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I wrote about WootAgent back in February. It’s is a program designed for the Windows users in the Woot community who want a quick and helpful reminder when a new product is available on www.woot.com, or when there is a Woot-off. The software has been downloaded over 15,000 times. The makers of WootAgent is putting the program up for sale because they need funds for a new project. I would buy it but I don’t have the time to continue developing the program (it’s at version 2 right now).

What You Get

WootAgent site with full rights + code to desktop application. The wordpress blog, the forums, AIM messenger service program (WootAgentBot) SMS service w/ user list, and our web based Woot Tracker service courtesy of open source code. You also obtain full rights to do whatever you want with the services WootAgent offers (charge, etc). You will also receive the applications that send the IM’s and SMS’ to users about each new product that is available on Woot.

Full traffic and income details are available in this PDF file. WootAgent is looking for a sale in the $2,000 range. They based that off 10 months of August revenue. I think the price is extremely cheap considering the potential of the program. For more information or to make an offer, contact [email protected]

43 thoughts on “WootAgent For Sale”

  1. $2000 sounds quite cheap to me. You should be able to make that back in a month or 2 with TrialPay.

    1. $2000 is really cheap, I must agree with You. I think it will take longer than 2 month to get it back, about 6 months I suppose.

  2. Kanute says:

    Really cheap? I don’t think so. I would prefer to invest $2000 0n something else.

    1. lyricsreg says:

      What something else ? There isn’t really much you can do nowadays …. nothing to invest that’s worth it

  3. Zac Johnson says:

    Awesome, I’m sure it will sell now that it was listed on here. $2k isn’t a bad price… especially if you know how to monetize it! 😈

    1. Monetizing it is key. Why are people using it in the first place though – doesn’t Woot have an email notification or something?

  4. bob cobb says:

    I know the guy who is selling it, hes a great guy. Its definitely worth more than $2k

  5. I made an offer. We’ll see what happens.

  6. Steven says:

    Wish I had the $2k to spare *sniffles*

  7. dave so says:

    this is very interesting. i think i will do more reading up on wootagent.
    any ideas on how best to monetize it?

  8. Carlo says:

    Owner of WootAgent here. First off I want to thank John for making this post. Second, theres been a little change in the way we’ll do things. Since the post went up, I checked my email and I’ve received 5 offers, all valued at $2k. I obviously cannot sell the site to all five people. I figured the most fair thing to do is have an auction style format within this comment section for anyone who wants to buy the site.

    The person with the highest bid by midnight tonight (12pm ESTl) will take the site. The bidding starts at $2000.

    Thanks again.

    1. Okey now this is a hilarious idea (well not that the bidding thingie is something new to most of us, but running a bidding on a blog is certainly something new to me. Have seen auctions open on some blogs, but non that really worked, now running a auction on JC blog will definitively be fun to watch how far it will go).

  9. Carlo says:

    Forgot to add, just email or ask any questions here, and I will try to answer them.

    Oh and John approved the bidding for this 😈

  10. Israel says:

    i am in $2100 is my offer.

  11. Gary Jones says:

    Does the site generate any revenue right now?

    What is the number of page views per month over the last 6 months?

    How did you valuate it at $2000?

  12. Carlo says:

    Did you read the PDF that John posted up? It shows revenue and traffic stats.

    1. Gary Jones says:

      No I didn’t. I hate PDF’s 👿

      1. What’ is there to hate about PDF’s. A free file format that works on any computer platform?

      2. PDF is cool! Everyone loves PDF, especially when it opens in browser window 😕

  13. mubin says:

    Dont you think it would be a better idea to do this somewhere like digitalpoint or something?

    Im sure that you could bundle this with a searchbar or additional software and make a killing just off the downloads.

    1. Yeah, DP or SP would be a better place for this bidding war.

      1. And final price could be better, it’s his choice.

  14. Carlo says:

    I’ve sold sites on DP, don’t really like it. As for bundling it, the new owner can do that if they please. Right now I’m focusing on a new project (completely unrelated to and in a different niche as WootAgent) so I wouldn’t have anymore time to work on WootAgent.

    Just an FYI to anyone interested in bidding, I will gladly provide you with the original coder of WootAgent, he is more than happy to help, and if you want upgrades he will do them (for a fee of course)

    1. jam says:


      I see you have been banned on DP, can you tell us why that was?
      I’d put in a bid but something smells fishy here.

      1. jam says:

        Oh yeah I forgot,
        he was also selling it for more like $1000 in July.. 😈

        1. Carlo says:

          It was for sale for $1000 in July because I had not released version 2.0 yet and I picked up revenue by $100+

      2. Carlo says:

        I was banned on DP for too many replies to my own thread which they considered ‘bumping’. Stupid rules they got over there, you get infractions for practically everything.

        1. mubin says:

          can you tell me the name of your coder? I need something different done, and would like someone experienced in this.

  15. Carlo says:

    High bid of $2100 by Israel! 😀

  16. Is the bidding still going? My partner is not online and he is the coder, i cant code 😉

  17. Carlo says:

    Bidding is going until 12am EST tonight, so 3 hours.

    My coder who built the app says he can continue on the app if the new owner wants him to, as long as they pay of course.

  18. Carlo says:

    Site will sell in 10 minutes. Israel is the high bidder at $2100

  19. lol, how did this turn into an Auction, and such a quick one at that?

  20. Israel says:

    um, i guess i won……

    1. Israel says:

      thx, will start changing things up a bit.

  21. It looks like it was sold. 😕

  22. Congrats on sale… looks like the page is empty now.

    1. Israel says:

      I am having it cleaned up, its back up for now.

  23. Wahlau.NET says:

    looks like a good buy to me

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