Yes! You Can Make Money Lining Up for an Apple Launch

I talk a lot about making money online but I have never talked about making money “inline.” According to this Mashable article, there seems to be a quite a lucrative business lining up for new Apple products.

College student Amanda Foote (pictured below) lined up for 41 hours at the New York Apple Store and sold the spot to app developer Hazem Sayed for $900. That works out to nearly $22 an hour. Not bad money for a staving college student (who will spend the cash on Lady Gaga tickets).

The buyer, app developer Hazem Sayed, says he is planning on leaving for a business trip Friday evening and wants to have an iPad 2 (which starts at $499) with him.

He’s not alone in paying for the cache of being among the first to purchase apple products. About 30 people back, 20-year-old Mario Longo had been waiting in line since 5 a.m. Friday for a friend who offered to pay him $100. Craigslist is littered with offers ranging from $100 to $999 to stand in line for a fee or sell a spot.

My question is this. Was Miss Foote in line to buy a new iPad 2 or was she in line hoping someone would buy her spot? What would she had done if no one did? I guess the odds of no one offering to buy her spot are pretty slim. After all, we are talking about crazy Apple customers here.

I will be picking up 11 iPad 2s today but I have no intention of lining up for hours to get them or paying someone in line to take over his/her spot. Look for a video later tonight to see how I bypass all those people lining for the new iPad. Hint: I’m John Chow, Bitch!

64 thoughts on “Yes! You Can Make Money Lining Up for an Apple Launch”

  1. sohail says:

    Interesting to see how will you manage to bypass everybody

    1. there is opportunity to make money every where, you just need to keep your eye open.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        That’s for sure! This is a really interesting story!

        1. d3so says:

          Interesting story but disappointed that the money is going to something that’s absolute garbage.

          1. That depends… Some people will see it as something silly, some just don’t πŸ™‚ Although I’m one of those who agree with you on this one..

  2. Thao Tran says:

    If I had the time or patience, I’d probably do that too! Smart! I could use $900 right now.

    1. John Chow says:

      Do you make like $250,000 a year at Clickbooth?

      1. d3so says:

        Did you mean “don’t” instead of “do”?

  3. Wess Stewart says:

    I don’t think anyone here in College Station, TX would pay me to stand in line for them, although I should try…hmm…

    1. you simply pick the right person and you will be able to get that much as well.

      There is another way, in that you need to invest money.

  4. Waiting in line is something that I have had to do enough times already. I only do it in case of absolute necessity.

    I wouldn’t dream of waiting in line for longer than an hour to buy anything that I don’t absolutely need to have right at that moment.

    I have always wondered about the big line ups for consumer products even when there is a big discount. They tend to happen when there is as very limited supply of something.

    iPad 2 may have a limited supply at first for some weeks or even months, Let those who need it so badly wait in line or pay hundreds extra.

    I look forward to finding out how you get your 11 iPads without having to wait or pay anybody to stand in line for you John.

    1. yes for me as well, waiting so long is simply waste of time. Above all I am not John as well who can manage to get such line up.

  5. It doesn’t make sense paying $900 to get in line to buy an iPad 2 because your an app developer in a hurry. You can build and test iPad 2 apps on a Mac, and test them on a lower version iPad.

    1. John Chow says:

      What about if you were a rich app developer in a hurry? πŸ˜›

    2. its a matter of choice and if you can afford than you can easily pay.

      Few people simply wants to have these things first to get all the attraction.

      1. Yup, especially for those who have blogs and want to make reviews… The quicker you have the product, the more visits -for exclusivity- you should receive -that’s the theory-

  6. Ryan Hidajat says:

    lol… collage students, they do everything to get some money.

