Win Dinner with Market Leverage At Pubcon/SXSW

In keeping up with their trade show traditions, Market Leverage will be hosting a Blogger dinner during Pubcon/SXSW Austin. Market Leverage will have some of the best and brightest in the affiliate and blogging world joining them for dinner and a night of high quality networking. Want join us? Well, you can!

Market Leverage will be giving away two tickets to the dinner for some very special affiliates. All they have to do is blog about the dinner and let them know why you should be there. Link back to and send a trackback to this post and we’ll pick two lucky guests to join us. If the trackback doesn’t take, leave a comment with the URL to your post.

Not only will the winners get a great dinner and meet some really big name bloggers, they’ll also get some awesome blogging souvenirs to record the event- Flip Mino HD’s and MarketLeverage I’m Blogging This gear! Dinner plans are as follows:

Saturday, March 14th 6:30PM
Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Time and location may be changed if our guest’s schedules make it necessary, we’ll keep you updated though. This is only a ticket to dinner. All travel and show plans are on the winner’s own dime. Good luck and enter now!

22 thoughts on “Win Dinner with Market Leverage At Pubcon/SXSW”

  1. Pheak Tol says:

    good luck to those that are going to try and win this cool dinner..if we cant make the dinner can we still get a flip hd and im blogging this gear? just a thought =]

    1. Those who don’t win will still virtually be there when John posts a video of the event a few hours later. 🙂

      1. John Chow says:

        Actually, I won’t be there. I’m heading to China!

        1. How long are you going for?

        2. SEO Tips says:

          ooo China? Where abouts?

          Perks of the job you can be anywhere in the world and still work. Probably the most beneficial part of being a blogger in my opinion.

        3. SO you wont post about this event?

          1. John you going to China to kill a Panda?

      2. MLDina says:

        I’m sure we can get John some footage so it will be just like he was there…I’ll even take pictures of my meal. 😀

  2. Want to fly me over there from Australia? Then I’ll enter the competition. 😉

  3. Bah very far from me =/ I really need to start going to some of these events.

  4. I’ll only enter if the dinner is at Chucky Cheese’s…

  5. Will ML sponsor the flight tickets from India, too? 😛 Oh darn! First I need to join ML, which I can’t 🙁

    I see a new comment section here.. =) Looks cool 😀

  6. SEO Tips says:

    Wish I could enter, but I doub’t ML will pay for tickets over there. 🙁
    Shame really.

  7. Love to enter, but I am a lil too far away. Maybe next time. Thanks.

  8. ExtraBlogger says:

    I can’t be there, I’m too far away…
    Enjoy it..

  9. Sounds like it will be a great time! Entering the contest now…

  10. Looks like I won’t be eligible to participate as I’m in Asia. Gosh the things that we guys here have to miss. Oh well good luck to the lucky ones.

    Peter Lee

  11. I think John going to China to see beautiful girl ^_^ hahaha

  12. Dean Saliba says:

    Good luck to all. It is times like this that make me wish the UK had some cool trade shows like the ones in the US. 🙁

    1. MLDina says:

      What about AdTech London? And Affilicon?!

  13. Good luck to everybody.

  14. game-girl says:

    I wish I would be there! Though we can learn about the event from the post,even if John is in China,somebody else will tell us about it in the net.

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