2007 CES Booty Haul


The above photo shows some of the free stuff given to me at the 2007 CES in Las Vegas. I didn’t go crazy this year trying to get free stuff because I didn’t want to carry it all home. Instead, I asked companies to mail me their bigger gifts – makes it easier to clear Canadian customs that way.

For 2007, CES gave the press a laptop backpack instead of the roller bag from the past few years. The new backpack is nice but I much preferred the roller. Some of the more noteworthy free stuff includes a nice tool kit from TigerDirect, a brass Killer K necklace from Bigfoot Networks, Fun Friends cellular phone holders, and about 10 GB of flash memory products.

I plan to give away most of the booty haul to blog readers over the next few weeks. The first contest has already started. If you haven’t gotten in on it, better do so now.

Next year, I plan to do a real booty haul. Girls Gone Wild invited me to take ride on their bus. The PR rep told me the bus could haul a lot of booties.