Younanimous Becomes AfterVote

The people at Younanimous decided that they needed a name change, so instead of just sending us an email asking us to edit and/or add a quick note to the ReviewMe review we posted here not that long ago, the three guys running the show decided to fork over another $300 and order a whole new review for the “new” site, herein referred to as AfterVote.

What’s Up With the Name Change?

Well, apparently after ordering up a bunch of reviews and listening to the feedback received from the general public, they discovered that it was far too easy to misspell “Younanimous”. The domain name sounds clever when spoken, but I have to admit that it does look kind of odd when actually typed out. As such, they wanted to get a domain that was easier to remember (and easier to spell), and thus AfterVote was born.


I understand the thought process behind the AfterVote name — your search results are what you get after all the votes are tallied from the different search engines, users, preferences, and so on — but it just doesn’t have the same ring as Younanimous. It’s just not as catchy. I’m not sure what else I could have suggested, as I’m not all that creative with domain names, but I wonder if they would have done better with a nonsense word like Google or Yahoo. Paying homage to the old moniker, AfterVote now carries the tagline “Search Younanimously”.

When you visit the new AfterVote site, you’ll notice that just about everything looks and feels the same. The layout is identical, the material found on the About and FAQ pages remains largely unchanged, and they’ve maintained the same yellow and white color scheme from the old site. The logo is different, naturally, to match with the new name, but by and large, you still get the same thing from AfterVote as you did from Younanimous: a social meta search engine that is designed to give you the most relevant results every time.

Bugs Fixed and Fun Additions

To keep track of what’s going on in AfterVote land, I took a gander at the company blog. There, I learned that the team running the social search engine are Ron “The Beast”, Dan “The Mad Scientist”, and Trite “The Slave”. I also found a list of websites and publications that have given AfterVote/Younanimous some press love, including John Chow dot Com. But the most important part to the blog, other than the blog entries themselves, is the Changelog (clog? glog? chlog?).


Some of things that have changed since we last had a look at AfterVote (then Younanimous) are:

  • More than one page of results available now (adjust in your personal settings)
  • Some “text clutter” has been removed from the settings tab
  • Plugins tab now has Select All and Select None buttons
  • Blacklist and whitelist interface edited
  • Added several new plug-ins like Google Translate,, Technorati, Yahoo! MyWeb, Email result, etc.

While all of those new plug-ins add quite a bit of functionality, I think the greatest improvement is that they are now out of “alpha” and possibly into “beta”, because you can get more than one page of search results. That said, you should be getting the most relevant results on the first page anyways, because AfterVote gathers up all that information from Google, MSN, and Yahoo! and combines it with their propriety active (and passive) voting system to bump up the good stuff and bump down the not-so-good stuff.

Lingering Weakness

The single greatest weakness that AfterVote has at this time is that it is necessarily slower than some of the other major search engines out there. I mentioned this in the previous review. This lack of speed is because AfterVote has to culminate the results from three other search engines and then run it through a custom algorithm before giving you any results. While the wait may only be a second or two long, it does not have the same level of efficiency as a conventional search engine. Do you save time in the long run because the results are more relevant? Maybe. But most users won’t notice that until they’ve used AfterVote for a while and if you turn off the initial visitor by the lack of speed, they might not come back.

44 thoughts on “Younanimous Becomes AfterVote”

  1. TJ says:

    That looks interesting search engine, I have to take it closer look and test it a couple of weeks to see how it is doing.

    1. T Jantunen says:

      For some strange reason my old nicname and blog address came to that previous post…

      1. Alex says:

        My URL keeps getting lost all the time..

    2. Dan says:

      Cheers, Do let us know what it would take to get you to switch from google to AfterVote. We want to make the changes required. *hence the review*

      1. Gath says:

        Now that is the Million Dollar question.

        First up – the homepage took 20 seconds to load.

        Need to fix things like – If I have gone to the first page of results, and then the second, pressing the Back button should take me back to the first page of results – but at the moment I go back to the homepage.

        1. Alex says:

          Create a web site rating system like Google PR.

  2. Dan says:

    I just wanted to add that we are now averaging over 100 thousand searches per day on the younan/av platform. Any comments or suggestions you guys can give would be really helpful, as we are trying to make the best engine possible.

    So the question is, What would it take to get you to switch from google to Aftervote?

    And just a note- Coming this weekend expect to see comments per result, user accounts (ala login/pass) Search history, tagging and a drastic speed increase (Should be under 1 second for all queries)

    I also oredered a macbook, so hopefully we can figure out why it doesnt work in safari.


