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Miscellaneous Contest Stuff

The contest to win a Flip with Bic Promo Pens ends tonight at midnight PST. If you haven’t entered yet, you have until then to submit your entry. However, I won’t be drawing the winners until this Saturday so if you get your entry in between now and this weekend, you should be OK. You get one entry for replying […]

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Cars Technology Videos

Dot Com Segway

Today, we went to the headquarters of Segway of British Columbia to ride the two wheel wonder machine known as the Segway. The Segway was suppose to change the way we get around. It didn’t do that but it is one hell of a fun gadget. With gas prices the way it is, Segway sales have been on the upswing. […]

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How Much Is Your Soul Worth?

Now, this looks like a quiz that I would have made. You know, me being evil and all. There are many ways to measure a person’s worth but for the life of me, I have yet to figure out the worth of a soul. I know it’s worth a lot to the devil since he offers a lot in exchange […]

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Vancouver Blogger Meetup

Vancouver bloggers descended on The Black Water Cafe last night for the 39th Vancouver Blogger Meetup. As meetups goes, this was one of the biggest yet, with 34 bloggers attending. The poor Black Water Cafe was pretty much overwhelmed. Had I known the place was this small, I wouldn’t have pushed the meetup so hard. It was standing room only. […]

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Make Money Online The Net Videos

How I Make Money blogging

My blogging buddy Yaro Starak has posted two new videos showing exactly how he makes money from blogging. The first video shows how Yaro makes his money. The second video shows how much he makes. It’s kinda like a video version of my blog income report. The videos are part of Yaro’s launch of his Blog Mastermind program, which opens […]

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