Win The World’s Thinnest Laptop Mouse

World's thinnest mouse

What you are looking at is the world’s thinnest mouse. This mouse is so thin that it fits inside the PC slot on the side of your notebook computer. In this way, you don’t even need to dedicate a pocket in your backpack or laptop bag for the mouse: it fits INSIDE your notebook.

To use the 2P Slim Mouse, pull it out of your notebook and read the instructional pamphlet because you’re going to need it! The instructions come with pictures to walk you through the entire process, including reverse guidance for converting the mouse back to its skinny shape so that you can put it back in your laptop’s PC card slot. When assembled correctly, the 2P Slim looks like this.

2P Slim Mouse

Pretty cool, huh? It doesn’t matter if the thing is extremely uncomfortable or hard to use. It doesn’t matter that The TechZone gave it a 4/10 score in its review. It doesn’t matter that at $69.99, the 2P is bloody expensive for a laptop mouse. No sir! All that matters is you have a chance to win the thinnest, most uncomfortable and one of the most expensive notebook mouse in the world! Think of it as a cool backup mouse in case your main notebook mouse (which will likely cost less than the 2P) dies.

To enter the world’s thinnest mouse contest, just reply to this blog post. You only need to reply once because replying multiple times won’t get you multiple entries. However, if you blog about it and send a trackback, I’ll count that as another entry. And not to be outdone by the mad cow, if you stumble this post, I’ll accept that as a third entry.

I’ll draw a winner this Friday night. I’ll even sign the mouse if the winner wants me to. Good luck and enter now.

245 thoughts on “Win The World’s Thinnest Laptop Mouse”

  1. Wow…that’s quite a pitch.
    Count me in! I could use a hand cramp.

    One Man. One Year. $100,000 online.

    1. honest opinion and i like it

      count me in john

      fingers crossed, and it’s my chance to win it now

      1. Eastwood says:

        count me in!!

        1. wow thats pretty neat. I’m Game 😯

          1. Debo Hobo says:

            Linkbait? Either way i’m in too.

        2. uday says:

          My entry here. Lets see if i atleast get this :))

      2. honestly you’re so fast at commenting. you’
        re always number 2. Good job a video a day.

        1. Hmmm last time I checked being the first to comment on a post wasn’t a contest. 😉

          1. Goob says:

            It might not be a contest, but it’s still fun to try and do 🙂

        2. thanks for noticing, cash for comments

      3. Usman says:

        Count me in John Chow!

        I stumbled it too thanks!

    2. I know I won’t win it but I’ll comment anyway.. in!

    3. Philip says:

      throw my name into the hat!

    4. Hunter says:

      Neat mouse that I would gladly use since it can be stored in my laptop.

      Happend to StumleUpon this awesome find!

    5. kailani says:

      I’d like to enter. Thank you!

    6. Gdog says:

      I read via RSS, nice way to sneak that in!

    7. Ravi Kapoor says:

      Hey John,

      I’m an active reader of your content and while reading your articles today, I just came across your ““I read John Chow dot Com with RSS” article and thought of trying my luck 😀

      All the best (to me)


      Ravi..from India

    8. Jack B says:

      I read John Chow dot Com with RSS”

    9. Suki says:

      i want it.
      i want it.
      i want it.

  2. Wow, another giveaway 🙂 Count me in!

  3. Ryan Shamus says:

    Enter me in please! I also Stumbled it for a second entry 😀

  4. Cheynne says:

    Im in there like swim wear. :mrgreen:

  5. Manthem says:

    Sure beats the damn trackpad I’m stuck using.

    1. trackpad? whats that?

      1. A TrackPad is the Apple version of the touchpad for their MacBooks and PowerBooks. At least that’s what I think it’s called.

  6. Matt Propst says:

    Count me into this giveaway.
    I could use a portable mouse!

    I’m also good for a stumble 🙂
    We’ll see about a blog post tonight.

  7. Michael Kwan says:

    Looks pretty funky

  8. webd360 says:

    wow thats small, put me in the hat too 🙂

  9. Delphine says:

    I would LOVE to win this!! I’m sick of using this gross mouse I have. 😀

  10. Lewis Empire says:

    I’ll take one of those.

  11. LoL that thing looks wack, that’s all I have to say about that. Wacky

    1. wacky.. but its still hold the title as the thinnest mouse

  12. DrGEN says:

    Count me in dude! 😉

  13. lobo235 says:

    Sounds like a fun little mouse. Count me in too!

