You’re Over-Thinking It Too Much

How many times have you scrolled your way through social media or had a casual conversation with a group of friends when one of them mentions that they once had this great idea? They might say that after they signed up for Twitter or Facebook more than ten years ago, they thought it would be great to have a social network that was entirely focused on stylized photos. They might say that they thought of Instagram way before it became a thing.

Sure. Sure they did. But even if we were to take this claim at face value, we must then ask whether this friend actually acted on and pursued this idea. Did he look into what it would take to make such a mobile app? Did he hire a team of designers to create the interface? Did he work with a team of coders and engineers to develop the app? Did he negotiate with the suits at Facebook for a $1 billion acquisition? No. I didn’t think so.

Many years ago, I had exactly one of these conversations while hanging out with some friends. I said that seat warmers were becoming increasingly common in luxury vehicles, but why can’t they have seat coolers too? And why can’t there be a cup holder or perhaps some kind of refrigerated compartment that could keep my drink cold? We all agreed these were good ideas, but none of us went about filing a patent or working with an engineer to see how it could be possible. Now both of those features are available on several cars. Where’s my royalty check? No. I didn’t think so.

Thinking Makes It So?

That’s the thing. Merely “thinking” of an idea is absolutely worthless on its own. Anyone can “think” of just about anything. And almost anyone can overthink about practically anything too, but until you actually put those thoughts into action, until you translate them into something that can be bought, sold, developed or monetized, they’re essentially worthless.

As cliche as it may sound, Nike was onto something with “Just do it.” They’re right.

How many times have you wished for better circumstances? Oh, I could make more money if only I had more free time to devote to this endeavor. Oh, I could start a blog, if only I had the technical know-how for getting started. That’s okay. I’ll get working on these ideas some day. Except some day never comes.

One of the single greatest things that hold people back from pursuing their passions and chasing their dreams or even trying out something new is a fear of failure. They don’t try, because they’re afraid they won’t succeed. It’s a legitimate fear. It’s absolutely true that you run a very high risk of failure whenever you venture into unfamiliar waters. But it’s untrue that failure is bad.

A Learning Experience

Let me give you a couple of examples from my own professional life. After I got started with blogging for a living many years ago, I thought about expanding my empire, so to speak. They say the best idea for your blog is when it is about your passion. You can always figure out the best way to monetize and promote it later. So, I launched a blog about fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken. At the time, I wasn’t all that familiar with much bigger sites in this space.

The site still exists today, but it’s mostly dormant and very rarely gets updated. Is that a failure? Maybe. But I learned a lot through that process, both on the technical side with how to adapt a WordPress theme, and as a means of extending my network into the so-called fighting game community (FGC). More people know who I am and this has led to other work-related opportunities outside of fighting games.

Similarly, after I co-authored a book with John, I wanted to have a book where the byline was wholly mine. I thought about it for the longest time and it was a back burner project for far too long. But eventually, I did it and again, I learned a lot through that process.

I learned about the whole self-publishing process through Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace for Amazon. I learned about the formatting and design process for the book’s cover and contents. The actual sales of the book haven’t been as huge as I had hoped, but that doesn’t mean the experience wasn’t worthwhile. Just do it. Learn. And do it again.

Just Do It

If all you do is think about your ideas, you will never know what could have become of them. What if you had tried to create an Instagram before Instagram was a thing? What if you worked with engineers and patent lawyers to draft up cooled seats for automobiles? What if you wrote and published that book you’ve been itching to get out there for so long? What if? What if this? What if that?

Stop over-thinking it and just do it. It’ll be the best decision you ever make.

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17 thoughts on “You’re Over-Thinking It Too Much”

  1. Hey johnchow,

    i too faced such situation, i do overthink about my ideas. Where am thinking to do others start doing similar to my ideas, then i feel bad and thinks why i wasted my time in thinking.

  2. Denis Opudo says:

    Indeed our actions make us who we are, thinking and acting are better when combined. Thanks, a great piece for me

  3. I like it Michael. I think and go. I think and do. Example; after self-publishing 1 eBook my friend Rob Cubbon told me I deserve to write another one. So I wrote and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks. Amazing how much I have learned thru this experience. But if I sat on sidelines and thought without acting I never learn, succeed, or increase my income.

