Top Ways To Avoid Income Tax – Part 1

It is the right, and IMO, duty of every citizen to structure their financial affairs to pay as little tax as possible and to avoid paying taxes whenever possible. Tax avoidance is not illegal, tax evasion is. The two are completely different from each other. Avoiding income tax is not the same as evading it. If you have ever contributed […]

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Affiliate Marketing Blog from Kieron Donoghue

How appropriate that Kieron Donoghue ordered this ReviewMe review for his blog about affiliate and Internet marketing. As you may have noticed, I’ve been getting more and more into affiliate marketing and it has been accounting for a ever increasing share of my monthly blog revenue. When done correctly, affiliate marketing can be one of your biggest moneymakers. Any new […]

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Shout Out To Sponsors

I like to take this time to thank all the sponsors of John Chow dot Com. There dollars helps to pay all the bill around here. OK, we don’t have any bills but you get the idea. These sponsors support this blog and deserve your support as well. BlueFur – Web Host Sponsor Thanks to BlueFur Web Hosting for supplying […]

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Good Thing I Only Need One Nanny

When a business hires employees, they can write off the full cost of the workers because the money paid to employees for work is taxable income. This helps maintain the “income should only be taxed once” rule. If the business can’t deduct the cost of employees then it would be paying them with after tax dollars. Then the employees gets […]

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