  14. Replied and stumbled!!

  15. alamster says:

    count me in, perhaps it fits for my acer 😆

  16. stumbled. 🙂

  17. Zac Johnson says:

    Pick me, I want to win again and blog it! 😛

    1. John Cow says:

      Us too! 😀

      1. Chris says:

        awesome picture!

        Count me in John.

    2. you won something already? you sneaky bastard.

  18. Matt says:

    Count me in! Thanks!

  19. Jacob says:

    I wouldn’t mind winning. 🙂

  20. Vincent Chow says:

    Me too, although I have no laptop. Might get one near future though.

  21. Dan says:

    I like nifty gadgets that fold into incredibly small packages, even if they are difficult and awkward to use and will eventually end up as part of a display of things-that-didn’t-pan-out instead of getting all used up and dying of old age. 🙂

  22. bryce says:

    It’s free isn’t it – does it connect to the computer by PC card or just stored in there?

  23. Greg Stratz says:

    count me in please..

  24. Think i’ll throw in a blog post too.. :mrgreen:

  25. Katana says:

    I want a laptop mouse!!! 😛

  26. Justin says:

    I wouldn’t mind laying claim to the world’s thinnest mouse.

  27. Steven says:

    World’s thinnest mouse yet most uncomfortable, who the hell thinks of these stupid ideas LOL

  28. ricdes says:

    Count me in johnyjohn

  29. Shaun Carter says:

    Clever idea for a mouse. I haven’t ever used a mouse with my laptop… maybe I’m missing out.

    Count me in this one John!

  30. Nice mouse… Please count me 😳

  31. Rea Maor says:

    I would personally prefer if you could sign a Cheque, but I guess that the World’s thinnest laptop mouse would be just as good… 🙂 now, Who do I have to kill to win it ?

  32. Kioko says:

    I like small stuff 😀

    Count me in! :mrgreen:

    When’s the drawing? 😛

    1. Steven says:

      Drawing is this Friday night according to his post.

      I’m in.

  33. rahul says:

    yea I want John’s sign on this , me to in

  34. Aaron Martin says:

    I like it count me in

  35. ouchs says:

    im in 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿

  36. Verne says:

    I’m willing to sacrifice comfort for free stuff. Count me in!

  37. Jason says:

    I’d like to participate.

  38. Matt Huggins says:

    Too lazy to do the other things, but here’s my comment to at least enter. 😛

  39. nikhusni says:

    Can i Have those …pleaseeee….fisrt time commenting here…

  40. mybloggo says:

    Nice Mouse and i am in for this contest

  41. Torsten says:

    Nice toy. Count me in! 🙂

  42. God that thing is ugly.
    Count me in… stumbled too

    1. I also read your RSS feed for a third entry.

  43. I like the ,ouse
    count me in john

  44. Count me in john 😉

  45. Ron says:

    In :).

  46. zieak says:

    Wow. I just bought a mouse for my laptop today. Symbolism?

  47. Mike Zak says:

    Oooohhhh! Me Wanna!

    So uncomfy, and so useless, but so kewwwwwlll.

  48. playtunes says:

    of course i wanna this , but …

    i am afraid i don’t know how to use it..

  49. Artakus says:

    count me in..mouse hover me.. 😆

  50. Philip says:

    what a cool mouse. count me in!

  51. ameyjah says:

    Hey John, count me too. I have also stumbled this post

  52. harry says:

    I’d love to be in for the chance of winning the thinnest mouse, count me in!

  53. Stephen says:

    I rate this as marginally less useful than the Drink Cooler. At least the drink cooler can hold my paper down. This thing will probably blow away in a mild breeze.

  54. Nomar says:

    entered 😈

  55. Ryan Jarrett says:

    Wow, cool idea. Looks like a transformer 😛

    However, the novelty is kinda lost if you’ve already got your slots full and a tiny mouse already. Still love it though!

  56. nikhusni says:

    Want those tooo…pleasseeee….this is my first posting here

  57. Fable says:

    Sign me up, too. 😉

  58. jam says:

    :mrgreen: i’m in!
    RSI here i come…

  59. MR-Gee says:

    I wanna win this time. (I prefer games though 🙂 )

  60. Phil says:

    What a ridiculous mouse!

    The only thing that is more ridiculous is that I want it!

  61. Izwan says:

    Count me in! I will win this time!! 👿

  62. Quite interesting thing with that mouse…

  63. I take my chances and only enter as a post!

  64. Count me in! And oh..stumbled as well –

  65. I’m in! Good to see my friends drool over it lol :mrgreen:

  66. I’m in for a backup mouse. 🙂

  67. shruchi says:

    I am happy to see. please count me in.

