WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” Available for Download

The latest and greatest version of the WordPress software — 3.3, named “Sonny” in honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt — is available for download or update inside your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress has had over 65 million downloads since version 3.0 was released, and in this third major iteration they’ve added significant polish around the new user experience, navigation, uploading, and imports. Check out this short video that summarizes the things that are the cat’s pajamas:

Experienced users will appreciate the new drag-and-drop uploader, hover menus for the navigation, the new toolbar, improved co-editing support, and the new Tumblr importer. WordPress also been thinking a ton about what the overall experience is like for people completely new to the software. Version 3.3 has significant improvements there with pointer tips for new features included in each update, a friendly welcome message for first-time users, and revamped help tabs throughout the interface. Finally, they’ve improved the dashboard experience on the iPad and other tablets with better touch support.

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Download WordPress 3.3 | Get Free WordPress Install

12 thoughts on “WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” Available for Download”

  1. TechoTalk says:

    yep wordpress is always be a good platform and its new release 3.3 is awesome specially i like is flyout menu and its JQery 1.7.1 enabled still its having few bugs which i mentioned in my blog hope it will get recover soon http://www.techotalk.com/2011/12/13/wordpress-3-3-sonny-released/

  2. I also published the same article in a very creative way describing about every changes wordpress 3.3 have to make bloggers life easy for blogging.

    Good to see John Chow also did a try to describe this update getting viral as Sonny !!

    Check my blog post about wordpress 3.3 sonny here :-



    1. Vance Sova says:

      @Business Blog I visited your blog and it keeps on blinking after every few seconds refreshing with new ads or whatever. What a pain. I gave up on reading your post.

      To stick with the topic, it seems that this version was designed for tablets primarily. I never saw it as a problem to click on the tabs to see a drop down menu. Hovering over them and seeing all that is inside is more of a drawback than advantage otherwise. I don’t want to see all of that when I accidentally hover over or pass by with a mouse.

      I expect a newer bug fix version shortly. Hope not but this is what usually happens.

      The constant WP updates bug a lot of people. I’m not too thrilled either with having to keep updating every few weeks.

  3. Some good improvements in this version, the best of which is the saving of Widgets and media uploader.

  4. Techiecop says:

    I Have downloaded and tested it has amazing features like Flyout Admin panel, Enhanced Media uploader..and new drag-and-drop image uploader is just wow..http://www.techiecop.com/technologynews/download-wordpress-3-3-sonny.html

  5. Techiecop says:

    I Have downloaded and tested it has amazing features like Flyout Admin panel, Enhanced Media uploader..and new drag-and-drop image uploader is just wow.. http://www.techiecop.com/technologynews/download-wordpress-3-3-sonny.html

  6. aatif says:

    Great improvement are there in this version .

  7. It is written about the new WordPress 3.3 on so many blogs and I am waiting to download it until all the bugs have been found and all the nice new upgrades are made, but I look forward to start using it.

  8. tanyroy5 says:

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  9. fas says:

    Some issues with media loader.

    1. paulund says:

      @fas Yea same here I’m getting some problems with the media library.

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