You Got The New Theme, InstantCoding Got The Codes


So you just ordered up a brand new custom designed WordPress theme and you can’t wait to put it on your blog for the world to see. There’s just one problem, Having the theme designed is only half the battle – you still need someone to code it up. When the time comes to code the theme up, InstantCoding has managed to separate themselves from the pack with some brilliant coding work for some very well known blogs, many of which have given them glowing testimonials.

Valid W3C HTML and XHTML Codes

InstantCoding will take your design and code it up so it’s W3C HTML and XHTML valid. Having valid codes is very important because search engines have to parse the HTML code of your web site to find the relevant content. If your HTML code contains errors, the search engine may not be able to find everything on the page. Search engines only can index your web site if it is compliant to the HTML standard. If there’s a mistake in your web page code, they might stop crawling your site and lose what they’ve collected. Most of the major search engines can deal with minor errors in HTML code, but from an SEO standpoint, it’s always best to make sure your codes are valid. This is where a service like InstantCoding really comes in handy.


A look at the portfolio of InstantCoding shows some well known blogs have used their services, including, Fat Man Unleashed, The Purse Blog (really awesome blog), W Revenue and Unique Blog Designs.

Packages from $49 to $249

InstantCoding offers three get started packages. Priced at $49, $129 and $249, there should be a package that fit the needs of any webmaster. Most bloggers would be interested in the $249 Integration package, which will code your finished design to work with your blog software.

  • Entirely hand-coded XHTML/CSS
  • Complete separation of markup and presentation
  • Page and image optimizing to reduce loading time
  • Tableless coding
  • 100% Valid XHTML/CSS
  • By default, all layouts will be tested in Internet Explorer 5.x to 7.0, Firefox 1.x to 2.0, Opera 8.x to 9.0 and Safari 3.0 Windows
  • Turnaround time: 12-24 hours
  • Integration to any software such as: WordPress, Joomla, vBuletin, Blogger and others

The really amazing thing I find about InstantCoding is the turnaround time. The service can turnaround a one-page coding in just a few hours and code up an entire WordPress or vBulletin theme in a day. That’s lighting fast turnaround and helps to justify their name.

A standard 50% deposit is required on all new jobs and a 100% money back guarantee is offered if you’re not completely satisfied. InstantCoding accepts Paypal, Moneybookers, Credit Cards, Western Union, Moneygram and others forms of payment. Contact them if you have any questions.

Seeing that many of the InstantCoding customers are also readers of this blog, I’m sure they will be chiming in here to add their comments to this review.

46 thoughts on “You Got The New Theme, InstantCoding Got The Codes”

  1. drt says:

    Do they have tech support that will answer customers’ question or would they provide all the plugins and there should not be any question to ask?

    1. Israel says:

      they are great. the only stupid question is the one not asked.

      1. Bakkouz says:

        Naturally, Don’t ask John Chow though, he doesn’t know, since this is only a paid review, as the majority of his posts are πŸ™‚

    2. Etienne Teo says:

      I am sure they have a customer service query center. Contact them if you really need help.

      1. PinoyTech says:

        Have you used their service before?

    3. Jez says:

      Dunno but they are not exactly honest with their pitch..

      “Search engines only can index your web site if it is compliant to the HTML standard.”

      That is not true, valid code is good, desirable and could help with indexing… but non valid sites will index well too…

      Google can index content from Word Documents / PDF files as well as non compliant code…

      John Chow fails with 80 validation errors:

      I am not saying that it is not a good service… I am saying that the scare tactics used in this post are BS…

  2. EarnBlogger says:

    It sounds great. So we need to pay separately for design and coding. πŸ˜€ That’s why I’m learning coding! The turnaround time really sounds positive. Your review will help some blogger. Thanks.

    1. Even tho the industry in the past years requires (when applying for job) that the designer needs to know coding too, the designers have a sharp eye on design and they would rather concentrate on design too, also design companies (and I collaborate for with several) like to outsource coders for a faster work (of course they don’t outsource 100% of their work, but it helps).

