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Dining at M on the Bund

M on the Bund is one of the Top 20 Restaurants in Asia in the 2008/2009 Miele Guide. It is the only restaurant on the Chinese mainland to make the list. With that kind of accolade, I was really looking forward to sampling the continental cooking style of M’s executive chef, Hamish Pollitt. M is located on the top floor […]

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Pudong At Night

We went to dinner tonight at M on the Bund (look for a review later) and got a chance to take in the amazing view of Pudong at night. No doubt about it. The skyline of the Pudong New Area ranks among the best in the world. And no where is the viewing better than on the Bund. The Bund […]

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Lecturing At The Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the most prestigious institute of higher learning in China. It is known throughout Asia as China’s MIT. As a matter of fact, getting into MIT might be easier than getting into Jiao Tong since the students must compete with a much bigger population of applicants. Knowing the position this school holds, it […]

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Giving Commentators Some Luv

I’ve installed a new plugin on this blog that will help encourage more comments by giving commentators a link to their latest blog post. CommentLuv works by checking the RSS feed of the commentator’s blog and pulling the last updated post and displaying it along with his or her comment. In addition to WordPress, CommentLuv is also available as a […]

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Lunch at Madam Zhu’s Kitchen

Madam Zhu’s Kitchen is a restaurant in the Pudong New Area. As such, it caters to Shanghai’s movers and shakers. The kitchen is very large and can easily accommodate 1,000 diners or more. If you have a very important business meeting you can request one of the many private rooms. Like many high end Shanghai restaurants, the number of servers […]

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