You’re Missing Out – Email RSS Subscriptions

What would you say your main goal of blogging is?

Is it to make money, to get an audience, to share your thoughts, etc? Interesting enough, nearly all of those goals center around 1 key factor. Visitors.

One of the main ways that people get visitors and keep them coming back is through use of an RSS feed. All major blogging platforms have an RSS feed – and many use a service such as to even further enhance that feed.

When people are subscribed to your RSS feed, you instantly can deliver your content to them and they’ll most likely come back to your website over and over. So no matter what your goal, RSS subscribers is one of the ways to get that goal.

I have been blogging for 3.5 years now and there is one REALLY simple thing that people don’t do that makes them miss out on a bunch of RSS subscriptions.

In fact, 75% of the time, I go to a new blog that has great posts… I go to subscribe to their RSS and I end up not subscribing because… they don’t have email subscriptions enabled.

Email subscriptions is a REALLY simple and commonly used feature in feedburner that is not enabled by default.

The thing to remember is that quite a few people still do not have an RSS reader… but [nearly] everyone has email.

Check out the small difference that having the email subscription enabled does.

By enabling subscriptions via email, you open yourself up to a whole new group of “non-techy” people.

To Enable RSS Via Email:

Enabling RSS via email is really simple. First you have to set yourself up with a feedburner (now owned by Google) account. Once you have that setup, click the publicize link, and then click on the email subscription link. Then click enable.

Doing so will now enable your readers to subscribe to your posts by having them delivered to their email.

Part of getting exposure comes down to making every option available for your visitors to become RSS subscribers and repeat visitors. This is a very commonly overlooked option that has resulted in a nice increase in subscribers for my blog about making money online.

This is a guest post written by Jonathan Volk. Jonathan blogs about how to make money online and has a free affiliate marketing guide where he shows you the techniques he has used to generate over $5,000,000 in affiliate commissions! He also has a great Facebook Ads Guide that I reviewed.

69 thoughts on “You’re Missing Out – Email RSS Subscriptions”

  1. Harshad says:

    Most of them don’t have subscription by email enabled which is pretty surprising. 90% of blogs I visit don’t have that enabled. Even lots of famous blogs.

    1. It’s true. And I also just realize I’ve lost the email subscription in my blog for quite a long time after the injection attack that damage my blog. Well Email subscription is something really important since I also read the feeds from my mail.

      1. RSS is like you go every subscribers home and invite them to come to your blog as new post is ready to serve.

        Must must have …

        So guys if you have not added yet … do it now …

        1. An easy way to make sure you’re new visitors don’t forget about you or where you are

    2. This was a very informative post. I realized I didn’t have that enabled either! Why would that not be a default, to have that enabled? Seems odd.

      1. d3so says:

        I find this shocking. I don’t even use RSS and figured email subscriptions should be enabled by default.

        1. Jonathan is right. Most people have RSS but don’t have email subscription enabled.

          I was lucky to read about this soon after I started my blog on another blog and it made sense to me.

          Only about 25% of people are said to pay attention to RSS and even know what t’s for.

          Everybody knows what email is.

          1. Surprise to see that feedburner is free service and people are still not using it.

          2. Sahil Kotak says:

            Many people don’t even now about it as well.

    3. Dan Lew says:

      Yeah most people are not familiar with setting it up in feedburner!

      1. You should start a tutorial of it …

        Have you added this on your SEO revenge ?

        1. A tutorial would be helpful, good idea.

      2. Jeff Caceres says:

        Yeah! That’s what I’m missing and I’m working it out right now. As for now, I still have zero readers. Hahaha! How funny!

    4. Alex Dumitru says:

      Yeah, they are losing a lot of traffic and returning visitors

  2. Readers must given all the possible ways of subscribing to the blog that they want to read.EMail subscription are usually chosen for “favorite” blog. That’s how I do it. I subscribe to Must-Read blogs via email subscription. The rest go to my RSS reader. 😉

    1. Yes you should provide all the comfort to your visitors so that they can subscribe your blog without going here and there and clicking many times.

      1. By the way … your logo’s remind me Kate winslet middle finger in Titanic.

  3. Jason says:

    I think your right that it will increase your subscribers by having that option enabled.

    Thats the way I like to subscribe to blogs and I give my readers that option on my blog also.

    1. d3so says:

      I received a large amount of subscribers by doing this.

  4. Jeff Caceres says:

    I have no RSS subscription enabled in my old blogs because I thought it’s useless, until I realized that visitors will be notified of the latest posts will be active in posting quality comments. Right now I have enabled it through my own personal blog. Heads up for that.

    Jeff Caceres

    1. Good to hear you have your RSS subscription back.. People tends to forget the blog that they visit only a few times but if they already subscribe to your RSS subscription in that few visits, then you are connected to your audience..

