You Would Never Believe He Is Blind

I am simply amazed with Ben Underwood. Actually, amazing doesn’t even begin to describe this kid. Ben Underwood is completely blind, yet he can Rollerblade and play video games better than most kids I know. How does he do it? Ben uses sonic echoes to “see.” This is a truly fantastic story of overcoming one’s limitation. So many people make excuses on why they can’t do this or why they can’t do that. Well, try telling your excuses to Ben Underwood! Enjoy the video.

11 thoughts on “You Would Never Believe He Is Blind”

  1. dsjlkdsjlk says:

    Yeah **** those douchebags for making excuses they are blind hahah they should all see this vid those bitches!!


  2. Mayo says:

    Now this kid beats us all…


    Perseverance is the key… like a guy without arms who makes beautiful painting with his feet’s or Stephen Hawking who is paralized but one of most advanced minds on Earth — and he found time to have a love affair besides his wife!!! 🙂

  3. Gdog says:

    That is absolutely incredible…inspiring to us all, actually. Don’t ever let people tell you what you can’t do…

  4. Rex says:

    That kid was on Oprah like a week ago!

    Oprah > John!!!

  5. Gary Jones says:

    This is amazing and shows how adaptable the human race is.

    Does this mean he could become Dare Devil?

  6. me says:

    Lets be rational here for a second.
    1) He is good, no doubt.
    2) The TV producers were obviosly very interested in showing him like he can do anything
    3) No way is he doing the radar stuff. It is impossible to do for a human, blind or not.

  7. Nomar says:

    wow, thats amazing.. i don’t know if i could stay alive if i was blind.. never staring to my screen again o_0

  8. Peter says:

    I cant view the Youtube video. Could you post a link to the video?

  9. Ian says:

    “Sure plays a mean pin-ball…”

    That was the first thing I thought of…

    Are you sure his name’s not Tommy?

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