    I see folks patting themselves on the back for their brilliant ideas but horseshoes and hand grenades, guys. These are the only 2 things where getting close benefits you. As for the next big business idea you need to act immediately or else you can share how close you were to the next big idea and trust me; nobody cares LOL.


  4. Michelle says:

    Thanks for this fantastic reminder, just when I was right in the middle of “overthinking” a project idea again! I’m getting to work now!

  5. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Michael,

    Great tips and so true. Whenever you think of something, you just have to do it. Even if it fails, at least you tried.

    Many people tend to overthink things. They don’t know if something will work for them or not. The truth is that the only way you will know if it actually works for you is to just do it.

    I started a blog back in the day and never really gave it the time that it deserved. Today, my blog is a little over a year old and is growing everyday.

    Imagine if I would’ve let my past failures stop me. I wouldn’t be able to work for myself from the comfort of my own home.

    Being an entrepreneur is not easy. But if you’re willing to work hard and keep with it, who knows it may just pay off big time.

    Have a great day 🙂


  6. Kathy says:

    It’s not that I am over thinking the MOBE issue, I do not have the capital to position at Titanium, Platinum, oor ultimately Diamond. So y dilema is do I try and raise the capital, and that will bs hard because I just lost my job, or try and get hired by MOBE as a phone coach, since I am a therapist, and raise the money. I want to position at Diamond or Platinumn but ultimately diamond.

    1. Marthen Waas says:

      Hi Kathy, this is Marthen, one of John’s downline.
      I’ve just red your comment that you’ve just lost your job.
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      I myself thinking to leave my job for fully concentrate on MOBE because I’ve learned that no other similar program like MOBE is as complete as MOBE.

      Hopefully with traffic coach, you’ll get the step to succeed with MOBE.
      Just as and idea for you Kathy.

      Marthen Waas.

  7. fuad says:

    Treu story.. I over thinking it.

  8. I couldn’t agree more! At 19 years old, I fortunately learned this lesson very early!

    I’m in the process as I type this, of writing my own book, finishing up my consulting and mentoring business, and a few other things as well!

    Never over think…Just take the action and MAKE results happen!
    With my kindest regards,
    John Weberg

  9. AR Simon says:

    Just do it. That makes all the difference. I recently met someone who feels he invented Uber years ago. However, he didn’t and even if he did it matters very little.

  10. Nice thought about social media friends and then mention getting the positive response we need too much about think matter.

  11. Stephen Turner says:

    Hi John

    You are so right..Thinking on itself is half a lie if you don´t act on it.
    Thinking and acting on your inspired ideas leads to wisdom..

    Right now I am making money a driver in order to upgrade in MOBE, either with you or
    Shaqir Hussein..

    Have a grat day amigo..

  12. Marthen Waas says:

    Hi John,
    You’re right. What Michael said is actually my situation at the moment. I’ve learned a lot from MOBE, but not so focus on marketing side. Because of my past experience, when I was involved in something that reminding me about that experience, I was too involved in it and forgotten about the marketing and selling. What I meant is I like to learn about technical skill (computer) side, because it is related to my experience in accounting/finance that very much using computer for accounting needs.
    One of my weakness is I didn’t want to do the selling or marketing and I think it was influenced by accounting/finance background.
    I’ve just realized that and that’s why I’m trying hart to like selling and marketing.
    I’m actually waiting to be connected with my traffic coach through James O, I’m eager now to start promoting but I want to do right. Not like the first time when joined MOBE, I’ve spent a lot but no result all.
    I’m actually ready to go for Titanium, but I have no financial capability for that.
    Beside currently I need a traffic coach.
    Thanks John for referring me to this blog content.
    Marthen Waas.

  13. Jessica says:

    Hey john,
    I am here the second time to read your blog, this time also the good experience to read your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Nicolas Puegher says:

    Thinking too much will not help. Waiting to learn everything is also a bad thing, you can learn while doing it. Making mistakes isn’t as bad either, that’s part of the learning process.

    If you wait to know everything before doing something, you will never start because there is always something new to learn.

  15. This is a great content. I’m going to through the exact same phase right now !!
    I know that I have to do than just keep thinking… I also know that failure is inevitable when you are in an entrepreneurial journey and I don’t think its the fear of failure that’s stopping me.

    I actually have no idea why haven’t I started with whatever I’m thinking 🙁

    But nonetheless we have to TAKE ACTION than just THINK !!

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