      1. Yes and every time you added new posts your traffic will be boom …. if you have significant number of RSS subscriber.

        1. d3so says:

          It’s also good to tell your readers what they’re in for when they subscribe.

          1. Jeff Caceres says:

            We’ll for my own blog, I use both Aweber and RSS now. I don’t have an eBook yet but in my web form, I already tell my “very few” readers on what is it for them when they subscribe to my own blog. Still adjusting to it.

    2. Dan Lew says:

      You can set up your feedburner to also display google adsense and can make a few dollars from it!

      1. Jeff Caceres says:

        Bad thing for me mate! I’m already disabled by Adsense a couple of years ago. How sad of me, I tried to be reinstated but no response till now. 🙁

        1. Now leave adsense and start affiliate …

          Adsense is the first stage … and now you should move to bigger one.

          1. S Ahsan says:

            wrong! you can still make ton from adsense if you target the right keywords and get ton of traffic 🙂

          2. Sahil Kotak says:

            And you can make triple with Affiliate of Adsense, try it 😉

        2. You won’t get a response from them unless it’s some kind of “pre written” response. They suck at support issues

      2. That’s something I wasn’t aware of, that’s pretty cool

  5. Couldn’t agree more, Jonathan, lately I came across two blogs I would like to subscribe to (ironically both specializing in PPC affiliate marketing) and none of the two had email subscription available. I not even bookmarked them … SY

    1. You should leave your suggestion of RSS on comments section.

      1. Sorry, what do you mean? I don’t understand what you are trying to say, SY

        1. Sahil Kotak says:

          He is telling you to suggest those blog about the feature.

          1. Lol, somehow I have given up on giving people unsolicited advice, I grew out of this 😉 SY

    2. d3so says:

      That’s funny. I bet I run into blogs like this without realizing it. Because I don’t really care about RSS. I’d rather type the URL and check for new content 😛

      1. You should care because some people use RSS to read blogs in readers.

        Different people prefer different ways. Why not accommodate them when it’s not that hard?

        1. I agree, our readers are our most important asset and we should try them the best way possible including a choice on how they want to subscribe, SY

      2. Dan Lew says:

        Its quicker to load when you read through feedburner, and you can find posts quicker, just bookmark the page and away you go!

  6. Nice post Jonathan.. This could be a reminder post to diversify how we can deliver our blog updates. People tends to read email more than opening their feed readers since we need to check any important emails in our email. so getting our rss delivered by email is really important.

    1. d3so says:

      True. I don’t even use a feed reader. I subscribe to blogs by email.

  7. Ryan Yu says:

    I have totally missed out this feature.
    Actually I didn’t really think it’s gonna help increase the num of subscribers, but having read the comments, I realized it’s quite important enabling the email feature.

    Thanks a lot Jonathan for reminding us about the feature!

    1. d3so says:

      Seriously?! Having this enabled is what got me 2,000+ subscribers.

  8. Glad you guys liked the article. 🙂


    1. d3so says:

      Lol, this post spells link bait. Admit it!

      1. Actually this post spells ‘controversy’, check out Johns answer to it in the next blog post here, SY

        1. Hi SY,

          Can’t wait to read that.

          Without having a look at it I don’t see any controversy in the post.

          1. Sahil Kotak says:

            I also find any controversies, anyways… *rolleyes*

          2. @ Jonathan

            We like your interview posts as well.

    2. Sahil Kotak says:

      I like it Jonathan, nothing new as I like all the post of your blog as well. 🙂

  9. Dan Lew says:

    I think its great to have 2 options, both rss and email such as aweber.

    1. Yes … but you should be careful … as getting same thing twice can annoy your readers.

      1. And result bang bang … they will unsubsribe themselves from your list.

        1. Sahil Kotak says:

          Yes, you are correct ZK.

          1. That’s not necessarily so. If I want to receive info I’ll unsubscribe from only one list if I get the same info from the same person.

          2. Do you really think that people care about that much …

            These visitors are like monkey … if someone will annoy them they will go to other tree and other branches.

          3. Sahil Kotak says:

            hehe, nice example ZK.

          4. Many times they will do it in a hurry if they get even the slightest bit annoyed with anything.

          5. You are nice enough to think about it, most people will just hit the unsubscribe on them both….quickly

  10. Eddie Gear says:

    after reading this post, I’ve started to use email subscription and hopefully i will soon start email marketing as well. Thanks.

    1. Sahil Kotak says:

      If you haven’t started E-Mail Marketing then you are missing many sales 😉

      1. Having a list is the real backbone of any business. You have to have potential customers and new prospective customers coming in at all times if you want to have a solid foundation.

  11. Google should improve the quality of feedburner.

    1. Sahil Kotak says:

      They would be planning for it soon.

      1. Lets hope so, they definitely need to!

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