You Can’t Afford To Buy It But Can You Afford To Rent It?


The Bugatti Veyron is the fastest and most expensive car in the world. Let’s face it, not many of people have a spare $1.3 million laying around (assuming you can get it at the $1.3 million retail price) to buy one. For those of you who just wants to get a taste of driving the world’s fastest supercar, HVC Prestige in England has a deal for you. For $40,000, you can rent their Veyron for one day.

Now, many will consider spending enough money to buy a normal car so you can rent a supercar for one day is beyond stupid. However, it gets better. The one day rental comes with a mileage limit – 50 miles. That works out to $800 per mile. Then again, according to Autoblog, 50 miles maybe enough.

That 50 miles might feel like quite a lot when you realize that during every minute you spend behind the wheel of this thing, you’ll have sweaty palms, a dry mouth, and a severely elevated heart rate. HVC isn’t messing around with joyriders, either. You must be 28 or older with a valid license for at least the last 5 years. There’s that aforementioned mileage cap, as well as a $300,000 insurance deposit, too.

OK, the $300K deposit is going too far! There’s not way I’m renting it. I wonder how many customers will actually take HVC up on this offer?

108 thoughts on “You Can’t Afford To Buy It But Can You Afford To Rent It?”

    1. Israel says:

      i think the car is ugly. so it isnt nice in my eyes. whats this post have to do with making money?

      1. Jeff Kee says:

        You’re an idiot. If John wrote all about making money every single post, this blog would lose appeal.

        Also this should motivate you to make more money so you can afford this ugly supercar.

        Get over it.

        1. Israel says:

          so i am an idiot for sharing my opinion. fuck you.

          1. Israel says:

            is that idiot enuff for ya? having a ridiculously priced automobile doesn’t inspire me. what inspires me to be rich is to have money for my child education, food grocieris and having more time with my kids and family, not driving around some dumb car.

      2. ***V*** says:

        The Veyron represents more than just a car! 👿

        It’s a symbol for pushing the envelope. Going beyond what people thought was possible. 😯

        This may be just a car for you, but for me it is a symbol for excellence.


      3. Jeff says:

        John Chow writes about making money, and also uses this for more personal things he like to share, which makes it a cool blog, not just a boring blog just about one thing.

        Also John the Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive fastest production car off the lot. Very cool car by the way, specially since it has 1001 HP instead of just 1000.

    2. Word Hugger says:

      Even better link bait apparently. :mrgreen:

  1. David says:

    If I had a spare $40,000 and a $300,000 deposit laying around, I could probably afford the $1.3 million tag.

    1. Jeff Kee says:

      THAT was exactly my thought…!!!

    2. Yeah, if you could afford to splash $40,000 on a 50 mile joy ride 1.3 million probably wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

      Wonder if they have had any takers?

  2. Poker Sharks says:

    Why not just take it for a test drive? Theyre free!

    50 miles too, jeeze, i wouldnt even be able to get home and take a few people for a spin! Unlimited mileage for the day and maybe – 50 miles is just tight.

    1. Matthew says:

      I read recently they dont consider anyone to buy/test the Veyron who does not have a net worth over $100M.

      Renting might be some rich peoples only option if they are not mega rich. I guess it’s more of a statement to pull up to an exclusive club in a Veyron.

      I guess at that price there will be no “Rapid Rentals” sticker on the back.

      1. Poker Sharks says:

        You’d better hope your exclusive club is within 25 miles of where you live then or you’ll be out of miles!

        Wonder what they’d do if you spanked a couple of hundred miles on it anyway? Prob keep the 300k deposit – sod that!

        Dunno about being worth 100mill+ though – i reckon if i turned up with 1.5mill in hard cash for one they’d soon get me on the list – even if that was every penny i had.

        1. Matthew says:

          I wonder if thats “road miles” or if you could sneak it on to the Silverstone race track. The Nurbergring would be even more fun although a couple of laps around there would take up a lot of them miles.

        2. You’d have to be mental to be willing to spend $300,000 on a deposit but not stretch to the 1.3 million for the car.

          Sounds like they are targeting companies looking for a nice executive thank you for managers.

          1. They definitely are! or people who just have waaaaay too much money.

          2. ***V*** says:

            You get the deposit back. The $300,000 is nothing compared to what it cost to make the vehicle.


      2. tbd says:

        Yeah, $100MM is way too much. But I don’t think they will let you test drive the car if you are not a millionaire. If someone has $10MM in their bank account, and they love this car so much, affording it wouldn’t be an issue at all, so $100MM is pushing it way too much.

        1. It is a lot, but the car is definitely worth it. There is a place here in Southern California where you can rent luxury cars… it’s pretty nice. I’d recommend anyone go there, rent a car, and take a long drive up PCH! It seems the view is much better when sitting inside of a $100,000+ car!

