WordPress 2.2.3 Security Upgrade

For those who never read the news in their WordPress Dashboard (that’s the screen you get when you log into the admin panel), WordPress has released version 2.2.3 of the world’s best blogging software. 2.2.3 is a security and bug-fix release for the 2.2 series. Since this is a security release, it is very important that all WordPress users upgrade immediately.

I know that many users dread upgrading because you never know what might happen. However, this upgrade was pretty simple since it just replaces certain files and doesn’t affect the database. All I did was upload and replace all the files. The entire process took about three minutes.

If the thought of upgrading WordPress terrifies you, then you might consider this plugin from Techie Buzz that will upgrade your blog automatically. If you upgrade with the plugin, I would love to hear your experience.

60 thoughts on “WordPress 2.2.3 Security Upgrade”

  1. I upgraded mine last night… took about 20 minutes. :mrgreen:

    1. sounds good.. looks like I’ll do it this weekend as well

      1. Klaudio says:

        let’s do it too 🙂

    2. Yeah, took me about half an hour to update 3 installations… gladly the changes must of been minor and there wasn’t any change to the database.

  2. Thanks John
    I’m just a new blogger but I might as well start as I mean to go on and do the updates as they come along. Great plug in too.

  3. GettyCash says:

    I gotta tell my cousin to upgrade his blog to newest wordpress version… I might have to do it for him cus he is on vacation.

    1. Softsled says:

      Thanks for letting all of us in on that.

      BTW…say hi to your cousin 😕 .

  4. Forgot to mention that I never read the updates on the dashboard page so that is a good reminder. 😳

  5. Shaun says:

    Hehe, I should probably upgrade. What kind of security does it help?

    1. Tomos says:

      *shrug*, upgrades

      Shaun, the upgrade is talked about in this post http://wordpress.org/development/2007/09/wordpress-223/

  6. I used that plugin to upgrade couple of blogs. Worked like a charm. Used the automatic upgrade and it took about 30 seconds to backup database and files, download the latest WordPress version and upgrade it. Excellent if you have a lot of WordPress installations.

  7. I grabbed the Automatic Upgrade plugin and even though I was a little nervous using some thing like this for the first time it worked like a champ. Never had such an easy upgrade done.

  8. Jeremy says:

    I’ve never had any problems upgrading WordPress via FTP but I thought I would give the plug-in you mentioned a try. It worked like magic. No problems what-so-ever. Doubt I’ll ever go back to the old way now.

    1. Yeah, me too. The FTP upgrade isn’t a big deal but the plugin does make it considerably easier.

  9. Scoot says:

    Do you guys all code your own stuff, or do most just use a WYSIWYG? I’ve heard good things about Word Press, but also about Drupal. Any recomends?

    1. Tim Spangler says:

      Drupal is an absolute pain in the ass to work with and, if you’re just running a blog and not trying to create a more full-featured online community, it’s really overkill.

      1. Scoot says:

        Thanks for the response. I do want both a web site and a blog. I don’t know if that’s considered full featured or not.

        1. Softsled says:

          I use drupal and I absolutely love it. If you are just running a blog I would prob stick with WP, but only because of the amount of blogging specific plugins for WP(not because drupal is a pain in the a#@).

          Drupal is very easy to theme if you are familiar with html and css, and it has a boatload of plugins/modules. “Many” of the same plugins WP uses are installable modules on drupal (you just ftp it and enable much like WP).

          I use both WP and Drupal and they each have their purposes. WordPress is sort of like a “Minivan” and Drupal is an “SUV.”

        2. Softsled says:

          BTW…I noticed on your site that you are a realtor. You should really check out the plugins that drupal has for real estate listings,etc… I think there’s more than one.

    2. Tim Spangler says:

      I upgraded my blog in under a minute with the WPAU plugin and it was completely painless.

      Kevin over at Techie Buzz has created a gem because every time a WP upgrade comes out, people write about his plugin and send him a flood of new traffic and backlinks. 😀 Rewards for a job well done!

  10. Great timing, i have been fighting with my WordPress for the last few hours. I get the whole theme duplicated (any theme i will use) but i seem not to be able to find whats causing this, it must be a plugin or something since the code itself looks just fine.

  11. David Savage says:

    Definitely going to update mine right now, thanks for the update John.

  12. Tariq says:

    Did mine through the automatic update plug-in and it worked great 😀 all went by without any problems.

  13. Googlelady says:

    This is a must, be evil and don’t upgrade and you will may lose your blog. 😈

  14. Marco says:

    I just grabbed the WPAU Plugin to give it a try – and it worked completely withous any problems. Thank to Keith over at tech-buzzie.com for a great job.
    The whole process took me less than 5 minutes. Way to go.