  68. Jason says:

    Autographed mice always seem to have some sort of appeal 🙂 Count me in!


  69. Jon Lee says:

    I’ve wanted the MOGO mouse for a while so this one comes pretty close, count me in!
    I’ve also stumbled it.

    1. Jon Lee says:

      I read John Chow dot Com with RSS!

  70. Roberta says:

    Count me in! 😈

  71. Zlatan says:

    Count me in,Mr. Chow :mrgreen:

  72. shman says:

    Count me in 😈

  73. April says:

    Is giving away junk prizes going to be a new trend?

  74. Mad cow — haha I love that! I really wish I win this time. This is like the nth JC contest I entered this year LOL.

    1. Same here, when I can’t win with odds like this, there really isn’t much point in me playing the lottery. But I bet I would be lucky enough to get hit by a bus or something like that 😕

  75. Neena says:

    I’m in as well. A new gadget is always welcome.

  76. KennyP says:

    KennyP is here

  77. maurizio says:

    Nice one!
    I want it.
    pleeease 🙂

    I’m so unlucky that I’m probably wasting my time 🙁

  78. Roseate says:

    I am in 🙂

  79. Gdog says:

    I’m in! Another great contest idea!

  80. Goob says:

    Even if it sucks, I’d still like to win it 🙂

    1. My sentiments exactly, Goob. 😆

      Count me in!

  81. Sain says:

    good contest

  82. Nathawut says:

    that’s really cool 🙂

  83. GuyLingo says:

    Carpal tunnel is underrated…I want in too.

  84. Dave says:

    Sure why not

  85. Mike says:

    that looks quite comfortable. lol

  86. Starboykb says:

    😯 69.9? What the heck? I would like to see that! count me in! bro!

  87. Erik Karey says:

    Count me in for this one too. Great contests lately john. Thanks

  88. Ryan says:

    Count me in please 😛

  89. Wai Wong says:

    It does look uncomfortable 😛

  90. Casey says:

    If it’s signed by you John, I’d love it!

  91. betshopboy says:

    Stumbled. Double up my entries!

  92. Nick says:

    Sure, I’ll enter this contest. It looks like a better prize than the drink cooler even if it did get a low rating on the review. For it to be the John Chow autographed version makes it even sweeter.

    1. ritchie says:

      the drink cooler just got a lower rating as it doesn’t fit inside your lt :mrgreen:

  93. Richard Miller says:

    I’m gonna join the big guys as well 😎

  94. Kenric says:

    But my PCMCIA slot is already filled with my Compact Flash card adapter! What to do??? 🙁

    1. ritchie says:

      Bring a second lt, of course!

  95. Neo says:

    😈 Gimme 😈

  96. bob cobb says:

    In, Love free stuff

  97. redsnuff says:

    I am always in for free stuff.

  98. Thomas says:

    HI IM IN LOL, I stumbled too

  99. Jimmy says:

    Hi John, count me in.

    Btw, what’s the difference between the 2P and the mogomouse?

  100. Jamaipanese says:

    Sign me up 😀

  101. WTJ says:

    let me try my luck again

  102. Edgar G. says:

    I will take it . its free why not


  103. kenny says:

    Another chance for free stuff… of course im in!! :mrgreen:

  104. Hari says:


    Count me in too.

  105. Jimson Lee says:

    I’m in!

    BTW, what ever happened to built-in trackballs on laptops? I’m all thumbs 🙂

  106. Sean says:

    Ooh, ooh. me me!

  107. Ash Haque says:

    Count me in too 🙂

  108. James says:

    I don’t think I’d want it anyway. Why would anyone buy that? It has to be like using a piece of folded cardboard.

    1. ritchie says:

      don’t you like folding cardboards?

  109. Art says:

    I like free stuff

  110. Kanute says:

    😯 Count me in

  111. C.D. Allen says:

    I really need a replacement mouse since [laptop] mouse died here recently, a year after purchasing it.

    I’d like to win this baby – it looks cool.

  112. That mouse sounds terrible! and now I have a chance to win it…. go figure!

  113. affzan says:

    Count me in!

    Please let me win this time :mrgreen:

  114. Mike Mahon says:

    My carpal tunnel just flarred up!

  115. My wrist is aching for a new mouse actually. 😉

  116. Tim McSween says:

    A John Chow signature mouse. Very cool.

  117. Rich Waters says:

    Yes… I love uncomfortable stuff!