    2. Good luck finding someone to let you test drive a Bugatti 🙂

      1. Jeff Kee says:

        Yeah no kidding, it’s not a Jetta we’re talking about here.

        1. ***V*** says:

          I hear ya Jeff,

          there are two keys for this car. One unlocks the ability to get you over 200 mph. I’m sure they aren’t going to give you that key.


        2. ***V*** says:

          This car is far more symbolic than a Jetta.


    3. I dont think they’ll let someone “test drive” it for free.

  3. Yay this sure is the most expensive car i have ever seen. But heck, it is a beautiful beast.

    I wonder what costs more, to buy this car or to maintain it? 😯

      1. 😐 Are you serious?

        You know what John, most of us are lucky if we can afford taking a look at it, rather than renting it for a day!

        1. Poker Sharks says:

          Yes 😐

          Congrats on 3rd spot tho.

          1. He doesn’t even know. hehehe

  4. Ucuk says:

    Does anybody can give me a correct answer for this question…
    “what is exactly the real thing did they sell?….”

    1. Matthew says:

      Can you rephrase that question? I dont understand it.

      If you are asking about what they sell it’s a very expensive car. Did I understand your question correctly?

    2. It’s simple you either buy the 1.3 Million dollar car, rent it for a day for 40,000$ or just look at pictures off it for free (Like all of us are doing).

      1. ***V*** says:

        Not all of us Danny . . .


  5. It’s a beautiful car but even if I could afford it there is no way that I would rent it for 1 day and only be limited to 50 miles.

    I think it’s quite sad to rent it. I’d rather not bother if I couldn’t afford the real thing…unless of course I was trying to perfect The Secret visualisation technique and wanted to really feel what it was like to drive the car and replay it in my mind at a later date.

    Great article though and a wonderful opportunity to look at something so beautiful.

  6. Alopecia says:

    Hhew……..What a BEAUTY. My jaws dropped when I saw the picture. I can’t afford it, and I think the rent is a bit toooooo high for a day. I’d rather spend the money on something else.

  7. Nomar says:

    If you can rent a car for 40k a day..

    than goddamn buy it

  8. The Foo says:

    It might seem ridiculous but i think about it this way — if you are quick to spend $40k and $300k to rent it for one day without hesitation, I’ll say you aren’t exactly worried about how much money you spend and that kind of money is small change.

    It filters out the super rich from the rich wannabes. I believe the kind of people that ask for a test drive there and want to buy cars from there, won’t be worried about the expensive price tags.

    The athletes nowadays can buy that on a 1 or 2 month pay check and actors on 1/10th of their salary. We are in a different league of money earners but you might be surprised the number of CEOs, stars, actors and celebrities out there that can afford it.

    1. Good point, if you got that kinda money lying around, you might as well buy one.

      1. It will be aimed at companies in the same way that executive season tickets are for football matches. “We’ve hired a Veyron for the day, lets go for a spin and talk about how much business you’re going to throw our way”.

        1. Yeah, good point. I think this probably is their target market.

  9. MadDump says:

    I Love that car! Did you know it actually costs £5 million to make and they were selling it for around £800,000 in the UK!
    Top Gear had a couple of shows displaying this and its top speed of 254MPH covering a football pitch every second!

    If you were rich enough to rent this then i think you would be able to afford to buy one, thats if you can get one 🙂

  10. Adrian says:

    i don`t think renting this car will make you more happy, but we`ll sure won`t make happy your bank account.

    1. ***V*** says:

      You only live once Adrian 🙂


  11. PreBlogging says:

    It’s worth checking this video on YouTube :
    where TopGear take the car for a drive on a test track in Germany. It can cover the lenght of a football field every second , top speed 407km/hour or over 250 miles an hour !!


    1. Just saw that video, man that’s simply amazing!

  12. Rhys says:

    It is a wonderful car.

    Didn’t some rich playboy write one off fairly recently?

    1. You are thinking of the guy who crashed the Lambo I think.

        1. ***V*** says:

          Wow. That person must be loaded to even risk crashing the car.


    2. Matthew says:

      Some guy down in the south of England crashed one in to a tree and then in to a car which had a pregnant lady as the passenger. I think he got jail time for that.

  13. GettyCash says:

    It look nice but its not my dream car 😆

  14. Ted says:

    Ummm did anyone think offering the car for $40k a day is just great marketing ?

    How many other sites and mainstream press do you think are picking up a story like this ?

  15. Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t spend it on renting or buying this car. There are so many other better uses for the money.

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      To each his own 🙂

  16. James Wilcox says:

    Why bother with the Bugatti when you can buy the Ariel Atom for under $40k.

    1. Matthew says:

      That looks like a fun car and quick too.