  3. says:

    Well not bad i guess. anybody who need design badly shud try

    1. Michael Talk says:

      I think you should just get a custom design by another pro

  4. says:

    Design + Coding = More Visitor πŸ™‚ as i saw it on my web-blog, these packages seems expensive but in returns it is not important…

    thanks JohnChow

  5. Jack says:

    is this reviewme review?
    funny, this is the first time you don’t mention on your post that it’s a paid review John πŸ™‚

    1. He mentioned it is a review, but not if it is paid or not, and since they got their design done by unique blog designs, i could guess they are a sister company, so a free push to a friend is always welcome.

    2. PinoyTech says:

      Yeah, I checked it out first before reading the review. It seems to be a free one. 😯

      Of course I am not sure :mrgreen:

  6. Jason says:

    Hey John, I know this is off topic..any thoughts on what’s going on with Agloco? Their security certificate has been expired for weeks now. They haven’t done an update for November, the first time since launch, and it seems they have disabled comments on the blog since the 19th. Time to uninstall the Viewbar and forget about them?

  7. GemViper says:

    I’ve reviewed these guys too. Not in the form of a written review like this but in the form of examining their final products line by line. They’re good (aka, not perfect but still a cut above most).

    The only “perfect” you will ever see is from a handful of truly gifted A-list people here in the US and you won’t see them offering their service, they’d be foolish to work for others since working on their own stuff pays massive dividends in comparison.

    Anyway, about the article, all I wanted to say is that it DOES NOT MATTER what kind of high profile clients they have, what matters is results. I don’t see any of the sites they are proud of ranking top 10 for their main search terms on Google as of this moment. If you get into SEO, it’s to get page one results which can be costly and time consuming, otherwise save your money because anything less won’t get you more free traffic. The full SEO treatment is like a multi headed hydra and she’s mean, but with one head missing, she’s nothing. You’ve been warned!

    1. GemViper says:

      Woah, I didn’t mean that to say “only” here in the US πŸ˜• I meant a handful here in the US, I know of others in the UK and India too and every other country I’m sure. Emphasis on only a handful, not the country!

      Had to add that, Viacheslav Trushkin, aka cyberalien, came to mind instantly as I hit enter on that last reply.

    2. Even if the code of the layout IS important for seo, a coding services company is not responsible for how a client ranks in the serps of search engines, if you’d rather measure a service it would be best to check the source of the code. And as I run same type of service than I’d rather halt myself from giving my opinion as it might sound as “bashing”.

      Regarding your comment on “they’d be foolish to work for others since working on their own stuff pays massive dividends in comparison”

      If one coder can afford to make his own sites and not to work on another thats fine, but when a design company has several projects that need to be delivered in a deadline, than outsourcing coders or company that offers coding services will speed up the process, and as far as regards to the coder company, the profits are right there infront of your eyes and there IS profit.

      1. GemViper says:

        There is profit, but thats not what I meant. If you know your SEO to an extreme degree, it starts paying more to complete your own projects than to complete projects for others.

        If someone offered you a contract for x amount of dollars one time to work on their site, and you could chose to turn it down to finish your own project which pays forever… the choice is simple but not every “SEO expert” is in that top 1% of 1%. My comment was basicaly…. those guys aren’t for hire.

  8. Mike Goad says:

    I gotta disagree with “Most bloggers would be interested in the $249 Integration package…” Well , maybe they would be interested, but MOST bloggers aren’t going to be interested enough to cough up that kind of money. MOST bloggers don’t make enough money to spend that much to make sure their code is pure.

    1. PinoyTech says:

      What I know for sure is that I don’t have that kind of money for my blog.

  9. nickycakes says:

    Considering you can just go to and it will tell you exactly where and what all the errors are on your webpage, this seems like a ridiculous waste of money.