  118. That is awesome. Count me in!!!

  119. I want that mouse! I have dropped my poor laptop mouse so much in travel that it’s not gray anymore like my laptop it’s splotchy from all the hitting the ground scratches!

    I need this mouse so that I can stop tearing up the poor logitech mouses I have to buy every two months…

    I’ll be looking for an email Friday night! 😈

  120. ritchie says:

    I’m totally in – a crappy laptop mosue is just what I’ve been looking for all my life.

  121. Blogulate says:

    ME ME ME 😈

  122. Pottz says:

    This will come in handy given I’ve just bought my first laptop – count me in 😉

  123. Jaime says:

    Hey John,

    I am in!!


  124. I want to try this on my new laptop! 🙂

  125. Cigar Jack says:

    What the heck I’ll give it a go.

  126. Okay second try…why do I only enter a comment when you are giving something away? Do not know.

  127. Jacob Share says:

    What will they think of next? A frisbee that fits in the dvd drive? Oh wait…

  128. Nick says:

    This is my entry! 🙂 Maybe John won’t win his own prize this time…haha

  129. MLS News says:

    My dell laptop came with this huge black mouse. I tried a mini one, but I still like the big one better. Time to change to a tiny one 😀

    Count me in, stumbled too !

  130. Farinha says:

    This is my entry! I just hope it’s not a problem that I live in Portugal…

  131. Yogesh says:

    nice… hope this doesn’t goes to the mad cow, cause I am not sure how well a cow will be able to handle this delicate thing 😆

  132. Richard says:

    Sign me up John!

  133. Sergio says:

    Count me in, I don’t care if it got 4/10. 🙂

  134. James Wilcox says:

    I’m totally in!

    Win a $5 Starbucks Gift Certificate

  135. simon says:

    How do I stumble this post?

  136. Andrew Boyd says:

    Hi John,

    yes, I’m interested! Of course, anything that cool is hard to use 🙂

    Best regards, Andrew

  137. Papa Rage says:

    So is this thing optical, or is there a tiny little ball in there?

    1. John Chow says:

      Do they still make ball mice?

    1. Brilliances says:

      Does commenting with a different domain and email count as two entries?


      Road to Mega Millions

  138. J David says:

    Wow, that sounds dumb… I want one!

  139. pick me pick me..never had this kind of luck.. :mrgreen:

  140. Hip Hop says:

    That’s a mouse ????

  141. Paul says:

    Seems like a neat idea. 1 vote for me!

  142. willis says:

    im in. i have had my eye on this mouse, but its $70 price tag seems a bit steep.

  143. Jaganath says:

    Thats a cool mouse!

  144. Fahmishah says:

    hmm i want to win it! count on me!

  145. Gabriel says:

    Count me in! Thanks John! 😉

  146. Still in time? Count me in!

  147. thien says:

    cool….. count me in …hehe

  148. thien says:

    coolll…… count me in john


  149. thien says:

    i want one 🙁

  150. thien says:

    count me in ppleasee… heheh

  151. kailani says:

    Count me in! Off to stumble.

  152. Hey count me in too…All I’ve ever dreamed a tiny non-ergonomical laptop mouse, (for my desktop since I have no laptop)…SIGNED by John Chow… I get my dreamy eyes just thinking about it!

    Cough*Choking on Sarcasm*Cough. 😈

  153. Cool. Count me In.

  154. Egonitron says:

    cool. here’s my comment entry, and I stumbled it:

  155. Brian says:

    Count me in

  156. Vijay says:

    I am entering for this contest as well. I stumbled it with the username Zener as well.. So 2 entries I guess

  157. Marc says:

    That’s a wicked gadget. I’m in!

  158. Anastasia says:

    Ohhh, If I win, I definately want it autographed! 🙂

    Here is my linkback 🙂

  159. I join again. 😀

  160. ouchs says:

    this mouse is definately mine. Dont’ bother guys

  161. Eric Skiles says:

    That this is terrible….I want it!

  162. Matt says:

    I read this blog through RSS!

  163. Karol Krizka says:

    I read John Chow dot Com with RSS

  164. Matt Jones says:

    I read John Chow dot Com with RSS 🙂

  165. Colin Dean says:

    I read John Chow dot Com with RSS

    Mi legas “” kun RSS!

  166. KennyP says:

    I read John Chow dot Com with RSS :mrgreen:

  167. Grace says:

    I read John Chow with RSS. 😀

  168. David says:

    Great blog and I read it through RSS! 😎

  169. LivingforGod says:

    Please enter me in this giveaway. Thanks!

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