    2. KingJacob says:

      even better a Formula one care :mrgreen:

      1. James Wilcox says:

        heh. A formula 1 car is gonna cost you about $500k and you can’t drive it on the street…but the Ariel Atom is completely street legal. Hey John maybe you should give one away! I bet your rss subscriber base would go through the roof.

        1. dg says:

          Or for just $100K you can get a street-legal Indy car:

  17. chinaboy says:

    that’s too expensive.
    The owner just rent the car for about a month, they he can buy another same new car.

    1. KingJacob says:

      I think thats the point.

  18. Rob says:

    Would be nice for a day but it’s a little bit too expensive 😕
    Will try to get the Cizeta Moroder instead 😉

  19. Mr. Rajawang says:

    that is not a car! that is a moving home!

  20. David Savage says:

    What a beautiful car, not a fan of the color right there…but 253 MPH, I could make the 40,000 back street racing :twisted:. If anyone wants to go 50/50 on this, please email me.

    1. I’m in! hahaaha Good strategy !

    2. No one would race you mate 😛 there are some silly people out there but not that silly.

  21. Glen says:

    Recently I saw this Dream car in a Middele East Motor Show. Simply Great. See the Photogallery

  22. YC says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised someone who is really filthy rich would spend that kind of money. It’s really relative.

  23. Click Input says:

    What a load of shite. Great way for them to make money though!

  24. sandossu says:

    That’s crazy, i wonder if they’ll have clients.

  25. krillz says:

    well if I had so much money that I don’t know what to do with it, I’d do it, test run it, then buy it.
    Other than that, there’s no point in renting this, except if there’s a strip race with a pot larger than the actual cost of renting it.

    1. If I had that kind of money and I don’t know what I’d do with it, I’d buy it, and when the trill’s over i’ll just send it to the junkyard and move on to the next invention 😈

  26. kenny says:

    Haha wow, thats just ridiculous. I’m curious who will actually rent it at that price. 😯

    1. You’d be surprised! I see these cars quite often in Los Angeles too..

      1. ***V*** says:

        How often do you see a different Veyron?


  27. Paul says:

    I could do a lot more than drive 50 miles for that kind of money.

  28. Doesn’t John Chow have enough to buy one? :mrgreen:

  29. Crenk says:

    That is really not a bad price! I always seem the veyron on Top Gear and other such programs.

  30. roman gelsi says:

    Not the most expensive car in the world that would be the Mercedes Benz clk/lm 1.6 million in 1997 Most expensive production car. check it out here

    1. I absolutely love this car… wow..

    2. ***V*** says:

      The Veyron is the most expensive car. They are selling it at a price far lower than it cost to make it. That price will only go up though.


  31. says:

    This is for folks with more money than brains.
    And there are plenty out there.

    1. krillz says:

      do you reffer to Paris Hilton? 😆

  32. KingJacob says:

    If you can afford to rent it you can probally afford to buy it, then again bugatti has some pretty crazy restrictions as well.

  33. Tariq says:

    Have always been a Lambo fan. Don’t really see what’s so nice about this car anyways.

  34. I would just drive it to the bar and pick up some golddiggers for the night. How many ladies can fit in there plus a driver?

  35. I like my fiat 600… :mrgreen:

  36. as well as a $300,000 insurance deposit, too


    I think I’d rather spend my $40,000 on a Mazda RX8 to keep!!

  37. Word Hugger says:

    Even if I had $1.3M, I could never see myself buying such an ugly car, when you can get a Lotus Elise for $60,000 that gets 0-60 in 4.1 seconds, and not to mention, looks sexy.

    1. ***V*** says:


      it is far more than a car. If you just want a car then get a Yaris.


    2. ***V*** says:

      Word Hugger,

      if you’re just going to buy a car then get a Yaris, it’s much cheaper than a Lotus Elise.


      1. Word Hugger says:

        A Lotus looks so much nicer than the Yaris 😛

  38. For $40k I’d join one of those clubs where you get access to a whole fleet of Lambos and Ferraris for testing. ‘Lesser’ cars but a whole year of driving 😀

  39. Shaun says:

    Oh! Oh! Me Me! 😛 haha, that’s insanity. 😉

  40. Samo Kralj says:

    Well, it’s time to break my piggy bank 😛

  41. Ebay_Tips says:

    JC: rent it and blog the experience to your hearts content. Come on, its for the traffic. It would certainly spice up your header image 😉

  42. DeboHobo says:

    definitely not worth the expense. You boys and your toys 😉

  43. I dunno. That car looks like an over priced piece of crap to me. 🙄

  44. This is crazy… but if there are peolpe making $40K per month than lets say that they have to spend money somwhere but I sould rather wait few months an buy it 😀

  45. Wahlau.NET says:

    40k a day…i will..until i make that money a day

  46. Aditya says:

    Even 40000$ is a way too much for 1 day

    I guess anyone who can spend 40000$ in one day just for a car can buy it too.

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