WYSIWYG Template Editing with WP Remix 2.0


The brilliant thing about WordPress is that it is not only a great platform for blogging, it can also serve as fantastic content management system for non-blogs as well. While WordPress itself is free, its customization is not quite so free. You either have to invest your time or spend some money to get your site or blog looking exactly how you want it.

I’ve reviewed a few premium WordPress themes on John Chow dot Com in the past and we continue that trend with today’s review of WP Remix. According to the developers, this “master theme” will help “everyone create custom websites in minutes.”

Remixing the Way You Use WordPress?

Getting started with WordPress can be a pretty daunting experience, especially for people who are not familiar with HTML, CSS, and PHP. They much prefer a more straightforward approach and WP Remix 2.0 adheres to this philosophy. It is “the only theme on the net that offers WYSIWYG page template editing.”


Shown above is the live demo of WP Remix 2.0. That installation appears to use the Magazine Module, a $39 value that is currently being offered for free with purchase of the main theme.

When you use WP Remix, you don’t necessarily end up with a site that looks like the one above. According to the feature list, there are over 50 page templates to use, each of which can be customized using a WYSIWYG page editor. The layouts are built on an 18-column grid.

Multi-Level Menus and More

For those of you who prefer a little extra style, you’ll be glad to hear that WP Remix comes with a Smart Drop Menu feature. In the context of a blog, you may have multi-level drop-down menus that allow visitors to view your various subcategories. If you’re using WordPress as a CMS for a mostly static site, like that of a business, this kind of look can also be very useful.


Among some of the other notable features are the ability to integrate add-on modules that the developers will release over time, the availability of seven different color schemes (with more on the way), the ability to set theme admin options, printable pages, integrated ad monetization, and free technical upgrades for life.

Although all of these features are integrated into the theme itself, WP Remix 2.0 should also be compatible for most of the popular WordPress plug-ins that are out there too, like Contact-Form, Gravatar, and Post Rating.

To get a better sense of what you can expect from WP Remix 2.0, have a look at the showcase that highlights some websites that make use of the theme. This includes everything from a pizza shop to Forex site.

Suffering from Information Overload


I understand that the developers view WP Remix as a powerful WordPress theme that is busting at the seams with valuable features, but there is something to be said about bombarding us with too much information. The main page features a highlighted section at the top and three columns below.

This wouldn’t be much of an issue if there was a clearer sense of focus. What is the prospective customer supposed to read? There is no natural sight line to follow. Having more information on the features page is more appropriate, because the customer has already expressed interest by clicking through to another section. The home page needs to be cleaner and more straightforward.

WP Remix Affiliate Program


Want to make some money with WP Remix? They have an affiliate program that pays you 50% of every sale that you refer. The digital delivery is handled via e-junkie and all payments are issued via PayPal. You get a payment once a month.

What if you want to buy WP Remix 2.0 for yourself? There are two licenses available. The single use license costs $75 and it allows you to use the theme on one website. The credit link must remain in the footer unless you pay the $20 fee for credit removal.

The multiple use license is $275 and it allows you to use the theme on as many sites as you’d like. The credit link can be removed and you can use the theme with as many of your clients as you’d like. The FAQ says that you can’t resell the theme, but by using the theme with clients, aren’t you doing the same thing?


27 thoughts on “WYSIWYG Template Editing with WP Remix 2.0”

  1. Looks great! Checking it out now 🙂

  2. Splendid Kid says:

    WP Remix looks cool. But it seems that it will only be cool for business blog or news blog.

    1. Pheak Tol says:

      i agree, the theme looks to be more for a business or news blog

      1. SEO Tips says:

        Yeah definitely agreed they should add others in there for more less profiessional types of blogs/websites.

    2. Tushar says:

      Let’s hope they expand on their great idea and diversify.

  3. bondox says:

    Nice project from WPREMIX, but i av an idea, i dont know if this theme will be useful to build a soccer fan community site. where people can register and comment of each match day.

