You Are Already Rich

As hard it may seem to believe, you really are rich. Now, you may not feel rich because the rent, car and credit card payments are coming due and you have no idea where you’re going to get the funds to pay for it. How can I possibly say you’re rich given those circumstances? Well, let’s look at the big picture.

To Most of The World, You Live A Dream Life

Thanks to the power of the Dot Com Lifestyle, I had the opportunity to travel for over 100 days last year and visited a bunch of places. If you lived in America all your life, you may not see how a lot of people in other parts of the world live. The terrible reality is the world is filled with people who don’t have anything. Three billion people live on less than $2 per day while 1.3 billion get by on less than $1 per day. Seventy percent of those living on less than $1 per day are women. Did you know that the kid making minimum wage working at McDonald’s makes more than 75% of the world’s population? In many parts of the world, there are people who don’t have food, never mind a Big Mac. They don’t have access to medicine and can’t see a doctor. They don’t work in an air conditioned office. And as scary as it sounds, they don’t have access to the Internet!

You may be struggling. You may be worried about your family finances. You may be making yourself sick thinking about the cost of your child’s education. You may be living from paycheck to paycheck. The credit card companies may be hounding you. You may think there’s nothing you can do about it. But there is something you can do about it. And you can do it starting right now.

Appreciating What You Have

You can appreciate and be grateful for what you already have. To most of the world, you are living the dream life. You may think your life sucks but there are billions of people who would gladly switch places with you.

Take a look at all the stuff you have already – food, shelter, clothing, friends, family, toys, etc. I’m pretty sure you have enough food for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow morning. You’ve probably got enough change in your pocket to get a Grande Mocha at the Starbucks. You’re living in a place with heat and may be even air conditioning. Your closet probably has a few outfits and if you’re female, I know you’ve got more than one pair of shoes. I bet you got a cell phone, a color TV, a computer and most importantly, access to the Internet.

I was born in a small farming village in mainland China. This gives me a different perspective on life. China wasn’t the mega powerhouse back then as it is today. Our house had no electricity. There was no running water. I had to use a leaky bucket and pull it out of a well. Cooking was done by an open fire. There was no eclectic stove and no one knew what a microwave was. I walked the streets barefoot because I had no shoes.

When my family immigrated to Canada, we didn’t have any money. We lived in the Downtown Eastside, the poorest neighborhood in all of Canada. I only watched CBC on the TV because we didn’t have cable. I was a latch key kid because both my mom and dad had to work to make ends meet. You could say my childhood sucked, but you’ll be wrong. It may sucked compared to what other kids may have had. From my point of view, I didn’t have any problems. I only have blessings.

Negative Thinking Produces Negative Results

Stop dwelling on the negatives and start focusing on the positive. Have you noticed that when you think about bills, all you get are more bills? That is the law of attraction at work. You attract to you what you are and you are what you think. Change your thinking and you’ll change your life. If you’re always thinking, “My life sucks!” you will attract things that suck. If you appreciate the things you already have and start thinking “My life is great!” you will attract things that are great. It doesn’t seem to make sense but that’s how it works.

I recommend you take a few minutes each day and count your blessings. Then say “thank you” that you have blessings to count – a lot people in this world don’t. It really is a sad fact that most people don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone. Don’t let that happen to you.

Start counting your blessing and appreciate what you already have and you’ll start to feel better. Your spirit will be lifted. Your fears and anxieties will go away. You’ll feel less stress and won’t be in such a bad mood all the time. And most important, you’ll open yourself up to all the blessings that the law of attraction has waiting for you.

159 thoughts on “You Are Already Rich”

  1. Yes, this is so true. Many people don’t realize what they have.

    And the law of attraction is constantly at work, of course. Think positive thoughts and you will draw positive things to yourself!

    1. Jon says:

      People don’t know what they got until they see how the other 75% of us humans live… North Americans and Europeans live in a bubble supported by centuries of plundering.


      1. Good post John. Makes you look at the postive side of life 🙂

        1. This is very inpirational for people who inspire to be rich or wealthy (in the money sense). Just to even try to be rich already makes you right. Like 50 cent says, “get rich or die trying!” :O

          1. Sebastien says:

            This def puts everything in perspective for a lot of people. People need to take a step back and truly appreciate what they have. Thanks for a great post John. I hope it opened the eyes of a lot of your readers.

