World’s Tallest, Most Expensive Fountain In Action

Move over Bellagio fountain, you just got pwned. The Dubai Fountain can shoot water 492 feet up in the air! Everything about it is off the scale big. It was built for $217 million by WET Design, which is the same company that created the fountain at the Bellagio Hotel. The Dubai Fountain’s 900 foot long water show uses 6,600 lights, 50 colored projectors, and hundreds of servos, all computer controlled and synchronized with music to offer a show that would make Las Vegas envious.

The Dubai Fountain is located next to the recently finished Burj Dubai, which happens to be the world tallest building. This just adds one more reason for me to take a trip to Dubai. Here’s a video of the fountain in action.

47 thoughts on “World’s Tallest, Most Expensive Fountain In Action”

    1. Rick Krenz says:

      I seconded that… Nice find Mr. Chow

      1. Amazing creation … I like those waives which were coming again and again.

        This one was refreshing one.

        1. Benjamin Cip says:

          That’s really amazing… it’s very beautiful especially at night!

          1. Typhoon says:

            Dubai is getting ready for One of the best Tourist Attraction spots as their major revenue source from Oil is not going to last after few years. So they are moving towards making it a Tourist Spot so that their revenue doesn’t gets affected.

  1. That is some very impressive engineering work! SY

    1. Typhoon says:

      Ya it really looking like a really hard work from engineers behind it..Will be waiting for it’s making on Discovery Channel.

  2. Jacob Yap says:

    OMG, this is so beautiful!

  3. Wow, that is truly amazing. I’ve been to the fountain at the Bellagio and this one completely puts it to shame.

    1. neelmoney says:

      Hey I will buy it on any lucky day

      1. Typhoon says:

        You want to buy this fountain?

  4. Brad says:


    1. neelmoney says:

      haha! you are really getting “wowed”!
      Three letters tell us how amazing to see it.

    2. Typhoon says:

      I think you wanted to speak lot of words but you ended up with “……..”

  5. It still just looks like the Bellagio fountain. Since most average people would never be able to visit Dubai, I would say Bellagio is still one of the best.

    I however wish I could visit Dubai in the future. Hopefully the heat won’t be that bad.


    1. I told my wife we need to visit Dubai, but since seeing a 60 minutes about it, I’m not sure I want to go now. However, I would like to see the world’s tallest building someday.

      1. KevinChong says:

        Same mind as me, after i have saw the video, it make me want to see this Dubai fountain with my real eyes.

        1. Typhoon says:

          Maybe One day, when I will grew up; I might go there to see it with my eyes. Hoping that “One Day” comes soon in my life 😉

  6. $217 mil for a fountain, wow. How do they make money off of that?

      1. Yea, but do people have to pay to see the show or can they watch for free?

        1. @ Weight Loss

          Well may be they are not earning directly through this fountain like tickets and all but in indirect way whole country will earn good money when thousands of people will come to see this.

          1. Typhoon says:

            Ya, Dubai is building it up as a Tourist Destination. As I watched on Discovery Channel, The Oil resources will end up one day in Saudi Arabia which is currently the main source of revenue for the whole country.

            They are concerned about what will they do once these resources gets exhausted. There will be big financial trouble in front of them due to it. So they are working from right now so that the country future remains Good.

    1. The contracters do…..I would love to have the kind of budget to do this kind of creation. Believe you me, somewhere somebody is rubbing his hands in glee and sniggering over the insane amount of money they made!

  7. The way Dubai has been expanding for the past year is just amazing.

    I would like to go over there too.

    Send me a tweet when you go John, we may meet there 😛

    1. Typhoon says:

      I think John really hates Hot Weather. So I think he will most probably won’t wish to go there immediately.

  8. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Omg…. That’s beautiful John! But $217 million for a fountain, that’s a huge amount, that would be a long run investment. 😉

    1. A fountain as an investment? I don’t know if i’d buy into that one.

      1. That is an investment by a country …

        Remember Dubai is one of the got spot of tourism and I think that’s why their government is making such investment.

  9. izzat aziz says:

    that will be nothingness on 2012, haha

  10. It is gorgeous just can imagine the impact it makes live. The fountains at the Bellagio are diffidently worth stopping by to admire, could use new music. I am sure they will soon have new choreography………….

  11. videostar says:

    The devine dance of water and light!Wow!And music is magnificient!Very impressive!

  12. It quits some impression as it has nice features. But the prize is too high I think. isn’t it?

  13. I have seen loads of pretty pictures of all the construction miracles in Dubai and the UAE, but it unfortunately seems that the recession has closed the flow of money down there too, with loads of foreign workers not having their contracts renewed, and in some instances being forced to flee the country because of inability to service their debts as a consequence. If you go bankrupt over there, you go to jail……period. Not a fun thought, at all!

  14. KevinChong says:

    Wow, This is my first time to saw it. So amazing, look vey nice and pretty at all time, it is valuable to cost $217 milion to build it, another that, it will be attract many tourists come to Dubai to watch the Dubai fountain in the sea.

  15. Dan Lew says:

    What a waste of water though that would splash away with the wind. Im sure they have to fill it up with new water each day!

  16. If you want an over-the-top experience, Dubai is where it’s at these days. But going way overboard is kinda cool until the money runs out!

  17. Wow they overspend on everything over there.

    1. And every single penny spend on that have worth .. don’t you think so ?

  18. fas says:

    Huge waste of power and electricity, sigh!

    1. Typhoon says:

      I agree to you, they should actually try saving resources but on the other hand they are wasting it just for watching experience for people.

  19. EarningStep says:

    not only tall but it’s pretty amazing … what a fountain.. but i am not amaze when i heard the fountain is built by Dubai

  20. There will be another fountain in the future to out-do this one, I am sure!

  21. videostar says:

    Absolutely magnificient panorama of the fountain is reveaved!Wow! How I love it!

  22. Dean Saliba says:

    Why do they want a fountain that cost $217m and can shoot water high into the air?

  23. chester says:

    That’s just stupid bawler. Nice but excessive.

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