YourRxCard Affiliate Program Review

What Is YourRxCard?

It looks like YourRxCard is the first site to take advantage of the 50% coupon code ReviewMe is running this month. Instead of paying the regular $250 review price, YourRxCard will get it for only $125.00.

YourRxCard offers a free prescription drug card that allows you to save up to 75% on all FDA approved drugs at over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide. The card is free, there’s nothing to sign up for and you don’t even have to fill out any information to get a card. The site launched in May of last year and has nearly 10,000 members, who saved over $200,000 on prescriptions so far.

The YourRxCard Affiliate Program

The YourRxCard affiliate program offers a unique lifetime residual income plan. By referring people to the free prescription card, you’ll be paid a fee each time the member uses the card to fill a prescription. Depending on how many cards you successfully give out and the amount of prescriptions per month those cards generate you will be paid on volume as follows:

  • 0-500 scripts | $0.30 per script
  • 500-1000 scripts | $0.40 per script
  • 1000-5000 scripts | $0.50 per script
  • 5000+ scripts | $0.60 per script

You will be paid as long as the members continue to use the card. Since the card helps them to save money on their prescriptions, you should be paid for life, or until the members die.

For the right site, the YourRxCard affiliate program can be a very lucrative affiliate deal. Instead of being paid once for a sale, like most affiliate programs, YourRxCard is more like AGLOCO, where you will continue to be paid as a long as the member uses the card. Sign up enough free card users and this can create a nice passive income source.

Affiliate marketing is often overlooked by many bloggers and that is really too bad because it can be a big moneymaker if done correctly. Affiliate sales accounted for $545.00 of last month’s $3,440.66 blog income. That was enough to put it ahead of Google AdSense.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is it doesn’t have to take up any current ad space. Because the key to affiliate marketing is the presell, the proper way to do affiliate marketing is in the blog post.

When evaluating an affiliate deal, I look at many factors. The biggest factor is the ability to create a long-term residual income. This is why I like promoting AGLOCO so much. Sure, it’s nice to be paid $35 when I sell an SEOBook, or $25 when I sign up someone to Text Link Ads, but it’s better to be paid over and over again for something you did a long time ago. YourRxCard is that kind of affiliate program. If your site has the targeted readership for it, then you will definitely want to sign up.

YourRxCard Affiliate Program