  15. Budi S says:

    It work very well

  16. Benny says:

    Personally, I am one of those called “Old Guard” 🙂 …
    I always use to do the “manual upgrade”, but, next time I think I should try the WPAU Plugin; it is not because I am skeptical about automated processes, but it is because you always learn something new reading and understanding “the instructions” :). Next time, I’ll try the WPAU. Promise… 🙂

  17. Wow. Just installed and used the upgrade plugin – upgraded everything perfectly in under 5 minutes. That is definitely the best plugin I have ever used. I’ll install it on all my blogs later, will make managing blogs much easier. 😀

    ~ Dave

  18. Scoot says:

    Thanx for your comment softsled.

    1. Softsled says:

      No problem. Give me a shout if you need any help or have any questions.

      My site runs drupal (I haven’t messed with the theme on it) and you should also check out leo laporte’s site twit. It runs on drupal.

      1. Scoot says:

        I have downloaded some drupal stuff and even put it in ftp but can’t seem to figure it out. Is it a Wysiwyg? Also can’t open the files after I have them. I know I have a lot to learn. What books or anything can I read?

        1. Softsled says:

          There is plenty to read at drupal.org. There are help forums there too.

          The files usually have .tar extension. It’s like a zip file but just a diff format. I use winrar to extract them. They usually have a readme file in them to explain what to do. Usually you just upload them to the /modules folder. After that you go to drupals control panel/administer and enable the module (similar to wordpress).

          And yes, all the content is added like wordpress/blogger with a wysiwig editor.

          1. Scoot says:

            Thank you softsled, you are the man! I knew I was missing something. If I knew more code I would love to help with your project.

  19. Neil says:

    I`m just about to switch over to WordPress now …. interesting times ahead by the looks of things.

  20. Shaun says:

    “I talk about whatever I want”

    Lol! Nice. 😛

  21. Ashwin Kumar says:

    Thnx John and thnks techie-buzz guys for a wonderful plugin, Upgrade was done in less than 2 min.

  22. For you guys that used the plugin, did any of you notice that the fields to enter your FTP information (if required) are only wide enough for 2 characters?

    1. I had to enter the FTP info and the fields weren’t 2 characters wide for me…..

  23. Click Input says:

    I am going to try the plugin… fingers crossed.

  24. YC says:

    Well, uh, just make sure there’s some backup before you upgrade… 😉

  25. WordPress upgrades are really easy to update. I did it from my cPanel. For bloggers without cPanel hosting the plugin is the best around… and yes cPanel makes a backup while upgrading so no worries for bloggers using cPanel.

  26. Michelle says:

    Thanx for the update!

    1. Lol, this comment works on so many levels 😛

  27. It looks like it is insecure since there is update… but on the other hand it is going to be perfect.

  28. goodman says:

    😛 glad to see this article.

  29. Since the update I’ve seen “Done, but with errors on page.” in Internet Explorer on almost every blog I visit running 2.2.3, including my own blog and John Chow’s.

  30. Smartdesis says:

    This plugin worked brilliantly and i used automated version and upgrade took less than 1minute as there was no database upgrade. Thanks for update John(my hero 🙂 ) . Best plugin as it works with one click.

  31. Devid says:

    Sounds good.. :mrgreen: Upgrade all

  32. cooper says:

    I used this plugin last time, although I held my breath, it worked like a charm for me. There were a few plugins I had to turn back on myself but otherwise, compared to doing it myself which I did the last time, much easier. I’m getting ready to use it again, and am going to hold my breath this time as well.

  33. cooper says:

    Just did it, worked like a charm again. It’s a go.

  34. Siu Ying says:

    The reason why I don’t want to upgrade because I changed some of the wordpress php codes to suit my needs. If I replace the files, the changes will be gone and I need to redo it again.

  35. April says:

    Used the upgrade plugin for the 2nd time, no probs at all 😀

  36. Goobuntu says:

    I am one of those who do not update for fear.

  37. teknoloji says:

    Just did it, wordpress rules.

  38. Suzie Cheel says:

    Thank you, such a simple way to upgrade-
    and as my hostgator didn’t have the upgrade in fantastico well worth installing.

  39. Eugene says:

    Thanks for the heads up!
    I upgrade my WordPress installation using techie-buzz pluggin, it went really smoothly. Awesome plugin!

  40. Aditya says:

    hmmmm . thanks for the update. Lemme go and update my blog 😀

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