    1. Lol… Yeah. That’s why we must learn form them. They’ve a mind set nothing to lose

      1. College? You can only expect such a high quality brain on University students! lol

        1. Design Flyer says:

          ha ha.. well said about students

  7. Internetsalsa says:

    she was offered $200 during the first hour that she was in the line. If she would have sold it then that would have made her $200/hr. Now thats not bad.
    Waiting for 5 days to sell for $900 made her less money/hr but we wouldn’t have known about her (specially uploaded by mashable, and mentioned in many blogs including this one).

  8. God… Waiting to see that video lol

  9. woah, college students at it again haha. Well, you got to find some ways to rake in some dough at times. πŸ™‚

  10. David says:

    I’ve never waited in line for a new Apple product. Usually I just order online and wait for the device to show up. She could have made the money in other ways.

    1. Some people do not have patience and they want to get popular new things on the same day they launched.

      These people do have money and they simply love attention.

  11. Wow, I have never thought of that.

    Btw, it has always about supply and demand in the business. That lady is pretty smart as she knew that there will always someone who willing to pay for satisfaction and time.

    But i am sure next time it wont be easy to get such great deal. Everybody will do the same thing expecting to get quick bucks.

    1. aah not to worry … There are many people in this world. People are ready to pay multiple times to get ipad on very first day of its laumch.i

  12. Abhik says:

    Paying almost twice as much as the price just for being the #1 in queue.

    1. few people simply wants to have things at any cost and in that case they simply do not care about money.

      This is the same case.

      1. They want to be the first. Have the ipad2

  13. (who will spend the cash on Lady Gaga tickets).
    Hope she enjoys Lady Gaga LOL!!!

  14. PPC Ian says:

    It’s really crazy just how far Apple fan mania has built over the years. I remember getting the original iPod at the Apple Store in Palo Alto. I got it on the first day and didn’t really have to wait at all. There was a line of maybe 20 people before me, that’s it! Things are a lot different these days! πŸ™‚

    1. so in those days as well there were line for apple products.


    2. Marketing sometimes builds results slowly, but always effectivelly…

  15. Alexis says:

    That’s amazing. It really sounds like a great love story. The love the product.

  16. Lady Gaga tickets? Lol!

    It really is crazy how people always want to be the first to buy Apple products.

  17. Peter says:

    Superb trick to make money offline

  18. She didn’t mentioned how many classes she missed. πŸ™‚

    1. For $900… Who wouldn’t? You can always ask around and recover what you missed!

  19. Kirk Taylor says:

    amazing, I would just wait until later to get one. I hate standing in line, and don’t think it’s worth it to pay more for a few hours or days to get one.

    1. That’s a very reasonable approach Kirk.

      Those who just can’t wait are compelled by emotions. Getting it a few days earlier is a big deal to them.

      1. Yup, but as I said I’m sure there were a few bloggers on that queue wanting to make the fastest review possible..

  20. lol.. ppl r crazy about apples.. esp ppl of north america lol.

  21. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Interesting.People are really crazy to buy apple products.

  22. fas says:

    Insanity at its best.

    1. Design Flyer says:

      concisely said…

  23. Allen Walker says:

    I wonder if I can try that during Boxing Day… πŸ˜›

    1. I’ll be on the fireline for the next apple launch lol

      1. and bring all the family. LOL.

        1. Yup, more spots to sell lol

  24. lol standing in line for such long time to get money for concert ticket πŸ™‚

  25. christina says:

    Its normally happens if we want the product we have to stand

  26. David says:

    Is the apple ipad 2 That much better to stand in line for so long ?

  27. Hotdogman says:

    Just like the “Harry Potter” fanatics. People line up just to be first and to have the “experience.” I’d rather wait until the next day and skip the line.

    1. It all depends on how freaky you are..

  28. I think that woman is really innovative – heavens if she had taken her wireless laptop with her (assuming she had one) she could also have been making money blogging about her waiting in line experience, lol.

    Cool idea, so what is yours John? Oh right, read a later post


  29. what a smart idea, stand in line and make money without doing much…

  30. tan lee says:

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  31. anitha says:

    simply earning its an nice idea

  32. jasmine says:

    it would be a great thought.

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