            Now back to make money online posts! 🙂

      2. That’s a pretty wide generalization of Europeans. I’m British & I’ll certainly say that I’ve never thought likethat & don’t know any other European that does.

      3. Jake Stone says:

        Hi Jon, I agree totally. Go plundering! And it really goes on even still after all these years.

    2. Great writeup John!! This sounds like something I could have written in my dot com personal development section of my blog!

      1. Blog Guide says:

        Great post! Positive thinking can always help.

    3. Hi John,

      You are right, with all the problems around us we really forget our blessings, think positive will always bring great things to our lifes. We really are rich at least everybody reading this post has at least enough to get an internet connection and a computer.

      Thanks to remind us all.

    4. Puspanjali says:

      I completely agree with you John as I am a great believer in LOA.
      I make it a habit to find ten things to be grateful at the end of every day as I fall asleep.
      And I always manage to find those ten gold nuggets even if it has been a very frustrating and tiring day.Gratitude attracts abundance.

      1. Jake Stone says:

        Puspanjali, I’m curious, can you find any new things or is your list mostly the same?

  2. Reyn Aria says:

    Excellent view, John. It also reminds me a quote from master Oogway from Kungfu Panda (I’m a big fan of the movie :P), “Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift…that’s why it’s called present”. Appreciating what you already have now, rather than yearning to get more and more for tomorrow, is the key to true success and happiness.

  3. Sky Xavier says:

    100% agree with you. Currently I am visiting india and i am watching here that people are working 12 hours for just approx. $2. so just be satisfy what you have. you are some of the luckiest and happiest persons on the earth.

    1. Atniz says:

      Be serious, $2 for 12 hours? No wonder I can see many Indian nationals are working here in Penang too.

      1. Why do you say so? Are Indians so hungry?

        1. Sky Xavier says:

          yup guys i am serious because i have seen it. they are illeterate and its kind of rich people are using them to save money and gain more and more profit.

  4. Great post. It’s not everyday you hear this from someone. It definitely makes you stop and really analyze just how good we do have it.

  5. Yeah whenever you will look at those people who are richer than you, will give you a feeling of complexion and sleepless night. But when you will see how maximum people do not have the basic needs, than I am sure you will give thanks to the god to provide such basic needs.

    You just have to learn how to be happy in given condition instead of complaining. But I am not telling you that you should leave your hungriness to get more and more and to achieve your next level target. You should because we are human and we should keep growing.

    Nice read John.

  6. I was born and lived in USSR up until I was 17 years old and I remember times when our fridge was empty and I was standing in a 3 hour line with a coupon for one bottle of milk, bag of sugar and one bread. Many people in America don’t even think about how is the rest of the world lives and they do not appreciate what they have. Also agree with you John about positive thinking. It works. Thanks for the post.

    1. Atniz says:

      That is bad. Looks like this post really brings the sad story each one have. I don’t think all Americans are earning good too. There are still some not earning that good. We cannot point it all to one nation.

  7. Jugsi Funny says:

    Yes, it’s true. We live in a world where some people spend in Dubai $1.000.000 for the No.1 license plate, where we throw food worth Billions of dollars, and where hundreds of people die each year of starvation.
    You have a car? House? Money to survive? Then let me tell you: “you’re rich!”

  8. This post couldn’t be any more true. Thanks to the economy, I got laid off last month right before Christmas and I am the sole provider for my husband and 18 month old daughter. Finding a new job has proven to be difficult. And yet I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world. Instead of thinking about what I don’t have, I think about what I do have and that makes me the richest person in the world!

  9. Great post John!

    This was really hit home for me when I travelled to India last year and saw whole families living in tents! Personally, even having gone through a painful bankruptcy, I’ve always had a roof over my head and running water!

    It’s my honest belief that gratitude for what we already have is one of the keys to success.


  10. Allan Duncan says:

    I just hope a lot of people would be able to read this post. It is good to remind people to look and be thankful to the things they have.

  11. game-girl says:

    I share John’s positive way of thinking and understanding the universal laws of development,such ideas are especially of great value in hard times ,they open a man’s eyes and make see richnesses around and inside himself.

  12. Michael says:

    Nice post! Everyone should definitely appreciate what they have and stop complaining about the little things they don’t have in life!

  13. uwak says:

    not yet john…….still dream and working hard, I like your posting

  14. Daniel says:

    1. PLEASE take the damn newsletter sign-up pop-up OFF THE SITE!! I fucking hate it and visit your site 1/5th of the times I usually did because of it.

