10 Brand Building Guest Blogging Tips

I’ve always spoke about the importance of guest blogging and how it can build your brand quickly. If you know what to do and post on the right blogs, then you can drive enormous relevant traffic to your blog. However, you have to pitch your post and make it interesting enough so people will accept it. For example, I get close to 10 pitches per month and I reject almost 90% of them because I’m not happy with the approach. Next, I’ll reject them because the content is NOT unique and won’t add any value to my bottom line. The point I’m making is this:

If you want to succeed with guest blogging, you have to know what to do to increase your chances. If you are experienced, you shouldn’t have a problem, but many beginners simply don’t know how to get started. Here are my top 10 guest blogging tips, which I’ve pulled directly from my guide. My guide is roughly 10,000+ words so I’ve condensed this post into two straightforward tutorials. If you want to check out my guide, then visit: Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide.


Find the Right Blogs

Guest posts are only effective if you are being published on the right blogs. How do I define the right blogs? Simple…

Google has made it clear what they look for when ranking websites, which is based on value and relevance. Those two factors are a great starting point so you should focus on blogs that are relevant and provide value. If you have experience online, then you know what bloggers are authority within your niche so you can go searching there first. However, a quick search within Google will provide you with a list of niche relevant blogs to find guest blogging opportunities.

When on these websites, it’s a great idea to check how often they publish and their social profiles. The more frequent the content, the better for traffic because Google loves “fresh” blogs. Social followers are huge because if your content is shared, then this can drive enormous traffic to your content/personal blog.

The Pitch

Authority bloggers receive a lot of emails regarding guest blogging opportunities so you have to be unique. This means doing research and sending them something special. When I send a guest post pitch, I make sure I do research to make sure I:

Send them a content idea that is NOT already on their blog because that’s more enticing. I don’t want to keep sending the blogger content ideas they already have on their blog. Secondly, I’ll research my niche, looking for trends developing because this is more fresh up-to-date content, which authority bloggers love, too.

Once I have done my research, I won’t be aggressive in my pitch, but simply ask if the blogger would be interested about such a topic. If “YES”, then I’ll send the pitch through and ask for feedback. Here are a few more tips:

  • Be genuine
  • Keep email short
  • Get right to it (these bloggers are short for time)
  • Give them examples of your content, where applicable

Wrapping It Up…

Once you have the first two in order then you can move to the next, which I’ll be discussing in Part 2. I personally think guest posting is the best way to drive high quality relevant traffic to your blog. Keep in mind, when you start guest blogging, you are building a relationship with the authority blogger and this will lead to other opportunities going forward. For example, there are many blogs that I submitted “1” single blog to and now I have been a regular blogger for several months. This is great because it’s all helping with:

  • Traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Loyalty
  • Opt-ins
  • Conversions on my blog

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