Your Blog Sucks, Give Up

You know what really cracks me up in the whole make money online industry? The sheer amount of sleazy marketeers trying to sell their crap to other sleazy marketeers. Silly ebooks and membership sites filled with not-so-secret SEO methods and (you-won’t)-get-rich-quick formulas.

Ever got sucked in to leaving your email address somewhere because of the promise of a free product? I bet you’re regretting it more and more with every sleazy sales-copy-spam-email you get.

“Buy this wonderfull product now for $99 $69 just $39!” “Only available until midnight tonight!” “Don’t miss out, only the first 10 buyers get a 50% discount!”

B a h !

Someone should put a stop to the shit affiliate products. I look back at my time as the Cow blogger sometimes and think to myself; “Was it really worth it?”. Sure, I made a nice bit of cash, sold the blog when my offline life needed more attention, which came around the same time that I got seriously bored with it. But every now and then I have a sour taste in my mouth, thinking of the useless garbage I was ‘up-selling’ to my readers.

The thing with MMO is that you get absorbed in the whole scene. All you really care about is making money for yourself. Doesn’t matter how. Some bloggers say they blog about MMO to teach us, because they care. Bullshit! All they care about is cashing in at the end of the day, or do some serious networking to increase their future income.

Currently I run other sites, which also endorse certain affiliate products. Sure, call me a hypocrite, but the big difference for me is that I do not actively try to up-sell to my visitors. They come looking for my sites and find related affiliate products. I don’t have to write post after post about how great product xyz is. I don’t have to carefully pick my words, making sure that I don’t tick off the advertisers too much, I can just speak my mind. I can just enjoy what I’m doing, and make a nice chunk of change while doing it.

To all you newbie MMO marketers out there -don’t start yet another MMO/affiliate blog, please! There are enough resources as it is. Subscribe to the big boys, like Chow, Shoe and Darren. Learn from them and pick a niche you actually know something about. They’ve been there and done that. Making money off the newbies by sharing their knowledge works for them. If you’re a newbie with no knowledge, what do you expect to sell? Stick to what you know.

I for one like to talk shit, and that’s exactly what I have been doing since I got out of the MMO niche.

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54 thoughts on “Your Blog Sucks, Give Up”

  1. Chetan says:

    The title should have been –
    “No more MMO and affiliate marketing blogs.. PLEASE!”

    1. I try to make my blog suck as much as I can… it’s my secret to earning even more money. 😈

      1. You are failing big time to make your site suck Chris πŸ˜†

        1. Debo Hobo says:

          I know my blog sucks! That’s what keeps me working on it.

    2. I actually disagree with the statement that people should only subscribe to the big guys. Noone knows who else will have the next big idea.
      IBN was one of the largest tech stock back in the early 1980’s. Who do you think did better, investors in Apple Computer in 1980’s or investors in IBM?

      Hint: It’s Apple’s shareholders.

      1. COuldn’t agree with you more. It is ridiculous to say “don’t try to make money in this niche” If there weren’t so many people trying to make money online, there wouldn’t be as many people reading JC’s blog here, and he would make less money off all the hopefuls that he advertisers to. I mean cmon, who do you think the advertisers of this blog are targeting? I got news for you Bob Jones… you NEED people trying to copy john chow otherwise John Chow is a BORING blog about what he is doing… I got news for you… It isn’t that exciting that almost 30k people would be following. What the 30k people are doing is trying to find ways to copy him.

  2. Fabien says:

    Yes, Yes and Yes! It’s so important that people stop pitching to people so that they can emulate people like John Chow eating meals that cost hundreds of dollars…The Make Money Online niche is overcrowded, and not even three quarters of the blogs provide new stuff, I for one strive to push content that has attitude and opinion; because a blog is supposed to be a voice of one’s mind – not an opportunity to sell PLR products or personal products, not a place to place huge ad blocks for that oh so important $5 CPM…Let’s get real about things. Boycott blogs promoting excessive affiliate offers with no real substance in their content. ❗

    1. It almost reminds me of those sites that would pay you to visit…to help you visit they would have you a program that would help you visit each site for about 15 seconds or so. After a while the only sites that were being visited were other site trying to get you to pay them to visit other sites that would tell you how to make more money visiting sites…..and the beat, goes on and on . . .

  3. yeah.. this title is so misleading!

  4. Pallian says:

    Just visit my blog – and you’ll see a clean, simple blog that still makes money!

  5. Joshua says:

    Are you sure you just don’t want more competition?

  6. Mattheosis says:

    πŸ™„ Yeah . . . stop taking their traffic! lol
    Regards, Matt

  7. It is so easy to ask someone to quit something rather than encouraging them to go for it. If any one stop their aff marketing efforts after reading this, he/she would be a small time publisher.

    In the same post there was a big affiliate ad promoting affiliate marketing. Will john chow stop his affiliate marketing efforts? No. Rich get richer, poor get poorer. This is a misleading post. I am a small time publisher. But I do have an offline business ,so I do not care whether I make money online or not. But I will take the $300-$1500 I made a month from my online activities.

