WootAgent For Sale


I wrote about WootAgent back in February. It’s is a program designed for the Windows users in the Woot community who want a quick and helpful reminder when a new product is available on www.woot.com, or when there is a Woot-off. The software has been downloaded over 15,000 times. The makers of WootAgent is putting the program up for sale because they need funds for a new project. I would buy it but I don’t have the time to continue developing the program (it’s at version 2 right now).

What You Get

WootAgent site with full rights + code to desktop application. The wordpress blog, the forums, AIM messenger service program (WootAgentBot) SMS service w/ user list, and our web based Woot Tracker service courtesy of open source code. You also obtain full rights to do whatever you want with the services WootAgent offers (charge, etc). You will also receive the applications that send the IM’s and SMS’ to users about each new product that is available on Woot.

Full traffic and income details are available in this PDF file. WootAgent is looking for a sale in the $2,000 range. They based that off 10 months of August revenue. I think the price is extremely cheap considering the potential of the program. For more information or to make an offer, contact wootagent@gmail.com