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5 Simple Steps to Kickstarting a Blog

This post was guest blogged by Lars-Christian Simonsen of, a blog that talks about Internet marketing, personal branding and a bunch of other stuff. While the blogging scene is more active than ever, it is a fact that most new bloggers will see little success with their blogs. Many of them will write good, if not exceptional content, but […]

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Checking Out The Homes At Whitby Estates

The Five Million Dollar View Yesterday, I took the family to check out the homes at Whitby Estates in West Vancouver. Whitby Estates is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in all of Canada. The Estates offers dramatic ocean and city views from Mount Baker to Vancouver Island. Once you check out the views, you’ll understand why the average home […]

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Miscellaneous Ramblings – 10/27/2007

Google PageRank Algorithm Leaked It seems everyone is still tied up in a knot over the recent Google PageRank update. Well, it seems a trusted source inside the Google headquarters has leaked part of the PageRank algorithm that Google used to to slapped a bunch of blogs this week. A big thanks to for the heads up on this […]

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WordPress 2.3.1 Available for Download

For those who never read the news headlines in your Dashboard, WordPress has released Version 2.3.1. All those who didn’t upgrade when WordPress released 2.3, because of bugs that always accompany a new series release, can now upgrade with more piece of mind. This upgrade includes a security fix so anyone running WordPress 2.3 must upgrade. 2.3.1 fixes over twenty […]

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Fine Dining

Memphis Blues – Elvis Is In The BBQ House

After the Facebook Developer Garage, we headed out to Memphis Blue BBQ House for some good old southern BBQ (we being myself, Sarah, Greg Morgan, Gary from BlueFur, Rainer from Think Referrals and Cathy from C2 Design). I discovered Memphis a few years back and have been hooked on their food ever since. During one period, myself and some friends […]

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Google PageRank Update and It’s All Down

The Internet is a buzz today with Google PageRank downgrades. speculation on the reasons for the downgrade range from an attack on blog link farms, the end of PageRank, removing AdSense ads, it’s all John Chow’s fault, etc. You can see a list of new PageRank for well known blogs at DailyBlogTips. The most popular reason given for the first […]

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