Good Thing I Only Need One Nanny

When a business hires employees, they can write off the full cost of the workers because the money paid to employees for work is taxable income. This helps maintain the “income should only be taxed once” rule. If the business can’t deduct the cost of employees then it would be paying them with after tax dollars. Then the employees gets […]

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Ramblings The Net

Dot Com Pho Shirt Saturday

Ed Lau came to today’s Dot Com Pho bearing gifts from Shawn Knight. In addition to running his blog, Shawn’s also the owner of OCIA (a TTZ Media affiliate) and sent a bunch of T-shirts for Ed to give to local BC bloggers. Why? Because it’s an awesomely cheap way to get a plug! Not only am I writing about […]

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1500+ Prisoners Doing The Thriller Dance

Remember that Wedding Thriller Dance video I posted back in January? Well, here’s another one featuring over 1,500 Filipino prisoners. That’s right, every dancer is an inmate of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Cebu, Philippines. I wonder if making them do the dance was a punishment or a reward? Source: Michael Kwan

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