10 Inbound Marketing Tips to Take Away From BGM

There are a lot of things that can draw you to an affiliate network. Maybe you’re just starting out and need a middle man to guide you. Maybe you are particularly interested in that network’s exclusive offers. Maybe it’s just the most popular one, so you figure “why not?”

Whatever your ultimate reason is, it shouldn’t be your only basis for choosing that network. Affiliates should shop around for the right network the way an employer reviews applicants. You want to make sure you are compatible and capable of growing together.

With some networks, it can be difficult to determine what kind of partner they will be. Often it takes signing up with a network before you can even get a basic breakdown of their offers, their philosophy and their business style. However, one network is aimed at doing the very opposite.

Blue Global Media is an affiliate network with an inbound marketing approach. They have created a transparent business that you can research and benefit from before you even sign up.

10 Ways BGM Is Making an Inbound Splash

If you aren’t familiar with inbound marketing, it’s the effort on the part of a business to draw in customers as opposed to pushing themselves on customers. Instead of using flashy pop-ups, TV ads or sales-y jargon, they use things like helpful content, social media engagement and other techniques to attract interest.

The tools being used by Blue Global Media are ones you can incorporate into your affiliate marketing strategy. Take these lessons and apply them to your business to see how inbound marketing can benefit you.

Relevant Blogging

Blue Global Media runs a blog on their site completely dedicated to the affiliate marketing industry. They post daily tips and news catered to this business. They don’t create content aimed at just their business – the posts are meant to help anyone looking for more information about affiliate marketing.

How you can use this: The number one goal of your content should be to help your target audience. This will help you build trust and loyalty.

Social Connections

It seems everyone is socially connected in some way now, but you have to take the right approach to be successful. BGM doesn’t simply Tweet or make a FB post when they have a new offer. They use these tools to have discussions with both professionals and newbies in order to build a community.

How you can use this: Whatever your niche may be, there are people at both ends of the spectrum. Are you using your social sites to bring all of those people together? Use your social media engagements to learn from those with more experience and teach those with less.

Offer Your Expertise

Blue Global Media employees are on sites like Quora answering questions, interacting with affiliates at events, and engaging in interviews with the affiliate marketing community. While it takes time and effort to share expertise, it helps build relationships that are beneficial to the business and the customer.

How you can use this: Even if you haven’t been in your niche for years, you still have something to offer. Share the information you have with those around you. Your bursts of free information and advice will help you build up your reputation as an authority in your industry.

Sacrifice A Little

Blue Global Media is consistently stating that they have hire payouts than their major competitors. And the truth is, they do. The reason for this is that they operate on smaller margins than other networks; this allows their affiliates to make more.
Clearly they still turn a profit since they have seen nonstop growth in a time where affiliate networks are dropping off left and right. However, they recognize that to get, you have to give, so they decide to take a smaller piece of the pie in order to attract great affiliates.

How you can use this: Give your time or your knowledge or even just your opinion. Little sacrifices could ultimately mean bigger profits because your audience is gaining something more by coming to you instead of one of your competitors.

No Hiding

BGM is working to be as transparent as possible. They don’t shy away from revealing what their offers are or how they operate. They want their affiliates and advertisers to know right off the bat what is available and what they can gain.

How you can use this: Don’t hesitate to disclose details about your business. Either way, the customer will be exposed to it, so be up front. If you offer the biggest discount available on a product, shout it from the roof tops; if you have some kinks you’re still working out, share it.

Provide Something Unique

Blue Global Media recently developed a pixel placement tool to assure quality tracking for their affiliates. It was a difficult, time-consuming task that involved many stages of testing and researching, but if it ensures the best results, it was worth the effort.

How you can use this: What can you do for your audience that others aren’t willing to put the time or effort into providing? Whether it is providing a valuable white paper or developing a tool, your attention to their needs will not go unrewarded.
Become a Resource

A lot of times, with affiliate networks, the offers you see are the offers you get. If you don’t like them, look elsewhere. BGM, however, offers affiliates the opportunity to request specific offers. If there is something an affiliate would like to promote, BGM will become their offer-finding resource.

How you can use this: Take the opportunity to go the extra mile for your customer. There are a ton of businesses that only provide the bare minimum. Don’t be one of those. If you scratch your customers’ backs, 9 times out of 10, they’ll scratch yours.
Keep in Touch

A big complaint from affiliates is that they don’t hear from their network enough. They don’t know when new promotions are available, they don’t know who to talk to when there’s a problem, and they can forget “disconnected” networks. To keep this from happening, BGM sends informative email newsletters to their affiliates to make sure that, if nothing else, their affiliates know they are there.

How you can use this: Find a way to stay connected to your loyal customers. Don’t leave them wondering where you went and certainly, don’t let them forget who you are.

Always Improve

It can be easy to settle into a comfortable zone where you provide mediocre products or services. If your business is still running and generating revenue, where’s the incentive to improve? Blue Global Media looks at that as the beginning of the end. They are continually optimizing their offers, perfecting their tracking and exploring new verticals.

How you can use this: Don’t stop when you’ve hit good. Don’t stop when you’ve hit great. Keep learning, reworking and improving your affiliate efforts. The second you stop improving, someone more driven passes you by.

Give It Away

In a few months, Blue Global Media will be releasing their first eBook. They will also continue to provide daily insight about affiliate marketing. Furthermore they have intentions of spreading their knowledge (all for free) through other mediums like videos, webinars and beyond. They aren’t afraid to give away what they know their current and future business partners.

How you can use this: Don’t be afraid to give what you know away. You don’t have to reveal every tiny detail that has lead to your success, but you don’t have to hoard it either. Today’s consumers are information gluttons. They can’t soak up enough of it, especially if it’s free. Take advantage of that need and use it to bring customers right to your virtual door step.

Blue Global Media is a stable affiliate network on the rise. They operate primarily in the financial niche and bring exclusive offers for payday loans, credit, insurance and more to their affiliates. To learn more about what this network can do for your affiliate efforts, visit www.blueglobalmedia.com and sign up for their free affiliate marketing newsletter.