    2. Good Point

    3. What are your views on the Israel/Palestine conflict?

    4. Love the blog still BUT see. 1.

    1. Atniz says:

      Why so rude of this pop up? Hope John will remove it soon.

    2. John Chow says:

      The sign up box only shows up ONCE and then you NEVER see it again. That is, unless you delete you cookies. 🙂

      1. max says:

        Darn it John, I erase my cookies daily…no wonder I have been getting the pop-ups and sometimes my browser will freeze if you scroll down…

      2. Jake Stone says:

        I bet Daniel drinks lots of milk… that cookie destroyer.

  15. Max says:

    Deep one, John. I agree whole-heartedly. I know a couple of folks that really don’t seem to be able to count their blessings and appreciate the little things, and I feel kinda sorry for them.

    Today is going to be a good day.

  16. Great post, John! I agree with you like the rest of the people above!

  17. Nicole says:

    Very good post. I am making tenth times more than 3 billion people

  18. This is what got me from homelessness to $100K+ while living in a foreign land. Very True

    1. Atniz says:

      Wow!!! $100k? that is impressive. I should work a lot.

    2. Rahul says:

      Man $100K +… that’s serious money man…

  19. Froi says:

    John, thank you for sharing your humble beginnings, this post will surely inspire people. However written a post featuring you (as one of my Featured Blogger), just to share your story.

  20. Jamie Harrop says:

    Excellent post, John. One of your best posts in a while.

    It reminds me of story I published on my blog a long time ago about a homeless man local to me. I called him the “Millionaire Homeless Guy”. Despite having no roof or money, he was the loudest, brighten, happiest man on the street each morning when I walked past him. Of all the people I met on my morning commute, from the train conductor to the owner of the shop where I bought my breakfast, John the homeless guy was the only person who asked me each morning how I was doing.


    1. Michael Kwan says:

      This is easily one of John’s best posts in quite some time. While it may be fun to read about what he had for dinner, posts like this have some real substance and they actually mean something.

      We live in a society that is far too caught up with consumption, consumerism, and gimme-gimme-gimme. Far too many people (myself included) get caught up in what we want and not what we have. I have a cell phone, but I want a newer one. I have a laptop, but I want a better one. I have my meals, but I want a tastier one. That said, at least I have a cell phone, a laptop, and a meal at all.

      Be thankful for what you have and stop comparing yourself to others. No matter how rich you become, there will always be someone who is richer. No matter how successful you become, there will always be someone who is more successful. At the same time, you’ve also got a lot more than so many people below you.

  21. Michelle says:

    Thanks John – this post is timely indeed, as I’m one of the many going through a rough patch between jobs. The trick is maintaining the positivity. 🙂

  22. Melissa says:

    People just need to keep reminding themselves of this. If you are a parent (and I know you are, John), we tend to want the best for our kids. We as parents can do without and would do anything for our children. We don’t want them to feel like they have less than anyone else (just the sad fact). That’s what we need to overcome–overindulging our children so they can “fit in.” We are creating a generation of people that once they hit the workforce, they will expect so much. They will be bored with a desk job because they are used to texting, video games and cell phone conversations. They will be arrogant and ungrateful. As a parent, I am trying to keep my children grounded so they don’t grow up expecting the world to just give them things without working for it.

  23. johnray says:

    great post..the stats and and all. it’s quite sad how much people do not appreciate what they have…while there people who can’t even enjoy things that we have…i have a post titled the UNFORTUNATE ONE…it’s an experience that made me thankful for what God has given me.

  24. Atniz says:

    Your story really touch my heart. I don’t know how many people in this world will be touched by your background story. It is good if you write this in your About page (history of John Chow). I strongly believe that no one will reach sky high if they never gone to floor level. You have started at floor level to stand where you are.

  25. SEO Tips says:

    Excellent article. This is something everyone has taken advantage of at some point in their life. Something I try to do quite frequently is realise although my website’s may not be earning me a six figure income each month/year I do have the abilities, knowledge, tools and skills to actually do this. Some people don’t even have electricity let a lone a computer, they don’t have a roof, a house a family and much more.

    I may get a little annoyed when I check my clickbank account and realise I have made no sales in two weeks but thats two weeks, the previous week from that I might of made $100 which again isn’t much when you are very materialistic like myself and would pay £100 (live in the UK) for a pair of trainers or jeans. But thats over 100 days wage for many people in the world.