    1. M says:

      Well, validating is just one thing that maybe isn’t as important for search engines as John put it in the review, but more importantly their code is marked up semantically – using – wisely, lists for navigation and so on. Not only does it help search engines, but it helps users of many different browsers, sometimes old, sometimes limited by a mobile phone screen to remain accessible. It is not hard for me to imagine that someone saves money outsourcing all this stuff instead of spending their own time. W3C validator is just a tip of the iceberg of web standards.

    2. My thoughts exactly. Are they really charging to just type in your URL and fix a few errors?

  10. Pure code would be the last stop for me after I get a great design.

  11. There’s been a lot of reviews lately John, most of which I don’t even read.
    We need more original Mr. Chow content! :mrgreen:

    1. Secure Loan says:

      Yes…lots of reviews, I miss the real Mr Chow… πŸ™‚

      1. MoneyNing says:

        Agreed. Sometimes monetization can go too far πŸ˜€

        1. GemViper says:

          Disagreed. John has to push the limits so that we can stay just under the elevated *cough* Google *cough* radar floor he creates. All of the profit, none of the risks… Go John!

          Its ok to have 100 ads per page, so long as your competition has 150!

        2. Etienne Teo says:

          i agree that there are too many reviews, cant your scheuduling be more precision?

  12. Rob says:

    I would have considered them for outsourcing. That is until I validated their own page and it wasn’t XHTML valid. It was off by a long shot.

  13. GemViper says:

    Their main page is valid. Without checking I have to say that Instant coding seems to be unique blog designs. Same people behind both?

    This is a review John, but not a paid review me review? How’d these guys get so lucky?

  14. Bumbaclot says:

    Looks like a paid review to me…

    “Seeing that many of the InstantCoding customers are also readers of this blog, I’m sure they will be chiming in here to add their comments to this review

    (he put the ReviewMe link near the bottom of the post this time instead of near the top…notice where the link review in the post links to)

    1. GemViper says:

      True, true but the link isn’t written like usual and John uses an autolinking plugin so I figured it was heading there by default, not because its a paid review. Not that it matters…

  15. W3C compliance is very overrated. I don’t think anyone has successfully shown that being W3C valid affects searches in any significant way.

  16. MoneyNing says:

    Interesting business model but I doubt people cannot find design people who is also capable of delivering good code with their website designs.

  17. Chris says:

    Having worked with clients of these guys, I highly receommend you avoid them. Unreliable, poor (as in straight out of a tutorial) code, they don’t actually refund your money when the coding isn’t on time, they stall, complain, and stop responding.

    Run, fast. If you are looking for a decent coder, check reviews on

  18. Bill says:

    I am a big fan of Unique Blog Designs. I am planning on contacting them to redo my site once I have more content and traffic.

    1. GemViper says:

      Every time I read the word ‘unique’ I can hear my college science teachers voice saying…

      “Remember students, every one of you is unique, just like everyone else” /shrug

    2. Chanya says:

      I’m a big fan also. I hired Unique Blog Designs shortly after they finished John’s site. UBD did the design and then handed it off to InstantCoding. The entire process worked well, especially for someone like me that was making the transition from Blogger to WordPress. Quite frankly, I highly recommend both companies.

  19. Pardon my ignorance, but if I have a mockup already in a simple photoshop PSD for example, they’d code it up? Or is there more to the theme design that I’m missing?

  20. Validation of code is very important to have a successful site.

  21. Chris says:

    I’m quite certain unique blog design isn’t instant coding. Probably worked out some sort of cross promotion deal, but they aren’t the same.

    1. Chanya says:

      Correct, they’re different companies. You can contract directly with InstantCoding for coding work or you can do like I did and hire UBD for a blog makeover. UBD does the design work and then passes the coding work on to InstantCoding.

  22. randy bragg says:

    O ya John good job in leading me to these guys, maybe you can call them so they can cc you on the email were i wrote in crayon my info and they still cant get in to my site, hummm name password, what else do they need John, you know John would be nice if they had John Chow delivery service to come and write it out in cheerios for me, cause after a year John still have no clue man, guess if I said help, you might actually take on an aprentice out of pity…

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