With Better Health Comes More Money Online

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“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.” ~Doug Larson

You and I share a very important quality. We both want to make lots of money online. The trouble is that sometimes when we’re striving for more money we’re neglecting our health.

The truth of the matter is that our health is way more important than money. Put any multi-billionaire on their death bed and they’ll give up their entire fortune in the blink of an eye in order to extend their life.

You can bet that with more money you can afford better health insurance and world class doctors. However, you aren’t necessarily rich, and before you get there you want to not only preserve your body, but have it functioning at 120%.

If you’re ever felt a bit sluggish during the day and thought that a bit more energy and focus would make working so much easier than I have some answers for you.

9 Fundamentals of Healthy Money Earning Bodies

  1. Drink A Tub Full of Water. The recommended daily water intake is 64 ounces on average. However, the majority of people walk around dehydrated for most of their lives. Water gives you energy, focus, and motivation. Drink more.
  2. Sit Up Straight You Slouch. Did you know that sitting up straight allows you to breath in more oxygen? This keeps you focused, alert, and energized as well. Common sense? I bet you’re slouching as you read this. Sit up.
  3. Daily Cardio Works The Discipline Muscle. Making money online requires pushing yourself and having discipline. How can you get discipline if you have none? I don’t care how long you work out, the general rule is that you’re clothes have to be soaking wet when you’re done.
  4. You Are What You Eat. So stop eating shit. Seriously, if you’re not eating a diet that mainly consists of fruits and vegetables you’re doing things wrong. Take inventory of what you’re snacking on and consider how it’s affecting your mind and body.
  5. Create Daily Habits For The Win. Our lives are made up of a series of good and bad habits. By creating and sticking to productive daily regimes, we can drastically improve our health, productivity and positive cash flow!
  6. Take A Mental Dump. Relieve your mind of extraneous information by getting everything out on paper instead of letting it distract you from your work flow. This will serve to calm your mind, increase focus and relieve stress.
  7. Love What You Do. By really enjoying everything that you do throughout your life and being fully present to it, you can effectively create a mental and spiritual balance. This will have you resonating with thoughts, and more importantly, successful actions.
  8. Set Your Targets. Find out what the healthy body weight and body fat percentage is for you and make that your goal. Measure yourself weekly to see where you stand, and work hard towards reaching this goal.
  9. Daily Schedule. Eliminate the need to think about when you will exercise and when you will eat. Let your body get used to a schedule. Your body operates on something called a circadian (24 hours) rhythm. By letting your body get used to this schedule you let it function optimally.

I’m leaving this list at 9 because I want to hear what you do on a daily basis that improves your health and keeps you on track to your road of success.

“The greatest wealth is health.” ~Virgil

66 thoughts on “With Better Health Comes More Money Online”

  1. Alex Shalman says:

    Thanks for getting this up John!

    I hope to see you guys participating in Happiness: The Group Writing Project we’re up to 79 participants total, so don’t miss out!

    1. Israel says:

      The title of this post is 100% misleading, as are most posts nowadays. BUT, and the big but here is that I am extremely pleased to see a prominent blog discuss health. It is something that is very much neglected on money making, and most blogs. While i occasionally come across some blogs that mention health, it makes me very happy to have read this. Thanks Alex and John.


    2. Israel says:

      Also, I dont think I am wrong is saying that a large percentage of bloggers DO NOT take care of themselves health wise.

      1. king kong says:

        wasn’t your name something like “fat guy”

    3. Great post, something I don’t do enough of is drink.

      Carl – Thatblogsite.com

    4. Robert says:

      Keep meaning to participate. I vow to take care of that this week. A business trip last week killed me.

  2. Get a water filter…if you’re ingesting all the chlorine, fluoride and other trace chemicals in public water- you ARE the filter. Most people don’t drink enough water because it tastes awful…get a real filter (not a Brita from Walmart) and you’ll be amazed what good water tastes like.

  3. I work w/ kids on a daily basis on a schedule so I can’t avoid it. Keeps me young and healthy.

  4. Wade says:

    I try to drink more water, but sometimes it is do tempting to grab a glass of tea. Also I love my Starbucks coffee. I do tend to drink more orange juice, especially in the winter. I find that when I drink orange juice often in the winter I stay healthy. The minute I run out and neglect to get some more, I get sick.

    To exercise.. well I read the JohnChow..

  5. Jake Cohen says:

    Water is great but if you can drink something with Vitamins, such as Vitamin Water, it really walks you up and gives you energy. You do want to be careful though, because they do contain a decent amount of sugar.


