#YVRMeetups – The Meetup of all Meetups

Meetup of Meetups

I just got back form the Meetup of all Meetups. Every year around Christmas time, a bunch of Meetup group get together to hold the Meetup of all Meetups. Everyone joined forces with the likes of the Real Estate Technology Meetup Group, Vancouver Blogger’s Meetup, the Young Professionals Meetup and other groups for one big year end social mixer.

Many of these Meetups share the same members and same goals; to help people connect, share best practices and create community. The Meetup of all Meetups brought together over 500 of Vancouver’s elites and peons for a night of networking, drinking and a trouble making.

Door prizes valued up to $500.00 were donated by The Vancouver Board of Trade, Ceilis Irish Pub, Reachd, and Ubertor as well as several other organizations. I wanted to give away the OhMiBod sex toy but the meetup turned it down. There was a contest to see who can post the best twitpic. Your first drink was on the Ceilis pub. However, I ended up with five because, well, I’m John Chow!

Meetup of Meetups

Meetup of Meetups

Meetup of Meetups

13 thoughts on “#YVRMeetups – The Meetup of all Meetups”

  1. hackcorp says:

    Looks interesting, I bet all of them came there to network with you. 🙂

  2. That is what I am missing with being an expat, limited networking events / possibilities. I don’t think we even have a meet-up group here in Prague (CR), SY

  3. Superlative gather up with each other on the networking events. I think it will make more interesting and remarkable if meetsup again and again.

  4. bestlinh says:

    Where r you if you are John Chow in this meetin’ ? 😉

    ( more pictures! pls 🙂 )
    Hope you always have fun like that

    best linh

  5. Cool! I wish that there will be such event in Ireland or maybe in Malaysia soon.

    I feel that I have missed a lot…

  6. George says:

    Interesting. I go to a lot of meetups, but not the tech ones. Maybe I will try them out.

  7. fas says:

    That is some meet up man.

  8. Jeremy Lim says:

    Did that picture of my face end up winning you anything? For all the other peeps in attendance that night, there are more photos here:


  9. Kevin Pasco says:

    Looks like a great meetup. Wish I could have been there!

  10. It was so great to see so many awesome people there — that was our most popular combined Meetup yet! Our next Third Tuesday meetup in January will see Julien Smith talking about his new book with Chris Brogan. Hope to see ya there, too!


  11. chester says:

    Nice, these meetups are always good times.

  12. So much of business success is who you know. These type of meet ups are awesome for making contacts and friends to business with down the road. You never know when you may have just shook the hand of your next big J.V. partner.

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