WordPress 2.8.3 Available for Download


Two weeks ago, WordPress released security update version 2.8.2 of their besting selling blogging software. However, they’ve seem to uncovered a few other security holes since then and has released another security update.

Unfortunately, I missed some places when fixing the privilege escalation issues for 2.8.1. Luckily, the entire WordPress community has our backs. Several folks in the community dug deeper and discovered areas that were overlooked. With their help, the remaining issues are fixed in 2.8.3. Since this is a security release, upgrading is highly recommended.

The update affect 36 files. A simple upload and replace will do it or you can use the auto updater built into the WordPress admin. The update doesn’t affect the database.

Download WordPress 2.8.2

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33 thoughts on “WordPress 2.8.3 Available for Download”

  1. jorge says:

    I would update your install of WordPress right away. Hacks on my site have already been attempted.

  2. I’m going to install it right now. Thanks for the heads up John.

  3. Cam Birch says:

    Good thing they caught the problem but how annoying to be upgrading and upgrading all the time. At least this version seems to run completely smooth without the bumps I experienced with the 2.8 upgrade.

    1. Is anyone having problem with the wp stat, the stats takes too long to load?

  4. Benjamin Cip says:

    I already updated wordpress as soon as I saw the upgrade in my dashboard. It’s nice they upgrade often to fix problems.

  5. It’s amazing that some spammer and hackers are constantly looking for security holes in wordpress.

    1. WordPress has a huge adoption rate. If you can exploit a security hole, then you have access to some extremely powerful blogs out there.

    2. That’s their job and livelihood as well Gold … lolzz

  6. Eric Tan says:

    hacks already?

  7. Gerlaine says:

    You mean, bumps were experienced. I didn’t noticed. I just keep on blogging! Gotta love wordpress!

  8. EarningStep says:

    great . wordpress really doing a great job

  9. Just upgraded all my blogs. Cheers John.

  10. vasantan says:

    I’m going to update it now.

  11. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I’m still using WP 2.7.1 for my main blog, seems that I need to update it asap for better security system.


    1. Oh Lee … just get up and start updating it rite now.

  12. In the link you have mentioned 2.8.2 instead of 2.8.3

    Keeping new things and new version is essential to keep you ahead from others … 🙂

  13. videostar says:

    I absolutely agree with the position that we must be ahead from the others to get more.

  14. hospitalera says:

    Already upgraded 😉 BTW, found a little typo “of their besting selling blogging software” 😉 SY

  15. Thanks for reminding John, I’ll update right now

  16. Thanks for posting this Mr. Chow. Reason I call you that BTW — I’m only 17. Always respect your elders, right!? 😀

    I’m going to update immediately. I’ve been having some trouble with 2.8.2. Hopefully this will fix things.

  17. Bibokz says:

    Just update my blog awhile ago. It’s for safety, update your blog platform to avoid attacks.

  18. Thanks John, for informing us with the updated version released by world press.

  19. fas says:

    Download WordPress 2.8.2, John you mean 2.8.3

  20. I’m getting so tired of these updates.. For those of us with multiple websites, these updates are a nightmare!

  21. I think we must wait for a week or two before upgrade! I’m currently using WP 2.8.1 and don’t want to Upgrade to 2.8.2 or 2.8.3

  22. Ghostwriter says:

    Updating WordPress takes time because I do it manually by download the fie and uploading it via FTP.

    There is an update feature with WordPress which takes less hassle but seems risky for some reason. I’m just afraid the connection will break and my blog will be messed up.

  23. uwak says:

    I do believe that the latest bound to give a better service, more quickly and easily. I have not try it out, I check first

  24. Thanks for the heads up John. I didn’t notice the upgrade notification in my dashboard… doh…

  25. MacSage says:

    My site was hacked with 2.8.2 installed. I was quite surprised. But from what I can tell, they only changed the index.php file. I’m still looking through logs to see if that’s all that happened.

  26. My server got hacked. Someone installed a phishing site. Thankfully, hostgator caught it and notified me.

    One of my sites that got hacked had 2.8.1.

    If anyone is reading this, and hesitating about upgrading… you should take the time and do it NOW.

  27. I was hacked w/ 2.8.1 installed. Thankfully hostgator found the phishing script someone had installed and removed.

    Anyone reading this, who still has not updated, should definitely take the time and do it NOW.

  28. Russ says:

    I just updated to 2.8.3 for security reasons, plus I’d noticed some display errors so I thought it’d be a good idea. I Backed up the database and relevant files in the process just in case too. Actual update took 10 seconds, but the backup 58 minutes (still pretty good) and I documented the entire process and posted a pictorial guide on my blog for anyone wanting a step by step account of how to do it.

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