  6. Antonio says:

    Thanks a lot for another useless post 🙂

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      why don’t you reveal your name for your useless comment

      1. Wosko Jagora says:

        If he won’t, I will. I don’t agree with him that this is a useless post, but they shouldn’t pretend that this belongs in the ‘Make money online’ or ‘the Net’ categories. This article is about neither, so it’s a bit strange to fool the readers into believing it is about anything other than health.

        It seems that John and his guest bloggers are doing an experiment: how much unrelated topics can we shove into our readers before they will really leave? Don’t be surprised to see articles such as ‘With Less Suicide Comes More Money’ or ‘9 ways to sleep less and make more money’ or ’15 ways to shut up your baby so you can make more money online’ or whatever.

        Congrats on getting the most offtopic article ever on johnchow.com, Alex! Gotta admire that 🙂

        1. Utterly amazing! The good old USA is probably the sickest nation on earth because we eat a garbage diet and you are saying that diet and health have nothing (or little) to do with making money.

          Diet has everything to do with health, health has everything to do with how well you function and how well you function has so much to do with your ability to be successful. As an average, I would bet money that the more successful people in the world are the ones who are healthier.

          Excellent post Alex!

          1. Wosko Jagora says:

            No, I am saying that a post about health is offtopic in the Make Money and The Net categories. Working on your health by itself does not make you a penny and it doesnt even require the Net. The aim of this article really isn’t about helping the readers make money, it’s only about helping the readers stay healthy. It would be very ontopic on a health blog, but just as offtopic on a car blog (with better health comes better driving ability, DUH).

          2. Well said. A healthy body and mind is conductive to Wealth. It lets you be more focused and productive. That’s where you will get your best evil ideas!

          3. Better health = more evil ideas. I like that.

    2. Well, I guess you probably have all 9 of these things under your belt.

  7. Wadim s says:

    Some notice to article^
    1. Drink natural spring water, even cook on it. Not filtered one.
    2. Buy good armchair.
    3. Join sport club.
    4. Dont’ eat fastfood. Only healthy food, vegetables, fruits.

    1. David Chew says:

      That is useful. 😀

  8. Hannah says:

    The water tip is a good one… being from the Fraser Valley originally the water here in Ottawa is complete crap, so I tend to avoid it, but I need to get back into drinking that and reduce my powerade intake!

  9. Good article , the health does. All of us need to be healthy in order to put things together in life. I would suggest beside all the beautiful factors listed by Alex Shalman : People do not struggle to death with making money they will come for sure if you make some efforts. Making money online is a hard task indeed that has to be carefully treated.
    All the best John.chow !

  10. Kacper says:

    My best habit that brings me health, energy and fun is at least 1h of kung-fu per day.

    I know, that you may not find kung-fu appealing to you. Try different sports and activities. Finally, you will find something that you will enjoy. Turn up your favourite energetic music and do the workout. Let endorphines boost your body and mind.

  11. Especially agree with number 4! It is so true and most people don’t think about it.

  12. John M says:

    I can’t stress the importance of drinking enough water. ( unfortunatly caffiene based drinks don’t count 🙁 )

    Most of us never function at our full capacity because we don’t have the tools.

    good luck with the earning…wouldn’t it be great if we could all be a john chow 😉

    1. Water means w-a-t-e-r, not diet soda, sports water, Gatorade, vitamin water and all the other crap that passes for water that contains a chemical soup of ingredient. Pure water is what your body needs.

  13. Syed Balkhi says:

    i love the quote by virgil…

    This is a very true post. One thing I find alot is that I overwork myself. Up till 3 in the morning, and then go to sleep to wake up again at 7:45 a.m to go to class and then work all day.

  14. Daily intake of flavonoids. A great antioxidant for your body. Have you heard that a glass of red wine a day is good for you?

  15. This post is so true. It’s a very simple concept, but it seems like I need a reminder every so often.

    Thanks much.

  16. .. says:

    Another useless post from Alex

  17. .. says:

    this is the most stupid article I’ve ever read!

  18. Great post! Very insightful and its true…a good schedule keeps everything in order including health and the business side of things 🙂

  19. Alt-J says:

    Number 10. Have more sex. It’s a THE exercise. 😆

  20. Bigman says:

    I agree with most of it except the part that you should be on a fruit and vegetable diet, I think there is more on the market that you can also benefit from when it comes to food.