    What I do not encourage is limiting your self to a blog or a web site. People tend to forget there is a huge market place outside internet too. If the rat race is too high here, try and apply your self in the local offline market. There is a better chance for you to win.

    If someone discourage you to do what you believe in, Run from him. You are better off without that person. If I were you I will not give a damn about what Bob Jones is saying here.

    1. Neil Duckett says:

      I don’t visit this site much at all these day because of the following it has, 90% of the comments are just guys wanting to stroke the cocks of the ‘big guys’ all the while trying to sell a 125 ad spot, pfffff.

      Bob is 100% right, there’s 1/2 dozen players that can write MMOL blogs based on their other online ventures, the rest of the guys trying to get $$ by flogging shitty affiliate programs and getting referrals should pack up shop now …. you know who you are.

      1. That does not mean other guys should pack up and leave. If you do not like a site there is a “close” button at the top. No one start off as a super blogger. Give people time, Whether his blog ends up a classic, or a piece of shit is his business. Not ours. Who are we to decide what others should do? No one should try to play GOD here ! πŸ’‘

      2. This is random, but you look like Heath Ledger’s father. What makes it even funnier is that you’re Australian. Nothing wrong with these things though!

  8. Matt says:

    No, you suck.

  9. But every now and then I have a sour taste in my mouth, thinking of the useless garbage I was β€˜up-selling’ to my readers.

    As I see it the joke’s on you for ever choosing to (up)sell useless garbage. In fact, most of the serious boys and girls of this industry have long ago realized that online credibility depends upon never selling anything of a poor quality.

    Those who do end up having to pay AdWords to get other newbies to follow their blogs, and I won’t even continue by describing what the scriblings that sometimes emmanate from this blog remind me of. I will leave it at saying that some articles are darn good, others are darn bad, but luckily it’s your menu and your decision. When following you is no longer fun you know what would happen.

    PS: Generalising ALWAYS leaves truth outside the picture, and since we know you CAN write it’s no excuse for posting when excellence is not yet in the “pudding”…. Have a good weekend. πŸ™‚

  10. Interesting post… πŸ˜›

  11. Thanks John, I am a new in this business so thanks for your advice. Yes, better to stick with one thing that you know instead of befoming a supermarket of all different affiliate products. Great post!

    1. -Paul says:

      This post was written by Bob not John…. geeez

  12. Bob Jones says:

    No, the title is quite accurate. Most of you here are trying hard to do the exact same thing -making another MMO blog. 90% of your MMO blogs suck.
    If you feel the need to get upset by that, I guess your blog isn’t in the other 10% 😈

    1. Why there is so much pain in your ass Mr Bob if others are trying to do what you have done already, you just do your own job and let the other people do whatever they WISH.

      I don’t care! How others choose to use their blog (within legal limits) its their business. I mind Mine πŸ™‚

    2. I never kidded myself into thinking that I would make any money at this. I just thought it would be fun. Unless you have something unique to offer or some new insight or gimmick, then you are just repeating what someone else has already offered.

  13. So the title should be :”Your MMO blog sucks, give it up”.

    1. kenny says:

      No, the point of the headline is to get your attention. Guess what, it worked!

  14. The title is funny in a way. It’s like telling other MMO bloggers that you are afraid of competition thus to quit the MMO world. πŸ˜‰

    You do have a point about really giving real information to readers and not to try to sell everything you see. That’s for other niche sites. Because of my domain name, I don’t just do MMO since there is a bigger world and possibilities out there. My most popular post is how to get rid of a virus/spyware. Now, I mentioned a free way and it worked for 99.9%. Later, I added an affiliate link to a paid version that is the best software for those that the method did not work(backup plan B). I sold 5-6 out of 19000+ views since then. I helped people and made some money. I used another service and did not get any result, zero, nada. I posted about it and I’m now first in the Google for that term. I could had been an affiliate and sell the service but did not.

    But then you mentioned to only read the Big guys but soon after a new hit product gets out, they all speak of it and trying to sell the product to there readers. So, finding other sources in MMO is also good since their are many products/services out there to be reviewed IF the MMO reviewer is honest.

    “Stick to what you know.”
    If it’s outside of the MMO world, why not write and sell an ebook. Heck, you can still keep an MMO and show readers how to do it.

    For example, I wrote an affordable ebook on how to See free movies legally(and make money too). I did not include fluff or promise $1000s in it but it show how to do it with or without money. People can even resell it to get a commission IF they want. But I used my own experience (“what you know”) I have with my movie blog to write it.

    Just don’t try to sell a product you don’t believe in.

  15. Pangeran says:

    Now, that’s what I always want to hear…
    I’m sick of reading a nonsense MMO blog.
    Yeah, subscribe to big boys… πŸ™„

  16. I think the small ones are taking the traffic from the so called biggies , ……I ve moved to being a biggie now and just launched a few more MMO and Affiliate blogs πŸ™‚ If you miss buying e of my MMO blogs , I ll push another in front of’s that as a strategy huh…will it work .