  3. Kumiko says:

    haha…AV means porn in Japan. As in AdultVideos…. 😯


    1. Michael Kwan says:

      And they’re off to do another name change… 😆

    2. UberDan says:

      The things you learn from this site 😆

    3. Joshua says:

      Isn’t that what your new site is all about? :mrgreen:

    4. Derrich says:

      Sounds awesome! 😈

    5. Gath says:

      So now we know what the 100K searches are on.

      1. Alex says:

        Their next name will be xxx 😈

  4. I tested this thing and i am really impressed. It has a lot of features, especially for net savvy people like us. they need to get a good infrastructure to have the site run fast and efficiently. also maybe little bit more marketing. 😆

  5. Gath says:

    I like that it displays the pagerank, and you can use the ‘allintitle’ and ‘allinurl’ commands. Useful for SEO types.

  6. Simon says:

    I’m really impressed and will use it for a few weeks.

    However I just can’t get used to not having the main link of a result not underlined. Even Digg a leading web 2.0 site still has the main results underlined. This is quite radical.

    The “slower” speed doesn’t bother me as yet.

    Very interesting the algo at work when you try many searches and the ranking of the search engines on the result.

    Good luck with it, you have me on board for a while.

  7. blogdinero says:

    thanks, we gonna try

  8. I liked Younanimous a lot; I’m sure I won’t have any trouble liking this one. 🙂

  9. Aaron Cook says:

    I think the name change was a good decision. While Younanimous did have a really good ring to it, AfterVote is obviously much easier for people to type.

  10. Sean says:

    That’s a pretty wicked site! I agree that AfterVote was a good change. Internet users want everything quick and fast, so if they were typing Younanimous all the time they’d get pretty fed-up with it quickly. But they should be using bookmarks anyways lol.

  11. blabWire says:

    I wonder how the name change will affect their rate of growth. Does anyone here have any experience with business name changes, either online or offline? I’d be interested in hearing your experiences.


  12. Matt Jones says:

    I thought ‘younanimous’ would be too complicated for the masses, I think this is a good change.

    1. “Younanimous” was quite catchy, but I agree; “AfterVote” is shorter and easier to spell after all.

  13. I was thinking about changing the name of one of my sites, but I hate to kill the back links.

    1. blabWire says:

      301 redirect it! Many site owners have very good luck with this method when changing domains or buying sites with tons of backlinks.


  14. Amanda says:

    I dont know so much about killing backlinks when I change the names of my site I merge the two it works most of the time.

  15. uncle sha says:

    Hmmm now they’ve a small problem being called ‘AV’ for shortcut, it’s kinda associated to porn

    anyway cool site there nonetheless

    1. blabWire says:

      I’ve never heard this. Do you know where it originated?


  16. Dave says:

    Very wise of them to change the domain name. The Younanimous moniker is a good slogan, but too confusing for a domain name.

    1. blabWire says:

      So can we all agree that easy spelling and readability is more important than how it sounds when spoken?


      1. Mr. Red says:

        Thats like the companu, it was some pipe fitting company who gets a few million hits a day over youtube mispelling, last i heard they tried suing youtube for server costs.

  17. Alot easies to type.,

  18. Karl says:

    Still think is better. WAY faster and better results I think. But goodluck guys.

    1. Dan says:

      Conglomer is nothing but a default install of extreme corportate search. a 100$ script. Nice try. At least remove the copyright form extreme next time lol.


  19. How does your software fair at detecting and eliminating click fraud? As an advertiser that often advertises other’s affiliate programs this is always our number one concern. I have been reading a lot of positive press about Think Parntership’s Validclick technology as a possible large scale solution for cpc networks.

  20. TallStreet says:

    Its a nice search engine, hopefully in the future they go a more user ranked approach, like have taken.

    1. Dan says:

      Man, you 2 just jump on any chance you can to spam your sites dont ya? Conglomer is just a default install of extreme corportate, and tall street is just some really bad php coding. I just manipulated a result to #1 for viagra.

      1. Mr. Red says:

        bahaha, don’t hate on em lol, they are just trying to make a buck:)

  21. Karl says:

    nice try to what Dan? That $100 script is a lot better then yours…for one it is 50x faster and for two you only shows a limited number of results…the idea is good but limiting! Sorry but it is truth…oh and also I looked it’s a little more then $100 for the script…nice try though. But what is really funny is you are up here trying to say oh this is going to take down google…hahaha…your a joke man! No one will! Goodluck though I truly wish you the best…I like how you can only bad mouth other search engines instead of making yours better Examples include…Google, conglomer, yahoo, and I’m sure many more. Take care buddy.

  22. Simonne says:

    I tried AfterVote: they are a bit slow, but the results are relevant.

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