancouverite and come January I will really need to be getting away from the clouds. I’ve also never been to Las Vegas.

    It would also be great to chat with you again! 🙂 You and your friends were lots of fun and I bet the party you said you will be hosting will be something to remember. I want to be part of the event and I’m super fun at parties. Maybe I’ll die my hair an outrageous colour for it 😉

    I hope to see you in January!
    Lorna Mackie

  47. Dino Vedo says:

    I should go because I make more money than you.

    1. John Chow says:

      If you make more money than me, then you can pay your own way. 🙂

  48. John. I was reading through all the different entries and I almost fell asleep. Opportunities? You give us those every day just through your blogging and sharing experiences. Funny clever reasons… I can give you a dozen but rather I will give you a valid reason that will be hard to deny.

    First, a fact. The next 24 hours, and 2 months are crucial to my life. 24 hours because you’ll announce the winner and change somebody’s life. The next 2 months because My wife has a baby on the way. I am creating a life inspired by the one you’ve designed for your family and Sally. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be my mentor and leader or if you want someone else to take that title. But let me elaborate…

    I’m probably one of, if not the hardest working person you’ve met. Maybe I don’t work the smartest, but that’s constantly improving. You know that. And I love helping people. I’m a networker and a connector, and you’ve seen that first hand. Top that with my uncanny ability to master technology, understand people and connect the different ideas and branches of a business and all I have left to learn the inner secrets of marketing that only you and affiliates like you that will be there really understand. With these connections and new skills I will be able to help more people quicker than I’m doing now. Better than I’ve done before, and more effectively than I could ever dream of.

    Oh yeah and part of a video interview you did a while ago got you a free pass to Joel Bauer’s Camp . That in itself has paid you tons of money. Believe me, It’s a win win. Heck don’t believe me… trust your instinct. You know the answer. You sponsor, I drive and I get you more stuff. Like free dinners from raving fans. It’s not so much about who deserves it, but who offers the best ROI. The answer is clear.


  49. Anton says:

    Hi John,

    First let me thank you for giving us this opportunity! It would be a dream come true to attend and be able to meet and pick so many brilliant minds like yours.

    I’m pretty new to the internet marketing world and unlike many people, I have taken action multiple times already and built websites and products. Some endeavors have been successful while others not but in the end all it matters is that I have tried and I will continuously try. I am sure I will be greatly benefiting from this experience because I am willing to put into practice all the information I will gather!

    If you will award me one of the tickets you will not regret it as this great opportunity will not go to waste!

  50. Debra Faris says:

    I would be proud to say I am a John Chow “Bitch”, I am a John Chow; Clan, Fan, Friend, Partner in Fun, Lunch Buddy and Seminar Junkie.
    As you know I have struggled every day and grown over the last year since my son passed away. I have taken every opportunity to get back into the speaking arena. I have spent the last 6 months attending, absorbing and brainstorming at events with the top coaches i.e. Joel Bauer, James Mallinchak, Nuirka, Tony Robbins, Craig Duswalts and Michelle Patterson’s Women’s Conference.
    At the same time, while working with my clients from College students to C- Levels executives who are in transitions, teaching LinkedIn workshop and writing my linked in book,
    The Affiliate Summit West, gives me the opportunity to meet and build my necessary alliances and future affiliates to help me achieve my goal. My purpose is to be of service to as many people as I can, and to help them achieve their goals using LinkedIn .
    And if necessary to get there I am will in to be strapped on the bummer of John Chow’s car.

  51. Raymond Lau says:

    Hey John,

    I’m a fan and have been a loyal supporter of your site for years. My wife and I met you last year at Marketing Mastery Summit in Vancouver and ASW. Thanks to your advice and the great contacts that I made last year, I’ve been able to take my business to the next level.

    I purchased an ASW Silver Pass last year and only had access to the Exhibit Hall and Meet Market. I would love a Networking Plus Pass this year so I can get access to Sessions and Session Video’s so I can learn more about affiliate marketing and further grow my business.

    It would be awesome to get a chance to party with you down in Vegas. I would be proud to wear your t-shirt.

  52. Kathy says:

    Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me……….
    Because I really, really, really real, reaaaaaalllllly want to win.
    And because, as you know (as a very, very, very, wise man pointed out to me) the event could use more woman in there to mix things up.

    A million thanks in advance.

  53. William says:

    I bring bow tie goodness to the world. Well that and bring to government how really businesses use social media without new fees or taxes, two things John Chow hate. Perhaps we can get a study grant for it.

  54. Eileen says:

    Dear John,

    I’m a student at UofT, and am currently taking an year off to recreate myself. During this year, I have stumble across your website by accident, and have become increasingly intrigued in the business. I have already read half of Make Money Online: Roadmap of a dot com mogul, and found myself enjoying it like an extraordinary fiction novel, instead of being forced to read. I want to start a blog about travelling, my hobby, and connect to other people (or help them travel). The reason why I don’t have a website right now is that I want it to launch and be the closest thing to a perfect atmosphere for those who wish to travel; I’ve already spent a few hours picking out themes, switching them around, adding the light refreshing colours. I see the opportunity at ASW and know immediately that this will be the best way to learn and connect socially with others of this interest. Thank you 🙂


  55. Jaime says:

    I would really love to win a ticket to this amazing event. I just started getting into affiliate marketing. I decided to give it a try because I want to be able to spend more time with my wife and kids. I’m tired of working all of this overtime. Tired of missing my kids baseball games. Tired of not being there for my wife. It’s time for me to take my life back. It’s time for me to make this happen.


  56. Ben Hebert says:

    Former e-commerce startup guy, turned music blogger that’s still stuck at working a corporate day job. I sit at my cube, collect a paycheck and wait until night time when I can work on my projects.

    I’m building an audience developing a tribe, but I’ve never been around the hardcore affiliate marketers who are razor sharp, steal your lunch money type people. That’s who I need to surround myself with to take things to the next level.

    I’ve hacked enough airline miles to make the trip, so say the word and I’m there. I’ll even cook breakfast one day when everyone is hungover.

  57. Markus says:

    I would be content with just wearing the t-shirt accompanying you to all the parties, as that is the place for the best connections and beta biatch! So if I have to attend the conference for that, I would happily do that! 🙂

  58. Hey John,

    Great promo and congrats to the winners. I bought my pass months ago. All I want is one of those hot tee-shirts.

    Dwight Wallace

  59. Kathy says:

    I’m finally getting off my duff and getting going full guns on my Aff Marketing efforts. I’ve spent too much time wasting efforts on counting on someone else’s success for my paycheck. I need to go to learn the awesome tricks of the trade. Heck I have two kids starting college. I need to be able to teach them so they can pay their own tuition!

    Besides, if I get one of those tickets, YOU will get a shirt that says, “I’m with Kathy, Bitches!” They will be BEGGING you to come to all the cool parties!!

    See you in Vegas!!

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