    Its just silly sometimes how much the divide actuall stretches between the poor and the middle/upper class.

    Something everyone with a computer and electricity need to think about once every week or every day.

  26. J. R. Reece says:

    Thank you for the reminder to be thankful for what we’ve got. I wrote a couple of similar posts. If we all make ourselves a committee of one and find something to say “thank you” for each and every day, I think we will be surprised at how things will turn around. Will we not have hard times just because we are thankful? Nope. But we need to remember that hard times come so that we can appreciate the good times when they come. If life was all good, we’d forget why it is good. There has to be a balance.

    Be thankful people. It will do you good.

  27. Bill says:

    We all need to remember where lucky to even be here. We are only here for a short time in comparison to the cosmos. 100 compared to billions of years is nothing.
    For me it took a life changing injury. When you know you could be dead, but get another chance it boosts your appreciation of life.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Soon we are dead and here I am commenting to a blog. Does it really give me such a joy that I should be doing it?

  28. Tutorial says:

    You’re right in what you say in the article.
    I’m from Argentina, and sometimes see it (and believe) how many people live on low incomes.
    It’s good to appreciate what we have, to try to overcome difficulties and do not rest in search of our dreams.
    Thank you for being an inspiration.

  29. My Videoke says:

    Good post John. I grew up in the Philippines, and I remembered that I had to to go to my neighbor’s house to watch TV, fetched water half a mile away, and enjoyed whatever food was prepared for the meal. My kids are still young and as a parent, I’m really trying to teach them to be thrifty and appreciate what he have now.

  30. I agree with you, John. It’s so easy to think we are the poorest because of our present situations, but compared to other people in the world, we indeed are already rich. It’s hard to believe but there are indeed millions of people in the world today that survive on less than a dollar a day. Yes, you read that right – a pitiful dollar a day. And to imagine there are still lots of people here thinking they are having it worst. We really should appreciate what we have. Thanks for sharing this, John.

  31. I completely agree. If you live in North America, you’ve already won a lottery. You live better than most of the world, and better than 99% of people in history. Compare our lives even to that of our Grandparents. Even if you’re down on your luck, I be you still have a lot to be thankful for.

    – Dave

  32. John says:

    I think that money is great but living life the way you want is priceless. One thing you have to remember is that Staking Claims is still alive. We may have run out of room in real life but online it just getting starting. If you run an online business or just for a hobby you are already rich.Look at SecondLife there is plenty of room to build and real money at stake. like the lotto you have to be in it to win it. Only with less risk on your side the the lotto.

    Do what love best the rest will follow.

    My thoughts on being rich.

    love for life.
    do what you love to do.
    Money to make it all happen.

  33. I can share your humble upbringing as a first gen Cdn born to immigrants who struggled. Do I regret that I had nothing and got laughed at for not having “name brand” clothes or other “normal” western products – no. I might have been angry at my parents at times growing up but at this junction in my life have them to thank for the tools that I cannot live without – drive to succeed, hard work ethics are a few.

    Having the ability to travel during grad school, I managed to see some 5 star resorts, but also live in some 3rd poverty which grounds you and enables you to soul search on what your true path on life is. Some people might complain their laptop is not the latest, car does not have enough stickers on it to go faster (lol) but there are more things to life than the material aspirations. Like any other person, I do want to succeed and move up in life, but as bad as my situation is, I can never complain knowing that others out there don’t have 1/100th of what I have and still smile.

    1. You are absolutely right, there, Aman. If only more people will learn to smile as you do when they remember they are having it better than others. Not just better, but MUCH better.

  34. The Moneyac says:

    Great post. Indeed.

    I am just amazed when my friends whine about that they can’t buy the newest Toyota and such, while billions of people have barely anything to eat and live under. It really is sad.

    And you know what’s the most funny thing – Super markets and cafes of western countries are trashing the food that is 1 day old – some people in Africa are ready to kill for that. Also one thing that makes me sad is that the world can provide resources to feed everyone, to build shelter for all the population, yet it isn’t happening.

    Oh the age of Capitalism.

  35. What a great post!!!

    You are indeed right – I am RICH! Rich compared to the other 3 billion people on less than $3 a day (what a depressing statistic).

    Also, everyone should remember the Law of Attraction and positive thinking; if you keep telling yourself that your rich, the chances are you will become rich!

