WordCamp Fraser Valley

Last night was the first ever WordPress Camp in the Fraser Valley and it was a roaring success. Over 80 WordPress bloggers and wannabe WordPress bloggers made it out to the Cascades Casino to listen to and discuss blogging with the WordPress platform. The attendees range from complete newbies to experienced full time bloggers.

The speaker included Raul from Hummingbird 604, Rebecca Bollwitt from Miss604.com, Kulpreet Singh, Gary Jones from BlueFur.com and myself. The topics ranged from “Why I switch to WordPress from Bloggers” to “Evil ways to get traffic to a WordPress blog.”

This camp was much better organized than the last WordPress Camp. There was more than enough room to accommodate everyone. A big thanks goes out to Gary for putting this together.

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    1. Tyler Ingram says:

      Lower Mainland of British Columbia, East of City of Vancouver.

    2. Israel says:

      That’s a sweet shirt you have on there John thanks for sporting it.

    3. Hi John,

      Thanks for sharing my link and picture with your visitors. I enjoyed the event and look forward to the next one. Maybe we should have a multi-session WordPress event and this time host it half-way between Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.. as in Richmond!


  1. Strip says:

    You should have a tour, go around the country and speak, I would buy a ticket

  2. Ronald Su says:

    You look pretty good up there.
    When you retire as a blogger, you should become a professor in blogging. Maybe universities will create a “Blogging For Profit” major in the business departments. :mrgreen:

    1. Ian Fernando says:

      ofcourse he is looking good – he feels super comfortable since he is wearing shorts – lol

  3. Enkay Blog says:

    Seems like a great camp! I wish I would have been able to make it there. Great pictures btw!

  4. dcr says:

    I’m guessing your speech was “Evil ways to get traffic to a WordPress blog.” Don’t know why I think that, but I do. 😉

  5. It was really excellent. Thanks to all the speakers and sponsors for providing such a great learning experience. My biggest insight was to realize that Vancouver is the Twitter capital of Canada and that I should have read the Twitter instructions. It offers much more than I’d realized.

  6. Raul says:

    It was great to see you again, John. Sorry we didn’t have a chance to talk more, but for all the “evil ways” that people criticize you for, everyone was still swarming you and asking you for advice! See? That’s the problem with people – they complain, but they still want to hear you give them advice on how to grow their readership/business.

    As far as I am concerned, I am grateful for all the good tips you gave, and it was as always nice to have a chance to chat. Will try to make an effort to make it to the next DotComPho.

    Take care, be well.

  7. That’s pretty sweet. Why don’t they do more stuff like this in Toronto!

  8. Hey John can you give us some tips in one of your posts on your ‘Evil ways to get people to your WordPress blog’ speech. You know, for those of us who have no way of making it to the casino.

  9. tina says:

    would be interesting to know some of the evils of getting traffic to the wordpress. you guys in the sates are very luck to be able to go to all these conferences

    1. Gregg Gordon says:

      This is the first conference I attended, but there is no reason you can’t hold one where ever you are located. John and myself are not in the states.

  10. Gregg Gordon says:

    Good to finally meet you in person. Very informative speech; I think I’ve read almost all the tips you gave on your blog, but having you pull what you considered the important points into one presentation made me think of a few that I already knew of but need to actually need to implement.

    I’ll have some pictures of the night up on my Flickr soon, available through my blog.

  11. We need a WordPress camp in Richmond … perhaps at River Rock if casinos are a preferred location? 🙄

    1. Tyler Ingram says:

      Why in Richmond? There was the Vancouver one earlier which is more accessiable for people in Richmond say than people out in the Fraser Valley (like me).

      Besides we’re trying to get John out of Richmond more often 😉

      1. Richmond is very central in Greater Vancouver and you have a better chance at finding free parking here than in downtown Vancouver (if there are any left anymore). If a WordCamp is held at the Minoru Library, there will be lots of free parking.

        1. Hi Johan,

          I agree with you and I’m going to work on this. In fact, Richmond is, as you say, central between Vancouver and Fraser Valley, and it’s host to the airport.

          I will get in touch with past organizers and speakers about the possibility of a multi-session event for different types of WordPress enthusiasts.


        2. Gregg Gordon says:

          I’m sure Richmond seems convenient to everything when you live there; but it’s actually inconvenient to get to from almost everywhere else. I know Greater Vancouver very well, and I can get from the Fraser Valley to downtown or even north shore quicker than Richmond. An island in the mouth of the river who’s highway access requires big looping routes is not all that convenient for the rest of us. Why do you think everyone is vetoing Richmond as the place for dotcomPho?

          1. Hi Gregg,

            Thanks for your reply. Where would you suggest? We need someplace that is central and easy to access from (East,West, Downtown) Vancouver as well as Surrey/Delta/Langley? Isn’t the center Richmond.. or Delta? New Westminster? Annacis Island?


          2. Gregg Gordon says:

            I’ve never checked into it before, but perhaps you could check if the new SFU campus at Central City has facilities that could be used. It is fairly central, and has the advantage of being on the Skytrain line.

          3. John Chow says:

            That would be a great location.

    2. There should be one in NY if there hasn’t been one there already.

  12. I wonder who talked about “Evil ways to get traffic to a WordPress blog”. 😛

  13. Tyler Ingram says:

    More people should have come to find out the Evil Secrets for driving Traffic to your blog during the WordCamp! It was fun being there actually, met a lot of people who I chat with online (twitter & bloggers etc)

  14. mxyzplk says:

    I think I should join something like that too… I really need to increase my income 🙁

  15. Heh, John Chow in Langley. Neat.

  16. G says:

    Looks like all went well. Next, Toronto! 😀

  17. Ryan McLean says:

    It is rad how everyone has their own tables and their own laptops.
    I love communicating and it would frustrate me with a big pulpit like the one you guys had. However, the conference sounded like it went really well and you had a good turnout. Hope next years is even better

  18. I wish we could have something like that in Kansas City.

  19. RacerX says:

    Move the projector back and use the whole screen next time!

    Ok just my jealousy for not being anle to go showing…nice job

  20. There is no way I could be there, but hope to be able by the next meeting. John you look a bit older in the photo above! 😉

  21. Nice post John. Just wondering, where you would draw the line between a WP blogger and a wannabe blogger? 🙂

  22. Benjamin says:

    A member of my staff (Zane) was at the Word Camp and he said he was not impressed with the event at all. 😎

  23. zk says:

    Why dont they have it in Toronto ?

  24. kahoongchai says:

    i think u must be very confident talking there..
    this is what i lack of..=.=” 🙁

  25. Jan Alvin says:

    Talking to a lot of people is sure is something. 😀

  26. VeRonda says:

    This is definitely something to know about for the future. Are you going to discuss more in depth some of the topics that were covered and what bloggers may have walked away with (in the way of ideas, concepts, etc.)? Thanks for sharing…

  27. I wish I could’ve gone! Too bad it’s so far away!

    1. Actually… who wants to set one up in Orange County, California?

  28. Sounds like it went well. I wonder what the evil tips were…

  29. fas says:

    Seems interesting. What evil did you do John? Let us know.

  30. Danny Dang says:

    Enjoyed your presentation! Thanks for the tips, quite evil indeed!

  31. Ganesh says:

    Do you have a video of your speech on Evil Ways to get traffic to your blog? I’d love to watch it.

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, but it’s wasn’t very well recorded.

  32. Chip says:

    Yeah, again I’m pissed because we don’t have this kind of events in my country. Will it be long until I’ll see something like this for real?

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