WP Text Ads Launches Marketplace

I first wrote about WP Text Ads back on May 19th when Alex Choo emailed me about his WordPress plugin. WP Text Ads allows WordPress publishers to sell text links directly to advertisers and bypass services like Text Link Ads.

While selling your own text links and killing off the middleman sounds like a good idea, it doesn’t work that way in real life. Text Link Ads is successful not because of their TLA plugin for WordPress. They’re successful because of their marketplace of 10,000+ blogs offering text links for sale. Now WP Text Ads has launched their own marketplace.

I’d like to inform you that the Marketplace is up and running. WP Text Ads users using version 1.1 can join it. It’s free and requires no registration.

With the Marketplace, I hope that advertisers will be able to find bloggers much more easily.

The marketplace is pretty small right – there are only five blogs listed (one of them being WP Text Ads). You cannot order links from the marketplace. Instead, you visit the blog and order direct from them. The WP Text Ad marketplace is available for any publisher running the WP Text Ad plugin.

Right now, the marketplace is too small to be of any use. None of the blogs (except for WP Text Ads) listed in the marketplace have sold a single link. So while cutting out a service like Text Link Ads may sound great, 100% of zero is still zero.

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    1. Indeed it is a good news. I had Alex comment yesterday on my blog and took a look at WP text link ads and seems promising. Just wondering how much time it will take for bloggers to install this plugin.

      1. Great news. This is on my to do list.
        I’m almost there.
        If you want to see my daily progression:
        Greetings from France John.

    2. it’s a great idea

      maybe one day textlinkads have to pay a big sum of acquire it

  1. well … give them a chance to grow … it will work in the long run!

    Great Idea!


    1. Freebies says:

      Exactly! Everybody has to start from the ground at some point and I’ll be listing my sites on there today. If everybody else does the same, that marketplace will grow plenty.

    2. hmm, i do see the potential

  2. RobMalon says:

    I’ve always been quite fond of dealing independently with advertisers…as long as they’re willing to pay months in advance 🙂

  3. Jason says:

    Is it against Text Link Ad policy to run another type of text ad on your site?

    1. Rhys says:

      No. Quite simply 🙂

      1. i don’t think so

  4. If the marketplace gets built up, could be a great site.

  5. w2look says:

    Hi John,

    Just wanted to comment that yes, the marketplace at WPTA is small, but everyone, even TLA had to start somewhere. Do you think that TLA started off with thousands of users? I don’t think so. WPTA is only a few months old, but I truly believe that this is a high quality plug-in for wordpress blogs and the marketplace will continue to grow as more blggers hear about it. Why would anyone want to pay a middle-man like TLA if they don’t have to? WPTA gives you complete control over your links (including CSS) and it is very easy to install and use with wordpress. Give WPTA some time to grow and I think your opinion may change. I have also just learned that an affiliate program may be in the works for WPTA as well, which would surely boost the number of users. If anyone would like to see how WPTA looks and works on a wordpress blog, please feel free to check it out on my comparison shopping blog and let me know what you think.

    1. John Chow says:

      TLA started with a $100K marketing budget and got thousands of users within the first few weeks. It takes a lot of money to get an ad marketplace off the ground. Doing it your way is possible, but it’s slow and painful. Good luck and let know when the affiliate program is ready.

      1. w2look says:

        That’s true. Starting out small can be slow and painful, but I seem to remember another recent start-up that you got behind (AGLOCO) that spread very quickly by word of mouth along with their affiliate program. So, why not give WPTA a chance?

        1. John Chow says:

          I am giving them a chance. Why do you think I’m writing about them? 🙂

          1. Mybloggo says:

            John is giving them a chance ….If not he will no writing this post

  6. shaun says:

    Thats sweet I’m sure this new service will do well.

  7. Mybloggo says:

    Great News….Hope can earn some money from here

  8. Casey says:

    This could be extremely successful if it grows! And I bet it will.

  9. Thanks for the heads up. Let us know if it grows John.

    One Man. One Year. $100,000 online.

  10. H:H says:

    I don’t get it, this is like putting a paypal account with the text “advertise here”. The good thing about TLA is that they have all the advertisers in the same place, you don’t have to go and search them.

    The only way this will be useful is for big sites with lots of visits

    1. w2look says:

      WPTA does have a marketplace where all of the advertisers in one place. Check out the ,a href=”http://www.wptextads.com/marketplace”>WPTA Marketplace for yourself.

      1. w2look says:

        Sorry for the typo. Should have read :

        WPTA does have a marketplace where all of the advertisers in one place. Check out the WPTA Marketplace for yourself.

  11. :mrgreen: It’ll be useful in a few months, i’m sure!

  12. SLBusiness says:

    Good concept, if it gets popular it could be a money maker. Though not something that is immediately useful I guess.

  13. bob cobb says:

    I havent had the greatest luck with TLA. There are so many sites on there now its hard to find buyers

  14. simply says:

    Many sad guys here with no money, be happy and I will give you a free membership inn the new community pownce from the man behind Digg. You have to go to my blog to get it http://euroanddollar.blogspot.com/. If John need one he is the first one.

  15. Thanks for the update on this. I occasionally get a sale through Text Link Ads, and it’s nice, but as a small blog I think I get lost in the mix.

    The other downside for me, is that I think there are a lot of potential advertisers for my market who don’t have a clue about PageRank or backlinks or even to go to Text Link Ads.

  16. Jashan says:

    Hi John,

    What is that scraped feed thing in my RSS Feed.

  17. This is good- another option for bloggers…

  18. Well, I just got accepted for TLA. I might try WPTA but they’ll need to grow a bit first. It’s nice to have another option though.

  19. Alex Choo says:

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for your encouraging comments, and for giving WP Text Ads a chance.

    Just so you all know, I don’t have a $100k budget. Will you believe me if I tell you my total capital invested up to know is about $200?

    I don’t have any staff to work with me on WP Text Ads either.

    And since I live in Singapore, I certainly don’t have the exposure that TLA and the other guys have because they can do demos and join conventions.

    But what I do have is a belief that WPTA serves a useful purpose, and a desire to work at it until users feel it does that.

    WPTA is still a baby. So is the Marketplace. I’m very thankful that there are people who take the time to join the Marketplace even though it is very immature now.

    But we’ll get there.

    So thanks for all your support. And if you have questions or feedback, just drop me an email at alexchoowk at wptextads.com


  20. lionstarr says:

    I didn’t even know WPTA, but now I will certainly hve a look at it!

  21. samuro says:

    Sound like interesting, something new and I have never heard about WP Text Ads before. Thanks for the good option. 😎

  22. It just need a promotion and good network building. If many out there used the services, the advertiser will come eventually.

  23. Wahlau.NET says:

    another ads option is definitely good

  24. I am interested in keeping an eye on this. It appears to be heading in the right direction…

  25. Alex Choo says:


    It’s really encouraging to know you think WP Text Ads is useful. Do not hesitate to drop me an email if you have new ideas on how to improve it.

    I hope more of you will give it a try. Right now, not many people seem to be joining the Marketplace.

  26. I think this deserves a try…

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