  36. People thrive on negativity. For some reason, many hold onto it and never let go. They feel hurt and jaded that the world doesn’t simply throw success into their lap. It’s this mentality that is causing so much strife in the world and bloggers like us need to try and get others to see the light if they choose to listen.

    1. You are right. People thrive on negativity. Instead of thinking of what they DO HAVE and be grateful and happy about that, they focus on what they DON’T have and get sad about it. I think everyone in the developed world should be forced to take a vacation one time to a poor country in the third world. When they see the level of poverty and lack there, they will change their views and begin to appreciate life better.

  37. Flatulate says:

    Very good points. We are living very well.

  38. John, you are absolutely right! We are a blessed people, but we tend to take it all for granted. I have traveled to several poor countries and every time I appreciate living in the States all the more. I need to remember this more when I get caught up in the trap of trying to keep up with the Jones.

    Thanks for helping to remind me to count my blessings. I really am a blessed person.

    Beth McDuffie

  39. soares says:

    Hello Jhon ,in a fact you are full of reason, there is allways someone with less than us.
    I´ve been working for 2 month in Africa ,more preciselly in Angola (for an american company) and you dont imagine the things i´ve seen there.
    Lots of rich people but mainnly population lives on tin houses,but if they have food they share with they´re family.

    One thing my mother told me was,allways think in the future!

    Best Regards

  40. Barock says:

    You are good motivator John,, Thanks for this View.

  41. John,

    Thank you for this post! It speaks to the heart of our family’s current condition, unemployment, bills and an uncertain financial future. And it reminds me of who is ultimately responsible for initiating meaningful lasting change and the answer is, ME!

    I am currently making plans and writing down my goals for 2009. After hearing your story of humble beginnings I am motivated to change the future for many of the people you mentioned in the post.

    I do have all of the things you mentioned and more, just no income. The only one that can affect that condition is again, Me!

    Looking forward to more fun, changes and information from someone I deeply respect and admire, YOU!


    Nicholas Chase

  42. Well said John!

    What we want in life is a lot but what we need is very little.

  43. No disrespect but quite blatantly, who cares? If you spend too much time worrying about what others don’t have then you’ll begin to get too comfortable with your circumstances. Your mindset must be of a poor man trying to strike it big. If your willing to settle for less than REAL RICH, then be my guest.

    1. John Chow says:

      I think you’ve missed the entire point of this post.

    2. Reyn Aria says:

      Well, there’s a difference between appreciating and being satisfied. By appreciating, it does not mean you are OK with whatever you’ve got and live today as it was yesterday. I believe what the post means is to appreciate with gratitude. Be thankful for whatever you have in possession right now while still striving to reach a greater height.

  44. Pheak Tol says:

    a few years ago i was able to visit cambodia, and from what I’ve seen, I felt very lucky to have the things i have now. i’ve seen people that layed there on the dirt ground in the middle of an outside marketplace with a little kid sitting next to them begging for money.

    Everything that i’ve seen during my month there opened up my eyes and realized that not everybody is as fortunate as us here in the US/Canada

    good post

  45. Ruben Ricart says:

    Thanks for the post John! very humble approach and very real…thanks for writing about this.

  46. John, very well said! What we focus on expands. It is so imperative that we practice gratitude on a daily basis. I’ve got a plain rubber band that I use to literally snap myself out of it when I start getting down or negative. Now I am going to use that band to snap myself into gratitude often 🙂

  47. NinjaChad says:

    Thanks John, great post. I feel better already.

  48. Harry Tran says:

    Very well written, it takes a reminder sometimes to know what you have, my mother has always said not to waste the food we eat because there are people starving around the world. It might be because she was born in Vietnam and immigrated to America in her twenties, so she has seen first hand the toughness of living outside of the States.

    I must say, my desire for more things has seriously tapered off, my ideal use of money is for security for myself and my family, what is the point of having a 52 inch TV when I have a 20 inch already and it isn’t broken yet.

  49. Deano says:

    I tend not to worry about money too much. I guess that I am motivated by other things and tend to live a simple life. iIlove travelling and am just as happy in cheap backpacker places than in five star hotels. Just my take 🙂

  50. work at home says:

    This is very true but people are just greedy and want more so they dont think they are rich

  51. Carolina says:

    You are so right. We should thank for every blessing we have, every day. Even when things are not going as planned, that’s a new chance for learning.
    Thanks for the great post…

  52. Jonathan says:

    You are quite right but we must all find the daily bread and for that we need money and we like the small luxuries too but the important is not to forget how fortunate we are to have health and family.


