Win An Apple iPad From John Chow & Urban Data

Apple iPad

Want to be the first kid on the block with an Apple iPad? Well, you’re in luck because Urban Data and I are giving one a way! You can be among the first to use Apple’s new wonder device. Here’s how to enter.

Blog About The Contest – 10 Entries

Make a blog post about this contest and you’ll get five entries. There are no restrictions to what you can say in your blog post but you must state the contest is being sponsored by Urban Data. Here’s an example post.

John Chow dot Com is holding a contest to give away a brand new Apple iPad. To enter, all you have to do is blog and tweet about it. The contest is being sponsored by Urban Data, a website that gives you advanced information about any website on the Internet.

Feel free to add to the post. You can write about your experience using the Urban Data website, show the Urban Data information for your blog, why you want an Apple iPad, what makes it so great or so bad, etc.

Once you’ve made the post, send a trackback to this post. If the trackback doesn’t take, then enter the URL to your post in the comments. Every blog post gives you ten entries. If you have more than one blog, you can earn ten entries per blog.

Follow @UrbanDataDotCom – 1 Entry

If you are on Twitter, then follow @UrbanDataDotCom to earn one more free entry. Every follower of Urban Data will get their name tossed into the contest.

Tweet About The Contest – 1 Entry

To earn another entry, tweet the following to your Twitter account.

Hey! @johnchow and @urbandatadotcom are giving away an Apple iPad! Find out how to enter here: #urbancontest

You can mod the tweet if you want but make sure the URL and the hash tag #urbancontest remains unchanged – that’s what we’re using the track the entries. If you don’t have the two items in your tweet, you won’t show up in our logs.

The deadline for all entries is March 31, 2010. The winner will be drawn on the first week of April at Dot Com Pho and that person will be among the first get the Apple iPad. Good luck and enter now!

68 thoughts on “Win An Apple iPad From John Chow & Urban Data”

  1. Edgar says:

    awesome!! If I win I will give it away on my website.

    calling all boxing fans!!

    1. Let us know if you give it away!

    2. Diabetis says:

      That is, if you are going to win the prize here!

    3. Great way to get free publicity for yourself. I like it!

    4. I like the way you think, Edgar! That will be clever marketing on your behalf, and is bound to get you some decent traffic! I myself will be selfish and keep it all to myself…heheheh

  2. Thanks for chance to win Apple iPad!
    I will tweet about this opportunity and follow Urban Data!

  3. Fique says:

    An iPad as the prize? Awesome..How the winner will be decided? Traffic or what?.

    1. A draw at the 1st dot com pho in April. The more effort you go to, the more entries you will have, and hence a better chance of winning the draw…..

  4. Already made two tweets with my two accounts 🙂

    How will be the winner decided? Random or maximum number of entries?

    1. I think this will pick by randomly.

      But they would love to see maximum tweets 🙂

  5. Taylor says:

    How do we know if a Trackback worked? If mine didn’t my blog post is here —


  6. Chris says:

    awesome comp, i quite fancy an ipad

    1. Everybody Chris … this is the latest fever of tech lover.

  7. Sounds great. Thanks!

  8. Nick says:

    Awesome..thanks John!

  9. Diabetis says:

    How many words is needed for the contest?

    1. Hmm.. good point on the word count.

      John, can you clarify if there’s a minimum/maximum?

      1. Don’t think there is a minimum word count, just as long as we have the appropriate links.

  10. nice…john…..thanks for the chance to win an ipad

  11. Kel says:

    Hey John, I like the idea of winning an iPad.

    Question, wasn’t it this sort of stuff where you ask for link backs that got you in trouble and banned from Google a few years ago or was it the you link to me and I link to you posts that did it?

  12. chester says:

    Sure, I’ll write a blog post about that. I was ready to give a lot more than that to get my hands on one so this is a no brainer. I better win!

  13. The price is great. Surely many people want the ipad.

    1. Yes everyone is keeping an eye on iPad …

      This is amazing product by Apple no doubt about this.

  14. Marc says:

    I see no point to this iPad thingy. Unless your a chic with a purse. But I still wouldn’t mind having one.

    1. Yea, I haven’t really figured out if it’s worth getting yet, there doesn’t seem much of a point to it.

  15. S Ahsan says:

    A great contest to win the douchepad 🙂

    1. I haven’t heard it called the douchepad. Ha!

  16. Sweet giveaway, gonna post this on my blog first thing tomorrow.

  17. Alan Niemies says:

    Hello, John! I’m here to know if blogs in Portuguese language can participate to win this iPad too.

    If yes, I’m sure I’ll participate!
    Thanks a lot!

  18. Jerick Mac says:

    are the comments moderated?

    1. Jerick Mac says:

      Hello, here is my entry: Thanks for the chance. I’ll blog about this on my other blogs too.

      1. You pick the right URL.

        And make the attractive title as well and do social bookmark it.

  19. WooHoo! I’m in.

    I’ll get to work immediately. One question: Do blog comments count for anything? Now, I’m not talking about spammy, off topic comments, but about ones that are on, say, contest blogs.

  20. TechOfWeb says:

    Hi John
    I have entred the contest by writing a post about this contest on mine blog. The url for the post is
    Hope me get the Apple Ipad 🙂


  21. fas says:

    Which version is up for grabs?

    1. I didn’t know there was more than one version as of yet because it’s not supposed to be out until March.

  22. It would be great to win an iPad, but I’m done with contests.

  23. You just touched the weakest nerve of internet users by this offer John.

  24. iPad!!

    Wow. This is a brilliant way of getting traffic!

    Btw, I’m sold. I’m entering this contest. I want to be the first who owns an iPad. LOL!

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  26. SEO Tools says:

    i am confused!! how did you know about the entries,? is there any page where we have to submit our entries? how did a winner decided?

  27. another interesting contest

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  29. Inertial Nav says:

    It would be great to be the lucky one. I know the iPad will be the device to relax with in the mornings without having to sit in my office.

    I posted about it here:

  30. Mr Gee says:

    I’m following him on Twitter.

  31. LN joy says:

    Hi there! I so want to own an iPad for free! 🙂 So here goes, I’m joining in!

    I followed @johnchow and @urbandatadotcom on twitter with ID @ellenjoycastel

    and I also tweeted about the giveaway:

  32. kasai says:

    I am also a twitter follower Kayth_22

    and tweet your contest here

  33. Karen Chayne says:

    Hi, I made a blog post about this give away in my blog:

    I had also followed UrbanData and JohnChowDotcom in Twitter:

    And I also tweeted this post:

    Thank you!

  34. Karen says:

    Hello, i just made my post about the contest and here it is

    Follow Urban Data on Twiiter and Tweet about this contest

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