WordPress 3.1.1 Available for Download

WordPress, the makers of the world’s best blogging platform, has made version 3.1.1 available for download. This maintenance and security release fixes almost thirty issues in 3.1, including:

  • Some security hardening to media uploads
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixes for IIS6 support
  • Fixes for taxonomy and PATHINFO (/index.php/) permalinks
  • Fixes for various query and taxonomy edge cases that caused some plugin compatibility issues

Version 3.1.1 also addresses three security issues discovered by WordPress core developers Jon Cave and Peter Westwood, of our security team. The first hardens CSRF prevention in the media uploader. The second avoids a PHP crash in certain environments when handling devilishly devised links in comments, and the third addresses an XSS flaw.

If your blog is hosted by HostGator, upgrading is super easy. Just click the upgrade automatically button and let HostGator do the rest. The entire process will take less than 30 seconds. If you wish to upgrade the old fashion way, then follow to link to the WordPress download area.

Download WordPress 3.1.1

47 thoughts on “WordPress 3.1.1 Available for Download”

  1. Kirk Taylor says:

    Already have my sites updated! WordPress rocks with the automated installs.

    1. yes its quite easy and should be backed up on regular interval.

      1. Abhik says:

        Yeah!! It’s easy. But should be done with care as sometime the upgrades can make some plugins dead.

        1. Oh, boy, another WP update. While it’s good on one hand that they keep updating on the other hand, as you point out, some plugins may not keep up and will not work after the update.

          Not much we can do but hold our breath and hope things will still work.

        2. Russ says:


          i am a newbie. i was not using any plugins… but a couple days after i upgraded, my dashboard changed (at least that was when i noticed the change). now, when i attempt to create a new page, i have no option for choosing a parent page. i also have no option to create a page without a comment box.



      2. That’s because there’s always someone trying to hack WordPress.

        1. They keep throwing stone on water so that water will never be silent.

  2. GIochi says:

    wow thanks.
    I m going to update my site tomorrow morning I guess.

    Still, wordpress is making some awesome improvements and definitely is the greatest engines ever (:

      1. Abhik says:

        Well, I guess he meant blogging engines L)

        1. Helen Neely says:

          blogging engine?

    1. Work online says:

      I also prefer to this is the greatest engines ever…..

  3. John Rampton says:

    I’ll get this up in the am

  4. Hi John thanks for notification. Updated already. Thanks

    1. Hey John,

      I appreciate this post not so much for telling me that there is an update, which I can see when I log in, but for listing what the update is fixing and improving, which is very helpful to know.

    2. Work online says:

      Hey sammy,
      Be apdty how do you feel?

  5. DJ Sophia says:

    Thanks John. i have already updated my blog to wordpress 3.1.1 because my blog is hosted on Hostgator. its so easy to update wordpress on Hostgator.

    1. Do not forget to take back up before updating your wordpress.

      1. DJ Sophia says that she already updated her WP but it’s a good reminder to do a backup before any updates.

      2. Ah yes Zk thank you for the reminder.

  6. If you want to avoid any malware or hacking attack than update your wordpress now.

    1. Hey ZK,

      You are really making it so urgent. I think that you are right but a few hours of delay won’t likely mean any disaster for anyone in this case.

      1. Yes its quite urgent and if you can wait ,,, than wait till someone get into your blog and leave malware so that all visitors of your blog will get this message that this is not a safe blog.

    2. that’s right ZK. last time I forget to update it. A malware was attacking my site

    3. Hacking attackers have to find you first and see if you are vulnerable.

  7. anitha says:

    we can insert the plugin’s very easily in wordpress so i just prefer it always

    1. Work online says:

      it is very good Yes It is capable of prefer.

  8. Abhik says:

    Upgraded 🙂

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Me too! I just upgraded. Good thing I don’t have a ton of WordPress websites.

      1. Work online says:

        Now what,s your feelings.?

  9. Ashish Patel says:

    updated my wordpress blog today.

  10. This one provided me easy update for my blog. Thanks! 🙂

    1. I’ll update later today.

      1. Work online says:

        Have you joined now….?

  11. I am upgrading today as wel…thanks for the heads up John!

  12. “Some security hardening to media uploads”

    That is more than enough to convince me to upgrade. Thanks for the news. 😉

  13. Hi John, I have already updated my blog. I think this one is a mandatory update for all users since it comes up with few important security updates.

  14. PPC Ian says:

    Seems like WordPress is releasing new updates so frequently these days! 🙂 Good thing it’s so easy to update.

  15. fas says:

    There are still some minute issues with wordpress

  16. Hoan Huynh says:

    When install on IIS, an issue “Redirecting Loop” occurred. 🙁

  17. Allen Walker says:

    Have installed this already. 🙂

    I basically use the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin to get it done. I don’t do it from within my WordPress blog using their built in functionality because it destroyed my site once… 🙁

  18. Work online says:

    I have already updated my blog.I love righting.

  19. Work online says:

    Thanks for this John. i have already updated my blog.

  20. Russ says:

    Help… I just upgraded to 3.1.1 ( i am assuming this is the issue). Now when I create a new page, I no longer have the option to assign a parent page. Also, I now do not have the option to create a page without a comment box.

    I would appreciate some help. I am a newbie. I had just got comfortable with my site 🙁


  21. Russ says:

    Is it possible to re-load wordpress 3.1? That version worked well for me.


    1. Techabouts says:

      I think it must be possible.
      Just download 3.1 from somewhere and upload and activate it.
      Not sure though.

  22. Techabouts says:

    Looks good.

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