  53. It’s very true. We always have more then someone else and need to appreciate that which we do have. And if you do have more, stop and help those who have left. President Obama should inspire all of us to do more, give more, and sacrifice more.

  54. alexallied says:

    This post just slapped me right place at the right time. I was feeling negative for quite some time now but when I read about it, I don’t think I would want to do that anymore. Life wasn’t so bad afterall.

    Hey, at least I’ve got my own dot com man!

  55. John, it is very inspiring post. thanks.

    It certainly remind us to be always thankful for the blessing we have and not to forget about our needy friends. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, where in this country majority are still living in poor conditions, some even have difficulties having enough nutritious food for their family, no access to good education, let alone internet connection, they do not even know what is internet.

    It reminds me to not only try to have what we want, but also to want what we have. That way the grateful feeling and positive drive would bring you excel forward and do good to your family, neighbors and friends.

  56. Daphne says:

    Hi John,

    Good reminder, thanks. All of us reading this already have a personal computer and an internet connection, which makes us all probably in the richest 5% of the world? Thoughts of abundance like this will lead to more abundance. Great post!

  57. Jason Lee says:

    Well put, I don’t have your dot come lifestyle but I have had the opportunity to visit parts of Asia and realize how lucky we are in North America. That being said, we shouldn’t just sit back and enjoy ourselves. We still need to innovate and improve ourselves so that we can help others out.

  58. This post is so true.. Be positive and everything will be alright 🙂

  59. game-girl says:

    I share John’s positive way of thinking and his knowing the universal laws of life.Whatever the circumstances might be we must figure out the best result .

  60. thinking and his knowing the universal laws of life.Whatever the circumstances might be

  61. uwan says:

    positive thingking with better life in the future is my power to reach my dream john…..

  62. Luis says:

    This was exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve heard this advice before, but it’s always nice to be reminded that there are so many things in life that we should be greatful for.

  63. yoana says:

    Hi John 🙂 Very nice post. I appreciate the little i have, but on the other hand i would not agree on feeling better about it, just because of the fact that there are even poorer people.

    The point is not to simply appreciate what you have and stop thinking negative, but also to never put up with the idea that there are infinite possibilities and that you could have more of life. One can always say to himself, “where am i going, what am i doing, why do i struggle so much at work, i have what i have and there are even people who have much less”. i think that such an idea would erase any ambition for prosperity from one’s mind.

    i doubt you ever said that to yourself 😉

  64. As you know, there are a lot of people living under $1 per day. It is like Cambodian people that have 37% of 14 million population is living under poverty line with making less than $1 per day for supporting their daily life. Sometimes it is hard for them to live on.

  65. Awesome post. Respect. I think it’s so easy to get seduced into always wanting more that one can forget just how much we have.

    Another thing that’s really cool is to just give stuff away. It’s funny, the older I get, the more of a buzz I get just from giving things away. I recommend it to anyone, go through all your things and donate what you don’t use or what doesn’t matter to you. Surprise people with something they will like, it’s the best feeling, also freeing yourself from all that clutter.

  66. Oh Gosh, You write the great reality and Now you should also write why West and America is rich and there is Poverty in India and other country… I’d love to see you writing on this with same level of encouragement and Hope.

  67. bondox says:

    this is a nice post from you John. What I learnt is that, if you have a humble background, just break aways from it, because it might just keep haunting back at one if care is not taken.

    break away from your humble past and live for the bright future which the hope is still living.

    Nice post once again.

  68. El Secreto says:

    Excellent post! It’s amazing how you go from nothing to more than 20K$ a month… “We really need to say thanks”, is the number 100 I’ve listened that.

  69. CC says:


  70. Good post John. Makes you look at the postive side of life

  71. shawn says:

    HI, i live on the island of british columbia canada. do remember thousands of people die every year try to get to the U.S and Canada seeking the better life.and for the one who make it there usaully put into prostition or drugs….life on the flip side is not wat it seems it is turning into a cut throat world and only rich will survive…..

  72. mike says:

    Thinking positive helps in every part of your life.

  73. Hey, John!

    You’ve just helped us becoming rich….for FREE! 😛
    Thanks for the advice! It’s so true what you’re saying!
    When I’ll be a big boy, I hope to be a professional blogger like you, Problogger and Yaro Starak, that’s why I’ve just migrated to self hosting WordPress blog:

    My image doesn’t apear at Gravatar, wassup? Am I not beautiful enough????

