Winning The Gold At The Home Business Summit San Diego

You know the old saying, “When it rains, it pours”? Well, money has been pouring down on me! Yesterday at the Home Business Summit, I was presented with a check for $400,642.81. Today, I was presented with three American Gold Eagle coins.

The American Eagle is made from 1oz of gold and is worth about $1,400 each at the current gold price. If the world economy goes to crap, it’ll be worth a lot more. Gold is also a great hedge against inflation.

How did I win the gold? MOBE had a contest for Home Business Summit ticket sales, and I sold enough tickets to win three coins. This was the reason I was offering free tickets to the Home Business Summit. It cost me $97 to buy the ticket but I got back over $200 in gold for each ticket.

The contest was open to all MOBE licensees. It wasn’t really a contest because you were not competing against anyone. Anyone who sells eight tickets gets a gold coin. If you sell twenty tickets, you would get three coins. I sold 22 tickets by offering to buy the ticket. That cost me $2,134. The coins are worth $4,200, and I made $853.60 commission from the ticket sales. This netted me a profit of $2,919.60. And that right there is a great example of how to do affiliate marketing!

Gold Coins



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33 thoughts on “Winning The Gold At The Home Business Summit San Diego”

  1. I. C. Daniel says:

    First time I see such a gold coin. Indeed gold is more and more valuable!

  2. You may want to redo your math John. Your profit was $2919.60 not 5053.60 (gross not profit).

    1. John Chow says:

      Thanks for the sharp eye!

      1. faisal says:

        STill it was pretty profitable 😉

  3. Terry says:

    awesome job man! nice article!

  4. Enstine Muki says:

    Congratulations John! you are a genius in Affiliate marketing 😉

  5. John you have so much experience in marketing. Selling few tickets like this is just a matter of minutes for you.

  6. Hi John,

    Congrats on your continued success!!


  7. Hey John,

    Congrats on the gorgeous gold coins and again on the *insane* check! 🙂


  8. Way to go John! That’s some very smart thinking and marketing you did!

  9. Steve West says:

    Great post John, you certainly don’t miss a trick, lol! Very savvy marketing 😉

    Congrats on the phat check! 🙂

    Best Regards, Steve

  10. Edson Hale says:

    Every week you post a mouth-watering success story of yours that reignite our passion to do more work hard to earn at least 1 per cent amount of equal to your total earning. When this day will come its a big question.

  11. site uncle says:

    Congrats John, great post for newbies and the best way to increase their interest in such a wonderful home based business.

  12. Phil says:

    That is an amazing story! Well done John! Very inspiring!

  13. Good morning John,

    Ever since I was a tiny girl, I have had a fascination with coins. Paper money, whilst it is much yearned for, does not compare with how I feel when I touch these round and valuable objects. Your coins are quite lovely.

    I would dearly love to play the game I one did with my Daddy. He would come home after work and pull out the change from his pockets. I would sit on the bed, my legs placed for balancing my sitting position, and he would place the coins into my tiny hands. I tossed the coins upward and turned my hands over, in order to catch the descending coins on the backs of my hands. I would repeat this five times. However many coins I ended up holding were MINE! I would excitedly scramble off the bed to hug his neck, plant a kiss on his cheek and run off to share my good news with Mummy. Those precious moments in time have remained with me ever since. I have a lot of these treasured moments to recall.

    Congratulations on your continued success and now and again … take the coins out, because they like to be touched.

    1. Edit: (I once did … )

  14. Lille Low says:

    Totally inspiring ! Wonder what’s the secret of your success!

  15. Pham Phu Thien says:

    Very fantastic! I can’t believe it though that is true. I wonder that if I can do a little.

  16. Pham Phu Thien says:

    Congratulation! You had the continued successes.

  17. Andreas says:

    very inspiring 400 000 check ? why did you get that big amount ? is it the total of all your earnings or how did you go that big

  18. Chetan says:

    Very nice strategy, You’re now using for sell. 🙂 You know what i mean. 😉

  19. Deb says:

    Hi John

    Wow…. this is all fabulous. You are inspiring..thanks for that!
    I love getting your emails and reading your stories.

  20. Joe Juhant says:

    congrats John!!

  21. Congradz John! I badly need to get affiliated with you.. http//

  22. Naushad says:

    Hi John! Congrats. You are doing it we’ll.

  23. Great work John. I just started with MOBE and I hope that one day I can be as good as you.

  24. Hey John,
    It is incredible and inspiring ! Congratulation ! Thanks for sharing your knowledge in your blog.

  25. Anthony says:

    John awesome …. Congratulations

  26. ngoc son says:

    hi you’re happy when you get gold coins, and I like the way you do to get gold coins that I really love to own a gold coin that does not know when to get

  27. Paul says:

    Awesome!! Congrats John.

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