    If anyone knows a better one that will be implementable on wordpress.

  4. There are a lot of these with the same layout being sold on the internet.

    I purchased one for my company to use as a blog template and I was not impressed.

    It may be better for something other than blogging though…

  5. You man ! Thank you so much , My blog domain + host + wordpress are ready , except the design .

    1. Tushar says:

      Make sure you go shopping for a little while before you decide.

      There are hundreds of good themes out there, and you should take a look at a few of them before you make your decision.

  6. Trader Mom says:

    It is indeed very powerful. Good for people who do not have much knowledge about programming.

  7. Rahul says:

    This theme is definitely of the best that one could get over the internet. The free theme is also wonderful too.

    @Steven-Sanders do check the links given above. There is a pizza site as well as a forex site too which are made using the theme WP Remix.

  8. Tushar says:

    This is going to be a great product if they can continue expanding their theme styles.

  9. Looks like it could be a good tool, if a bit counterintuitive. I’d definitely throw this in the mix of better WP theme generators out there… but I would still expect a beginner to be a bit frustrated.

  10. This is a them I have on my list of potential themes to use. Very well designed.

  11. Pahn says:

    this is what I am looking for to provide my clients with WP.. thanks for reminding that it is called CMS,, ehehe

  12. I’m sure this’ll be very popular amongst a group of people, but I don’t think anything can beat having something custom made or actually learning a bit about design, HTML, CSS etc. The design aspect can be tricky but the rest of it is not that difficult.

  13. game-girl says:

    Tastes differ! I Think it can find those whom it is created for.

  14. Faisal Anwar says:

    Impressive affiliate share of 50%, may try their affiliate program sometime soon. Nice review John.

  15. Ben Pei says:

    Hey that makes WP theme customization a piece of cheese. No coding, no php, no html knowledge required!

  16. Mark says:

    John, you obviously haven’t used the theme yourself personally. The WPRemix theme absolutely sucks for a user who wants to get started quickly. If you are an advanced program who likes to extensively code HTML, this is a good theme. However, what you see is NOT what you get. This theme, from the templates & pages you get, if you want to change something, you have to really know coding if you want to change it. Yes, there is knowledge required for this theme. Just take a look at there support requests on their site! Everyone has problems with this theme. It’s NOT user-friendly at all. I wish all you internet marketers would do some research before you write so-called “reviews.” And to top it off, you mislead people that agree with you just to get their link on your site via commenting, when they believe what you say, but they will find out differently when they make a purchase on a false promise. I know people who have purchased the Remix Theme, and didn’t even get their site developed the way they wanted for over 12 months!! Subsequently, they ended up getting their money back……..and yes…….I was one of those. WP Remix Theme absolutely sucks.

  17. That is great for non tech-savvy people, anyone who knows a bit of html and php would prefer hand coding

  18. timmytim says:

    Even though I agree the general opinionhere, it looks really neat and clean. It would be awesome for college student organizations to use it their website template.

  19. highfx says:

    I’ve used WPRemix for a site: TheWebHostReport.com. While I like the concept of WPRemix, the implementation isn’t quite as good as it sounds. The theme generates a WP page by clicking a button in the WP editor. The generated page code is copied into the editor. If you don’t like the way the page looks, you can edit, copy/insert from an external source (e.g., Word, image files, etc.) or manually edit the page. The problem is that the WP editor doesn’t consider the custom codes in the WPRemix design when you insert or copy and paste. You quite frequently end up with bad results.

    I agree with Mark (above) that if you don’t like any aspect of the page layouts provided, you must know at least some HTML, CSS and/or PHP. Otherwise you’ll be disappointed.

    One other word of caution when buying themes or templates – pay attention to the support forums before buying. Sometimes the support isn’t what you expect. You can read my review of WPRemix support here: WPRemix Drops the Ball on Support.

  20. Robert says:

    LOve the title…made me LOL !

  21. Great, I am going to check this out now!

  22. I have no need for it, but I know people that have used it & found it really easy.

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