  74. Chris says:

    Travelling to other countries definitely makes you see things in a different light.

  75. Christian says:

    John Chow you speak the truth. Wealth resides in your mind. Appreciating what you have is NOT settling; it’s enjoying your life. And if you can’t appreciate what you have, you’ll NEVER feel rich. What good is money when you don’t appreciate it?

  76. Will Lowrey says:

    Thanks for the reminder! For 3 years as a teenager, I lived in Nairobi, Kenya. I moved their from the United States. I swore that I would never forget how blessed I was. And yet – I find myself taking for granted the incredible bounty that life has offered me.

    I now have 4 children (all boys!) and I am working to build the ‘dot com’ lifestyle, as you call it. My goal is to show them the world and see the potential that they have already.

  77. Chef Patrick says:

    All true, all that matters to me is my wife and kids. I’ve had the fancy cars, houses and luxury items, you name it but at the end of the day without family it’s nothing.

    Law of attraction holds very true…The Secret is a must watch DVD. I had an employee that watched it every morning.

  78. game-girl says:

    I like the idea of injoying the life itself whatever the situation might be,every day, every minute with great blessing.

  79. joe gelb says:

    your points are well made. the internet is great but life is short and not all energy should be spent making money online.

  80. chuan says:

    ppl are always like this one, wont appreciate what they have. When the thing lost, then they just realized how important the thing to them.

  81. Linda says:

    My daughter worked in India on a voluntary project a couple of years ago. She saw whole families sleeping and living in railways stations. The children of all ages had never experienced a home in their whole lives.
    She saw people dying of the simplest ailment as they could not afford medical treatment.
    You are so right. We in the West so undervalue what we have.

  82. Filipe Silva says:

    And watch movie “The Secret” to potencialize everything that you read here 🙂 !

    1. Ah yes, The Secret DVD is a great movie. Anyone that’s not feeling so great about themselves and their world should watch that movie. It changed my life and will change yours too. By the way, Oprah and Larry King raved about the movie. It was that good!

      1. Jake Stone says:

        Is there a book version?

  83. Really great post John good work! You are definitely right about that.

  84. laser cutter says:

    A great post! Wonderful reminder about the many things we have, and the opportunities ahead of us.

  85. contentpig says:

    Although I might not be rich with cash, I am rich with ideas and if all goes well someday the cash will follow.

  86. I’m very grateful John, but once in awhile I do need those reminders. Thanks for this post.

  87. Keral Patel says:

    Great post. I am not doing the work to get more money nowadays. I am myself just doing it just to keep myself busy with work. Plus there is something that tells me that if I can earn then why I shouldn’t. But yes appreciating what we have got is great thing to do 🙂 Otherwise life is like a hell.

  88. Nasir says:

    Great points John…

  89. David says:

    I really think it all boils down to hard work. It takes time and a lot of effort to make money. If you bitch and complain about not having it, you’re never going to get any where. You should redirect that same energy to do something about it.

  90. Patrick says:

    I totally agree with u!

  91. Nice points of view John, yes law of attraction do require your positive thoughts

  92. game-girl says:

    Yes.Master your thoughts.Be positive in any situation.

  93. zolar says:

    Yes.. We can be a rich…

  94. Ali Hussain says:

    It is a believe in Islam that one should always thank God for what he has, think of the poor and the needy.

  95. NPGS says:

    I’m already rich, am I??
    Maybe its not today but will be someday.

  96. NPGS says:

    Sorry, I didn’t see my comment at the first time so I did post my comment again … you can delete one of those two and include this comment too.

  97. Gennaro says:

    Well said. We are very lucky to have our present situation. Nothing wrong with wanting a bit more, but in the end if you are lucky enough to live in a wealthier country there are lots of other wanting to be in your position regardless of your economic class.

  98. Germz says:

    John, I can honestly say that this is your best post so far. I’m from Colombia, it’s not as bad as china but it’s pretty bad.

  99. game-girl says:

    It is good both in Colombia and in China and in India if it is good in your mind.

    1. Hmmm, that’s very well said, game-girl. So, it’s only a mind game, right? If it’s good in one’s mind, then it will be good everywhere? Hmmm, that’s some food for thought, indeed.