  21. Holly says:

    This is all really good advice, I’m diabetic so I have to get myself up and off the computer to go exercise. Sometimes I find that is when I come up with the best ideas. Even more motivation to get away from the computer

  22. Joy Smith says:

    Some great advice!!! Something interesting I’ve learned… Sitting up straight all of the time can actually do more harm than good to your spine. HA! That’s rhymes. Anyway, straightening your spine all of the time can put a strain on it. So, I guess it’s ok to slouch once in a while.

    1. Simon Lau says:

      Hm.. that’s new to me. Best to get one of those cool ergo (Aeron) chairs!

  23. Paul says:

    I like the water tip, whether you are in the money making business or not, it is good advice.

  24. Jonathan says:

    Setting your targets is one of the most important IMO. I want to know my outcome in any situation. That applies to what I’m blogging about on a given day. I’ve found an editorial calendar is key.

  25. HypnoGirl says:

    Great post! I think it is so important to remember to keep our health up as it is easy to get stuck in front of the computer screen – methinks it worse than ending up a couch potato! Great one and look forward to more insightful and timely posts.

  26. Simon Lau says:

    “The truth of the matter is that our health is way more important than money.”
    Best line in that post.

  27. It is funny that you bring this topic up because most people that strive to make money online sit on their computers most of the day and don’t realize that excerise is very important and money is worth nothing if you are not alive to spend it.

  28. Internetsalsa says:

    I totally agree with Wosko Jagora’s comment.
    This post has nothing to do in this site.
    All these people who are commenting here kissing ass.
    How many of you have really been successful in making $$$/money by following and commenting on this blog or on problogger, shoemoney, etc. ?

  29. Robert says:

    Speaking about #1, I once read that drinking a glass full of water when you wake up in the morning (and before eating breakfast is so good for you). It like cleans you out or something.

  30. Robert says:

    I think the last one is very important, too. Putting your body on a schedule eliminates a lot of the mental and physical frustration with deciding when to exercise, when to eat, when to blog, when to run errands, etc.

  31. maher says:

    after a few hrs on the computer i feel all stiff and i gotta get up and stretch, it sucks

  32. furlyshank says:

    better health better john!

  33. All the points relate to healthy living but mind you, healthy living does not always mean earning money. Yes it is true that earning money should not be at the cost of the health. 💡

    1. Robert says:

      Unfortunately, our employers don’t feel that way.

  34. Chetan says:

    Agree that this post isnt related but its not just useless guys..

  35. You need to take care of yourself like you would take care. Walk, exercise, minimize stress. After all, your millions in the bank won’t do you any good if you are in no shape to enjoy them.

  36. Tony says:

    I do (almost) all of that and still don’t make (almost) any money online 😎

  37. thanks for reminding that health is the most important thing to take care of. When I started to drink more water some month ago my productivity grew and I had some positve side effects like better breath as well as meeting more people in the restrooms.

  38. As a fitness blogger I agree with everything that you say.
    As a internet business guy I agree with everything that you say.

    I fail when it comes to a schedule. I think that the best way to get that schedule going successfully is to make sure that you focus on one thing every morning that will move your business forward. I am commenting this afternoon on posts that I should have been posting comments to this weekend because I was unscheduled and lazy this weekend.

  39. Jeff Kee says:

    Water myth –

    64 ounces includes all form of water intake. That includes the H2O found in fruits and other forms of food as well. Somewhere along the line the water message got distorted that we need to drink 64 ounces of water separately each day but that is not the case.

    However if your activity levels are higher you need more, and in the summers you need more. I’m not crazy to fill that 2L (or 64 oz.) each day but I do keep water around me all the time. And when I play an intense match of soccer I probably go through a litre of water during/after the game anyhow. So it all depends.

    1. Alex Shalman says:

      You’re right that fruits and veggies have a lot of water, so if you’re eating mainly a plant based diet you are getting hydrated. The truth is that most people these days are eating processed food, so they do in fact require more water. You’re definitely on point though 😉

  40. Tad says:

    Great post. I think stretching should be included. Stretching for 10 minutes twice a day is a great way for your body to relieve stress. Every time I do it, I am relaxed and ready to either continue working or go to bed.


  41. John Esberg says:

    Here’s a point to consider, studies have shown you brain muscle reacts quicker when the body is kept in shape. Go figure, its all one system! Therefore, my wife and I go to the gym a couple of times a week. I can tell a difference at work when I keep myself in a regular exercise routine.

    1. John Esberg says:

      I should also note that sleep physiologists ran a study where they took a dorm full of college students and had them pull 1 extra hour of sleep a night. The average GPA jumped a full point! I tried this technique when I was a freshman at Vanderbilt. My results took me straight to the Dean’s List even though I had picked up 2 jobs on the side.

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