    1. WTR,
      I guess I will be trying working more closely with you in order to be as successful as you are.

      Online Dividends

  17. Andy T says:

    Stick to what you know. I believe a lot of people will agree.
    But I will say that try to write your blog which will entertain yourself and your blog reader. Don’t talk about money yet. If you are good, money will follow you!

  18. Holly says:

    I agree. It’s ridiculous to assume you can make money off of something you’re still learning about, which is what happens a lot of the time when people find out that they can make money online by trying to fool people into thinking they need the advice when they can get it a myriad of other places without even having to pay for it.

  19. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with some of these suggestions..

    I visit them all from time to time, and obviously I am a fan of the “Chow Man”. I have learned bits and pieces from all of them..

    But, there are other blogs that espouse the “make money” mantra that have additional, and, in some cases, more detailed information about different aspects of making money online..

    Bluehat SEO, Griz, Courtney Tuttle, Earnersblog, Bloggerunleashed, Lost Ball In High Weeds, to name a few, experiment with software and systems that they have tested, and reveal their results to their readers.

    Grant it, you will not agree with every project, system, or software that they undertake. But, you might just be able to adapt some of their strategies into your own comfort zone of making money online.

    I am not saying that John, or anyone else does not do that, I just think these particular blogs help to round out your education..

    Robert C – The Wholesale Products Guy

  20. Mubin says:

    Interesting to note that you didnt give up but sold out Bob?

    Btw how is the outback treating you? πŸ˜›

    1. Bob Jones says:

      Isn’t that the same ? πŸ™‚ Outback is great mate!

      1. Mubin says:

        I think its been the shortest summer here. It was hot officially for 3 days here.

  21. the title is really misleading .every one can take a share of the cake .

  22. SEO Tips 4 U says:

    The ease that people think money can be made on the Internet has encouraged many peple to jump into creating blogs just to try to earn money. Most people forget that almost in any endeavor there is a learning curve that most people must go through before they are ready to provide advice or services in the selected field.

  23. Dan Mihaliak says:

    It’s about time someone who knows what they are talking about comes out and says what you did.

  24. Rob says:

    This blog post is complete garbage.

    I don’t own a MMO blog, but I don’t see the need for John Chow or Bob Jones, or anyone else for that matter, to tell anyone that they shouldn’t get into the MMO market.

    You might think that you and Shoemoney have the best MMO blogs out there, but you’re wrong. Popularity doesn’t = best. There are plenty of other blogs that are more informative than this one when it comes to actionable advice.

    Fact of the matter is, the bar is not set that high by you guys when it comes to specific MMO information. Maybe that’s why you don’t want more people entering your market…

    1. Neil Duckett says:

      Another anonymous poster with plenty too say.

      1. anonymous or not he is telling the truth ! πŸ‘Ώ

  25. Ganesh says:

    I’ve disagree with you on one point. “Subscribe to the big boys and learn from them”. Not that I’m contradicting anybody, I can say that I learn from the mid-range blogs, not the A-listers. Just my opinion..

  26. Scot says:

    As long as you’re providing a service that isn’t currently being filled (a sub-niche of MMO not the garbage you find on these mainstream blogs) you will be successful. πŸ™‚

  27. O. Messaoud says:

    No blogger is born as a “big guy”. One needs time and energy to succeed in any project. What I really don’t like about this post is that it’s written in a tone of someone playing it the know-it-all rather than of someone trying to give advice out of his own experience (of a garbage seller). 😎

  28. Javier says:

    John, if that stuff didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be ranking in 15,000 a month (or whatever the current amount is) from this blog’s advertising. :mrgreen:
    I hate it too and only subscribe two 2 newsletter, just to know slightly what’s going on. I think it’s better to focus on building a trusted brand.

    I don’t think all ebooks are crap, they can offer good value. It’s more a question of how they are marketed and to whom.

  29. Obviously this post wasn’t written by John Chow. Like an anonymous poster said earlier “This blog post is complete garbage”.

  30. Kristina says:

    You are not here to discourage people to getting their way to succeed. Honest they are going to try and pursue.

    I’d say it is right not to automatically follow on some “secrets” and “tips”. But nothing’s gonna last forever, so the next gen. is coming to bring in fresh minds and ideas…

    And still there is nothing new on the world. πŸ˜†

  31. I couldn’t possible agree with this post more. Those sites are SO annoying & I wish people would stop flooding the internet with that crap.

  32. Bonie says:

    Yes, my blog is sucks, I’ll give up John πŸ˜€ no more update πŸ™

  33. Mitch says:

    I like this post a lot, and I’m coming more from the consumer side of things. We see these things coming at us in bunches, and we don’t know who or what to trust. Some people buy all of it; some, like me, decide not to buy any of it because it all seems the same, or it seems too outrageous to be true. We all hate being sold to; we all love shopping on our own, though.

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