  100. Asela de Saram says:

    Nice article John! Its always good to remember where we come from so we know where we are headed… and that helps to appreciate what we have worked so hard to accomplish in life.

  101. 100WordRants says:

    There are many things in life I take for granted. I have a wife I cherish and who loves me deeply and dearly. I have a caring family, pets to love, a roof over my head, and food to eat. I have a car to drive, , cable TV to watch, a cell phone to communicate, and a job to pay for it all. God has blessed me. I have many things and yet I can still manage to be selfish, acquisitive and materialistic. Why you ask? I honestly don’t know, but I need to change. My change begins today.

    1. I would say – Amen, 🙂 to that. But seriously, you are right. It’s so easy to neglect what we have because we are thinking of what we don’t have. The truth about life is that we can’t have it all, no matter how hard we try. Heck, all is a lot and no one has the rights to have it all. So, yes, you are right there. We got lots to be happy for. I remember someone telling me sometime back – “count your blessings one by one and it will amaze you what God has done for you”.

  102. Totally agree with you, John.
    It reminded me years ago. Although right now i have many “money problem” but three or four years ago i have more difficulties than today. But still i keep thinking that make me headache. Thanks to your post, it makes my day so bright.

  103. Dhiram says:

    As they say positive thinking is the best thinking.

    1. erkek says:

      Yes thats true. but i don’t it. i am not optimistic

  104. This is a great motivational article John… I try to remind myself to be greatful for what I have everyday of my life, it’s so simply yet at the same time so easy to forget… Living in a culture thats based primarily on results and material possessions we get side tracked playing the I want what you have game.. In the end we forget to enjoy what we have and look on the bright side.. I’ll try to remember about the other 5 bil. people next time the rent is due lol…

  105. Justin says:

    Good comments as always John, keep going 🙂

  106. Big Dan says:

    This is so true. I try to tell my son this all the time. We are relatively poor in our community . In every group my son is in it seems all the parents are loaded and all the kids are spoiled. My kids are well taken care of considering our circumstances, but it seems everyone else has it so much better. But like I explain to my son when he says he’s starving- he’s never had to go to bed hungry or known what it’s like not to have a house ( or even have to share a room). And even in low cash flow times, the opportunities in my life here in the U.S. are amazing.

  107. Keris says:

    Agree with you, this my first comment. I think we have to always positive thinkhing, and don’t forget to say many thanks for God.

    1. yeah Keris. All right. We are already rich. but i dont find money 😛 .. so thanks god 😛

  108. 花蓮 says:

    In every group my son is in it seems all the parents are loaded and all the kids are spoiled. My kids are well taken care of considering our circumstances

  109. Giles Dawe says:

    I actually live as a Westerner in China, yes it’s poor over here but the way of life is still rich. If you take into account what you spend your money on during your day – coffees, takeaways, internet, taxi’s etc., – then compare to here where people can’t afford/don’t want it..then money is saved.

  110. Pahn says:

    I certainly agree with you on to that..

    I am living on a 3d world country, and many of the people here gets $1 a day o hard work, even less.. I actually experience years before getting only $30-40 a month of salary.. and as I worked on a company, we only get $240-250/mon as a minimum wage..

    being positive can really make your life be more blessed.. actually, I am certain that if you are thankful for what you have and can still share it, more the blessings will surely continue to pour in ^^

  111. That’s an interesting way to look at it. There are some things that are more important than money itself.

  112. IronBlogger says:

    This is a pretty inspiring post John. Thanks for it, helped me realize that life isn’t always that bad.

  113. thnaks john, it’s really inspirational and am going to fellow
    those principles.

  114. DialAbroad says:

    Agree with everything you say.

    Check out: to see how rich you really are.

    People seem to think that a better car and a bigger house will make them happier, but surely a smaller car and a slightly smaller house with cause some much less pressure to meet finance payments that you’d be happier overall?

  115. We’re all born rich and the world is filled with abundance, more than enough for everyone!

  116. Great post John,not one you’d expet from a site about making money. You are absolutely correct about gratitude thinking. It’s easy to forget what we have until we lose it or until we see that most other don’t have what we have.

  117. I really appreciate the details you gave here.It is definitely good if we are satisfied with what we have.

  118. Very often we take the simple things in life for granted and you’re right, we don’t know how fortunate we are compared to million others who may not have these. Thanks for sharing some of your childhood moments.

    Peter Lee

  119. John,

    You provided a very inspiring story and I thank you for putting things back into perspective.

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