Zero To $200,000 In 1 Month with Your Own Info Product

Product Camp SoCal is coming November 3 at the California State University, and I’ve submitted the following topic for presentation.

Zero To $200,000 In One Month – How To Launch Your Own Info Product

In this real life case study, I will show you how I created an info product in 28 days, marketed it online, and made $200,000 of sales in the first month. All done with a starting budget of less than $1000.

Product Camp follows an “unconference” format. That means session topics and presenters are not determined until attendees vote online and during the check-in hour at the event. This allows the most interesting and relevant topics to be discussed by a variety of thought leaders.

I submitted my presentation idea yesterday and I’m already the number three top ideas. However, I want to get to number one to ensure I present. You can help by heading over there and voting for my session. To vote, all you have to do is connect your Facebook or Google+ account. You are given ten votes and can give up to three votes to a session.

If you live in the SoCal area, then you should make plans to attend Product Camp. It doesn’t cost anything to attend, and you get a free T-shirt as well.

Vote for My Session at Product Camp SoCal

10 thoughts on “Zero To $200,000 In 1 Month with Your Own Info Product”

  1. Edgar says:

    Hey John,

    Do you know if its going to be in Costa Mesa? I too live in SoCal. In Anaheim to be exact.

    I currently own several online products and I would love sharpen my skills.


    1. John Chow says:

      It’s at Cal State Fullerton. Very close to where you are.

  2. Ivan says:

    Please share the final top ideas later, congrats and good luck!

  3. Great topic to cover John. Would love to hear the talk whether it’s selected or not.

    Keep up the great content.

  4. dice8up says:

    hhhmmm… very interesting topic John… been following your blog and commented once in while… unfortunate I couldn’t be at the Product Camp.. I’ll just wait for your blog posts.

    Keep up the great contents..

  5. kamal says:

    thanks for the latest info it is helpful

  6. Senomic says:

    Good Article It Inspired Me to Build My Blog More Better For People.

  7. faisal says:

    This one is going to rock, I am sure John is presenting.

  8. Caleb says:

    Regardless of whether you are able to present or not publish what you were going to say on your blog BUT if you do get picked to present then make sure it gets recorded 😉

  9. Just voted for the product camp socal at:

    Looking forward to here you soon…

    Srinivas Venkataraman

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